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  In 2019, the unification of China in Taiwan, the United States of America acceleration of falling into the abyss!
  The Qianjiang
  Unity is the trend, unstoppable, but also need luck. Since the Hongkong, after the return of Macao, when the unification of Taiwan,Chinese are very much looking forward to. In the next few years,China will go where? Europe and the United States and will move toward where? Sino Japanese relations will be how to develop? The Middle East is a what kind of pattern? I will answer. The answer is accurate or not, just let the time to test.

  1 for the Chinese people, the year of the rooster is an auspicious year. The victory of the Anti Japanese war is the year of the rooster,the nine two consensus sign is the year of the rooster, the 2005 Taiwan parties have to visit the mainland is also the year of the rooster. Have a look, the year of the rooster will be encountered,cross-strait interaction,,, so, unified Taiwan, chicken year! It was once predicted that in 2017 the reunification of the two sides. In my opinion, unity in ten years, 2017, 2019, 2021 of the three year is a good time, but I prefer to 2019. In 2017 the two sides will sit down and discuss specific matters unified, and two years later in 2019, is the real unity of form and content. So, the reunification of the two sides should in 2019.

  2 some people worry about 2014 (Jia Wu) in Sino - Japanese war will break out, in fact, between Japan in 2014 will be very careful to avoidfriction, you need not worry. We should pay more attention to was in 2015 and 2016 this year. This year our country will not peace,domestic and foreign pressure will be relatively large, so we have tohave a psychological preparation. These two years, the domesticnatural or otherwise should have; the two Sino Japanese relationswill worsen, easily spark a conflict accidentally, I'm afraid that it's the United States of america. Especially in 2016, if the Sino JapaneseWar, Taiwan will have to participate. Although in recent years Chinaand Japan friction constantly, but we also need to look to the future,the future of Sino Japanese relations will be very friendly. Sino Japanese relations in these 20 years is not too good. After 2020, the Sino Japanese relations will be good.

  3.2020 years later, the Korean Peninsula should also be unification.What specific time, I never studied. So I do not know what specificunification. The Korean Peninsula will gradually in 2020 afterstability, peace, rarely erupt again what makes difficult events in China, and China relations would be pretty good.

  4 after the reunification of Taiwan, China will be like in the future?Economic growth will slow down, and maintain a smooth continuous.Estimation of total economic output will become the first in the worldin about 2020, because the United States will accelerate the decline.All kinds of the mess at home and unfair, unreasonable phenomenonwill gradually be eliminated, such as corruption, environmental issues, land split, network chaos, prices, food security, the employment problem will be solved step by step, natural disasters will be reduced, the pressure is reduced. A stable, prosperous, wealthy,civilized, fair, justice, freedom, democracy in China will gradually appear in front of the world. Moreover, China will probably in 2021 - 2080 will be the first country in the world, economy, culture, science and technology will be the strongest. When the national welfare is good, high status, foreigners will have immigrant Chinese Oh,especially foreign women married Chinese men. But in around 2050to 2060 ten years, this is not good time we, that is national in ten years will be lost money. After this is ten years.

  5 it is geomantic turn by turns. The rise of China, Europe and the United States will decline. After 2020, Europe and the United Statesto deep fading. Especially those in the last century 60's, 70's and 80's, steady development of the countries and regions, will go downhill. There is no specific study of the United States of Americafortune, can only say here about, 2017 and 2018 (about 2020years), the United States of America crisis, may be economic,political, social, natural, and continue to affect the coming decades,and continue to let the United States decay into a two or three flowcountries. Economic recession, political chaos, conflicts, social unrest will affect the United States for a long time. So, advise those who wanted to emigrate to the United States to go home, really want to look before you leap.; really went to the United States, there are a few years the United States will become a social chaos in the country, where you go not suffer it. Of course, Europe is also not good where to go.

  6 to tell the truth, immigration and immigrants really as Iraq and Afghanistan, the two countries. After 2020, the turmoil in the Middle East countries will settle down, economic development, the construction of homes, the country is rich in resources, as long as nowar, easily rich. Economic ties and China will strengthen and countries of the Middle East, estimates that China's high speed rail will extend to the Middle East, Europe and Africa, therefore, doing business in the Middle East, and engage in international trade, a lot of chance to make big money. Think, is really to immigrate to the United States as immigrants in Iraq and Afghanistan. After 2020, the focus of China's development strategy to the west. The large-scale development of the western region and the Middle East, Africa's attention has hitherto unknown. Europe and the United States offading, estimation will affect the economy and the development ofChina's coastal city. Shipping and land transport, will also present of trend.

  7 of Russia's future fortune should be good. Russia's national land area is too large. Now, under pressure from the United States and Russia and China should cooperate. But we should be alert to the future, after all, the heart can not be without.

  If you want to say that I am talk rubbish, I can only say to the test of time. So far, I have done a lot of prediction, all through the test of time, the Internet can find:

  In 2007 June, I wrote "the analysis and prediction" character Li Jiacheng, said in the post: 2012 lunar calendar in May, the propertyloss. After 8 years in the summer of 2012, Li Jiacheng will own property to his sons.

  In 2008 July, when the dollar higher, economists say the dollar willrebound. At that time I used the "Qi Men Dun Jia" row of a disc, the second half of the year will be very bad that dollar, so in some forumposted "singing songs to a collapse of the dollar", about the time andevent prediction the wrong reasons, but the outbreak of the financial crisis.

  2009 and 2010 this year, after Obama came to power, it is the economic stimulus plan, and the Nobel Peace Prize is, and is to implement financial supervision and so on, let the American people and the people of the world are Qingfu on Obama. In January 1, 2011, I also made a post "in 2011 or 2012, big earthquake will hit the United States? ", the earthquake did not come, but some smallearthquakes and natural disasters happened, the other thing thatalso changed.

  In 2012, no matter at home idle, in September 17th wrote a shortpost "in October 16th and 26 day coming up, the ready? "In mid October, the United States of America broke a vaccine scandal, asmany people died. In October 26th, the United States of America are not what. In October 29th, hurricane Sandy hit, hit New York, killing more than 100 people, tens of billions of dollars in losses.

  In December 23, 2012, and send a post "2013 the year of the snake,is China's this animal year? "On 2013, what may happen is predicted. Up to now, the story happened. Here only want to emphasize, lunar new year nine, in October, we really need to pay more attention to.


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