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  1.Scratch Someone’s Back
  Hey, Bea. I need some help stacking these boxes. Would you please give me a hand?
  OK. And I need some help tidying up the house. How about your helping me out after that ?
  OK. If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
  I know you don’t like doing housework, but I’ll help you with the boxes if you promise to return the favor.
  No problem. I’ll even do the windows.


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  2.Get Off Someone’s Back
  Hey, John. I’m bored. Come on, let’s go out and do something.
  Sorry, I’m right in the middle of studying for a physics exam. I won’t be able to make it tonight.
  You’ve been studying for a long time. Why don’t you take a break ? Come on! Let’s go ! Forget studying for a while !
  Look! Get off my back! I can’t go anywhere!
  OK. I’ll stop bothering you only if you promise to let me know the minute you’re finished.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:06:39
  3. Get in Someone’s hair
  Children! Would you please stop making so much noise!
  And for heaven’s sake, pick up your clothes and toys!
  It’s hard enough trying to keep this house clean without your throwing your things all over the place!
  Clara, I know that the children get in your hair, but you should try not to let it upset you so much.
  Listen, Jim. I can’t help it . The children bother me and make me very angry when they’re so noisy and messy.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:07:52
  4.Knock Someone’s Socks Off
  Hi, John. What’s new ?
  Oh, nothing too much with me, but you ought to see Fredo’s new car. It’ll knock your socks off!
  So, he finally got that Italian sports car he’s been dreaming about.
  He sure did. When you see all the custom features that it has, you’ll get so enthused and excited you won’t know what to do.
  Boy, I can hardly wait to go for a ride in it.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:09:02
  5.Bend Over Backwards
  When Joan first started teaching she was afraid that she would
  have a lot of trouble getting used to the kids and to the
  faculty. Her fears turned out to be unfounded, since everybody
   bent over backwards to help her. Everyone tried very hard to
   help her feel comfortable and adjust to the school.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:09:59
  6.Smell a Rat
  闻到老鼠味? 肯定是什么事情不大对劲了,不对头.
  How come the front door is open? Didn’t you close it before we went shopping?
  I’m sure I did. I can’t understand it. Frankly, I smell a rat.
  Me, too. I’m convinced that something is definitely wrong here. We’d better call the police.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:11:03
  7.Let the cat out of the Bag
  Bob was going to retire from teaching in June, and the foreign
  language department was planning on presenting him with some
   luggage at his retirement dinner. He wasn’t supposed to know
   about it, but someone let the cat out of the bag. At the
  dinner Bob acted surprised, even though someone had told him
  what he was getting before the official presentation.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:12:35
  8.Cat Got Your Tongue?
  Come on, Connie! Tell us what you think about our little ride down the rapids yesterday.
  Well, uh...
  Wasn’t it exciting?
  I, uh...
  What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?
  If you must know, I’m keeping quiet because I was scared out of my wits!

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:13:46
  9.Don’t let grass grow under your feet.
  Vivi is that kind of a girl who doesn’t let grass grow under her feet.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:15:04
  闻到鱼腥味? 就是有什么不对劲的,奇怪的或是不可信事了.
  When the security guard saw a light in the store after closing hours, it seemed to him that there was something fishy going on. He called the central office and explained to his superior that he thought something strange and suspicious was occurring.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:16:28
  10.a frog in the throat
  喉咙有只青蛙? 这句话是说喉咙疼,说不出话了.
  I caught a cold and have a frog in the throat.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 00:17:37
  Ok, that’s it for the time being.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 17:29:07
  11.Spill the Beans
  Did you know that Harry was going to take Kathy on a Caribbean cruise ?
  Yes, I did. He was planning on surprising her with the tickets fro their anniversary, but someone spilled the beans.
  What a shame ! That was supposed to have been a surprise.
  Yes, it’s too bad that someone told her about the trip beforehand and ruined Harry’s surprise.
  That’s OK. Her enthusiasm was not dampened in the least!

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 17:30:32
  12.Pull Someone’s Leg
   扯某人的腿. 意思就是开玩笑.耍弄某人
  Hey, Al. I was invited to be a judge for the Miss America Beauty Pageant!
  Oh, really? Come on, you’re pulling my leg!
  No, honestly. Do you really think that I’m trying to fool you with a ridiculous story?
  Well, you’ve told me foolish stories before.
  I can assure you that this one is for real.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 17:35:57
  13. Put all your (my, their, etc.) eggs into one basket
  You, don’t put all your eggs into one basket!

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 17:37:03
  14.a piece of cake
  How was your math final yesterday? Did you pass it?
  Of course! It was a piece of cake.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-13 17:40:05
  turn over a new leaf
  She said she has turned over a new leaf and that she is going to the gym everyday.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:18:18
  16.Out of the Woods
  离开深林, 意思就是脱离危险, 或是摆脱困境.
  Although Eric was well on his way to recovering from his bout with pneumonia, he was still not out of the woods. The doctors told him that he would have to take it easy and avoid exposure to cold, since he was not out of danger and difficulty yet.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:19:48
  17.Lose One’s Shirt
  I happened to bump into Dole at lunch yesterday afternoon.
  What’s new with Dole these days ?
  He wasn’t doing so well. For one thing, he told me he lost his shirt at the races.
  Dole has always liked to bet on the horses. I’m not surprised that he lost a great deal of money.
  Yeah. At this rate he’ll never have a penny to his name.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:20:59
  18.Kick the Bucket
  It’s been said that the old man knew of a buried treasure, but he kicked the bucket before telling anyone where it was. If the treasure exists, the old man unfortunately took the secret of its location with him when he died.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:23:38
  19.Straight From the Horse’s Mouth
  How did you find out that Jill was engaged?
  I got the information from a very reliable source.
  You mean Jill told you so herself?
  That’s right. I got it straight from the horse’s mouth!

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:25:11
  20.as blind as a bat
  I didn’t bring my glasses today. I am as blind as a bat.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:26:29
  21.get up (wake up) on the wrong side of the bed
  Stay away from him please. He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:30:05
  22.Twenty-four seven (24/7)
  He has been chatting on net 24/7.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:48:10
  23.once in a blue moon
  Her husband does the dishes once in a blue moon

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:51:12
  24.Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve
  Kevin is that kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-14 22:52:48
  25.Shake a leg
  Come on, John, you’d better shake a leg or you will be late for school.
作者:moqibuyi 时间:2008-01-16 10:53:56
作者:achievant 时间:2008-01-16 17:07:17
  good slang and nice picture. thank you for sharing~
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-17 16:33:47
  Look at the big picture. 以大局为重
  Wine in, truth out. 酒后吐真言出 (放之四海皆准的真理)
  I've got my second wind. 我要歇一会(恢复体力/精力)
  (Work) is driving me up a wall. 偶快被工作逼疯了. {括号表示里面的词可以随便换:) }
  My stomach is growling 我的肚子饿得咕咕叫了,也有说呱呱叫的
  (Cherry) is now in season 吃...的季节 (如果放good-looking girls,会是什么意思?)
  You are really something 你真了不起 (半年搞了十个对象,黄了二十多个)
  Let's grab a bite to eat. 我们赶紧吃点东西,然后闪人. (老板,炒个青椒香干炒肉丝)
  (xxx) is out of the world. XXX只应天上有. (比如青椒香干炒肉丝,比如某美女.)
  It's my cup of tea. 正合我的口味. (比如青椒香干炒肉丝,比如某美女.)
  What a bummer. 真扫兴. (比如青椒香干炒肉丝炒咸了)
  pick up the pace. 快点
  First things first. 要紧的事先做. (很实在).
  I'm already locked into something else 我已经有别的事要先做了 (长得这么困难还想约我)
  I'll keep my figures crossed for you. 我将为你祈祷.
  Did you get the picture. 你明白了没有. (青椒香... 话未说完,被早已怒不可遏的看官们狂扁)
  To the best of my knowledge 相当于as far as I know (非常酷的句子,我喜欢)
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:45:27
  1. Dream as if you never die, live as if you die today. 梦若永生,生若今逝.
  2. Don't spill the beans. It's supposed to be a secret. 可别说漏了嘴,这是个秘密.
  3. I was glad that I quit my job because I was through with getting up early every morning. 我很开心终于辞掉了工作,因为我受够了每天早起.
  4. If anyone was on to us, we should call the whole things off. 如果任何人有所察觉,我们应当取消所有行动.
  5. Little do I think, you hate me. 我真没想到,你讨厌我.
  6. That new budget is going to give us a lot leaner. 新的预算将节约很多成本(瘦身)
  7. I am not a model clergyman, only a decent makeshift. 我不是一个模范牧师, 仅仅做得还凑合. makeshift---将就,权宜之计,凑合.
  8. I haven't seen you for ages, you're really a sight for sore eyes. 很久没见你了, 见到你真好. a sight for sore eyes---人见人爱的悦目之物,好久不见的朋友,见到你真好,见到救星
  9. He steels himself. 他身体有些僵硬. (听到某些令他震惊的消息后, 或者被人揭穿谎言)
  10. You are up against much bigger fish than me. 你惹到了来头比我大得多的人. up against 面临,直面.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:47:24
  26.bark up the wrong tree
  She is barking up the wrong tree.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:48:32
  21.Keep an eye on someone/something
  We all have to keep an eye on Japanese/Indian.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:49:33
  28.Be over the hill
  I think I am over the hill now.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:50:34
  29.Dear John letter
  Dave was heart broken because his girl firend wrote him a Dear John Letter.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:52:01
  30.a white elephant
  The big garden square is a white elephant in my city.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:53:17
  31.have a big heart
  He has a big heart.He is always ready to help others.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:55:04
  32.go to bed with the chickens
  跟鸡一块睡觉? 这句话的意思是太阳下山就睡觉了,睡得很早.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:56:20
  33.Green fingers
  My mom has green fingers.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 11:58:27
  34.packed in like sardines
  We were packed in like sardines during the morning commute in the train.

楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-19 12:01:50
  35.bite one's nails
  The girl was biting her nails as she waited for the speech contest to begin.

作者:耍耍一郎 时间:2008-01-20 11:09:54
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-22 11:18:17
  1. As luck would have it, no one else applied for the house and we finally got it.碰巧,没有其他人申请这幢住宅,我们很幸运地得到了. As luck would have it碰巧,幸运地.不过也可能是嘲讽的语气,多幸运啊!(事实上是很倒霉)视上下文.
  2. Apparently, your advice fell on deaf ears. 很显然,你的忠告被当作了耳边风. fall on deaf ears 置若罔闻/耳边风.
  3. She is out of the woods, and he is out of the picture.她已经摆脱了困境,不过与他已经不相干了. out of the woods---摆脱困境,脱离险境, out of the picture---不相干
  4. Love count for much more than life. 生命诚可贵,爱情价更高. count for much关系重大,很有价值.
  5. With all due respect, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.恕我冒昧,我觉得爱应该是耐心和宽容.而不是嫉妒,自夸和骄傲. With all due respect恕我冒昧(在打断别人或表示不同意见时,作为歉语)
  6. You’ve got one up on me. 你比我略胜一筹. one up on me略胜一筹
  7. It was as clear as day. 这个完全是一清二楚的.
  8. What mankind need is an environmentally friendly, logistically feasible, and economically responsible, alternative fuel source.人类需要的是一种对环境友好,逻辑上可行,经济适用的替代能源.
  9. Resource search goes on but environment top priority.寻找资源将会持续性进行,但环境保护是首要考虑因素. top priority应予最优先考虑的事
  10. Yao saved the day again. 姚明又一次挽救了球队.Save the day 挽回局面,扭转败局.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-01-22 11:19:19
  1. I double dare you. 我赌你不敢.
  2. Nowhere near as much as I wish it was true. 我远比你希望这是真的. nowhere near 差得远
  3. The coast is clear now. 风平浪静,已无危险.
  4. He simply is spitting image of his father. 他和他爹简直是一个模子造出来的.
  5. If you welled up with tears, the thing would come to life. 如果你能多挤点眼泪,这个事就显得逼真了.
  6. Why this book grabs you so tightly? There are all twists and turns. 为什么这本书把你迷成这样? 情节太曲折了.
  7. This series really sucks; I can't believe it takes up the prime time. 这个电视剧烂透了,我无法相信它会在黄金时间播出. prime time---电视剧,综艺节目的黄金时间.
  8. Get it done, or you'll basically receive a pink slip very soon. I can promise you about that. 搞定这件事.不然你八成要很快被炒鱿鱼,这点我可以保证.
  9. Even though you really were in an extenuating circumstance, I'm sorry, I still can't offer you forgiveness. 虽然你当时的处境使得你做的一切情有可原, 但对不起,我仍然无法原谅你.
  10. It's this? Your final decision? Yeah, once and for all. 这就是你最后的决定? 是的, 永无更改了.
楼主danbati 时间:2008-08-21 00:40:09
  ***burn one`s fingers
  烧手指? 意思就是有过很惨痛的经历.
  My father burned his fingers in the stock market and he does not want to invest money there again.
  ***catch (someone) red-handed
  抓到某人红手手? 意思是当场逮到某人做某事
  - to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong
  The teacher caught the boys red-handed when they wrote on the school wall.
  ***sticky fingers
  粘手指? 意思就是习惯偷东西.
  Everyone thinks that the new woman at work has sticky fingers because many things have been stolen recently.