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  Lesson 1 part 1
  1. barren: unable to produce young; unproductive; sterile (形)贫瘠的
  The barren land could produce little food. 这块贫瘠的土地只能生产些微的粮食。
  2. bump: come with a blow or knock; collide (动) 碰撞
  The room was dark and I bumped my head against the door. 房间里很暗,所以我才撞上门。
  3. devise: think out; plan or contrive; invent (动) 设计,发明
  He devised a new method for teaching the blind. 他设计出一种教导盲人的新方法。
  4. exert: put into use; exercise (动) 使用
  My wife’s been exerting a lot of pressure on me to change my job. 我太太一直对我施加很多压力,要我换工作。
  5. intrigue: (1). a secret plan or activity; plot; scheme; conspiracy(名) 阴谋
  The king’s younger brother took part in the intrigue to make himself king. 国王的弟弟为夺取王位而加入阴谋。
   (2). excite the interest and curiosity of (动)引起。。。的兴趣
  The book’s unusual title intrigued me into reading it. 这本书奇特的书名引起我的阅读兴趣。
  6. oath: a solemn promise, often calling upon God; pledge (名)宣誓,誓言
  He placed his right hand on the Bible as he spoke the oath of office. 当他宣读就任宣誓时,把他的右手放在圣经上。
  7. postpone: delay action until a later time; defer; delay; adjourn (动)延期
  They had to postpone their trip because of rain. 他们因下雨必须将旅行延期。
  8. refuge: a protected, safe place; protection from danger; shelter (名)避难所; 避难
  The cat took refuge from the dog behind a tree. 那只猫躲在一棵树后以逃避那只狗。
  9. regain: get possession of again; recover (动)恢复
  It took her a long time to regain her health. 她花了很长一段时间才恢复了健康。
  10. shatter: destroy completely; break suddenly into small pieces; smash (动)破灭
  Their hope of finding him alive was shattered when his dead body was found. 他的尸体被发现时,他们对他还活着所抱的希望破灭。
  11. tease: make fun of a person playfully or unkindly; harass; vex (动)嘲弄
  At school, the other children always teased me because I was fat.在学校里,其他的小孩老是因为我胖而嘲弄。
  12. tilt: (cause to) slope or slant; lean; incline (动)倾斜
  He tilted his chair back too far and fell on the floor. 他把椅子倾斜的太厉害了,因而摔倒在地板上。
  13. version: (1).translation (名)翻译
  Do you have the English version of this book. 你有这本书的英文译本吗?
   (2).one of several accounts or descriptions (名) 叙述
  Your version of the accident differs from that of the other witness. 你对这次意外事件的描述与另一位证人不同。


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  1.barren 其实从它后面的注释中可以看出来,它不仅有贫瘠的意思。还有不孕;不育的意思。它的同义词是sterile. sterile有不孕不育的意思,如: a sterile woman。它也有贫瘠的意思,如:a sterile land。另外sterile还有无菌的;消过毒的意思,如: a sterile gown就是指医生、护士等穿的白罩衣。
  2.bump: 此词除了是动词外,它还是名词。名词中除了有碰撞(声)撞击(声)之外,还有撞击的结果:(因打击所致的)肿块(=lump)
  如:She was covered in bumps and bruises.她全身青肿,伤痕累累。(真够惨的)。bruise是擦伤,青紫的那种伤。但lump不光是由于打击所造成的肿块,还可能是由病变产生的,如:Check your breasts for lumps every month.每个月要检查一次乳房是否有肿块。
  3.devise: 它有一个名词兄弟device,有装置、设备的意思。如:a water-saving device。device还有手段;策略的意思。如:Sending advertising by mail is very successful as a marketing device.还有devise 的近义词contrive不光有发明;创造的意思,还有设法做到,促成的意思。如:She contrived to spend a couple of hours with him every Sunday evening.每个星期日晚上她都设法与他待上几个小时。所以contrived 预谋的;不自然的;人为的 意思。如:The book's ending seems contrived.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 20:17:27
  4.exert: 以前老是把它和resort混淆,其实后者是求助;凭借;诉诸的意思,也有些像吧。resort to force诉诸武力是我们常对一些人的警告啊!resort to all kinds of methods采取一切的办法。
  5.intrigue: 的同义词conspiracy值得注意。它的动词conspire是共谋;密谋策划的意思。如:They deny conspiring together to smuggle drugs.他们否认共谋走私毒品。
  6.oath: 注意它的同义词pledge有名也有动。名如:a pledge of help帮助的许诺。动如:The government pledged their support for the plan.政府保证支持这项计划。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 20:19:29
  作者:蓝天大海森林 回复日期:2006-7-5 19:47:03 
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  8.refuge: 经常在新闻中听到refugee,这个词很关键。如:a steady flow of refugees from the war zone从交战地区不断涌出的难民
  9.regain: 还是recover常用一些吧。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 20:42:49
  10.shatter: 注意一下它的同义词smash: 打碎;打破.He smashed the radio to pieces.他啪的一声把收音机摔得稀巴烂。同时smash还有猛烈撞击的意思。如:The car smashed into a tree.汽车猛的撞到树上。
  11.tease: 它的同义词harass也是一个很重要的词。harass有侵扰;骚扰的意思。如:He had complained of being harassed by the police.他投诉受到警方侵扰。harass的名词也非常重要,harassment: sexual harassment 性骚扰是现在很常见的现象。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 20:52:17
  1.Our hopes for a picnic were_____by the heavy rain.
  2.The boys are trying to_____a scheme for earing money during the summer vacation.
  3.Exposure to radioactivity may make animals and plants____.
  4.He made a (an) ____that he would tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
  5.She couldn't open the door, even by ____all her strength.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 20:53:54
  Lesson 1 part 2
  1. absurd: so unreasonable as to be laughable; silly; ridiculous (opp reasonable)(形)荒谬的
  His belief that he was too clever to be caught in his wrongdoing was absurd. 他认为他太聪明了而做坏事不会被抓到是不正确的。
  2. alien: belonging to another country or race; foreign (opp domestic) (形)外国的
  After ten years his alien speech was still noticeable. 在十年后他的外交演说依旧值得注意。
  3. amiable: of a pleasant nature; good tempered; friendly; agreeable (opp spiteful)
  She is an amiable girl and gets along with everyone in the office. 她是一个和蔼可亲的女孩,和办公室里每一个人都能相处。
  4. ban: forbid by law or authority; prohibit (opp allow) (动)禁止
  In most countries the sale of liquor to children is banned. 在大多数国家里,买酒给小孩是被禁止的。
  5. figurative: using words out of their literal meaning to add beauty or force (opp literal) (形)比喻的
  “The sweet temper” is a figurative expression, but “sweet coffee” is not. “甜美的性情”是一种比喻式的表达,但“甜咖啡”不是。
  6. genuine: actually being what it seems to be; real; true (opp false) (形)真正的
  Her wedding ring is made of genuine diamond. 她的结婚戒指是用真的钻石做的。
  7. hoist: raise or lift by a mechanical device; (opp lower) (动)升起
  They hoist the national flag at six o’clock every morning. 他们每天早晨六点钟升旗。
  8. incorrect: not correct; containing errors or mistakes (opp accurate) (形)不正确的
  The newspaper gave an incorrect account of the traffic accident. 这报纸给出的这个交通事故的报告是不正确的。
  9. massive: of great size; large and heavy (opp tiny) (形)巨大的、
  The house was built on a massive rock. 这栋房子建筑在一块巨大的石头之上。
  10. stale: no longer fresh; uninteresting; obsolete (opp fresh) (形)不新鲜的
  There was only a piece of stale cake left in the refrigerator. 冰箱里只剩下一块不新鲜的面包。
  11. thrive: grow or develop well; grow rich; prosper (opp decline) (动)茂盛
  Most flowers will not thrive without water and sunshine. 大部分的花无水和阳光不会茂盛。
  12. wholesale: the sale of goods in large quantities at a time (opp retail) (动) 批发
  They buy at wholesale and sell at retail. 他们批发买进,零售卖出。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 21:26:51
  3.amiable: 它的反义词是spiteful如: a spiteful comment恶意的评论,它还有一个反义词是malicious也是恶意的意思。如:a malicious恶意的闲话。malicious的名词是malice: 恶意;敌意。如:a look of pure malice充满敌意的目光。
  4.ban: 它的同义词prohibit个人感觉比较重要,它是指尤指以法令禁止,如:a law prohibiting the sale of alcohol禁止售酒的法令。同时它还有阻止的意思(=prevent)如:The high cost of the equipment prohibits many people from taking up this sport.昂贵的装备使得许多人对这项体育运动望而却步。
  10.stale: 我觉得它还有一个同义词是obsolete:(=out of date)过时的;淘汰的;废弃的。如:obsolete technology过时的技术。另外例句中的refrigerator也是常用的词,但是有点长啊。
  11.thrive: 它的同义词还有flourish繁荣;兴旺。如: Few business are flourishing in the present economic climate.在目前的经济气候下,很少有企业兴旺发达。prosper: 也是繁荣;兴旺的意思。如:The economy prospered under his administration.在他主政期间,经济繁荣起来了。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 21:35:13
  1.The___price of this cost is $22; the retail price is $30.
  2.The idea that the number 13 brings bad luck is _____.
  3.He made the same _____ joke that I had heard more than 10 times before.
  4.It is ________to say that the Korean language is related to Chinese.
  5.Many insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, _____in a warm, damp climate.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-05 21:36:21
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 11:12:39
  对part 2再多说两句吧。
  1.absurd: 解释中的ridiculous有荒唐的;可笑的意思。如:I look ridiculous in this hat. ridiculous的名词是ridicule它产意思却是嘲笑;讥笑;奚落的意思,如:She is an subject of ridicule in the tabloid newspaper.她是小报讥笑讽刺的对象。另外ridicule也是动词,有嘲笑;奚落的意思。
  5.figurative: 它的反义词是literal,literal的家族和“文”字有关。如:literary(形)文学(上)的;literary criticism/theory文学评论/理论,再如literate(形)有读书能力的;有文化的,而其反义词是:illiterate(形)没文化的;文盲的。它也名词(名)文盲,无文化的人
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 11:15:58
  Lesson 1 part 3
  1. annoy: make somewhat angry by repeated acts; disturb; bother; irritate (动)骚扰
  The baby is always annoying his sister by pulling her hair. 这婴儿经常用拉他姐姐的头发来骚扰她。
  2. celebrate: observe a special day with the proper activities (动)庆祝
  We celebrated Christmas with trees and presents. 我们以圣诞树和礼物来庆祝圣诞节。
  3. diplomat: person engaged in diplomacy for his country (名)外交家
  The unsociable person is hardly fit for a diplomat. 不擅社交的人几乎不适合作外交家。
  4. foresee: see or know beforehand (动)预知
  It is impossible to foresee whether she’ll be well enough to come home from hospital next month.想预知她下个月能否康复出院是不可能的。
  5. induce: lead on; persuade or influence (动)说服
  We couldn’t induce the old lady to travel by air. 我们没办法说服这老太太乘飞机旅行。
  6.mobilize: call troops into active military service; organize for war (动)动员
  Our country is in great danger; we must mobilize the army. 我们国家的处境非常危险,我们必须动员军队。
  7. precede: be first before another in order, place or time (动)在前
  Mr. Eisenhower preceded Mr. Kennedy as president of the United States. 艾森豪威尔任美国总统在肯尼迪之前。
  8. prevail: exist in many place; be in general use (动)流行
  Making resolutions on New Year’s Day is a custom that still prevails. 在新年这一天下决心是一个依然流行的习俗。
  9.predetermine: determine or decide beforehand (动)预先决定
  Some people believe that man’s destiny is predetermined. 有些人相信命运是被注定的。
  10.subtle: so fine or delicate; hardly noticeable (形)精致的,淡的
  Her subtle smile made him curious. 她淡淡的一笑使得他好奇。
  11.transact: carry on business; manage; perform; conduct (动)办理
  The man transacts many affairs connected with the purchase of a home. 这人办理许多跟购买房屋有关的事情。
  12. treason: the action of being false to one’s country; disloyalty; betrayal (动) 叛国
  Helping the enemies of one’s country is an apparent treason. 帮助自己国家的敌人是一种明显的叛国行为。
  13. utilize: make good use of; put to some practical use (动)利用
  How can we utilize his knowledge and skill to our advantage? 我们如何利用他的知识和技术才对我们有利。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 11:36:49
  1.annoy:它有一个同义词irritate,此词除了使烦恼外,还有 刺激(皮肤或身体部位)的意思,如:Some painkilling drugs can irritate the lining of the stomach.有些止痛药会刺激胃的内壁。irrigate和它长得有点像,但其是灌溉的意思,如: irrigated land/crops经过灌溉的土地/农作物,令外irrigate还有 冲冼(伤口)的意思。
  3.diplomat: 和它有关的词汇有ambassador(名)大使,embassy(名)大使馆 consul(名)领事 minister(名)公使;外交使节
  4.foresee: 主要有fore-这个前缀,这个词的意思就很好记了。类似这样的词还有:foreknow(动)预知;foretell(动)预言,另外predict和prophesy也是预言的意思,pre-,pro-,这两个前缀都是“先前的”意思。prophesy 的名词是prophecy。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 12:07:00
  6.mobilize: 它的形容词是mobile,总之它们和“动”有关,mobile 有 非固定的;可移动的意思,如:mobile equipment 可移动装备,mobile phone移动电话(但手机最常用的是 cell phone),mobile还有 行动方便;腿脚灵活之意。
  7.precede: 从例句中可以看出来艾森豪威尔是肯尼迪 的"predecessor"(前任),precede的名词有两个,其中 precedent有 前例;先例 的意思,如:There is no precedent for a disaster of this scale.这种规模的灾难是空前的。
  8.prevail: 它有一个常用的意思是:战胜;击败。如:Virtue will prevail against evil.美德将战胜邪恶。prevalent是prevail的形容词,有普便的;流行的意思(=common,widespread)。如:a prevalent belief/view普便信仰/观点。 prevailing(=current,predominant)也是普便的;流行的意思,如:the prevailing economic conditions普便的经济状况。
  10.subtle:还有 机智的;狡猾的;巧妙的意思,如:I decided to try a more subtle approach.我决定智取。
  12.treason: 的形容词是treasonable: a treasonable offence叛国的罪行
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 12:12:35
  1.The color of a person's eyes is _______by that of his parents'.
  2.It is very dangerous to _______the bull with a red rag.
  3.It's your birthday tomorrow, so we must ______it.
  4.We didn't take our bathing suits, because we could _______that the water would be cold.
  5.He passed the examination; he could _____ all his spare time for study.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 15:04:00
  Lesson 1 part 4
  1.bosom: the upper, front part of the human being; breast; chest (名)胸
  She wore a flower on the bosom of her dress. 在衣服的胸襟上,她戴了一朵花。
  2. diploma: an educational certificate of graduation (名)文凭
  When a person has successfully completed a certain course of study, he is given a diploma by the school. 当一个人成功的完成了某一课程的研读,学校将授予他一张文凭。
  3.dramatic: having to do with plays; seeming like a drama (形)戏剧的
  The meeting between the mother and her blind son was dramatic. 母亲与其失明的儿子相会的情景是戏剧化的。
  4.fume: gas or smoke, especially harmful and strong (名)烟气,气体
  The strong fumes of the automobile exhaust nearly chocked him. 汽车排的强烈臭气几乎使他窒息。
  5.harrah: a shout of joy or approval (名)欢呼声
  “Harrah!” they shouted as the team scored again. 当球队再度得分时,他们欢呼着“好啊”。
  6.miniature (1).a copy in a much smaller size (名)缩小之模型
  In the museum there is a miniature of the ship “Mayflower.” 在博物馆里有一个‘五月花号’船的模型。
   (2).made on a very small scale (名)缩小物
  The child was playing on the floor with his collection of miniature farm animals. 孩子在地板上玩着他收集的缩小的农场动物。
  7. parcel: something that is wrapped; packet; package(名)包裹
  On her birthday her arms were filled with gift parcels. 生日那天,她的手里拿满了礼物包裹。
  8.pill: medicine in a small rounded mass to be swallowed whole (名)药丸
  The pill stuck in his throat but an extra drink of water washed it down. 这药丸哽在他的喉咙里,但多喝些水就把它冲下去了。
  9.racket: a loud and confused noise; loud talk (名)喧哗
  The students made a big racket as they left the school. 这些学校时,发出了很大的喧哗声。
  10.rhyme: similarity of sounds at the end of words or lines in poetry (名)音
  The poet used the word “flight” as a rhyme for the word “night”. 这个诗人使用‘flight’这个词来与‘night’这个词谐音。
  11.scar: a mark left by a wound or burn (名)刀疤
  The man looks terrible; he has many scars on his cheeks. 这个人看起来很可怕;脸颊上有很多疤痕。
  12.sculpture: the art of carving or modeling figures (名)雕刻
  There are many famous sculptures in the museum. 这个博物馆内有很多著名的雕刻品。
  13.skip: (1). pass over; leave out; omit (动)跳
  When I read a book, I usually skip over the uninteresting part. 当我阅读一本书时,我通常跳过无趣的部分。
   (2). to leave a place secretly or suddenly (动)悄悄溜走,突然离开
  The bombers skipped the country shortly after the blast. 爆炸后不久,放置炸弹的人就悄悄逃离了这个国家。
  14.sturdy: not easily influenced or changed by other people; firm; determined
  The village has always maintained a sturdy independence. 这个村子始终顽强地保持着独立。
作者:益水 时间:2006-07-06 15:28:42
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 20:16:41
  作者:益水 回复日期:2006-7-6 15:28:42 
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 20:44:37
  2.diploma: diploma和diplomat长得有点象,它们还真有点血缘关系。dipl=double,所以 diploma= paper folded double: 对折的纸,进一步想一想就是,学位证书;文凭。diplomat(dipl=double, mat=活动,所以是两边活动的人)就是外交家了。另外,diploma中的注释有一个词值得注意,certificate:有证书;证明书的意思。如:a birth/marriage/death certificate 出生/结婚/死亡 证书。另外它还有结业证书;文凭的意思。作为动词有 给。。。发证书的意思。
  3.dramatic: 它的名词是drama.只要知道这个就好记了。
  6.miniature: 它也有词根mini,也很好记。
  8.pill: 它有几个比较相近的词,tablet是药片的意思,tab=table, let是小的意思,加起来是小桌子的意思,引申为药片。capsule是胶囊的意思,同理,caps是容器的意思,ule是‘小’的意思,加起来是小容器的意思。引申为胶囊。pill泛指是药丸,但如果特指的话,是避孕药的意思。如:to be/go on the pill在服用避孕药。注意pregnant(形)是怀孕的意思。如:My wife is pregnant.我太太怀孕了。a heavily pregnant woman(=one whose baby is nearly ready to be born)临产期孕妇。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 20:54:56
  9.racket: 它有一个同义词,clamor(or clamour)(名):第一个意思是:喧闹声,嘈杂声。如:the clamor of the market市场上嘈杂的人声。第二个意思是:民众的呼声。如:The clamor for her resignation grew louder.民众要求她辞职的呼声越来越高。clamor(动)是叫喊的意思。
  12.sculpture: 就是在要雕刻的东西上留下“刀疤”,所以也很好记。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 20:58:39
  13.skip:还有翘课、旷课的意思。如:skip a class就是旷课的意思。旷课还可以这样表达:play truant(英) ,play hooky(美)。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-06 21:05:05
  1.The air in the small room was thick with tobacco______ .
  2.I'm just going to take this ______ to the post office.
  3.Please stop making such a (an) ________ ! I can't sleep.
  4.The little girl bought _____ forniture for her doll house.
  5.She took the _______ and drank a glass of water.
作者:jessaminecheung 时间:2006-07-06 22:14:25
作者:faking 时间:2006-07-07 15:52:35
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 17:03:41
  Lesson 2 part 1
  1.apparatus: tools or equipment for a special purpose (名)仪器
  The town has recently purchased some new fire-fighting apparatus. 这小镇最近购买了一些新的灭火仪器。
  2.assert: say or declare positively; state as true; insist (动)断言
  The witness asserted that the salesman was dishonest. 目击者断言那售货员是不诚实的。
  3.assign: give as a share or for use; allot; appoint (动)分派
  He was pleased that he was assigned such an easy task in the company. 他非常高兴在一群人中,他被分到如此简单的任务。
  4.compensate: give a person something to make up for loss or injury; recompense; reward (动)赔偿
  He gave me a new knife to compensate for the one of mine he lost. 他给了我把新的小刀,用以赔偿他遗失我的那把小刀。
  5.deem: think; believe; have the opinion; consider (动)认为
  He would deem it an honor if the minister came to see him. 如果部长来看他,他将视为一种光荣。
  6.inviolable: not to be violated; holy; sacred (形)不可侵犯的
  Freedom of action is one of the inviolable rules of human behavior. 行动的自由是人类行为中不可侵犯的原则之一。
  7.specimen: a single typical thing or example; sample (名)标本
  He collects specimens of all kinds of rocks and minerals. 他收集各种岩石和矿物的标本。
  8.stimulate: make more active; rouse; encourage; impel; excite (动)刺激,鼓舞
  The beating of a drum on the battlefield stimulated the soldiers to fight more bravely. 战场上的鼓声鼓舞了战士们,使他们更加英勇的作战。
  9.tendency: a trend towards something; leaning; bent; propensity; inclination (名) 趋势 
  Boys have a stronger tendency to fight than girls. 男孩子比女孩子好打架。
  10.testify: give evidence, especially in court; prove (动)证明
  He testified that the car was being driven slowly at the time of the accident. 他作证肇事时这辆汽车开得很慢。
  11.tourist: a person traveling for pleasure; traveller (名)观光者
  Each year, many foreign tourists visit Taiwan for sight-seeing. 每年有许多外国观光客到台湾观光。
  12.utility: the ability to be used; power to satisfy people’s wants; usefulness (名)效用
  Their furniture was chosen for utility rather than for elegance. 他们选择家俱为了实用而不是好看。
  13.conjure: to do clever tricks such as making things seem to appear or disappear as if by magic (动)变魔术,变戏法
  He could conjure coins from behind people’s ears.他可以从人们的耳朵后面变出硬币来。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 17:33:26
  1.apparatus: 它有许多的同义词。象:instrument:是指(有特殊用途的)器械;仪器。如:surgical/optical instrument外科器械/光学仪器;instrument还特指乐器(=music instrument): Is he learning any instrument?他在学习演奏的乐器吗? equipment是指一台一台的 machine 或 instrument等的统称,指为生产、工作和研究 所需的“设备、装备”。如:medical/office equipment医疗器械/办公室设备。 facilities 的涵盖面比 equipment更宽,是指使工作便利的一切东西或环境,包括为某一用途修建的建筑物等,所以对应于汉语的意思为“设施”。如:sports/leisure facilities 体育/休闲 设施。
  2.assert: 它还有一个重要的短语:assert oneself: 意为:坚持自己的权利。如:You should assert yourself as the captain of this team.你应该显示自己身为队长的权威。 assert还有一个同义词,我认为比较重要。affirm:(动)肯定属实;申明;断言。Both sides affirmed their commitment to the ceasefire.双方均申明答应停火。
  3.assign:它有几个重要的同义词:allocate:(动)划。。。(归);分配。。。(给):They intend to allocate more places to mature students this year.今年他们打算给成年学生提供更多的名额。 allot:分配;配给(时间、钱财等);分派(任务):How much money has been allotted to us?我们分到了多少拔款? appoint:(动)任命;委任:The coach appointed Beckham (as) captain of England team.教练任命贝壳为英格兰队队长。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 18:02:26
  4.compensate: 它有几个同义词:recompense:(名)(=compensation)赔偿;补偿:I received $1000 in recompense for loss of earnings.我得到了一千元的收入损失赔偿。recompense(动):赔偿;补偿: There was no attempt to recompense the miners for the loss of their jobs.没有人表示给予失业矿工们补偿。 offset:(动)抵消;弥补;补偿:Prices have risen in order to offset the increased cost of materials.为了补偿原料成本的增加而提高了价格。 make (sth) up:补上(失去的东西);作出补偿:Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow? 我今天下午早点走,明天补上这段时间,可以吗?
  6.inviolable: violate(动):有(1) 侵犯;使不得安宁;搅扰 的意思。如:She accused the press photographers of violating her privacy.她指责新闻摄影记者侵犯了她的隐私。(2)亵渎;污损(神圣之地)(=desecrate) : to violate a shrine/tomb亵渎圣地/陵墓 (3)强奸(=rape)。inviolable的同义词有: sacred:(形)上帝的;神的;神圣的。如:a sacred shrine/temple 圣地/圣殿。 holy:(形)神圣的。holy ground 圣地 holy war圣战。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 19:33:43
  7.specimen: specimen 和sample都有“样本”、“样品”之意。sample原为example,现在很大程度上只用于商业上的“样品”、“样本”。如:The salesman showed some samples to me.售货员拿了几个样品给我看。specimen,原指(物)种,因而多指动物和矿物标本,用于科学研究等。如:Astronauts have brought back specimens of rock from the moon.宇航员从月球带回了岩石的标本。
  8.stimulate: 它的同义词有: rouse: 此词本身有 唤醒;使醒来的意思。如: Nicky roused her with a gentle nudge.尼基用胳膊肘轻轻的将她推醒。 其引申的意思为: 使激起(某种情感)。如:to rouse sb's anger/fear/curiosity 使某人愤怒/害怕/好奇。 impel:(动)有促使;驱策;逼使 的意思。如:There are various reasons that impel me to that conclusion.有各种的原因促使我做出那样的决定。
  9.tendency: 它的同义词为:bent:(名)(某方面的)天赋;爱好:She has a bent for language.她有语言的天赋。bent:(形)(1)弯曲的:a piece of bent wire 一段弯曲的金属丝 (2)(因年老或生病而)驼背的;弯腰的:a small bent old woman 一个矮小驼背的老太太。 propensity:(名)(行为方面的)倾向;习性:He showed a propensity for violence.他表现出暴力的倾向。
  12.utility: 例句中的elegance,它的形容词是:elegant: 文雅的;优美的;漂亮的,如:an elegant dress 高雅的连衣裙。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 19:41:13
  1.The police _______ it necessary for the town's safety to arrest more speeders.
  2.They have ________ me a small room during the conference.
  3.A large building may have a heating _______ by which all the rooms are steam-heated.
  4.Many firms _____ their workers when they are hurt at work.
  5.One witness _______ that he'd seen the man run out of the bank around 9 o'clock.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 19:59:17
  Lesson 2 part 2
  1.blunt: having a thick or dull edge or point; not sharp; dull (opp sharp) (形)钝的
  Too much alcohol makes all your senses blunt.太多的酒精会使你的感觉迟钝。
  2.elastic: not stiff, firm or strict; able to be change to fit all cases; (opp inflexible) (形)有弹性的
  Toy balloons, sponges and steel springs are elastic. 玩具气球、海绵及钢弹簧是有弹性的。
  3.exit: (1). a place through which to go out; a way out(opp entrance) (名)出口
  He left the building through the rear exit. 他从后面的出口离开这栋建筑。
      (2). the act of going out ;departure (名)离去
  When the cat came in, the little mouse made a hasty exit. 当猫进来时,小老鼠连忙离开。
  4.fatigue: weariness; the state of being tired(opp vigor) (名)疲劳
  He was pale with fatigue after his sleepless night. 经过一个不眠夜,他因疲劳而脸色苍白。
  5.heir: a person who inherits property; successor (opp heiress) (名)继承人
  When he died, his young nephew was the only heir to his great wealth.当他死后,他年轻的侄儿是他庞大财产的唯一继承人。
  6.inflate: cause to swell by filling with air or gas; expand; enlarge(opp deflate) (动)膨胀 
  As the currency of a country is inflated, the prices of goods begin to rise. 当一国的通货发生膨胀时,物品的价格开始升高。
  7.plump: (1). rather fat; rounded in form(opp thin) (形)丰满的
  She is too plump to fit into this dress. 她太丰满了以至于穿不下这件衣服。
       (2). fall or drop heavily or suddenly (动)忽然落下
  Utterly exhausted, she plumped down on a chair.全然地耗尽体力,她忽然倒在椅子上。
  8.recall: (1). remember; recollect; call back to mind(opp forget) (动)忆起
  Mother could recall stories that she has heard years ago.妈妈能忆起几年前听过的故事。
       (2). call back (someone) (动)召回
  The government recalled the general after he lost the battle. 这位将领战败后,政府将他召回。
  9.shun: keep away from; avoid(opp encounter) (动)避开
  You can hardly shun meeting her if you and she work in the same office. 如果你和她在一个办公室工作,你很难避开她。
  10.sneer: show scorn or contempt by looks or words(opp admire) (动)轻蔑;嘲笑
  The mean girl sneered at the poor girl’s cheap clothes. 这个刻薄的女孩子讥笑那女孩的廉价衣衫。
  11.incentive: something that encourages you to do something (名)激励
  There is no incentive for people to save fuel. 没有使人节约燃料的鼓励办法。
  12.uplift: the fact of sth being raised or of sth increasing (名)增加;增长
  She want to buy an uplift bra(that raises the breasts).她想买一个挺高式乳罩。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 20:27:15
  1.blunt: 除了上文中的意思外,还有 嘴直的;直言的 的意思,如:She has a reputation for blunt speaking.她说话是出了名的直截了当。To be blunt, your work is appalling.坦白的说,你的活干得糟透了。 blunt作为动词时有:使减弱;使降低效应 的意思。如:Age hadn't blunted his passion for adventure.年岁没有冲淡他的冒险激情。 上面的例子中的appal也是值得注意的一个词,appal:(动)使震惊;使惊骇:The brutality of the crime has appalled the public.罪行之残暴使公众大为震惊。 It appalled me that they could simply ignore the problem.他们竟然把问题置之不理,使我非常诧异。 它有两个形容词: appalled: 感到震惊的,如:an appalled expression/silence 惊恐的表情/吓得说不出话来。 We watched appalled as the child ran in front of the car.小孩从汽车前面跑过,我们看得心惊胆战。 appalling: (1)令人震惊的;使人惊骇的,如:appalling conditions 令人震惊的条件(很差的条件)。(2)糟糕的;很不像话的,如:The bus service is appalling now.现在公共汽车的服务很差。
  4.fatigue:它的反义词是:vigor:(名)精力;力量;热情;活力,如:He worked with renewed vigor and determination.他以新的活力和决心工作着。
  5.heir: 表示一个继承人的时候用 "an" ,an heir.不用"a", a heir.道理和 hour一样。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 22:37:35
  6.inflate: 它的名词是inflation: 通货膨胀 的意思。如:to control/curb inflation 控制/抑制 通货膨胀。 Inflate的反义词是 deflate:(动)(1)放掉…里面的气 (2)使泄气;挫败…的锐气,如: All the criticism had left her feeling totally deflated.所有这些批评使她彻底的失去了信心。 deflate的名词是 deflation: 通货紧缩 的意思。
  7.plump: (一)-ump 是各种各样的“凸”起,如前面所讲的 bump/lump (肿块)plump 是非常的凸起,即“丰满”的意思。这是胖的一种。下面总结一下“胖”。(1).fat: 最通用,意思最为直接的,但当雷用 “fat” 说某人胖是不礼貌的(除非关系非常好的朋友和家人之间),如:-Does this dress make me look fat? –Yes, you’re looking fat. 这样回答不太礼貌。(2).overweight: 是比较中性的词,如:You’re a bit overweight.你有点超重(对方还可以接受)。(3). large 与heavy:与fat相比,含冒犯意味较小,但当面用不礼貌。 (4).plump: 丰满的,通常指女性。 (5).chubby: 主要用以描述婴儿和孩子健康可爱,胖嘟嘟的样子。如:the baby’s chubby cheeks 婴儿胖乎乎的脸蛋儿。 (6). tubby: (非正式)用以善意描述矮胖子,尤指肚子圆胖,如:a tubby little man (男的)胖墩儿 (7).stocky: 是中性词,意为矮壮,如:a stocky figure 敦实的身材。 (8).stout: 常用以描述圆胖壮实的较年长者,亦指中年发福,如: a short stout man with a bald head 一个矮胖的秃顶的男人(真惨啊,男人到中年最怕三件事,一是容颜衰老,皱纹增多。二是中年发福,有将军肚。三是秃顶,头发掉光光。) (9).flabby: 是指肌肉肥胖松弛,这个词语气有些冒犯,如:exercises to firm up flabby thighs 使松弛的大腿肌肉变结实的锻炼。 (10).obese: 是医学用语,是指臃肿的;虚胖的,亦泛指肥胖,如:Obese patients are advised to change their diet.建议肥胖病人改变饮食。 (二)plump的第二个意思的由来,很多以 –ump 结尾的词,因为 ump发鼻音很重,故此类词所表示的动作往往发出沉重、雄浑的声音,如 前面所讲 bump撞击, 还有 (1).dump: (动)倾卸;倾倒 Too much toxic waste is being dumped at sea. 太多有毒的废料在大海里倾卸。 dump 还有甩了…(结束恋爱关系)的意思,如: Did you hear he’s dumped his GF? 他已经把他的女朋友甩了,你听说了吗? (2). thump: 砰然捶击,如: thump the desk with his fist他用拳捶击桌子。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 22:45:54
  8.recall: 它的同义词是: recollect,也是回忆起;想起的意思,如:She could no longer recollect the details of the letter.她想不起那封信的细节了。remember 和recall的区别,用一句话来说明:I remember her face, but I can't recall where I met her. 所以,remember表示自然而然的想起,recall表示经过努力后才回忆起,追忆,因为recall原来是“唤(call)回(re-)某种记忆。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 22:52:02
  10.sneer: 它的同义词有:mock(动)嘲笑;(模仿)嘲弄;如:He's always mocking my French accent.他总是嘲笑我的法国口音。 scoff:嘲笑;讥讽,如:He scoffed at our amameurish attempts.他对我们不在行的尝试嗤之以鼻。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 22:58:21
  1.The eldest son is usually the ____ to his father's property.
  2.______ material has the quality of spring back to its original shape after being bent or stretched.
  3.They have not yet recovered from their _______ of overworking.
  4.He tried to ______ where they had met before.
  5.You can't cut well with such a (an)________ knife; it will not cut even a piece of paper.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-07 22:59:58
作者:harllin 时间:2006-07-08 00:30:39
  做了2课 留名 明天继续!
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 10:08:33
   作者:sickcat007 回复日期:2006-7-7 22:52:02 
    10.sneer: 它的同义词有:mock(动)嘲笑;(模仿)嘲弄;如:He's always mocking my French accent.他总是嘲笑我的法国口音。 scoff:嘲笑;讥讽,如:He scoffed at our amameurish attempts.他对我们不在行的尝试嗤之以鼻。
  ================================================================有一个词打错了,纠正一下。amameurish 应该是amateurish。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 10:11:17
  作者:harllin 回复日期:2006-7-8 00:30:39 
    做了2课 留名 明天继续!
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 10:15:16
  另外,lesson 2 part 1 注释1中,appal(BrE)是英国拼法,appall(AmE)是美国拼法。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 10:21:48
  lesson 1 part 4中的第九个,racket还有(羽毛球、网球等的)球拍的意思,而乒乓球的球拍是bat。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 10:36:34
  lesson 2 part 1 注释1中:
  1.apparatus: 它有许多的同义词。象:instrument:是指(有特殊用途的)器械;仪器。如:surgical/optical instrument外科器械/光学仪器;instrument还特指乐器(=music instrument)
  乐器(=music instrument),一时疏忽,打错了,应该是乐器(=musical instrument).不该如此,以后要小心点了。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 17:47:37
  Lesson 2 part 3
  1.adjoin: be next to; be very close or near (动)临近
  Canada and Mexico adjoin the United States of America.加拿大和墨西哥临近美国。
  2.ally: (1). join or unite by agreement (动)同盟
  Great Britain, France and Italy were allied during the First World War. 第一次世界大战时,英国、法国和意大利联盟。
   (2). person, group or nation united with another for some special purpose (名)同盟
  Great Britain, France and the United States were allies in World War II. 第二次世界大战时,英国、法国和美国是同盟国。
  3.chaste: pure in word, thought, and deed; modest; virtuous (名)贞洁的
  Her parents teach her to be chaste and decent in her behavior.她的父母教导她行为贞洁而端庄。
  4.confide: (1).tell as a secret (动)依赖(告知秘密)
  When she was a child she always confided her problems to her sister.当她还是个孩子的时候,她通常将她的问题告知她的姐姐。
   (2).put trust or have faith (动)信任
  We can’t confide in his words, he often breaks his promises. 我们不能信任他的话,因为他经常不守诺言。
  5.defy: refuse to obey; pay no attention to (动)藐视
  The driver of the car was defying the traffic law by speeding. 这汽车驾驶员超速,藐视交通规则。
  6.disrupt: (1).bring or throw into disorder (动)使中断
  An accident has disrupted railway service into and out of the city.一场交通事故使进出城的铁路线中断。
   (2).break up; split (动)使中断
  Slavery seemed likely to disrupt the Union. 奴隶制度似乎可以使美国分裂。
  7.enable: make able (动)使能够
  The bird’s large wings enable it to fly very fast. 这只鸟的大翅膀使它能够快速飞翔。
  8.fantastic: fanciful; strange; as if unreal or imaginary (形)怪诞的
  The wall was covered with many fantastic pictures and photographs.这片墙盖满了许多怪诞的图片。
  9.impact: the striking together of two objects; a collision (名)冲击
  The force of the impact threw the driver out of the car. 冲击的力量将驾驶员抛出车外。
  10.interfere: push oneself into a matter which does not concern one (动)干涉
  It is best not to interfere in other people’s arguments. 最好不要干涉他人的讨论。
  11.minimize: make very small; lessen to the smallest possible amount or degree (动)将…减少到最低限度。
  You can minimize the dangers of driving, by taking care to obey all the rules of the road. 小心遵守所有的道路规则,你可以将驾车的危险减至最小程度。
  12.narrate: tell a story; give an account of (动)叙述
  Shall I narrate a strange experience of mine? 我可以说一个我奇怪的经历吗?
  13.visual: of or having to do with sight (形)视觉的
  The contrasting colors created an interesting visual effect.对比色制造了一个有趣的视觉效果。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 17:48:59
  3.chaste: 除了贞洁的之外,它还有 不含性意味的;纯洁的 的意思,如:She gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek.她在他的脸上留下了纯洁的一吻。 它的名词 chastity: (性问题上的)忠贞;贞洁;贞操,如:vows of chastity(= those taken by some priests) (神父的)忠贞誓言。 例句中的 decent:(形)(1)像样的;相当不错的;尚好的,如:a decent meal/job/place 相当不错的 饭菜/工作/住所 (2)(人或行为举止)正派的;公平的;合乎礼节的,如:Everyone said he was a decent sort of guy.人人都说他是个品行端正的小伙子。(3)合宜的;适当的,如: a decent burial体面的葬礼,再如:That dress is not decent.那件连衣裙不够雅观。
  4.confide: 它的家族比较庞大,如:confident:(形)自信的;有信心的:She was in a relaxed, confident mood.她的心态从容而自信。 confidence:(名)信心;信赖;自信心: He answered the questions with confidence.他有把握的回答了那些问题。 还有三个比较的重要:confidant:(名)(可吐露秘密的)知己;密友,如:a trusted confidant of the president总统的亲信。 confidential:(形)机密的;保密的;秘密的,如:confidential information/documents 机密情报/文件 Your medical records are strictly confidential (= completely secret).你的病历是绝对保密的。 confiding:(形)信任的;推心置腹的,如:a confiding relationship可推心置腹的关系。
  5.defy: 它的形容词和名词分别是: defiant:(形)公开违抗的;反抗的;挑衅的,如:a defiant teenager 一个具有反叛性格的少年 The terrorists sent a defiant message to the government.恐怖主义者向政府发出了挑战书。 defiance:(名)违抗;反抗;拒绝服从,如:a look/gesture of defiance 反抗的神色/表示
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 17:51:43
  6.disrupt: disrupt[dis-(=off)+rupt(=break)]就是使中断;扰乱 的意思,其中的词根 rupt=break. 含rupt词根的词再列举一些: bankrupt[bank(银行)+ rupt(=break)]:(形)倒闭;破产的,如:The company was declared bankrupt in the High Court.那家公司已经在高等法院宣告破产了。 corrupt[ cor-(加强意义)+rupt(=break)]:(形)随落的;腐败的;贪污受贿的,如:corrupt officials accepting bribes接受贿赂的贪官污吏。 corrupt:(动)腐化,如:He was corrupted by power and ambition.权力与野心使他腐化随落。 erupt[e-(=ex-,out)+rupt(=break)]:(动)(1)(火山、喷泉等)喷发;(岩浆、烟等)喷出,如:The volcano could erupt at any time.这座火山随时可能爆发。 (2)(=break out)突然发生;爆发,如:Violence erupted outside the embassy gates.大使馆突然发生了暴乱。
  8.fantastic: 它的意思为怪诞的时,有一个同义词为:weird:(形)不寻常的;不同的;奇异的,如:a weird dream 离奇的梦 It’s really weird seeing yourself on television.看到自己上了电视感觉怪怪的。 fantastic的另外一个同义词是:fanciful:(形)装饰奇异的;奇特的,如:a fanciful gold border 别出心裁的金色镶边。 另外fantastic还有:极好的;了不起的 的意思,如:a fantastic achievement 了不起的成就. You’ve got the job? Fantastic! 你得到那份工作了?太好了!
  9.impact: 它的动词意思是: (对某事物)有影响;有作用(=affect):Her father’s death impacted greatly on her childhood years.父亲的去世对她的童年造成了极大的影响。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 17:53:46
  10.interfere: 它的两个短语:(1).interfere in :干涉;干预,如:interfere in the internal affairs of other countries对别国内政的干涉 (2).interfere with: 妨碍;干扰,如:Don’t interfere with his work.不要打扰他的工作。
  11.minimize: 知道词根 mini-就好记了。 加一个有点关系的词:impair:(动)削减;削弱;损害,如:His age impaired his chances of finding a new job.他的年纪影响了他找到新工作的机会。 impaired:(形)受损的;损坏的;出毛病的,如:impaired vision/memory 受损的视力/记忆力。 另外以 –impaired做后缀则有:有(身体或智力)缺陷的;有…障碍的,如:hearing-impaired children 听力受损的儿童, speech-impaired girl有语言障碍的女孩。这样说比直接说deaf(聋子)、 dumb(哑巴)要礼貌的多。
  12.narrate:它有一个同义词为:relate, relate不光有联系,使有联系 的意思,还有 讲叙;讲(故事)的意思,如:She relates her childhood experiences in the first chapters.在开始的几章中,她描述了自己的童年经历。 She related how he had run away from home as a boy.她叙述了他小的时候是如何离家出走的。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 18:00:36
  1.I asked him to look after my bags because I can _____ in him.
  2.The idea that machines could be made to fly seemed ______ a hunderd years ago.
  3.The workers of the factories were _______ against the big employers.
  4.The new law ______ a man to claim money from the State if he has no work.
  5.As soon as the boy was earning his own living, he _______ his father's strict rules.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 21:14:35
  Lesson 2 part 4
  1.appliance: (1).a device for a particular use, usually electrically operated (名) 电器用具
  The modern house has many useful electrical appliances. 这间现代化的房子里有许多实用的电器用具。
   (2).putting into use; applying application (名)应用
  The appliance of electricity to household tasks makes housework much easier.电力应用于家务上使做家务事容易多了。
  2.brood: (1).the young birds hatched at one time in the nest (名)孵; 窝
  There are twelve chickens in this brood. 这一窝共孵出十二只小鸡。
   (2).think steadily and moodily about something (动)深思
  She brooded on her past mistakes so much that she became ill. 她过于深思从前的错误以致于生病了。
  3.fringe: the part farthest from the center; edge (名)边缘
  The woodcutter had a little house on the fringe of the forest. 伐木者在森林的边缘有一间小屋。
  4.gravel: small stones, often mixed with coarse sand (名)碎石
  The path to the house was covered with gravel. 通往这房子的小径布满了碎石。
  5.hut: a small, roughly made house or shelter; a cabin (名)小屋
  In the storm, they found a shabby hut in the forest. 在暴风雪中,他们发现了一间简陋的小屋。
  6.lure: (1).an attraction; something to attract fish (名)诱饵
  The fisherman had some bright colored lures to attract fish. 这渔夫有一些色彩鲜明的诱饵来吸引鱼。
   (2).attract or entice; tempt (动)引诱
  The hope of high profits lured him into questionable dealings.高利润的希望诱使他从事那有问题的交易。
  7.perch: (1).a place where a bird rests; rod (名)栖身处
  The bird flew down from its perch in the cage.这只鸟从栖息的鸟笼里飞下。
   (2).come to rest from flying alight; sit (动)栖息
  The bird perched on the woman’s shoulder.这只鸟停在那女人的肩膀上。
  8.retail: the sale of goods in small quantities to the actual users (名)零售
  Most people buy meat and groceries at retail.大部分的人以零售的方式购买肉和杂物。
  9.stride: walk with long steps; progress (名)大步
  Great stride have been made in science since 1900. 在科学方面自1900年来有了很大的进步。
  10.swarm: (1).a large, active group of insects, things, people, etc. (名)群
  A swarm of people surrounded the car to see the famous actress in it.一群人围绕在车旁边,看车里那位著名的女演员。
   (2).move or come together in large numbers (动)蜂拥
  Rural populations swarmed into nearby towns.乡民们一拥而入临近的城镇。
  11.twig: a small branch of a tree or bush (名)小树枝
  The tree bears so many apples that the twigs seem almost broken down.树上结了太多的苹果,以至于树枝似乎都几乎要折断了。
  12.wade: walk through water (动)涉水
  The bridge is far away from here; we’d better wade across the stream. 桥离这儿很远;我们最好涉水而过。
  13.wrinkle:a small fold or ridge on a smooth surface (名)皱纹
  She is beginning to get many wrinkles around her eyes.她眼睛的四周开始长出很多皱纹。
  14.coarse:(of skin or fabric) rough; not soft (形)粗糙的
  She stood on the coarse sand and played with her son. 她和她的儿子在粗糙的沙子上玩。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 21:17:01
  1.appliance: 它的动词是:apply, apply的家族十分的庞大,除了appliance之外,还有:
  applicable:(形)适用的;合适的(= relevant): Much of the form was not applicable (= did not apply) to me.表格中很多部分不适用于我。 applicant:(名)申请人(尤指求职;进高等院校等):There were over 500 applicants for the job.有500多人申请这份工作。Application:(名)(1)申请;请求;申请书;申请表:His application to the court for bail has been refused.他向法庭申请保释遭到拒绝。(2)(尤指理论、发现等的)应用;运用:The new invention would have wide application in industry.这项新发明会在工业上得到广泛的应用。 apply:(动)(1)申请;请求:to apply for a job/passport 申请工作/护照 (2)运用:The new technology was applied to farming.这项新技术已应用于农业。
  2.brood: 做动词时,它的同义词有: ponder:(动)沉思;考虑;琢磨(=consider): She pondered over his words.她反复琢磨他的话。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 21:19:38
  3.fringe: 它的同义词有:brink:(名)(…的)边缘;(…的)初始状态:on the brink of collapse/war/death/disaster 濒于崩溃/战争/死亡/灾难 的边缘 。edge:(名)边缘;边线;边:He stood on the edge of the cliff.他站在悬崖的边缘。 Don’t put the glass so near the edge of the table.别把那只玻璃放在离桌边太近的地方。
  4.gravel: 比gravel还小的东西是:grit:(名)沙粒;沙砾;细沙:I had a piece of grit in my eye.我的眼睛进了一粒沙子。
  6.lure: 它有一些同义词:tempt:(动)引诱;诱惑:I was tempted by the dessert menu.甜食菜单馋得我垂涎欲滴。 Don’t tempt thieves by leaving valuables clearly visible.别把贵重物品放在显眼处招贼。entice:(动)诱使;引诱:The bargain prices are expected to entice customers away from other stores.低廉的价格意在把顾客从其他的商店吸引过来。The animal refused to be enticed from its hole.那只动物怎么被引诱也不肯出洞。 seduce:(动)诱骗;唆使:The promise of huge profits seduced him into parting with his money.高额利润的许诺诱使他把钱出了手。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 21:21:49
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-08 21:28:01
  1.I walked the floor to and fro with heavy _______ as if excited to fury.
  2.The soldiers ________ across the stream when they saw the bridge had been destroyed.
  3.When the baseball landed in their hive, a ________ of bees flew into the field.
  4.A (An) _______ of chickens are those hatched in a nest at one time.
  5.It is natural that the ________ price is higher than the wholesale price.
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:14:53
  再多说两句lesson 2 part 4 中的词。
  7.perch: 它作为动词的一个同义词:alight:(动)(1)(鸟或昆虫)降落;飞落 (2)从(公共汽车或火车等)下来(=get off): Don’t alight from a moving bus.不要在公共汽车未停时下车。 alight 还有一个比较重要的短语:alight on/upon sth:(尤指偶然地)想到;发现;注意到:Eventually, we alighted on the idea of seeking sponsorship.最后我们偶然想到了寻求赞助。 Her eyes suddenly alighted on the bundle of documents.她的目光突然落到了这捆文件上。
  9.stride: 它的一个形容词是:strident:(1)刺耳的(=harsh): a strident voice 刺耳的嗓音 strident music 刺耳的音乐 (2)(= aggressive and determined) 强硬的;咄咄逼人的:He is a strident advocate of nuclear power.他是发展核能的坚定拥护者。
  The plan has provided strident criticism from local residents.这个计划招致当地居民猛烈的抨击。 和stride长得比较像的是:strife:(名)冲突;争斗(=conflict): civil/political strife 内乱/政治斗争。 另外harsh 也是比较常用的词,harsh:(形)(1)残酷的;严酷的;严厉的(=severe, strict): The minister received some harsh criticism.部长受到一些严厉的批评。 We had to face up to the harsh realities of life sooner or later.我们迟早都要正视生活的严酷现实。 (2)恶劣的;艰苦的:a harsh winter/wind/climate 寒冷的冬天;凛冽的寒风;恶劣的气候 (3)刺耳的;难听的:a harsh voice刺耳的嗓音
  11.twig: 它还有动词:twig:(动)(突然地)懂得;理解;明白;意识到:Haven’t you twigged yet? 难道你还不明白吗?I finally twigged what he meant.我终于弄明白了他的意思。 还有一个和它长得比较落后像的词:twinge:(名)(1)(一阵)剧痛;刺痛(这些是身体上的痛):He felt a twinge in his knee as he jumped over the wall.他跳过墙时觉得膝盖一阵剧痛。(2)(一阵)不快;难过;痛苦(心里的痛苦):a twinge of disappointment/envy/guilt/jealousy/regret 一阵失望/嫉妒/愧疚/醋意/后悔
  12.wade: 它有一个比较重要的短语:wade in/into sth:强行加入;介入:You shouldn’t have waded in with all those unpleasant accusations.你不该插一杠子,横加指责,让人难受。
  13.wrinkle: 与它一样让人不悦的长在脸上的东西有:freckle:雀斑 pimple:粉刺
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:16:33
  Lesson 3 part 1
  1.alter: make different; change the appearance of; vary (动)改变
  If the coat is too large, the tailor can alter it to fit you. 如果这件外套太大,裁缝可以更改使它适合你。
  2.doom: a terrible fate; ruin; death; destiny (名)命运,劫数
  As the ship sank, they faced their doom.当船沉没时,他们面临噩运。
  3.fragile: easily broken or destroyed; delicate; frail; breakable(形)易碎的
  The old dish is in a very fragile condition. 这旧碟子处在易碎的状态下。
  4.fruitful: producing much fruit; productive; beneficial; profitable (形)有收获的
  We had a very fruitful discussion in the classroom.在教室里我们举行了一次很有收获的讨论。
  5.garrison: a fort or town which has soldiers stationed there for protection (名)要塞
  The Japanese garrison on Wake surrendered at the end of World War II.日本在威克岛的要塞在第二次世界大战结束时投降了。
  6.hurl: throw with great force; fling; shout out violently; cast (动)用力投掷
  The hunter hurled a long, sharp spear at the bear.猎人向熊投掷一支尖利的矛。
  7.jail: a prison or place where criminals are kept (名)监狱
  The judge sent him to jail for six days.法官判他监禁6天。
  8.quest: a search or attempt to find; hunt; pursuit (名)探询
  She went to the library in quest of something to read.她到图书馆去找些东西来读。
  9.refrain: hold oneself back(from); avoid; abstain (动)抑制
  In order to lose weight, she refrained from eating candy.为了减肥,她避免吃糖果。
  10.script: writing down by hand; handwriting (名)字迹
  I could easily recognize my father’s careful script.我能轻易认出我父亲精确的字迹。
  11.shabby: in bad repair or condition; much worn; poorly dressed (形)简陋的
  You look rather shabby in those clothes. 你的衣服看起来很寒酸。
  12.temporary: lasting for a short time only; not permanent; transient (形)暂时的
  Many students find temporary jobs during their summer holidays.许多学生在暑假期间找些临时工作。
  13.urgent: demanding immediate action or attention; imminent (形)紧急的
  The refugees are in urgent need of medical supplies.难民们急切的需要医疗的补给。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:18:19
  1.alter: 它和它的近义词change, modify, vary的区别: change最常用,表示改变,如:Marriage has changed her.婚姻改变了她。The rules are always being changed.这些计划总是在不断的更改。 alter: 有时可以替代change,尤指在不同时期的变化,此时这个词听起来更正式些:Marriage has altered her. The rules are always being altered.
  使面貌、性质或用途改变时亦可用alter: Some of my old dresses will have to be altered to fit me now.我的一些旧连衣裙得改一改才合身。此处不能用change代替。 modify: 较change正式,表示调整的意思:Adults often modify their language when talking to young children.大人与小孩子谈话时所用的言语常需要调整。该词亦表示对某物的设计进行修改:The design of the car has been modified for racing.这辆车的设计已经更改以适应赛车之用。vary:用于不断变化的事物,尤指为了保持趣味和效力而变化:I think you need to vary your diet a little more.我认为你的饮食需要多一点变化。 由alter可知词根:alt,ali(=other),如前面所讲的alien, 此词除了前面所说的:外国(人)的 意思之外,还有不相容的意思(=incompatible), incompatible:(形)(1)(与某人)合不来;不能和睦相处:She and her husband soon proved to be totally incompatible.她和她的丈夫不久就证明是完全合不来的。(2)不能相容的;相斥的:Those two blood groups are incompatible.那两种血型是不相容的。 还有一个词: alienate[alien(陌生的;…以外的)+ -ate(使)](动)使疏远;使不友好;离间:His comments have alienated a lot of young voters.他的评论使许多年轻选民离他而去。Very talented children may feel alienated from the others in their class.天才出众的孩子可能觉得与班上的同学格格不入。
  2.doom: 它有一个比较重要的短语:doom and gloom(or gloom and doom)(=pessimism):悲观失望;前景黯淡;无望:Despite the obvious setbacks, it is not all doom and gloom for the England team.尽管明显进攻受挫,但对英格兰队来说绝非胜利无望。 fate:(名)(1)(广义)命运:Fate was kind to me that day.那天我很幸运。(2)(狭义)厄运:The government had abandoned the refugees to their fate.政府抛弃难民,让他们听天由命。由fate的第一个意思可以得到一个形容词:fateful:(形)命运攸关的;决定性的:fateful decision 重大的决定。 由fate的第二个意思可得到另一个形容词:fatal:(形)致命的;毁灭性的:a fatal disease 不治之症。 表示命运的还有一个词是:destiny:(名)命运;天命:the destinies of nations国家的命运 He wants to be in control of his own destiny.他想要掌握自己的命运。destiny的形容词是:destined:(形)(1)注定的;命中注定的:He was destined for a military career, like his father before him.他命中注定要步他父亲的后尘,过戎马生涯。(2)开往…的;运往…的:goods destined for Beijing 运往北京的货物。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:20:28
  3.fragile:由于词根frag(=break),可以看出fragile的意思为易碎的;易损坏的(=breakable),另外由此词根也可以看出frail的意思,frail:(形)(1)易碎的;易损坏的:the frail stems of the flowers柔弱的花茎 Human mature is frail.人性脆弱。(2)(尤指老人)瘦弱的:Grandma was becoming too frail to live alone.祖母已逐渐衰弱到无法独居。 其他的同义词还有:delicate:(形)易碎原;脆弱的:delicate china teacups 易碎的瓷茶杯 The eye is one of the most delicate organs of the body.眼睛是人体最娇贵的器官之一。 Brittle:(形)硬但易碎的;虚弱的:brittle bones/nails 易折的骨骼/指甲队 (2)脆弱的:brittle confidence易动摇的信心. crisp: 脆的:a crisp apple新鲜脆生的苹果
  6.hurl:它有很多同义词: throw:(动)指一般的投掷;抛;扔:Stop throwing stones at the windows! 别向窗户扔石头了。toss:是指漫不经心或轻轻的扔;抛:He tossed a bone to the dog.他给那只狗扔了一根骨头。pitch: 指用力的掷;投:The explosion pitched her violently into the air.爆炸把她猛烈地抛向空中。fling:尤指生气的扔;抛:Someone had flung a brick through the window.有人把一块砖扔进了窗户。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:21:51
  9.refrain: 它的同义词是:abstain:(动)戒(烟、酒等);禁(欲):to abstain from alcohol/sex/drugs 戒酒;禁欲;戒毒。refrain的反义词是:indulge:(动)(1)沉湎于…;沉迷于…:They went into town to indulge in some serious shopping.他们进城去大肆购物。(2)放纵;(溺爱地)听任:Her father had always indulged her every whim.她的父亲总是任她随心所欲。
  11.shabby:它的同义词是:crude:(形)(1)简略的;简陋的:a crude work shed简陋的工棚(2)冒犯的;粗俗的(=vulgar):crude jokes黄段子(3)(石油等自然物质)天然的;自然的:crude oil/metal 原油/未经提炼的金属。 worn:(形)用坏的;用旧的;磨薄了的;a pair of worn jeans一条破旧的牛仔裤
  12.temporary:它的同义词是:transient:(形)暂住的;过往的;临时的:a city with a large transient population 有大量流动人口的城市。 temporary的反义词是:permanent:(形)永久的;永恒的;长久的:The accident has not done any permanent damage.那场车祸没有造成什么永久性的损伤。permanent/temporary staff 正式/临时 职员
  13.urgent:它的同义词是:imminent:(形)(尤指不愉快的事情)即将发生的;临近的:The system is in imminent danger of collapse.这个体制面临着崩溃的危险。the imminent threat of invasion 迫在眉睫的入侵威胁
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:27:04
  Lesson 3 part 2
  1.alert: watchful and ready to meet danger; vigilant(opp heedless) (形)留心的
  A good hunting dog is alert to every sound and movement in the field.好的猎犬对田野里每一个动静都很留心。
  2.artificial: (1).made by human skill or labor; not natural (形)人造的
  The artificial flowers were made of paper and cloth.人造花是由纸和布做成的。
   (2).lacking true feelings; insincere; not real; hypocrite (形)虚委的
  She welcomed us with an artificial smile on her face.她脸上挂着虚委的笑容来迎接我们。
  3.ascend: climb or move upward; rise(opp descend) (动)上升
  He watched the airplane ascend higher and higher.他望着飞机越飞越高。
  4.disgrace: loss of honor and respect; shame(opp honor) (名)耻辱
  A doctor like him is a disgrace to our hospital.有象他一样的医生是我们医院的耻辱。
  5.grudge: a feeling of resentment toward someone; ill will(opp favor) (名)怨恨
  I always feel she has a grudge against me, although I don’t know what wrong I have done to her.我总是觉得她对我怀恨在心,虽然我不知道我什么地方得罪了她。
  6.nun: a woman who has taken a religious vow to live in the convent(opp monk) (名)尼姑;修女
  My aunt is a nun; she can’t get married, and has to live a life of prayer and worship. 我姑姑是一个修女,她不可以结婚,而必须过充满祷告和崇拜神的生活。
  7.radmon:made or done aimlessly, without any plan; casual; haphazard(opp deliberate)(形)随便的
  The room was filled with a random selection of furniture. 这间房堆满了随便选择的家俱。
  8.steadfast: firm and unchanging; firmly fixed; not moving(opp inconstant) (形)坚定的
  He was so steadfast to his principles that we couldn’t move him.他的原则是如此的坚定,以致我们无法改变他。
  9.subordinate: (1).lower in rank or position(opp superior) (形)下级的
  A clerk in a business occupies a subordinate position to that of the owner.职员在一个事业中占有的位置低于老板。
   (2).a person lower in rank or position (名)属下
  A good leader is the one that is respected by his subordinates. 一个好的领导者是受属下尊敬的。
  10.thrift: careful use of money and goods; economy(opp waste) (名)节俭
  Her thrift saved them enough money to buy a house.她的节俭使她们存了足够的钱去买房子。
  11.treacherous: not to be trusted; not faithful; disloyal(opp loyal)(形)叛逆的
  The treacherous soldier carried some important pieces of information to the enemy.这叛逆的士兵向敌人传报了一些重要的消息。
  12.troublesome:causing trouble or anxiety; full of troubles; annoying(opp pleasing) (形)麻烦的
  He is a troublesome child; he is not obedient to his parents.他是一个麻烦的孩子;他不服从他父母亲。
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  1.alert:它作动词时是:alert:(动)向…报警;使警觉;使戒备:Neighbors quickly alerted the emergency services.邻居们很快向急救中心救求。alert:(名)警戒;戒备;警惕:Police are warning the public to be on the alert for suspicious packages.警方警告公众要警惕可疑包裹。alert的反义词是:heedless:(形)不加注意的;不以理会的:heedless of danger忽视危险. heed:(名)注意;留心:They gave little heed to the rumors. 他们对流言蜚语不予理睬。
  2.artificial: 它意为虚伪的时候有同义词:hypocritical:(形)虚伪的:It would be hypocritical of me to have a church wedding when I don’t believe in God.我不相信上帝,却在教堂里举行婚礼,那我太虚伪了。hypocritical的名词是;hypocrite:(名)伪君子;伪善的人:Charles was a liar and a hypocrite who married her for money.查尔斯是个为了钱而同她结婚的骗子和伪君子。 注意:fraud:(名)欺骗罪;诈骗罪:She was charged with credit card fraud.她被控告信用卡诈骗罪。(2)行骗的人;骗子:He’s nothing but a liar and a fraud.他只不过是个撒谎者和骗子。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:31:35
  3.disgrace: 它为动词时:disgrace:(动)(1)使丢脸;使蒙受耻辱:I disgraced myself by drinking far too much.我喝酒过多,出了洋相。He had disgraced the family name.他玷污了家族的名声。(2)(be disgraced):使名誉扫地;使失势;使失去地位:He was publicly disgraced and sent into exile.他被当众贬谪,流放他乡。a disgraced politician/leader 失势的从政者/领导人。 disgrace作为动词时的同义词是:humiliate:(动)使羞辱;使失去尊严:I don’t want to humiliate her in front of her colleagues.我不想当着她的同事的面让她难看。The party was humiliated in the recent elections.该党在新的选举中耻辱的失败了。disgrace的形容词为:disgraceful:(形)不光彩的;可耻的:His behavior was absolutely disgraceful!他的行为真可耻。a disgraceful waste of money 可耻的金钱浪费。 disgraceful的同义词是:humiliating:(形)可耻的:It was the most humiliating night of his life.那是他一生中最感羞辱的一夜。
  5.grudge: 它亦可为动词:grudge:(动)勉强做;不情愿的给;吝惜:I grudged having to pay so much tax.付这么多的税我很不情愿。grudging:(形)勉强的;不情愿的:He could not help feeling a grudging admiration for the old lady.他不禁感到不得不钦佩这个老太太。grudging的同义词是:reluctant:(形)勉强的;不情愿的:reluctant support/agreement 勉强支持/同意 She was reluctant to admit she was wrong.她不愿意承认自己有错。grudge作为名词时它的同义词为:resentment:(名)愤恨;怨恨:to feel/harbor/bear resentment towards/against sb对某人感到/怀有/有 怨恨。She could not conceal the deep resentment she felt at the way she had been treated.受到那样的待遇她无法掩藏内心强烈的愤恨。resentment的动词是:resent:(动)愤恨;感到气愤;愤愤不平:I deeply resented her criticism.我对她的批评感到非常的气愤。He bitterly resents being treated like a child.他十分厌恶被别人当作孩子对待。
  6.nun: convent:(名)女修道院
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  7.random:它的反义词是:deliberate:(形)(1)故意的;蓄意的;存心的(= planned):The speech was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the government.这一发言蓄意使政府难堪。(2)小心翼翼的;从容不迫的:She spoke in a slow and deliberate way.她说话慢条斯理,不慌不忙。deliberate的动词意思是:deliberate:(动)仔细考虑;反复思考;深思熟虑:The jury deliberated for five days before finding him guilty.陪审团认真的讨论了五天才认定他有罪。 random的同义词是:haphazard:(形)无秩序的;无计划的;组织混乱的:The government’s approach to the problem was haphazard.政府解决这一问题方案缺乏计划。
  8.steadfast:它的同义词是:staunch:(形)忠实的;坚定的:a staunch supporter of the monarchy 坚定的拥护君主制的人 one of the president’s staunch allies 总统最忠实的盟友之一。 它的反义词是:inconstant:(形)反复无常的;不忠的:an inconstant lover爱情不专的人。 inconstant的同义词汇是:fickle:(形)(1)易变的;无常的:The weather here is notoriously fickle.这儿的天气是出了名的变化无常。(2)(人)反复无常的:a fickle friend靠不住的朋友。
  11.treacherous:记得treason ,这个词就好记了。
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  Lesson 3 part 3
  1.alternative: a choice between two things (名)二选一
  Her father gave her the alternative of staying in high school or going to work.她的父亲要她在留在高中念书或是去工作二者之中择其一。
  2.bulge: an outward swelling; temporary increasing (名)凸出
  The bag of candy made a bulge in the child’s pocket.一袋糖果使得这孩子的口袋有一块突出。
  3.congratulate: express pleasure to a person on his fortune or success; felicitate (动)祝贺
  Let me congratulate you on the birth of your son.让我来祝贺你儿子的诞生。
  4.contradition: (1).the act of denying; saying the opposite; denial (名)反驳
  Contradiction by the students always makes my teacher angry.学生们的反驳总是使我的老师生气。
   (2).a contrary condition; disagreement (名)矛盾
  It is a contradiction to say you support the government but would not vote for it in an election.说来矛盾:你支持这个政府,却在选举中不投票给它。
  5.detect: find out; discover; notice (动) 发现
  Small quantities of poison were detected in the dead man’s stomach.在死者的胃中发现少量的毒药。
  6.execute: carry out; put into effect; perform; fulfill (动)实现
  The plan was good in every respect, but it was badly executed.这个计划在各方面都是好的,但却执行得不好。
  7.intervene: come or happen between; interpose (动)插入,介于其间
  A week intervenes between Christmas and New Year’s Day.新年和圣诞节之间有一个星期。
  8.monster: an animal or plant of unusually great size or strange form (名)怪物
  The dog is a real monster I have never seen such a big one. 那狗真够大的,我从未见过那么大的。
  9.paralyze: cause loss of ability to move or to feel; make ineffective (动)使麻痹
  His arm was paralyzed as the result of the accident.他的手因为意外事故而麻痹。
  10.revive: bring back to life or consciousness; refresh; restore (动)复活;苏醒
  He was nearly drowned, but we revived him.他几乎淹死了,但我们救活了他。
  11.stagger: sway when standing or walking; walk or stand unsteadily; totter (动) 蹒跚
  The boy staggered and fell under the heavy load of books.这男孩因沉重书籍的负担而蹒跚跌倒。
  13.subsequent: coming after; following; later (形)后来的
  The story will be continued in subsequent issues of the magazine.这故事将于下期的杂志继续刊登。
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  1.alternative:(形)(1)可供替代的:an alternative method of doing something 做某事的其他方法 (2)非传统的;分类的:alternative lifestyle/values 非传统的 生活方式/价值观 alternative energy (= electricity or power that is produced by using the energy from the sun, wind, water, etc.)替代性能源(指太阳能、风能、水能等)。 与它比较接近的是:alternate:(形)交替的;轮流的 (2)隔日的;每隔…(天)的:John has to work on alternate Sundays.约翰每隔一个周就有一个周日得上班。alternate:(动)交替;轮流:Dark stripes alternate with pale ones.深浅条纹相间。
  2.bulge:它也是动词:bulge:(动)(1)bulge (with something)(通常用于进行时)充满;塞满(某物):Her pockets were bulging with presents.她的口袋里装满了礼物。a bulging briefcase 鼓鼓囊囊的公文包 (2)凸出;鼓胀:His eyes bulged.他的双眼凸出。bulge作为名词时它还有另外一个意思:(身体的)肥胖部位:That skirt is too tight. It shows all your bugles.那条裙子太紧了,把你的发胖部位全都凸显出来了。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:41:07
  4.contradiction: 它的同义词为:refutation:(名)驳斥;反驳:a refutation of previously held views 对过去所持观点的驳斥。refutation的动词是:refute:(动)(1)驳斥;批驳(= rebut):to refute an argument/a theory 驳斥一个 论点/理论 (2)反驳;否认(= deny):She refuted any suggestion that she behave unprofessionally.谁要是表示她不在行,她都予以反驳。 refute的同义词是:rebut:(动)反驳;驳斥;证明(言论等)错误:an attempt to publicly rebut rumors of a divorce对离婚谣言的公开驳斥。 注意和rebut长得很象的一个词:rebuke:(动)指责;批评(= reprimand): The company was publicly rebuked for having neglected safety procedures.公司因忽略了安全措施而受到了公开的批评。contradiction的动词是:contradict:(动)(1)反驳;驳斥;批驳:All evening her husband contradicted everything she said.整晚她说什么她的丈夫都和她拌嘴。(2)相矛盾;相抵触:The two stories contradicted each other.这两种说法互相抵触。
  6.intervene: 它的同义词是:interpose:(动)(1)插入;插进(问题或话语):‘Just a minute,’ Charles interposed, ‘How do you know?’ “且慢,”查尔斯插话说,“你是怎么知道的?” (2)将…置于两者之间;插入;夹进:He quickly interposed himself between Mel and the doorway.他迅速挡在梅尔和门口之间。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 17:42:33
  11.stagger:它的同义词是:totter:(动)蹒跚;踉跄;跌跌撞撞:She managed to totter back to her seat.她东倒西歪的好不容易的回到了自己的座位上。
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  Lesson 3 part 4
  1.cling: hold tightly; stick firmly; adhere (动)粘着
  The two friends cling together wherever they go.这对朋友无论在那里都粘在一起。
  2.dimension: measurement in length, width, or height; size or extent (名)尺寸
  He ordered wallpaper for a room of the following dimensions: 16ft. long, 12ft. wide, and 8ft. high.他为房间订下了如下壁纸:16英尺长,12英尺宽及8英尺高。
  3.erase: rub out; wipe clean; remove (动)抹去
  He erased the wrong answer and wrote in the right one.他抹去了错误的答案并写上正确的。
  4.growl: make a deep, low, angry sound (动)咆哮
  The dog was angry and growled at the stranger.那狗发怒向陌生人咆哮。
  5.lick: take up with the tongue (动)舔
  The cat licked up the drops of milk from the floor.猫舔地板上的几滴牛奶。
  6.postage: the amount paid for anything sent by mail (名)邮资
  The postage for airmail is greater than that for regular mail.航空信的邮资比平信的高。
  7.poultry: domestic farm birds raised for food; domestic fowls (名)家禽
  This market has fresh poultry for sale at the beginning of every month.每月初,市场有新鲜事的家禽出售。
  8.prick: make a very tiny hole with a sharp point (动)刺
  When she was sewing she pricked her finger and made it bleed. 缝纫时他刺伤右手手指并流血。
  9.skim: (1).remove unwanted floating material from liquid (动)掠去(液体上不要的漂浮物)
  The cook skimmed the fat from the soup.厨师将汤上的肥油掠去。
   (2).move swiftly in a path near or touching a surface (动)掠过
  I watched many seabirds skimming the waves looking for food.我看见许多海鸟掠过波浪找食物。
  10.stitch: a single movement of a threaded needle (名)一针
  She made a neat row of stitches along the edge of her skirt.在裙子的边缘她缝了一排整齐的缝线。
  11.undergo: pass through; experience; suffer (动)承受
  She underwent a thorough examination at the hospital according to the doctor’s order.依照医生的指示,她在医院接受了一次彻底的检查。
  12.wharf:a platform built for ship’s loading and unloading; dock; pier(名)码头
  Passengers were waiting on the wharf to board the ship.乘客们在码头上等待搭船。
  13.countenance: face; the expression of the face; visage; figure(名)面容,表情
  The actor had a handsome and distinguished countenance.这演员有英俊而杰出的面容。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 21:07:13
  1.cling:如其解释的那样,它还有一些意思:cling:(1)抓紧;抱紧:They clung together, shivering with cold.他们紧紧地抱在一起;冷得直发抖。(2)粘着;附着:a dress that clings紧身连衣裙 (3)(尤指感情上)依附;依恋;贴近:After her mother’s death, Sara clung to her aunt more than ever.萨拉在她的母亲去世以后比任何时候都依附她的姨妈。 cling的同义词是:adhere:(动)黏附;附着:Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria adhere to the surface of the red cells.细菌一进入血液,就附在红细胞表面上。adhere的重要短语:adhere to something:坚持遵守;遵循(法律、规章、指示、信念等):For ten months he adhered to a strict no-fat low-salt diet.十个月来他严格的坚持无脂肪少盐的饮食。She adhere to teaching methods she learned over 30 years ago.她依据她三十多年所学的教学方法来教学。cling的词根“cl-”与“抓住、扣住、粘附” 有关。这类词还有:clamp:(名)夹具;夹钳 (动):(用夹具)夹紧;固定:Clamp the two halves together until the glue dries.用夹具把两半物品紧夹在一起,直到胶干了为止。(2)紧紧抓住;被夹紧:He had a cigar clamped between his teeth.他嘴里叨着一根雪茄。clamp的重要短语:clamp down (on):(对…)进行压制(或取缔):The police are determined to clamp down on violence at football matches. 警方决意要镇压发生在足球赛中的暴力行为。 clasp:(名)(皮带、包或手饰的)搭扣;扣环:the clasp of a necklace/handbag 项链扣环;手提包扣 clasp:(动)(1)抓紧;攥紧;扣紧;扣住:He leaned forward, his hands clasped tightly together.他俯身向前,双手十字交错地紧加着。She clasped the bracelet around her wrist.她把手镯戴在手腕上扣牢。(2)抱紧;紧紧地拥抱:He clasped her to him.他紧紧地拥抱着她。 clip:(名)(1)夹子;回形针(2)修剪:He gave the hedge a clip.他把树篱修剪了一下。(3)电影片段:Here is a clip from her recent movie.这是她最近一部电影的片段。clip:(动)夹住;别住;被夹住:He clipped the microphone to his collar.他把麦克风别在衣领上。(2)剪掉;修剪:to clip a hedge 修剪树篱。 clutch:(动)抓紧;紧握:He clutched the child go him.他紧紧的抱住小孩。
楼主sickcat007 时间:2006-07-15 21:11:21
  4.growl:它的同义词:howl:(动)尖声嚎叫;大声叫喊;嗥叫:howl in agony 哀叫。 wolves howling in the forest 在森林中嗥叫的狼。
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  5.lick: 它和“吃喝”有关,总结一下“吃喝”,首先是“吃”:nibble:(动)(1)一点一点的咬(食物):She took some cake from the tray and nibbled at it.她从盘子里拿了一块蛋糕慢慢的吃。She nibbled his ear playfully.她开玩笑的轻咬他的耳朵。(2)nibble (at something)(对…)略微表示兴趣:He nibbled at the idea, but would not make a definite decision.他对这个主意略感兴趣,但他还不愿意做出明确的决定。 chew:(动)咀嚼;嚼碎:After the operation you may find it difficult to chew and swallow.手术后你在咀嚼和吞咽时都会感到困难。He is always chewing gum.他总是在咀嚼口香糖。
  bite:(动)(1)咬:She was bitten by the family dog.她被家里的狗咬伤了。Come here! I won’t bite(= you don’t need to be afraid).过来吧,我不会咬人的。(2)(蚊虫等)叮咬:We were badly bitten by mosquitoes.我们被蚊子咬惨了。Most European spiders don’t bite.大多数的欧洲蜘蛛不咬人。 gnaw:(动)咬;啃;啮(硬物):The dog was gnawing a bone.那狗正在啃一个骨头。Rats had gnawed through the cable.老鼠把电缆咬断了。gnaw的短语:gnaw at somebody:(长时间的)折磨某人:The problem had been gnawing at him for months.几个月以来,他一直被这个问题所捆扰。 devour:(动)吞食;狼吞虎咽的吃:He devoured half of his burger in one bite.他一口就吃了半个牛肉饼。(2)津津有味的读:She devoured everything she could lay her hands on: books, magazines and newspapers.无论是书、杂志还是报纸,只要能弄到,她都会津津有味的读。 swallow:(动)吞下;咽下:Always chew food well before swallowing it.什么食物都是先咀嚼好了再吞咽。The pills should be swallowed whole.这些药要吞服。和“喝”有关的:sip:(动)小口喝,抿:She sat there, sipping at her tea.她坐在那儿抿着茶。He always sipped his wine.他慢酌浅饮。 slurp:(动)啧啧地喝:He was slurping his tea.他咕嘟咕嘟地喝着茶。 suck:(动)吮吸;吸;咂;啜:to suck the juice from an orange 吸橙子里的汁。Stop sucking your fingers! 不要吸手指! gulp:(动)gulp something (down)大口吞咽,狼吞虎咽:He gulped down the rest of his tea and went out.他把剩下的茶一饮而尽便出去了。(2)(因害怕或惊讶而)倒吸冷气:She gulped nervously before trying to answer.她紧张的吸了一口气才作回答。
  8.prick:它的同义词有:stab:(动)(用刀等锐器)捅;扎:He was stabbed to death in a racist attack.他遭到种族主义的袭击,被刺死了。She stabbed her finger angrily at my chest.她气呼呼地用指头戳我的胸脯。 thrust:(动)刺;戳:He thrust at me with a knife.他拿刀向我刺来。(2)推;冲;搡;挤;塞:She thrust her hands deep into her pockets.她把双手深深的插入口袋里。He thrust the baby into my arms and ran off.他把婴儿往我的怀里一塞就跑了。 pierce:(动)扎;刺破;穿透:He pierced another hole in his belt with his knife.他用刀子在皮带上又扎了一个洞。
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  9.skim:为快速掠过,它的反义词是:hover:(动)(1)(鸟、直升机等)翱翔;盘旋:A hawk hovered over the hill.一只鹰在小山的上空翱翔。(2)(人)踌躇;彷徨:He hovered nervously in the doorway.他在门口紧张的来回踱步。
  11.undergo: 带under-的一些词:underdog:(名)处于劣势地位的人(或团队、国家等);弱者;比赛前不被看好的一方:Before the game we were definitely the underdogs.我们在赛前绝对不被看好。In politics, he was a champion of the underdog (= always fought for the rights of weaker people).在政治上,他总是为弱势群体奋斗。undertake:(动)承担;从事;负责:to undertake a task/project 承担一个 任务/项目 University professors both teach and undertake research.大学教授既要教学又要从事研究工作。
  12.wharf:它的同义词是:pier:(名)码头:The river bus leaves from Pier 4.水上公共汽车从第四码头发车。
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  13.countenace:它的同义词是:visage:(名)(人的)脸;面容:the funeral director’s gloomy visage殡仪员的悲戚面容。countenance还是动词:(动)支持;赞成;同意:The committee refused to countenance his proposals.委员会拒不同意他的方案。
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  Lesson 4 part 1
  1.bellow: make a loud cry, like that of a bull; roar (动)吼叫
  He bellowed with pain when the tooth was pulled out. 当拔牙时,他痛苦地吼叫。
  2.beverage: any kind of drink(名)饮料
  In some countries, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverage on Sundays. 在某些国家,星期天卖酒是犯法的。
  3.calculate: find out by arithmetic; figure out; compute (动)计算
  You must calculate all the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a discussion. 在参与讨论之前,你必须预算利弊。
  4.glamour: strong attraction; fascination; charm (名)魔力
  The glamour of the life of an actress made her give up her study.女演员生活的诱惑使她放弃求学。
  5.outfit: a set of clothing or other things needed for a certain purpose; equipment (名)用具
  She bought a baseball outfit for his birthday.她买给他一套棒球用具作为生日礼物。
  6.rascal: a bad, dishonest person; rogue; scamp (名)流氓,无赖
  Two rascals tricked the old man out of his money.两个流氓骗了那老年人的钱。
  7.render: (1).give; do; offer静(动)给予
  The organization renders great service to the community.这组织给予社区很多服务。
   (2).cause to be or become; make (动)致使
  His fatness renders him unable to touch his toes.他的肥胖使他无法摸到脚趾。
  8.safeguard: a means of protection against something (名)保持
  Keeping clean is a safeguard against disease. 保持清洁是抵抗疾病的保障。
  9.schedule: (1).a statement of the times at which events are planned to happen; timetable (名)时刻表
  According to the production schedule, the factory is supposed to turn out a hundred cars a day. 根据生产计划表,这个工厂一天应该生产一百辆车子。
   (2).plan for a certain future time (动)排定
  The President’s speech is scheduled on next Friday.总统的演说排定在下个礼拜五。
  10.strap:a narrow strip of leather or other material that bends easily; thong(名)皮带
  The general wore straps on the shoulders of his uniform.这将军在制服上穿着肩带。
  11.tomb: the place where a dead person is buried; grave (名)坟墓
  When the king died the people placed his body in a large tomb made of stone.国王死后人们将他的尸体放置在一个石墓之中。
  12.transmit: pass from one person or place to another; convey (动)传送
  Her illness was transmitted to other members of the family.她把病传染给家人。
  13.wrath: fierce or deep anger; indignation; rage (名)愤怒
  The king’s unjust laws raised a great wrath among the people.国王不公正的法律引起很大的民怨。
  14.punch: to hit sb/sth hard with your fist (动)拳打
  He was kicked and punched as he lay on the ground.他倒在地上被拳打脚踢。
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  1.bellow:它的同义词是:roar:(动)(1)吼叫;咆哮:The gun roared deafeningly.枪炮声震耳欲聋。The engine roared to life (= started noisily).发动机隆隆起动。(2)叫喊;大声地说;放声大笑:The fans roared (out) their approval.崇拜者大声叫好。He looked so funny, we all roared.他看上去那么的滑稽,我们都哈哈大笑。
  4.glamour:它的形容词是:glamorous:(形)特别富有魅力的;富于刺激的;独特的:glamorous movie stars 富有魅力的影星。a glamorous job令人向往的工作。glamour的同义词是:charm:(名)(1)魅力;魔力;吸引力:a man of great charm富有魅力的男人 The hotel is full of charm and character.这家旅馆风格独特,极具魅力。(项链或手镯上的)吉祥物;饰物:a lucky charm吉祥饰物 a charm bracelet带有吉祥饰物的手镯。charm:(动)吸引;迷住(= attract):He was charmed by her beauty and wit.他被她的才貌迷住了。(2)(有魔法或似有魔法)控制;保护:He has led a charmed life (= he has been lucky even in dangerous or difficult situation).他的日子过得如有神助(即便遇到艰险都能逢凶化吉)。charm的形容词:charming:(形)(1)令人着迷的;吸引人的;迷人的:She’s a charming girl.她是一个令人喜爱的女孩。The cottage is tiny, but it’s charming.这间小屋虽然小,却十分迷人。(2)(表示对某人的行为评价不高,讥刺地说)真是太好了:They left me to tidy it all up myself, charming, wasn’t it? 他们留下我一个人收拾这一切,真的照顾我哟,不是吗?
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  5.outfit:与单个的装置:equipment, instrument等不同,outfit是指全套装备;全套工具,如:a bicycle repair outfit修自行车的整套工具。另外outfit还可指整套服装,装束(尤指为某场合或目的):She was wearing an expensive new outfit.她穿着一身昂贵的新衣裳。a wedding outfit 一套结婚礼服。
  6.rascal:它的同义词是:rogue:(名)无赖;捣蛋鬼:He’s a bit of a rogue, but very charming.他好捣蛋,但讨人喜欢。(2)骗子;恶棍;流氓:a rogue’s gallery(= a collection of pictures of criminals)案犯像片陈列。它还是形容词:rogue:(形)行为失常的;暴戾的:a rogue police officer 暴戾的警官。 villain:(名)(1)(小说或戏剧中的)主要反面人物;反派主角;坏人:He often plays the part of the villain.他经常扮演反面人物。(2)恶棍;坏蛋;歹徒;流氓:the heroes and villains of the 20th century 20世纪的英雄豪杰与罪魁祸首。
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  10.strap:它也是动词strap:(动)(1)用带子系(或捆、扎、扣)好:He strapped the knife to his leg.他把刀绑在腿上。Are you strapped in (= wearing a seat belt in a car, plane).你系好安全带了吗?(2)strap something (up)包扎;给…打绷带:I have to keep my leg strapped up for six weeks.我的腿必须打六个星期的绷带。strap的家族:strapless:(形)无肩带的:strapless bras无肩带的乳罩 strapped:(形)strapped (for cash, funds)缺钱的;手头紧的:I am strapped for cash at the moment- can I pay you later? 我眼下手头紧——以后付你钱可以吗? 和strap在词形和意思上都比较接近的是:strip:(名)(金属、纸、织物等)条;带:a strip of material一块布料。Cut the meat into strips.把肉切成条。(2)脱衣舞:to do a strip 表演脱衣舞 a strip show脱衣舞表演(= striptease). strip:(动)(1)strip something (off)脱衣服;脱光衣服:We stripped off and ran down to the water.我们脱掉衣服,跑进水里.She stripped down to her underwear.她把衣服脱得只剩下内衣。(2)除去;剥去:Strip off all the existing paint.把现有的油漆全部刮掉。Deer had stripped the tree of its bark.鹿啃掉了树皮。 strip club:脱衣舞夜总会。stripe:(名)条纹;线条:a zebra’s black and white stripes斑马的黑白条纹 (2)(军装或警服上的)臂章:a uniform with a sergeant’s stripes on the sleeve袖子上缀有中士臂章的军装。stripe的同义词thong:(名)皮条;皮带,thong还有“丁字裤”的意思。
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  13.wrath:它的同义词有:rage:(名)暴怒;狂怒:His face was dark with rage.他气得面色铁青。 fury:(名)狂怒;暴怒:Her eyes blazed with fury.她的双眼迸发出暴怒之火。 indignation:(名)愤慨;愤怒;义愤:a storm/chorus of public indignation at the rise in train fares 火车票的上涨激起的一片公愤。 Some benefits apply only to men, much to the indignation of working women.让从业的女性大为不平的是,有些福利只提供给男性。irritation:(名)恼怒;生气;使人恼火的事:He noted with some irritation, that the letter had not been sent.他注意到那封信还没有发出去,有些生气。
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  Lesson 4 part 2
  1.baggy: hanging loosely; bulging(opp tight) (形)松弛的
  Old people sometimes have baggy skin under their eyes.老年人有时眼下皮肤是松弛的。
  2.beneficial: helpful; useful; profitable(opp harmful) (形)有益的
  The new hospital will be beneficial to the poor people.这所新医院将对贫困的人有益。
  3.disgust: (1).strong feeling of dislike(opp favor) (名)憎恨,恶心
  The smell of the rotten meat filled her with disgust.腐肉的味道使她感到恶心。
   (2).cause a feeling of dislike (动)令人厌恶
  The impolite manner of that man disgusted many people.那男子的无礼令很多人厌恶。
  4.drought: a prolonged period of dry weather, with little or no rain(opp flood) (名)久旱
  The water level in the reservoir was low because of the long drought.因为久旱,水坝的水位非常低。
  5.exterior: outer; on or from the outside(opp interior) (形)外部的
  The exterior surface of the house was bleached by the sunlight.房屋外表因阳光的照射而褪色。
  6.eliminate: remove; get rid of ; leave out(opp include) (动)削减
  A part of the program was eliminated to save time.为了节约时间,这节目的一部分被削减。
  7.gorgeous: splendid in appearance or coloring(opp shabby) (形)华丽的
  Children shouted when they saw the peacock spread his gorgeous tail.当孔雀展现它华丽的尾巴时,孩子们大声叫着。
  8.illegal: not legal; unlawful(opp lawful) (形)不合法的
  He was arrested for the illegal sale of guns.他因为非法贩卖枪支而被捕。
  9.lad: a boy or young fellow(opp lass) (名)少年
  We lived on a peaceful farm when I was a lad.当我是个少年时,我们住在一个安和的农场上。
  10.retain: keep in one’s possession; hold(opp lose) (动)保留
  In the United States most married women do not remain their maiden names. 在美国大部分结过婚的妇女不会保留她们的娘家姓。
  11.tilt: cause to slope or slant; lean(opp erect)(动)倾斜
  You tilt your head forward when you bow.鞠躬时你的头倾向前。
  12.veto: (1).a refusal to give permission for something(opp approval) (名)否决
  The governor’s veto kept the bill from becoming a law.统治者的否决使这项法案不能成为法律。
   (2).refuse or prevent (动)否决
  His parents vetoed his plan to buy a motorcycle.他的父母否决了他买摩托车的计划。
  13.grim: looking or sounding very serious (形)严肃的,坚定的,阴冷的
  She looked at me with a grim smile. 她冷笑地看着我。
  14.divert: to make sb/sth change direction (动)使转向; 使绕道
  Northbound traffic will have to be diverted onto minor roads.北行车辆将不得不绕次要道路行驶。
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  1.baggy:它的同义词是:flaccid:(形)松弛的;软弱的;不结实的:Although she is young, her breasts are flaccid.尽管她还年轻,但她的胸部却下垂了。
  3.disgust:它的两个形容词是:disgusted:(形)(感到)厌恶的;憎恶的;反感的:I was disgusted at/by the thought that he had slept with her.一想到他和她有过关系,我就感到恶心。I was disgusted with myself for eating so much.我吃得太多,自己觉得无地自容。 disgusting:(形)令人不快的;令人厌恶的;极糟的:What a disgusting smell! 这味道真难闻。I think it’s disgusting that they’re closing the local hospital.他们要关闭这家地方医院,我认为这太糟了。His language is disgusting (= he uses a lot of obscene words).他的话不堪入耳。注意上句中的obscene:(形)(1)淫秽的;猥亵的;下流的:obscene gestures/language/books 淫秽的 姿态/语言/书籍。an obscene phone call 色情骚扰电话。(2)(数量等)大的惊人的;骇人听闻的:He embezzled an obscene amount of money.他们贪污了一大笔钱。It’s obscene to spend so much on food when millions are starving.当数以百万计的人忍饥挨饿时,饮食上的挥霍无度是天理难容的。 disgust作为动词时的同义词有:detest:(动)(不用于进行时)厌恶;憎恶;讨厌:They detested each other on sight.他们相看两厌。detestable:(形)可憎的;可恨的;令人讨厌的:All terrorist crime is detestable, whoever the victims.无论受害者是谁,一切恐怖主义罪行都是可憎的。sickening:(形)(1)让人厌恶的;令人作呕的;令人震惊的:the sickening stench of burnt flesh肉体燃烧时所发出的令人作呕的恶臭 (2)给人不祥感觉的;让人觉得不妙的:Her head hit the ground with a sickening thud.她的头撞在地上,那声闷响叫人揪心。
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  6.eliminate:它还有一个意思:eliminate:(动)eliminate somebody (from something)(比赛中)淘汰(某人或某队):All the English teams were eliminated in the early stages of the FIFA world cup.所有的英国队伍在世界杯的初期就被淘汰了。She was eliminated from the tournament in the first round.她在锦标赛的第一轮就被淘汰。
  7.gorgeous: 它还有一个意思是:gorgeous:(形)非常漂亮的;美丽动人的:a gorgeous girl/man 漂亮的女郎;美男子 a gorgeous view美丽的景色 You look gorgeous! 你真漂亮!
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  8.illegal: legal的家族有:legislation:(名)法律;法规:an important piece of legislation一条重要的法规 New legislation on the sale of drugs will be introduced next year.有关药物销售的新法规将于明年出台。(2)立法;制定法律:Legislation will be difficult and will take time.立法既费时又费力。 legislate:(动)legislate (for/against something)制定法律;立法:The government has been urged to legislate against discrimination in the workplace.人们敦促政府制定法律在公共场所禁止歧视。The government promised to legislate to protect people’s right to privacy.政府承诺立法保护公民的隐私权。 legitimate:(形)(1)正当合理的;合情合理的(= valid): a legitimate expectation/concern/grievance/excuse 合乎情理的 预测/忧虑/抱怨/借口 Politicians are legitimate targets for satire.政治家理所当然是被讽刺的对象。(2)合法的;法律认可的;法定的(= legal): the legitimate government of the country这个国家合法的政府。Is his business strictly legitimate? 他的生意是否完全合法? illegitimate:(形)(1)私生的;非婚生的:an illegitimate child私生子(2)非法的;不符合法律规定的(= illegal):illegitimate use of company property不正当使用公司的财产。
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  10.retain:retain中的词根:tain是“保持、保留”的意思,含有此词根的词有:maintain:(动)(1)维持;保持(= preserve):The two countries have always maintained close relations.这两个国家一直保持着密切的关系。to maintain prices (= prevent them falling or rising)维持价格的稳定。(2)维修;保养;供养;抚养:The house is large and difficult to maintain.房子很大难以养护。Her income was barely enough to maintain one child, let alone three.她的收入养活一个孩子都难,更不用说三个了。detain:(动)(1)拘留;扣押;禁闭:One man has been detained for questioning.一个男人被拘留审问。(2)耽误;留住;阻留:I’m sorry- he’ll be late; he’s been detained at a meeting.对不起,他要晚点到,他因为会议耽搁了。 sustain [sus-(=sub-在下面)+ tain(支撑)]:(动)(1)维持(生命、生存):Few planets can sustain life.能够维持生命存在的行星很少。The love and support of his family sustained him during his time in prison.家人的关爱和支持帮助他渡过了狱中的岁月。(2)保持(= maintain):a sustained attack/effort 坚持不懈的 进攻/努力 (3)经受;遭受;蒙受(= suffer):to sustain damage/an injury/a defeat 遭受损失;受伤;遭到失败 (4)支撑;承受住:The ice will not sustain your weight.这冰承受不了你的体重。
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  1.abbreviate: shorten by cutting out part (动)简缩
  His book was abbreviated and appeared in a public magazine.他的书被简缩刊出在一本公众的杂志上。
  2.available: usable; capable of being used or obtained (形)可利用的,可获得的
  There were no tickets available for Friday’s music performance.星期五音乐会的票卖完了。
  3.bribe: unfair money to get something to be done (名)贿赂
  The judge was accused of taking a bribe to free the prisoner.这名法官因为收受贿赂而被指控。
  4.chat: talk informally, in a light, familiar manner (动)闲谈
  The woman chatted on the phone for almost an hour.那女人在电话里聊了几乎一个小时。
  5.contempt: scorn; the feeling a person has for what is unworthy (名)轻视
  We feel contempt for a liar or a thief.我们对说谎者和贼感到轻视。
  6.fraction: a part of anything, especially a small part (名)部分
  She is careful with her money, and spends only a fraction of her earnings.她谨慎地处理金钱,并且只花收入的一部分。
  7.idol: an image or object which people worship (名)偶像,神像
  A stone idol stood at the entrance of the village. 村口树着一尊石头神像。
  8.inherit: receive something upon the death of the former owner (动)继承
  After the farmer’s death his wife and children will inherit the farm.这农夫死后,他的妻子和孩子将继承这座农场。
  9.reproduce: show or produce again (动)再生
  She reproduced the contents of her husband’s letter from memory.她从记忆中追想起丈夫信件的内容。
  10.shrink: become smaller; draw back (动)萎缩
  Washing wool in hot water will make it shrink.在热水中洗毛衣将会使它缩水。
  11.tempt: try to get one to do something (动)引诱
  The sight of the food tempted the hungry man to steal.这名饥饿的人看见食物而动了偷窃之念。
  12.vital: important to or necessary for life (形)生命的;致命的
  He was lucky that the bullet had not entered a vital organ.他很幸运子弹没有射入致命的器官。
  13.ulterior: that somebody keeps hidden and does not admit (形)不可告人的;秘密的;隐秘的
  She must have some ulterior motive for be nice to me – what dose she really want?
  14.demean: (1).to do something that makes people have less respect for you (动)降低身份;失去尊重
  I would not demean myself by asking for charity.我决不低三下四地乞求施舍。
   (2).to make people have less respect for something or somebody; degrade (动)贬低;贬损
  Such images demean women. 这些形象有损妇女尊严。
  15.prudent: sensible and careful when you make judgments and decisions(形)谨慎的
  It might be more prudent to get a second opinion before going ahead.行动之前再征求一下意见也许更为慎重。
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  1.available:它的名词和动词是:avail:(名)to little/no avail:没有什么效果;不成功:The doctors tried everything to keep him alive but to no avail.医生们千方百计的想叫他活下来,但无济于事。avail:(动)avail oneself of something利用(尤指机会、提议等):Guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the full range of hotel facilities.旅馆鼓励旅客充分利用各种设施。 注意:available在中文里的表达并不一定对应为“可得到的”,这个词的意思比较活,它的英文解释为:(1)(of things) that you can get, buy or find.(2)(of a person) free to see or talk to people.如:available resources/facilities可利用的资源/设备。Tickets are available free of charge from the school.学校有免费票。Every available doctor was called to the scene.所有能找到的医生都被召集到现场。The director was not available for comment.主管没有时间发表意见。 所以翻译时应该灵活的掌握其意思。availability:(名)可获得的东西:the availability of cheap flights有廉价的机票的出售。 limited availability有限的供应。
  3.bribe:作为名词时,它和另一个词bribery是有区别的。bribe:(名)贿赂(的东西);贿赂之物:It was alleged that he had taken bribes while in office.他被指控在任时收受贿赂。She had been offered a $50,000 bribe to drop the charges.有人用五万元来贿赂她,要她撤回控告。bribery:(名)行贿;受贿;贿赂(的行为):She was arrested on bribery charges.她因被控贿赂罪而遭逮捕。allegations of bribery and corruption有关贿赂和贪污的指控。它还是动词:bribe:(动)向(某人)行贿;贿赂:They bribed the guards with cigarettes.他们用香烟贿赂看守。She was bribed into handing over secret information.她被收买交出了机密。
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  4.chat:它还是名词:chat:(名)闲聊;闲谈;聊天:I had a long chat with her on the phone.我和她在电话里聊了很久。I just called in for a chat.我只是来聊聊天。chat作为动词时它有一个重要的短语:chat somebody up (因受异性吸引而)搭讪(看“我猜”的时候常有女主角炫耀自己被搭讪多少次):He went straight over and tried to chat her up.他径直走了过去,试图与她搭讪。 它的形容词:chatty:(形)(1)爱说话的;爱聊天的;健谈的:You’re very chatty tonight, Linda.琳达,今晚你很健谈。(2)闲聊式的:a chatty letter 一封聊天式的信。chatter[chat + -er(表示反复的动作)反复不停的聊](动)chatter (away/on (to somebody) (about something)喋喋不休;唠叨:The children chattered to each other excitedly about the next day’s events.孩子们很兴奋,没完没了的谈着第二天的活动。chatter:(名)唠叨的话;喋喋不休:Jane’s constant chatter was beginning to annoy her husband.简的老公对她的喋喋不休开始感到心烦。 gossip是搬弄是非的闲聊,gossip:(动)闲扯;说三道四:I can’t stand here gossiping all day with you.我不能一整天的站在这儿和你闲扯。She’s been gossiping about you.她一直都在说你的闲话。gossip:(名)(1)说长道短;闲扯:I love a good gossip.我喜欢闲扯淡。(2)闲言碎语;流言蜚语:It was common gossip (=everyone said so) that they were having an affair.大家议论纷纷,说他们之间的关系暧昧。She’s a great one for idle gossip (= she enjoys spreading stories about other people that are probably not true).她是个有名的长舌妇。(3)长舌妇;爱搬弄是非的人
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  5.contempt:它的几个重要的短语:beneath contempt 令人不齿的:His treatment of his children is beneath contempt (=so unacceptable that it is not even worth feeling contempt for).他对待自己子女的那种行为令人不齿。hold in contempt 轻视;认为…不屑一顾:Politicians seem to be generally held in contempt by the voters.政治家们似乎普便被选民们瞧不起。show contempt for 藐视:I showed contempt for people who treat children so cruelly.我鄙视如此粗暴地对待孩子的人。The firefighters showed a contempt for their own safety.那些消防员已把他们的生死置之度外。contempt的两个易混淆的形容词是:contemptible:(形)(被人)鄙视的;可鄙的(含被动意义):mean and contemptible behavior 卑鄙无耻的行为。 contemptuous:(形)(表示)鄙视的;鄙视(某人或某物)的:She gave him a contemptuous look.她鄙夷地看了他一眼。一言辩异:We are contemptuous of something or somebody contemptible.我们鄙视所有可鄙的人或事。contempt的同义词是:scorn:(名)轻视;鄙视:Her fellow teachers greeted her proposal with scorn.别的的老师对她的提议不屑一顾。She was unable to hide the scorn in her voice.她掩饰不住自己轻蔑的语气。scorn:(动)(1)轻蔑;鄙视:She scorned their views as old-fashioned.她对他们的观点嗤之以鼻,认为其陈旧过时。(2)不屑(接受或做):to scorn an invitation轻蔑地回绝了邀请。scornful:(形)轻蔑的;鄙夷的:a scornful smile轻蔑的笑。
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  6.fraction:它与复数名词连用则动词用复数,如:Only a fraction of cars in the UK use leaded petrol. 但如与一群的单数名词连用,在英国英语中动词用单复数均可,但在美国英语中,通常用单数,如:A tiny fraction of the population never vote/votes.此词还有分数、小数的意思。fractional:(形)(1)很小的;很少的;微不足道的:a fractional decline in earnings 收入微降 (2)小数的;分数的。 和fraction比较相近的是:fragment:(名)碎片;片段:I overheard a fragment of their conversation.我无意中听到了他们谈话中的片段。Police found fragments of glass near the scene.警方在现场附近发现了玻璃碎片。 上例中的overhear是无意中听到;而有意地偷听、窃听是:eavesdrop:(动)(有意地)偷听;窃听:We caught him eavesdropping outside the window.我们撞见他在窗外偷听。
  7.idol:American Idol是美国的超男超女,看过这个节目记住此词就不成问题了。它的同义词是:icon:(1)图标;图符:Click on the printer icon with the mouse.用鼠标点击打印机的图标。(2)崇拜的对象;偶像:a gay icon同性恋者的崇拜对象。
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  8.inherit:它的家族庞大,主要是由heir演变过来的,heir(见 lesson 2 part 2)的同义词是:inheritor:(名)后继者;遗产继承人:We are the inheritors of a great cultural tradition.我们是一个伟大文化传统的继承人。heritable:(形)(1)(财产等)可继承的(2)(人)有继承权的 heritage:(名)遗产(指国家或社会长期形成的历史、传统和特色):China’s rich cultural heritage中国的丰富文化遗产 The building is part of out national heritage.这个建筑是我们民族遗产的一个部分。heredity:(名)遗传;遗传特征:Some diseases are present by heredity.有些疾病是遗传而来的。hereditary:(形)(1)遗传(性)的:Epilepsy is hereditary in her family.癫痫是她家的遗传病。(2)世袭的:a hereditary title/monarchy 世袭的 头衔/君主制 inheritance:(名)(1)(C)继承物(如金钱、财产等);遗产继承:She spent all her inheritance in a year.她在一年内用完了所有继承的财产。The title passes by inheritance to the eldest son.这一头衔按照世袭传给长子。(2)遗传;遗传特征:Physical characteristics are determined by genetic inheritance.身体的特征取决于基因的遗传。inheritance tax (= estate tax) 遗产税。 inherent:(形)inherent (in somebody/something) 内在的;固有的: an inherent weakness in the design of the machine机器设计中的内在缺陷 Violence is inherent in our society.在我们的社会中暴力是难免的。
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