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  ( ) 1. Ancient Greeks used a giant wooden horse to capture the city of Troy.
  A. HugeB. wonderfulC. wide

  ( ) 2. —I worked as a volunteer in the school library last Friday afternoon.
  —Really? Can I go with you next time?
  A. HadB. madeC. was

  ( ) 3. —I have difficulty in learning Chinese. Could you give me some help?
  —Sure. Reading a lot will help you improve your Chinese.
  A. QuestionsB. ProblemsC. tasks

  ( ) 4. —China’s first large passenger plane C919 flew successfully on May 5.
  —Yes. What’s more, it was built on our own in Shanghai.
  A. with some helpB. from our friendsC. by ourselves

  ( ) 5. —Hi, Bob! What’s going on over there?
  —Oh, Tom and Dick are playing chess, with a crowd of students watching them.
  A. HappeningB. appearingC. working

  ( ) 6. —Ding Ning beat Miu Hirano, a Japanese player, in the 2017 World Table TennisChampionship entering the final.
  —We were all excited at the good news.
  A. fought withB. won againstC. lost by

  ( ) 7. —Did you see the movie Dangal last weekend?
  —No, I hardly go to the cinema these days. I am busy writing a book report.
  A. OftenB. AlwaysC. seldom

  ( ) 8. —In Shenzhen the city center will be connected to all the districts by metro in several years.
  —Great, I’m proud of living in Shenzhen.
  A. closed toB. joined toC. added to

  ( )9. You are beautiful today. your shoes color __________ your dress color.
  A. CatchesB. matchesC. meets

  ( ) 10. __________ is the quality to be brave when you are facing difficulties.
  A. CourageB. PrideC. Humor

  ( )11. —It’s going to rain. Remember to __________ your umbrella with you when you go to school, dear.
  —All right, Mum. Bye!
  A. takeB. buyC. put

  ( )12. —The scenery of Shenzhen is amazing, __________ is spring.
  —I think so. You can see green trees and flowers everywhere.
  A. exactlyB. especiallyC. actually

  ( )13. —My daughter will __________ for America to study next month.
  —You’ll miss her very much.
  A. set downB. set offC. set up

  ( )14. —Anne, the information you gave is really __________. Thank you very much.
  —Not at all. I am happy I can help you.
  A. uselessB. ordinaryC. valuable

  ( )15. —She got full marks in the math exam.
  —Her parents were __________ her.
  A. satisfied withB. tired ofC. worried about

  II. 完形填空(15分)
  An old man lived with his little grandson. Every day the old man got up early to read books.His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to copy him every __16__ he could.
  One day the grandson asked, “Grandpa, I want to read books as you do. But I don’t understand it, and I always forget __17__ I close the book. What good does __18__ do?”
  The grandfather quietly turned from putting __19__ in the stove and replied, “Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water.”
  The boy did as his grandpa said, but all the water leaked(漏)out before he got back home.
  The grandfather laughed and said, “You’ll have to walk faster next time.”
  The next time the boy ran faster, but the basket was still empty before he __20__ home. The boy said, “see, Grandpa, it’s __21__ to finish this task!”
  “Is it no use?” the old man said. “__22__ the basket.”
  The boy looked at the basket and for the first time realized that the basket was __23__. Instead of a dirty old coal basket, it was __24__ inside and out.
  “My child, that’s what happens when you read the book. You might not understand or remember everything, but the __25__ will change you inside and out. That is the work of reading in our lives.”
  ( ) 16. A. way B. book C. table
  ( ) 17. A. until B. when C. since
  ( ) 18. A. reading the book B. getting up early C. sitting at the desk
  ( ) 19. A. water B. book C. coal
  ( ) 20. A. returned B. read C. bought
  ( ) 21. A. difficult B. different C. impossible
  ( ) 22. A. Look for B. Look at C. Look after
  ( ) 23. A. new B. different C. wonderful
  ( ) 24. A. broken B. clean C. complete
  ( ) 25. A. wordsB. water C. wood
  16-20 ABACA21-25 CBBBA

  A篇文章大意:讨论实践动手能力(hands on project)和课堂测试(test)哪一种学习方式更好?通过表格的形式对比四位同学的观点。
  B篇文章大意:改编自Shenzhen Daily(深圳日报)上的原文,内容主要深圳的交通生活,讲述了深圳私家车和公交车专用车道出现的一些现象,以及采取的相应措施。
  E篇文章大意:介绍中国在开采可燃冰技术上的突破以及为什么不能大量开采。文章出处为2017年5月25日China Daily上的报道。

  In a small house outside London lives an old man. People often see him look 46.____________ his flowers in his garden all the time.
  One day, a young painter 47._____________ (go) by the old man’s house. He looked at the nice garden and the special room, picturing how happy he would be if he lived in such a 48._____________ (beauty) place. Suddenly he found the old gardener 49._____________ (terrible) blind. Shocked, he walked to the old man and asked, “Why are you taking care of the flowers every day which you can’t see in fact?” The old man smiled, “I can tell you four reasons. First, I was 50._____________ gardener when I was young and I really love this job. Second, although I can’t see these flowers, I can touch them. Third, I can smell the sweetness of them. As to the last, it’s you.”
  “Me? But you don’t know me.” answered the painter, still puzzled.
  “Yeah, it’s true that I don’t know you. 51._____________ I know flowers are gifts which everyone loves. And the beauty of my garden will get many people into a good mood.” answered the old man.
  The words of the gardener warm me with 52._____________ (please). He looked after the flowers 53._____________ (make) others enjoy the warm sunshine in spring. He can’t see the beautiful flowers he planted, just like Beethoven, who can’t hear his wonderful music 54._____________.
  The old man is alone but not lonely. All of his flowers are his friends and neighbors. They 55. _________ (grow) in his heart. I believe that he can hear the voice of them.
  46. after 47. went 48. beautiful 49. terribly 50. a 51. But52. pleasure53. to make54. either55. are grown
  1. 你在学习上曾遇到的困难;
  2. Sam对你的帮助,建议及措施:
  (1) 多听多读;(2) 多看英语电影;多唱英文歌曲;(3) ……(自由发挥;不少于一项内容)
  3. 你的收获及对Sam的感谢和祝福。
  Dear Sam,
  How time flies! It’s time for us to say goodbye. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  Yours sincerely,
  Li Hua
  How time flies! it’s time for us to say goodbye!
  You have offered me so much help in my English that I think words to show thanks are far from enough.
  I still remember three years ago, I had difficulties in learning English. It was difficult for me to memorize so many words and understand what people were saying. My spoken English and written English were poor too. However, I’m so lucky that I met you, a kind-hearted, smart and patient boy. Firstly, you taught me to listen more and read more. And it really helped me a lot. Besides, you suggested that I should watch English movies and sing classic English songs. In addition, you told me to form the habit of reading aloud in the morning and reading novels before going to bed. As a result, I finally made great progress.
  Thank you for all your help and best wishes for you.

  ( ) 1. 答案:A解析:
  ( ) 2. C句意:“上周五我在学校图书馆当志愿者。”“真的吗?下次我能和你一起去吗?”动词短语work as意为“从事……;作为……身份工作”。与C项表达接近。
  ( ) 3. B短语have difficulty in doing sth.意为“做某事有困难”,与短语have problems/trouble in doing sth.同义。question意为“疑问”,task意为“任务”,均不符合题意。
  ( ) 4. 句意:“中国首架客机C919与5月5日试飞成功。”“是啊,最重要的是,它是我们中国人自己在上海制造的。”短语on one’s own意为“自己”,与短语C同义。
  ( ) 5. 句意:“Bob!那边发生什么事情了?”“Tom和Dick正在下象棋,一群学生正围着观看呢。”短语be going on意为“发生;进行”,与动词happen同义。
  ( ) 6. 句意:“在2017年世界乒乓球锦标赛中,丁宁打败了日本选手平野美宇,进入了决赛。”“听到这个好消息,我们都很激动。”动词beat意为“打败;击败”,与B项“赢得;打败”同义。A项意为“与……斗争”;C项为“因……而吃亏,因……而遭受损失”。
  ( ) 7. 句意:“你上周末看过电影《摔跤吧,爸爸》了吗?”“没有,这些天我都几乎没去过电影院。我正忙着写一份书评。”频度副词hardly意为“几乎不”,与seldom同义。
  ( ) 8. 句意:“几年之后,深圳市中心区与其他的区都会被地铁联系起来。”“太好了,住在深圳这座城市,我很骄傲。”短语be connected to意为“与……连接”,与B项joined to意思接近。A项closed to意为“接近”,add to意为“加入;增加”。
  ii) 根据句子意思,从下面每小题的A、B、C三个选项中最恰当的词语完成句子,并在答题卡上将相应的字母编号涂黑。(共7小题,每小题1分)
  ( )9. 句意:你今天很漂亮。你鞋子的颜色跟连衣裙的颜色很搭配。动词match符合句意。catch意为“抓住”,meet意为“见面;满足”。
  ( ) 10. 句意:当你面对困难时,你勇敢面对的品质叫勇气。courage意为“勇气”,符合题意,pride意为“骄傲”,humor意为“幽默”,均不符合题意。
  ( )11. 句意:“要下雨了,去上学的时候记得带一把伞哦。”“好的,妈妈。再见。”take sth. with sb.意为“某人随身带某物”,符合题意。
  ( )12. 首句句意:“深圳的风景太令人惊叹了,尤其在春天。”exactly意为“确切地”,especially意为“尤其”,actually意为“实际上”。B项符合题意。
  ( )13. 句意:“我女儿下个月将要动身去美国学习了。”“你会非常想念她的。”set down意为“放下;记下”,set off意为“动身;出发”,set up意为“建立”。B项符合题意。
  ( )14. 句意:“Anne,你给我的信息非常有用,非常感谢。”“不用谢,我很高兴我能帮到你。”useless意为“无用的”,ordinary意为“平常的”,都不能帮到别人,选择valuable,意为“有用的;宝贵的”。
  ( )15. 句意:“她数学考试得了满分。”“她父母一定对她很满意。”短语be satisfied with意为“对……感到满意”;be tired of意为“对……感到疲倦”;be worried about意为“对……感到担忧”。
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