GPU Compute Architect (Staff Engineer of Performance Verification)

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Job Description:
  More than 5 years’ experience with one of following:
  - a) Software: OGL/D3D driver background
  - b) 3D/GPU Architecture
  - c) IC Design/verification Background
  - d) GPU design/verification
  - e) 3D Application programming etc.
  - f) Compiler Back Ground
  - g) Graphics Architecture
  - h) GPGPU related jobs
  Description of duties in addition to those in job description:
  - Write test plan for new graphics chips
  - Write performance tests for new graphics chips
  - Debug/Analysis performance bugs of graphics chips
  - Debug function bugs for performance tests
  - Write performance analysis tools for new graphics chips
  - Function verification for new features of graphics chips
  - Write benchmarks for new graphics chips
  - GPGPU performance verification
  Preferred Experience:
  - Master Degree or Above
  - 5+ year experience on C\C++
  - Plus with experience on CPU Design/Verification
  - Plus with experience on Compiler
  - Plus with 3+ years’ OpenGL/D3D programming experience
  - Plus with 3+ years’ OpenGL/D3D driver experience
  - Plus with 1+ years’ Linux/Shell
  - Plus with 1+ years’ Perl/Python
  - Familiar with Graphics Algorithm/Graphics Pipeline
  - Proficient in English read/write/speaking/listening
  - Good communication & Team worker


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