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  A letter to Angrybirds


  Hello,friends. I am a Willow fan from China. I would like to discuss with you about the situation of willow, and I hope you can listen to my story with Willow. Thank you very much.

  我是在ABstella游戏开始发售后关注Angry birds的,那个时候在中国,有成千上万的粉丝聚集在网站上讨论这些女孩子,有人喜欢Stella,有人喜欢Poppy…当然,喜欢Stella的人占了大一半,和我一样喜欢Willow的人占了差不多另一半,很明显的比例证明了Stella和Willow是女孩团队中的两个中流砥柱。我们在一起开开心心快快乐乐的,欣赏着Stella和Willow她们的美丽图片,观看着她们的动画片,生活过得非常充实。

  I began to pay attention to Angry Birds after the game began to release. At that time in China, there were tens of thousands of fans gathered on some websites to discuss these girls including Stella and Poppy and Willow. Some fans liked Stella, but others liked Poppy ... But nearly half fans liked Stella, and another half liked Willow, which showed Stella and Willow were the mainstay of the girl team. We were happy together to enjoy the beautiful pictures of Stella and willow, watching cartoons with them, living a happy life.

  不过随着动画片的完结和ABstella的更新停止,我们的活跃度略微下降,还好ABStella pop的出现挽回了局面。直到电影准备上映

  However, with the end of the cartoons and stopping of Abstella update, our activity slightly decreased. Fortunately, Abstella Pop appeared in time. Later the movie was ready for release.


  At first we watched every picture of the trailer very carefully, and finally found our goddess Willow. Ecstatically we continued to focus on Willow, and we even found you had also hired a singer to dub for Willow. We were all excited to wait for release of the film, and then we would give you a large box office. But I found that the posters you released in advance had no willow thoroughly, and that the introduction of characters and the poster with big head pictures released by you in public also had no willow, which made me have a bad feeling. But I quickly entered the cinema to watch the movie on the day of the movie release. Did you know my mood then? Full of excitement, then sprinkled with cold water ... Frankly, Willow appeared seven or eight times in the film , but her existence was dispensable and meaningless like the filler of the background of the film.


  I was so devastated that I stopped watching more scenes, and even dispelled the idea of buying a movie blue CD. Back to the fan group, everyone including me complained and cursed loudly.


  Together we had a comprehensive analysis of the film. In the whole film, Willow totally appeared less than 8 times, and the time once was not more than 15 seconds. This showed that the sense of presence of willow was very low, so we felt that sorrow was full of our hearts. In the whole film, Willow always stood, motionless and dumb, just like a wooden person, and without a sentence of lines (Why did the singer’s dubbing not appear? Tell me where it was.). And all the places where Willow appeared were always obscured by a larger character or a protagonist, so Willow was not noticed by the audiences.


  In addition to these, the most disappointing thing in the film was that Willow did not teach everyone painting. On the contrary, those protagonists seemed being full of artistic talent when painting and it seemed they could be in stead of Willow to teach everyone painting. Our favorite Willow with unique painting talent did not paint, did not go into the nature and did not care for lonely Red, but became a strange girl who could only dance. So to speak, our favorite Willow in the film became worthless, sluggish, mute and frivolous, and her personal character was so destroyed that she lost sense of presence, elegance, introversion,goodness and artistic talent. Willow was changed thoroughly.

  电影公映后,主角的粉丝和Stella的粉丝数量急剧飙升,Willow的粉丝却开始减少,电影根本没有对Willow起到积极的宣传作用,反而使部分不坚定的粉丝离开。我们试图淡化悲痛因为电影可能只是暂时的,Willow她们依然很重要的时候,你们突然把ABStella关停了。当时我们就意识到情况可能不是我们所设想的那样了,Willow可能真的危险了。ABStella被关停,我们失去了和Willow在一起的最大平台,还好有ABStella pop撑腰,可惜打击接二连三的过来,你们在之后的日子里发表了非常多的动态,我们没能找到一个关于Willow的。你们研发了许多新游戏,都是Stella和Red他们的游戏,没有Willow的事情。你们发布了非常多的新漫画,所有漫画!所有画面!Willow连根羽毛都没有!甚至你们公布的很多新的Angry birds图片.小说,所有鸟都有就是没有Willow她们。

  After the film was released in public,the protagonists' fans and Stella’s fans soared quickly,but Willow’s fans began to decline. The film did not played a positive role in the propaganda of willow, but made some of the disloyal fans left. We tried to downplay the grief because the movie was probably unimportant, but willow was still important.Then you suddenly shut off the Abstella. At the time we realised that the situation might not have been what we had imagined, and that Willow could be really dangerous. After Abstella was shut off, we lost the largest platform where we were with willow.Fortunately there was still Abstella pop backing us.Unluckily the bad news came over continuously. Later you issued many dynamic news about you where we could not find any news about Willow. You developed a lot of new games with Stella and Red inside but without Willow inside. You released a lot of new comics,all pictures and scenes of which had no a feather of Willow.And you even published many new pictures and novels of Angry Birds , but still there was no Willow inside.

  我们在这一系列的排挤和打压中越来越迷茫和无助,我们苦苦支撑着人数暴跌的Willow粉丝群,渴望你们能够及时发现你们遗忘了Willow这个女孩。然而你们也公布了很多新的动画片和电影短片,也是没有Willow一点点的戏份。最终你们给与了我们最为致命的打击,ABStella pop里面薇璐她们全部被Red他们无情的替代掉了。

  We were more and more confused and helpless because of a series of frustrations,and we did our best to support the Willow Fan Group whose members were decreasing quickly, and we were eager for you to find in time that you had forgotten this girl willow. However, you again released a lot of new cartoons and short films in which Willow did not exist still.Eventually you gave us the most lethal blow that inside Abstella pop you replaced Willow with Red mercilessly.

  ABStella pop是我们坚持的最后基地,也是Willow最后的家了。你们却毫不留情的把Willow她们赶走然后让原本是嘉宾的Red他们成为屋子的主人。反客为主的行为让我们都大跌眼镜,更加可气的是你们还让被赶走的屋子原主人Willow再回来当嘉宾,不知道是不是我们东西方文化的差异缘故,我们对Willow从主人变成嘉宾的行为,真是彻彻底底的失望。

  Abstella Pop as our last base was willow’s last home. But you let Willow leave without mercy and then you made Red as a guest become the owner of the home.We were so surprised. What’s more, you let Willow as the original owner of the home get back as a guest,why so? Perhaps this was the difference between the Eastern and Western cultures.We were disappointed thoroughly.

  大量的坚定粉丝开始放弃,我们的粉丝群几近崩溃,最终只剩下不到100人的铁杆粉丝了,包括我,纵使经历了这些巨大的打击,我们仍然奢望着你们对Willow产生怜悯之情,救起Willow这个充满吸引力的女孩。可是我们等了足足2年,满眼看到的都是Stella和Red他们在一起快快乐乐的,整个Angry birds都是Stella和red的天下,我们的Willow好似从来没有存在过

  A lot of firm fans of Willow started to give up her, so our Willow Fans Group almost collapsed, and eventually there were only less than 100 die-hard fans including me inside., Even after these great blows, we still expected that you could have compassion for willow and save Willow as an attractive girl. But during we waited 2 years, we had seen that happy Stella and Red had been protagonists of Angry Birds,but it seemed our willow had not existed all the time.

  我最终也放弃了对Willow的喜爱,因为你们在You Tu Be上发布了一个非常可怕的投票,正如上面我所讲的,你们居然好意思让存在感和戏份远远超过其他女孩的Stella去和Willow她们进行比较投票,而且还不知什么目的的把Willow和Dahlia合并为一个选项,自然Stella以绝对优势领先,Willow和Dahlia排名第二,我们不用猜就能知道结果。我开始相信,你们已经抛弃了Willow。因为你们不仅仅让你们非常在乎的Stella来用选票挤压其他女孩,证明Stella才是万众瞩目的。还非常过分的把Willow这么一个完美的女孩和粉丝数量从一开始就很少的Dahlia合为一个选项,间接的混淆Willow和Dahlia的粉丝,让人无法认清究竟是喜欢Willow的人多还是喜欢Dahlia的人多。

  I finally gave up my love for Willow because you carried out a very scary vote activity on You Tu Be. As I said above, Stella had more sense of presence and performance than Willow and other girls. Why did you shamelessly compare Stella with Willow and Dahlia during vote? Why was Stella an option of vote but Willow and Dahlia were another option? Naturally the vote result was needless to guess:Stella was in the lead by absolute dominance, and Willow and Dahlia ranked second.I began to believe that you had abandoned Willow. You wanted to prove by this vote that Stella had most fans.You deliberately put Willow’s more fans and Dahlia’s less fans together to make people believe that perfect Willow had less fans than Stella or Dahlia.


  You wanted to prove that Stella was everything but other girls were nothing.You maybe would say to all, “the worst thing was that the votes of Willow and Dahlia were less than half votes of Stella. What a disgrace. What an unpopular girl.We had to increase the show of Stella ,and we had to completely discard Willow. Did you disagree? Sorry, the data was here, and it proved all. For the benefit of most people, we must abandon unpopular Willow.”

  至此我对你们彻底的失望了,我想不到你们居然为了Stella和red能做出这种伤天害理,排挤打压Willow的事情。我离开后加入了My Little Pony的世界,在这里我找到了当初ABStella的感觉,一切都是那么欢乐那么生机盎然,女孩子们的魅力简直无与伦比让我心神陶醉。小马们带给了我曾经的快乐,而且小马们的发展更加光明和美好,因为每一个女孩都有自己充足的戏份,机会均等,就连一个反派角色洗心革面加入主角后,戏份都能够和主角持平,反观可怜的Willow她们,被Stella和Red挤压的毫无存在感,仿佛被世界遗忘。

  Today I was disappointed thoroughly because of you. I couldn't believe that you had done this kind of worst thing for Stella and Red, which hurt Willow. After I left Willow,I joined the world of My Little Pony, where I found the feeling of original Abstella, and everything was so pleasant and vibrant, and the charm of girls was so incomparable that I was intoxicated in mind. The ponies brought me joy, and their future was brighter and more beautiful.Every girl had their own ample play, and equal opportunity, and even after a villain role became the protagonist, she had the same play time as other protagonists.On the contrary, poor Willow lost the sense of existence because of blow from Stella and Red and you. It seemed that the world had forgotten Willow.

  But recently I returned to the Willow Fans Group. I had thought that no one was willing to persist,but I found that there were still a dozen of fans continuing to love Willow.They still adhered in the fans group, and still firmly believed that you would give willow some opportunities to be on the stage and that Willow was definitely the most perfect girl in the world.They even said that even if you eliminated Willow thoroughly, they also still continued to love her forever.I was greatly shocked.


  Now I realize that Willow has deeply gotten into their hearts and become their inner spiritual pillar and power source, and that they have silently adhered to their original love of Willow and they have firmly believed that Willow will create a new world once more. Although they say so, the fact that Willow's existence sense has been zero is in sight. Now you put Red and Stella on the center of stage with the projector lamp, but absolutely ignore Willow who has been trampled under your feet. You disappoint me thoroughly. I truly can’t believe the fact that you create Willow, but you can not give Willow some reasonable treatments, you instead do your best to eliminate her, and even fully destroy personality of Willow by the film.


  You are really sinners to us Willow fans. I guess that 80% or 90% of the world's Willow fans have left her, but there are still a lot of fans who have adhered to love of the willow, so why do you say this character willow is unpopular? Why do you say that Willow is not as popular as Red and Stella? You guys shall look back at whether you have given Willow enough chance from the movie making to today? Did you advertise Willow? Have you ever given Willow the stage to show herself by not dance but the lines? You make her a dumb fool.

  是的,ABStella让你们亏本,但这游戏不能代表Willow她们就是导致你们亏本的元凶吧,她们是无辜的,你们不能把她们当作累赘一直敷衍下去.当作red和Stella她们的牺牲品,Willow她们也是Angry birds,也是值得你们去爱护和培育的。正如我说的,Willow既然能够在一开始就吸引大量的粉丝,而且在几年的抹杀中仍然有部分忠心的粉丝坚守着,就证明了薇璐依然是很重要的女孩。 你们重新重用这个女孩,相信我,你们会获益匪浅的。大量Willow的粉丝会重新回到这里

  Yes, perhaps you can’t get more money from Abstella,which has nothing to do with Willow who is innocent and not sacrifice of Red and Stella. You can not treat her as a burden. Willow is also one of Angry Birds, so she deserves your love and nurturing. As I said, the fact that Willow was able to attract a large number of fans at the outset, and there are still many many loyal fans sticking to their love of her in the dim years proves that she is still a very important girl. If you reuse this girl in new games and films and cartoons, you'll reap the benefits,and a lot of Willow fans will come back once more.Trust me.

  你们完全可以让Willow她们和red他们在一起,你们完全可以让Angry birds变成一个其乐融融的大家庭而不是悲剧的两极分化。当她们成为真正的一家人后,那将会增加数不尽的乐趣和故事,让粉丝圈充满活力,让整个怒鸟朝着更加光明的未来前进。一枝独秀不是春,万紫千红春来到,没人希望Angry birds在两极分化中崩溃瓦解,没人希望Red他们被过渡使用而变得索然无味,只有让Willow她们得到足够的重视,她们才能给Angry birds带来更多生机活力,让Angry birds充满更多可能和机遇,Willow是你们创造出来的,也将是你们走出困境唯一的良药,看看粉丝们的坚持,看看Willow曾经带来的繁荣,设想一下Willow她们和red他们成为一家会产生多少生机活力与希望,Angry birds重新走向辉煌,Willow她们必不可少。

  You can totally let Willow and Red happily together, then Angry birds will live in a happy big family rather than a tragic polarization. When they become a real family, countless joys and stories will come and the fans circle will be vibrant, and the angry birds will fly towards a brighter future. Spring consists of all kinds of colorful beautiful flowers not a beautiful flower.No one hopes that angry birds team collapses in the polarization, and that Red becomes uninteresting because she is overused.You have created Willow who can bring more vitality as well as more possibilities and opportunities to Angry birds and who is like the only good medicine out of the plight if she gets enough attention.Look! These fans are insisting on their love of Willow. Look! Willow once brought so much prosperity.You can imagine that after becoming a happy big family Angry birds will restore glory once more,full of vitality and hope. Willow is essential for all this.

  就算你们觉得Willow她们已经不值得去关照,也请你们看看这些依然苦苦坚持却又对前途一片迷茫的粉丝,请干脆利落的告诉我们:Willow到底还有没有机会翻身,究竟还值不值得去坚持对她的喜爱,连你们都抛弃的角色,坚持去爱她还有什么意义,纯粹浪费生命罢了,趁还有机会赶快来My little Pony吧。

  Even if you think that Willow is invaluable for you,you shall also think of these Willow fans who are still adhering to their love of her and whose future is unknown.Please tell us directly whether Willow has chance to get glory once more, and whether we shall insist on our love of her.What is the meaning of insisting on loving her for us after you have abandoned the role Willow? I guess it is simply a waste of life, so we shall love My Little Pony quickly while there is still opportunity to love her.

  当然我们最渴望听到的就是Willow不久后就会被重用,Willow依然是你们不可或缺的女孩,但口头上的话无意义,当你们真的做出了行动,让Willow和Red他们真正的同台登场,这对我们Willow粉而言无异于中大奖般的喜悦,我们可能会几个星期激动的睡不着觉,然后一直设想将来的Angry birds会充满多少有趣的故事和话题,Angry birds将会重新获得多强的生命力…

  Of course, what we most want to hear is that Willow will be reused soon,and that Willow is still your indispensable girl, but action is more important than meaningless verbal expression.When you really make Willow and Red protagonists, we these Willow fans will be happy very much just like we win such a big prize that we are too excited to sleep for a few weeks,and then we will always imagine how many interesting stories and topics the future Angry birds will be filled with, and how much vitality it will regain ...

  说实话,你们几年来的模棱两可对我们就是煎熬,我和绝大多数人都扛不住你们的敷衍行为了,我们这些离开的人可以忽略不计,但那些仍在坚持的人呢?他们为了Willow付出了太多而你们却把Willow一手摧残成现在的样子,你们欠他们太多了。所以为了Angry birds有一个更加充满生机和活力的未来,为了证明你们不是那种为了一支队伍而且打压另一支队伍的资本主义中的笨蛋,更为了这些真爱Willow的粉丝,请你们停止对red他们的疯狂使用吧!回头看看Willow她们,让她们重新跟上步伐,让她们成为真正的一家人吧!一个其乐融融相亲相爱的大家庭比得上千千万万个一枝独秀.如同贵族一样的Red.Stella的团队。

  To tell you the truth, your equivocal attitude for years has caused our countless pains for us most fans, and we can’t tolerate again and so we choose leaving.Of course you may neglect us, but how do you treat those who are still insisting on love of Willow? They have given too much to Willow and you owe them too much,but you destroy Willow too much and make her the present aspect.So in order to let Angry Birds have a more vibrant and energetic future, in order to prove that you are not capitalist fools who like to suppress a team for another team , and in order to comfort these fans truly loving Willow, please stop your crazy overuse of Red and her pals! Please look back at Willow and her pals, let Willow and her pals keep up with the pace of Red and Stella and their pals, and let Willow,Red,Stella and their pals become a real family! A happy and loving big family is better than tens of thousands of teams like Red and Stella team which is excellent and just like nobles.

  我们中国曾经有个火爆全国的喜羊羊与灰太狼,现在他们已经销声匿迹了,为什么?就是因为固定的团队,饱和的使用和拒绝新角色加入,才导致活力丧失沦为不伦不类的残骸。我们不希望Angry birds也因为你们满脑子的Red和Stella他们而赴喜羊羊的后尘,

  Our China once had a cartoon named Pleasant Goat and Gray Wolf which was popular in the whole nation , but now it has disappeared. Why? Because of a fixed team, saturated use and rejection of new roles to join, it finally lost vitality and became nondescript debris. We do not want Angry birds to follow Pleasant Goat and Gray Wolf to disappear because your brains are full of Red and Stella.

  纵使你们持续伤害了我们好几年。我们发自内心的期盼着你们,能够重新重用Willow,让她们成为一家人永远避免分化,让Willow在你们的庇护下茁壮成长发挥出她本该就有的.很可能远超Stella的光芒和柔美,让大家庭全体成员都可以展示自己的独特才华,让Angry birds重新成为风靡世界,甚至成为远超MLP的世界第一人气大团队,更别提第二部电影如果成功践行Angry birds的大团圆,大家各尽所能展现自我,没有排挤没有压迫,我坚信你们一定会走向巅峰的。

  Even if you continue to hurt us for years,we still hope from into the hearts that you can reuse willow, and that you can make Willow,Red,Stella and their pals a family forever to avoid polarization, and that you can Let Willow,under your aegis,get more and more success and greatly exceed Stella,full of brilliant rays of Light and soft beauty which she ought to have, and that you can Let all members of the extended family display their unique talent, and that you can Let the Angry Birds team again become the world's No.1 popular big team,more and more popular in the world, and even greatly exceeding the MLP.If your second movie of Angry Birds can successfully let Willow,Red,Stella and their pals happily reunite to be a happy big family once more where everyone can work according to her ability,with no exclusion, without oppression, I firmly believe that you will go to the peak of success.


  Finally, on behalf of all the Willow fans in China, I would like to make suggestions to our Finnish friends: we hope that you can think carefully of the current situation of Red and Stella whom you greatly rely on, and that you can look back at Willow's tragedy,and that Willow can become charming talkative protagonist once more as Red and Stella. We sincerely hope to see a big family which is full of hope and love, but we absolutely do not expect that Willow can become your most important role and No.1 female protagonist as Red. We just want to see Willow with the artist image who can have enough chances to show the world true her,full of love of the world and fans.


  Forgive me for writing so much in one breath to vent our dissatisfaction and to express our expectations. Anyway I thank you for taking the time to look at this proposal.Thanks a lot. We Willow fans wish that you guys have a good day.


  I hope that I can receive a letter as feedback from Angrybirds.


  Contact me at 1595448581@qq.com, bookworm translation

  联系邮箱: 1595448581@qq.com, 联系QQ1595448581 书迷翻译


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