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  邮件十四:I am now in Saudi Arabia
  My Darling,

  I am always thinking about you,as usual and thanks for your number i can call you anytime. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the times we've spent exchanging e-mails. It means so much to me and to our relationship. It truly seems like I've known you forever.How is today's schedules and other challenges life presents to you on a daily bases? I pray your answer will be more in the positive than negative - As at now in my own side, oh! i am a new man because you seem to have rekindled the dead part of my heart and give it a whole new meaning as if i have been re-baptized once again.

  Am very glad with your serious attitude to me and to our relationship and that is my most appreciation. Your constant e-mail gave me confidence for the future. I thank God that I arrived in Saudi Arabia safety after long journey. I miss you and I missed reading your e-mails and hearing your voice. My dear you are free to call me with my UK phone number while am here it will be available. My phone number is on roaming service. i will give you a call when am less busy okay...

  I think i have falling in love with you because what i feel right now is rare to find in many a man’s heart and i don't let go whatever ignited such feeling because my tenacity to hold onto you has grown more_ You wanna know why? You wanna know how? Why because you are my true soul mate ! You know how? I will love you more every single day!

  However, i wouldn't deny the fact that love hurts sometimes but life has thought me something very funny lol and i am willing to share it with you_ Whenever love hurts, love again and when it hurts again and again, smile at life and love more even when it keep hurting because i believe that the more it hurts, the closer one gets to the hurting expiry date, which is the time when he or she will not know pains again in a relationship. Our time is now for i believe our pains has expired, so let us make the most of it my sweetheart and say goodbye to all the pains we may have had in our past relationships with other people.

  I wish you a honey-coated day ahead, and if you must know_ i love your kind of heart which you display with your words. It turns me on, more than what any physical beauty can offer because true beauty lies in the heart..Your kind of heart my sweetheart

  My engineers are happy to see me and our project will resume by tomorrow and I will be busy on it. I want to let you know that I will always make out time to keep in touch with you by e-mail to you whenever am less busy with my work. Feel free to call me at any time your convenient and i will talk with you. As soon as I completed my project I will come to see you in person in your country. Always bear in mind that am thinking about you. Do reply me and have a nice day..
  Yours ever,

  邮件十五:Just like i believe you are there for me
  My Darling,

  Am overwhelmed the way you’re responding to my e-mail and am happy for the progress we have ever made on our relationship so ever most especially your sweet soft voice. Thank you for believing in me and the happiness you brought to my life and all the effort you have been putting to make our relationship work out for good... Am assuring you that i will do my best to maintain good relationship with you until we meet each other in life..Am just worried about the Saudi Arabia weather, it is extremely hot like it closer to the Equator. Could you believe it raise up to 35 degree centigrade? i rather chose to eat more fruit and drink more water. Every house here must contain with air-condition.

  My dear my project here is very good in starting and i believe i will complete it smoothly and then i will embark on holidays and i will visit you in Germany we can plan for our future. The oil well which we were building is also started as am very busy on it now. Sincerity and truth is what i admire in my life and i will always keep honesty and truth with you. I will not take another contract again until i settle down with you if everything goes well with us.

  I have always believed that relationship doesn't come that easily, there is bound to be sacrifices and all what knots that lends a hand to gradually build an unshakable kind of relationship that will stand the test of time but it requires patience, care, soothing words and maturity which gives birth to love_ Luckily, they all happen to be a priceless treasure which we both possess in common - The type that will be held with two hearts that strongly believe that two people can be inseparable with understanding and love!

  I wish each time you are done perusing my mails which i wrote from my heart of hearts, that my imaginary image will always follow you around and whisper my words in your ears once more so as to keep you in a loving mood all the time since i am not presently with you for now to do it myself, as it serves as a perfect reminder that i am always here for you, just like i believe you are there for me too..
  Best kind regard,

  邮件十六:I miss you so much??
  My Darling,

  Thank you so much for your emails..It is my great pleasure to be hearing from you every day. You are always caring and deep-sincere to me and it is my significant event for our knowing and loving each other..I know we have a lot to do in nearest future and i am happy because this year Christmas and new year will be so special because i will surely spend it with you my love..sure i will be your best guide ever.I was having lunch with my co-workers today and i always remember you. We went to Mexico restaurant today and their food here in Saudi Arabia is very delicious. I eat vegetable and fish head ha-ha very well. do you like fish...

  My few experiences in life as regards to relationship has shown me that unconditional love is a rare virtue among many people but i am happy that i am among the few whose love remains unconditional; may it surround you especially now that you are still far away from me. I think of you often and hold the imaginary you sometimes as if you were with me at the very moment.

  Miles will not take away my love from you because a volcano will never remain buried it must surely erupt whenever the right forces acts on it to erupt, just like you have acted and successfully ignites my feelings for you, to erupt beyond my imagination and breath fresh air once again. I have got my mind made up to give you my whole heart freely without any boundaries whatsoever for you to reciprocate such. Love is a beautiful feeling, no one can escape it. keep your heart simple and flexible to gain more love and i am advising myself as well. love is a sparkling word that comes and goes with you our knowledge, so why don't we discard other thoughts that might raise its ugly head in our brains and enjoy each moment with one another.

  My dear I would like to let you know I really miss you every day. Sometimes I even ask myself why we can get so great progress on our relationship in such a short time especially we didn’t' t meet each other in real life. I know it will continue to increase until the day we meet each other in real life. I appreciate your good quality and personality very much. Loving & being-loved and appreciation and trust each other are most important for a relationship, and it is a basis for a future life. In fact, I genuinely care about you and our relationship. It is very much difficult for me to adapt with behavior here in Saudi Arabia. Most of Muslim countries is really hard to stay,

  Did you know that Saudi Arabia don’t allow every women to enter their country due to improper dressing. There is some place they don’t allow Christians to step their feet. Every of their woman covered their head to feet. Their religion believes is more active more than any other countries I have ever seen. I will always anticipate you. I miss you so much. Have a nice day ahead.

  Best kind regard
  James Wainwright

  邮件十七:Have a rest after work and school
  My Darling,

  How are you doing today? How are spending your weekend? I am very glad for your encouraging e-mail and it my every day well spiritual food. You know am busy working and I want you to accept my late reply whenever am late to write to you. However you have already done very well in communication with me. I will soon complete my project and then I will visit you and show you how much I care for you. i will stop this work after the present one am doing now…

  My dear life is good here in Saudi Arabia if not the hot weather condition that always be my worry and i believe is temporary situation and it will soon end. My dear everything i need here is available both food, water, steady light and all my need. Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, but English is widely spoken. It used in businesses and is a compulsory second language. my contract term is 6 month as it contain on the contract agreement; i have been working there few month back. i have to complete the contract soon then i will come to see you in person we can visit interesting places of our choice..

  Each day am waiting to reading your e-mail, which likes a housewife opening the door in the evening in waiting for her husband backing home. To me, you are dispersing charisma and I believe it will exist until, and after we meet each other in the real life. Now I have already know that loving is sometimes a kind of torment because of missing the other too much. As in a distance relationship, this feeling would be stronger. Sometimes I even want someone can care for me now so that i won't be lonely over here.

  Your soothing words has repaid the burnt parts of my heart and that gives me the right signal that i have found the right one this time. I smile at the thoughts of you even in public but it is ok with me because thinking about you has its way of caressing my feelings in a romantic and touchy manner; the type that i have never felt before.

  Sweetheart, the true meaning of the word_ happiness and love_ has descended upon me like a dove from the sky, as i sincerely believe that this passionate feeling is mutual so that what i feel inside about us will be complete. I wish you the best in your field of endeavors in life and yes, i miss and long to be with no one else but you my darling.

  My one and only, do keep your chins up sweetheart lol ok, i bet it will definitely make you more romantic and attractive you know lol. Have a rest after work

  Yours ever,



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