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  David-81 years boys 06,07 it alone carries the package and the camera on a trip the following places:
  2006 itinerary: Beijing - Guiyang - Anshun (Huangguoshu Waterfall) - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Zhongdian - Dechen - Iwai (Yunnan Golden Monkey Reserve) - Markham - Zogang - Banda (the world’s highest airport built in) - Basu - rawu - Bomi (Bomi Lake) - Nyingchi - August - Dazi - Lhasa - when male - Naqu - Golmud - Xining - Lanzhou - Xian - Beijing.
  2007 itinerary: Beijing - Xiangfan - Chengdu - Chongqing - Three Gorges - Yichang - Xiangfan - Chongqing - Nanning - Pingxiang - Nanning - Beihai - Chow - North Sea - Weizhou - North Sea - Zhanjiang - Leizhou - MSC - Haikou - Hainan sea (Boao) - Sanya - Five Fingers - Mao Yang - music East - Sanya - Oriental - Haikou - Maoming - Zhaoqing - Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Huizhou - Guangzhou - Beijing.
  The Travel:
  Objective: to Washington to see her sister.
  Plan: China’s east coast from Shanghai starting across the Pacific, across the continental United States, arrived in Washington. The entire trip will be made into a documentary.
  Directions: From the coast of Shanghai in eastern China starting way to reach the U.S. west coast of Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean Los Angeles, from Los Angeles all the way through Las Vegas - Salt Lake City - Yellowstone National Park - Denver - Kansas City - Chicago - New York - Boston, and finally to Washington.
  Time: months
  Number of participants: 2
  This to the Americas (specific plans, through communication can go into the details later). The entire trip will be made into a documentary.
  Now looking back at a suitable travel, better temperament, a certain outdoor experience, will play a musical instrument, such as cello, violin, or pipa, erhu, foreign language better, to be the best languages.
  Conditional right speed with my partner, contact:
  Skype: swikyspace
  E - mail:
  ps: the whole trip, I will be carrying a camera for shooting and sound recording collection, back at the best girls are foreign nationals or ethnic Chinese girl, the right conditions, especially Chinese girls also. Height 172cm, weight 64kg boy can under the right conditions. This is the sense of the lens needs no other meaning


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