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  My friends, do you need a manufacturer to purchase goods in China?In each big website, taobao, alibaba, jingdong, dangdang) purchase goods?
  If you have needs, we can establish good relations of cooperation!!!
  We provide the goods warehouse address to you, you let the supplier (seller) delivery to our warehouse, we will according to you fill in the single file data, collect the goods, packaged together again, and shipped to Malaysia.
  Payment at the same time, we provide taobao in China, the generation and generation of purchase, poundage is: 3% service fee
  (a minimum of 30 RMB)

  1. Do you buy goods on taobao, you have your own taobao account and the payment, we will provide customers of single file and our customer code for you, put your receives an address to our address in taobao, (note: please fill in the single file, and modify the client code, because we will be according to your information of single file confirm your goods, according to the client code, distinguish customers goods)

  Our shipping address is: 广东省广州市白云区黄石街道江夏北二路12巷7号首层
  ATTN: client code + 黄海涛
  (like this: M888 + 黄海涛)
  Mob: 13609015534
  Post code: 510420

  2. According to your single file, collect the goods after, will confirm with you the goods related situation, if the number of goods have change, or out of stock, seller will be comprehensive tracking for you, for the damaged packing, we will be packing.
  3. After collect your goods, there is no special circumstances, we will properly packing, weighing, volume, and then tell you the shipping cost and the cost of air transportation need, you can choose to suit oneself mode of transportation, and then make payment.
  4. Payment:
  1) through the western union transfer; by way of transfer directly into the bank of China.
  2) can directly into our bank account in Malaysia, need to charge fees for MYR15, now the exchange rate for 1MYR = 1.45 RMB (currency in times of need, we will tell you)

  The following is our Courier charge calculation:
  1. Our guangzhou warehouse transportation (by air or Courier) to the cost of Malaysia

  Air freight (delivery) need volume weight and actual weight, volume and weight calculation method: length * width * height / 6000 cm as unit (such as cost-effective than DHL FEDEX). Such as: box size: 100/6000 = 60 * 60 * 60 kg, actual weight is: 56 kg, namely according to 60 kg charge, multiple boxes, multiple box volume weight together.
  According to our experience, the air freight to Malaysia, one vote, every vote not more than 19.5 KG weight, it is not easy to produce tariffs.

  2. Shipping to Malaysia (ma) (bulk cargo door to door service)

  Time: 13-16 days or so to send to your door

  Loading date: every Wednesday and Saturday

  Freight cost: 600 RMB/CBM tariff package at least 1 CBM charge

  Customers don't need to pay any fees in Malaysia, the price is transparent, there are no hidden charges, such as the need to make wooden frame, special packaging, will solicit customers agree.

  1. The cost calculation method, if less than 1 CBM, is 1 CBM fee: 600 RMB, if: 1.2 CBM, collect fees by 1.2 CBM * 600 = 720 RMB.,
  2. Shipping door to door shipping services are provided, such as the need to provide shipping service, need to provide the address, determine the cost of the goods.
  (3) the fees includes GST, upon arrival, the full cost of the delivery to the customer designated place, no other fees.(including customs clearance, GST, delivery cost, etc.)
  4. Delivery to the downstairs, don't go upstairs;If need delivery driver sent upstairs or moved into the warehouse please consignee to negotiate with the driver
  5,. We will provide all import and export documents, customers only provide packing list and invoice is ok.
  If you have any questions, please contact us directly, we will with the most enthusiastic service to answer your question.

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  Malaysia express service,Guangzhou to Malaysia courier service,

  Guangzhou Hurricane express co.,ltd
  Wechat: +8613609015534
  WhatsApp: +8613609015534
  Email: jfexpress08@126.com
  QQ: 277546595
  ADD: 2 road,bei Jiangxia,Huangshi East Road,Baiyun district,Guangzhou,China


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