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  Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

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  Some features:

  * Automatic 301 redirects for any permalink changes

  * Canonical URLs

  * Optimized Post and Page Titles for search engines

  * Generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically

  * Option to specify meta description and meta keywords tag for categories and tag pages. (

  * Option to turn off Page title or Post title rewrites for any http://news.cgy.gov.cn/daohang/ particular post or page(

  * Option to turn off Page title or Post title format for any particular post or page

  * Helps you avoid duplicate content

  * Lets you override any title and set any META description and META keywords, for any post or page

  * Support for custom post types

  * Support for custom taxonomies in version 1.3.4 (Thanks to Aidan - sww.co.nz)

  * Compatible with most other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag
  http://www.ctlzw.gov.cn/daohang/dubo.html Warrior and others.However you may have to disable All in One SEO pack

  * You don抰 have to fear changing permalinks. If you are not satisfied with the current permalink, change it through Settings?gt;Permalinks in your admin panel, without worrying about loss of Page rank or google penalty.Platinum SEO plugin will take care of issuing a 301 redirect to the new location.This is a new essential feature, not present in All in one SEO

  * Add index, noindex, follow or nofollow, noodp, noydir, noarchive, nosnippet meta tags to any post/page.These options are not available in All in one SEO Pack.Find out why this option to set post/page level Meta Robots Tag useful?

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