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作者:南街一号 时间:2008-09-16 08:39:29
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-16 08:46:11
  479.wash one’s hands
  汉语中“洗手不干”有点特指大侠或小偷等黑道中人。而英语中有个说法叫wash one’s hands of sth,也是“洗手不干”的意思,但是此“洗手不干”的意思就广的多,表达出“退出,不参与,不做某事,与某事脱离关系”,可以用在任何人的身上。
  eg:I am tired of arguing with my lab partners,so i am washing my hands of the science project.
  我已经厌倦了和我的实验搭档争吵,所以我退出了这项科研项目。 moon
  blue moon是一种非正式的用法意思是“很长一段时间,非常罕见的事”。从天文学角度讲,blue moon 是指一个月中的第二次满月,大约每32个月左右会轮到一次,这事一段相当长的时间,所以自19世纪后期以来,blue moon就有了“很少发生的事”的意思。
  eg:Barry only visits his parents once in a blue moon.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-16 08:52:53
  481.lend one’s ears
  它的意思是“注意,请听我说”。源于莎士比亚的历史剧"Julius Caesar"。剧中,凯撒遭谋杀而死,在他的葬礼上,Mark Antony冲着一群拥挤嘈杂的人说“朋友们,罗马人,同胞们!请听我说”。人群就立刻安静下来。
  eg:I know you are very busy,but could you just lend me your ear for a minute?
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-16 08:55:57
  482.over the moon
  eg:The whole team is over the moon at winning the competition.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-16 09:05:39
  483.stool pigeon
  20世纪前,在北美,每到秋季,会有成群的passenger pigeon(侯鸽)向南迁徙。可惜19世纪“侯鸽”开始遭受人类棒打追击。"侯鸽“被猎捕的方式近乎残忍,一只”侯鸽“被捕后,会成为人类绝杀同类的诱饵,人类把它绑在凳子上,刺瞎双眼,靠它在凳子上痛苦的挣扎,失声的呜叫引诱鸽群。stool pigeon指的就是这种无辜的”诱饵“。具有讽刺 意思的是,在日常生活中,它竟被借喻为警方打入黑帮的”卧底“。
  eg:Watch out for Jone ,i am sure he is a stool pigeon for the police.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-16 10:09:55
  啊???翻页啦 没赶上 -。-!
作者:chenzhongyou 时间:2008-09-16 10:13:22
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-16 10:24:34
  补充下482.over the moon(在月亮上)指“欣喜若狂”,这个短语源于一首欢快的儿歌:“Hey,diddle/the cat and the fiddle/the cow jumped over the moon/the little dog laughed/to see such sport/and the dish ran away with the spoon”(嘿,快摇、快摇、猫咪和小提琴、母牛跳过月亮、小狗看到哈哈笑、碟子带着汤勺不见了。)儿歌虽然毫无意义,但是儿歌中的over the moon倒被大人采用,用来形容“兴高采烈”。到了上世纪70年代,over the moon常用语体育赛事,指赢得比赛后“欣喜若狂”。
    eg:The whole team is over the moon at winning the competition.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-16 10:30:36
  484.budge airline 廉价航空公司
  China’s only budge airline Spring Airlines has abandoned a plan to charge passengers for check-in or carry-on baggage exceeding 5kg.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-16 11:49:37
  485.flip phone 翻盖手机
  eg:Research In Motion Ltd has launched a first flip version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smart phone.
  486.low-lying 低洼的
  eg:Fujian and Zhejiang have evaluated 260000 people from low-lying coastal areas as typhoon approached them Sunday.
作者:乐_悠悠 时间:2008-09-16 14:09:49
作者:羽雨鱼 时间:2008-09-16 14:12:47
  Routine testing:常规测试
    The Declaration of Conformity is most often based on a one sample of a "type tested product" that ideally should be identically reproduced in series. In order to maintain safety in real life production, some quality control is imperative. The LVD specifies the requirement of such a scheme. Therefore each and every produced apparatus must be numbered and verified for a list of essential parameters -composed by your test house- such as functionality, dielectric strength, the grounding qualities and potential pitfalls created by foreseeable mistakes in production.
作者:ccccfr 时间:2008-09-16 14:44:09
作者:河倾落月 时间:2008-09-16 14:57:11
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 11:07:19
  487.Loose ends .感到没事干,很无聊
  Xiachuan Waterwheel, the oldest waterwheel on the Yellow
  River, has finished a 10-month repair project.
  489.down payment 首付
  She’s now saving for a down payment and hopes to have it as early as June.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 11:16:03
  490.caretaker government看守政府
  Somchai Wongsawat, deputy PM of Thailand’s caretaker government, called a special cabinet meeting Wednesday night,during which he was appointed caretaker PM.
  10日晚,泰国看守政府副总理颂猜翁萨瓦10日晚召集看守内阁特别会议,并被任命为看守政府总理。 economy市场经济
  A spokenman for the Minisrty of Commerce said the government would insist on the pricipals of market-oriented economy in deciding Coca-Cola’s takeover of China’s largest juice company Huiyuan, under the legal process.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 11:21:12
  492.’turkey farm’
  Turkey是火鸡,farm就是农场。但是,turkey farm合在一起作为俗语用的时候和农场却毫无关系
  。在每个政府机构或者私营公司里总会有一些工作能力低或者是不愿勤恳工作的人;但是,由于种种原因,领导又没有办法解雇这些人。为了使工作不受影响,这些机构的领导往往把这些人调到一个地方,就像打入冷宫一样,实际上也就是把他们养在那里,这种地方就叫turkey farm。
  请看例句:The guy is so incompetent we’d like to fire him.But he has good political connections so we sent him to our turkey farm out in Denver where he can’t cause much damage.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 14:31:23
  493.exile 流放
  例句:Pakistani President Musharraf who stepped down Monday might choose exile in London after resignation, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday, citing a Western diplomat.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 14:49:28
  494.sojourn 逗留
  例句:The 50 Chinese children from quake-hit area had a wonderful summer sojourn in Hungary for seeking solace and mental recovery.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 14:52:03
  495.illegal use/misuse 挪用、滥用
  例句:The auditing authority had uncovered 3 cases of the illegal use of quake relief funds involving nearly RMB300000.
  496.flight delay 航班延误
  例句: More than 30 flights at Shenzhen airport were delayed for taking off due to heavy rains as of Friday noon.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 15:25:49
  497.foreign exchange reserve
  例句:China’s foreign exchange reserve increased $40.3b in May, just over half the rise in April of 75b, to stand at $1.797 trillion , the China Securities Journal reported o
  n Friday.
  498.avian 鸟类的
  例句The largest study ever of bird genetics has uncovered some surprising facts about the avian evolutionary tree, US researchers said on Thursday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 17:03:44
  499. aurora polaris 北极光
  例句:The summer solstice fell on Sunday when groups of tourists from Hong Kong and Russia travelled to Mohe, a small northernmost town in North China, to watch the aurora polaris.
  500 plagiarism .剽窃(多指学术)
  例句:S. Korean President’s new secretary Cheong Jean-gon, professor of Hanyang University was disgraced by plagiarism suspicions.
  新近被韩国总统提名的高级文化官员-汉阳大学教授Cheong Jean-gon被曝涉嫌剽窃他人学术成果。
  501. business conglomerates 企业集团(多指含多个跨行业部门)
  例句:Prosecutors asked a South Korean court to sentence former Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee to 7 years in prison for tax evasion and other charges, saying the country’s powerful business conglomerates should not be immune from the law.
  502. double eyelid operation 割双眼皮
  例句South Koreans are cutting down on cosmetic surgery amid the economic slowdown, surveys showed Tuesday. "We saw a 30% drop in double eyelid operations," a surgeon in Seoul said.
  24日公布的调查显示,由于经济萧条,韩国做整容手术的人开始减少。首尔一名外科医生说:"割双眼皮手术减少了30%。" grievances 民怨
  例句:Officials in Guizhou have admitted there are social grievances in Weng’an County where a girl’s death sparkeda violent protest over the weekend.
  504. loophole 漏洞
  例句:The Beijing municipal government announced Thursday that all corporate entities or individuals doing online businesses have to register with the industrial and commercial administration starting August 1 to mend loopholes in tax evasion.
  505. substitute teacher 代课老师
  例句:Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang said Wednesday the time was ripe to rid the province of substitute teachers for the benefit of both students and the teachers themselves.
  506.marker lights 航标灯
  例句:The Yangtze River waterway administration has announced that it will use solar power for the marker lights along China’s busiest waterway over a 2-year period.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 17:08:17
  507.’Ghost writer’
  Ghost writer 就是所谓的"枪手、黑笔杆"。Ghost writer替有名望的人写讲稿或写自传,因为大多数有名望的人没有写作的才能,也没有时间来写。他们雇那些ghost writer替他们写,然后把成品当做自己的作品来发表。例句:
  Writers like to see their names on books. But ghost writers have to be invisible like real ghosts. But don’t feel too sorry for them: they get very well paid for writing under somebody else’s name.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-17 17:35:53
  508.rural-urban gap 城乡差距
  例句:Bridging the urban-rural gap in China is a historic task.
  509.Impersonate 冒充
  例句:Zhang Haitao, 28, who had been impersonating a police officer for the past 3 years, offering advice on traffic violation cases, was arrested Tuesday in Zhengzhou, Henan.
  510.foreign currency reserves 外汇储备
  例句:China, which holds 1/5 of its foreign currency reserves in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debt,may cut the portion held in US dollars,according to CICC.
  中国国际金融有限公司(CICC)表示,中国有1/5的外汇储备投资于美国两大房贷巨擘——房利美和房地美的债券,可能会减持美元资产。 phone 智能手机
  Research In Motion Ltd on Wednesday launched the first flip version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smart phone.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-20 09:10:12
  512.边界问题 border dispute
  eg:China and India held a fresh round of talks in Beijing Thursday as part of efforts to resolve their decades-old border dispute.
  513.无固定期合同 no-fixed -term contract
  eg:The implementation regulation for Labor Contract Law issued Thursday listed 14 conditions under which an employer can terminate a no-fixed-term contract.
  18日公布的《中华人们共和国劳动合同法实施条例》规定, 14种情况下用人单位可以与劳动者解除无固定期限劳动合同。
  514.事变 incident
  eg:People came to visit the September 18 History Museum,which was built to commemerate the September 18 incident.
  515.孔子学院 Confuius Institute
  eg:China and Jordan inked Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding on establishment of the first Confuius Institute in the Kingdom.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-20 11:51:02
  516.To rub elbows
  就是摩擦,elbow就是胳膊肘儿.To rub elbows 的意思就是“出去和别人接触和交际”。
  eg:I like Mr.Lewis.He’s one of the richest ,most powerful men in the Newyork,but he’s not struck-up at all.In fact,he really enjoys getting out and rubbed elbows with all us ordinary.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-20 11:57:29
  517.提前预约 advance reservation
  eg:Beijing municipal health bureau said yesterday,parents can take their children to have them checked for the stones any of 74 hospitals without making advance reservations.
  518.政府救助 bailout
  eg:The US government announced an $ 85b bailout of the huge insure AIG in a bid to avoid further market upheaval.
  519.leftover 剩菜剩饭
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-20 16:01:43
  519.婴幼儿配方 baby fomular
  eg:Aside from the 3 deaths, a total of 6244 infants are now confirmed sick after drinking melamine-contamination baby fomula,the Minister of Health Chen Zhu said Wednesday.
  520.支持线 support line
  eg:Hongkong stocks fell 339.41 points,or 1.85$ off the key supporting line Wednesday’s morning session at 17961.20.
  港股市17 日失手18000点支持线,下跌339.41点,早盘收于17961.20点。
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-22 09:23:24
  521.Go pear-shaped
  据说,只要不是完美的模特,你的身材多少会接近3种水果体形:梨形,苹果形,香蕉形。“梨形”(pear-shaped)常用来戏谑“肩膀较窄,脂肪多集中于臀部和大腿的女性”。英语中,不完美的“梨形体形”可引申为遗憾的懊悔语:“哎,完蛋了,搞砸了!”据词源记载,"go pear-shaped"出自英语皇家空军,最早出现于20世纪60年代。空军飞行员学特技飞行时,有一项训练叫“翻圈飞行”。一般来说,新手翻的圈都不太圆,呈梨形。队友就会说“It’s all gone pear-shaped!"随着时间的推移,这个俚语渐渐被大众接受,用来泛指”没把事情做好。“
  eg:It’s all gone pear-shaped!"
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-22 09:32:00
  522.Go the extra mile
  "To go the extra mile"源出《圣经.马太福音》第五章”山顶步道“,耶稣劝告门徒”who soever shall compel thee to go a mile ,go with him twain"(有人强迫你走一里路,你就和他走两里)。当时,以色列人被罗马统治,只要罗马士兵下令,以色列人就必须给罗马人太东西走一里路。针对这种情形,耶稣发表了上述言语,劝诫众人要忍辱,行善,甚至是用爱来回应敌人的恨。如今,“to go the extra mile"的宗教意义已渐行渐远,先常用来形容”除了分内的活,还干额外的事"
  eg:To do your duty is not enough.You must go the extra mile.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-22 09:42:05
  523.carry the torch
  就字面意思而言,“carry the torch”指的是“高举火炬”。Torch(火炬)暗含“生生不息”之义。carry the torch 由此也代表着“为某一目标或理想而奋战到底”的意思(即使没有回报)。关于carry the torch (单恋,苦恋)的渊源,说法不一。一种比较流行的观点认为,爱神vernus(维纳斯)被描绘成手持火炬(carry the torch),由此,该短语逐渐被人们所接受。
  eg:He is still carry the torch for his sweetheart from secondary school.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:21:05
  524.诺贝尔奖获得者 Nobel laureate
  例句:Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel laureate, died of heart failure last month.
  525.午宴 luncheon
  例句:President Hu Jintao Wednesday held a luncheon for international dignitaries who would attend the Beijing Paralympics closing ceremony in the evening.
  国家 胡锦涛17日举行午宴,欢迎来华出席北京残奥会闭幕式的国际贵宾。
  526.Just deserts 罪有应得
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:23:57
  527.根深蒂固的 deep-seated
  例句:Deep-seated racial discrimination may cost Barack Obama the White House.
  528. 乐谱 score
  例句:A French library has discovered a musical score handwritten by Wolfgang Mozart in its archives.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:28:20
  529.火化 cremate
  例句:The remains of Hua Guofeng were cremated at the Babaoshan cemetery in Beijing Sunday.
  530.宣誓就任 swear in
  例句:Famous Chinese lawyer Zhang Yuejiao was sworn in Tuesday as a judge of the World Trade Organization’s top court. Zhang will start a 4-year term in the Appellate Body on June 1.
  531.人道主义援助 humanitarian aid
  例句:UN called for more humanitarian aid as Myanmar’s cyclone Nargis has claimed 77738 lives with 55917 still misssing.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:33:49
  532.走私猖獗 rampant smuggling
  例句:China will stick to its rigid controls on grain exports for the time being despite the rampant smuggling of grain that has eaten into its tariff, grain experts said.
  533.市场占有率 market share
  例句:The number of Pakistan’s cell phone users had climbed to 86.7m by the end of May, including 3.66m China Mobile subscribers which represent a market share of 4.2%.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:40:35
  534.纯金 solid gold
  例句:A solid gold sculpture of British supermodel Kate Moss made by Marc Quinn will go on display at the British Museum from October.
  535.pre-sale time 预售期
  例句:The pre-sale time of train tickets in Beijing has returned to 5 days Saturday from the previous 3 days.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:44:51
  536.唇(腭)裂 cleft lip (and palate)
  例句:American doctor Daniel Allen examines a young girl who suffers from a cleft lip and palate Tuesday at a hospital in Shenyang.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-22 19:47:06
  537.民族凝聚力 national cohesion
  例句:We must make China economically stronger and enhance national cohesion.
  538.母校 alma mater
  例句:The Olympic torch was relayed in Taizhou, Jiangsu this morning,starting at Taizhou Middle School, the alma mater of President Hu Jintao.
  奥运圣火今天上午在江苏泰州传递,起点是国家 胡锦涛的母校。
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 17:15:46
  539.交响音乐会 symphony concert
  例句:The Olympic venues will open to tourists during the week-long National Day holiday. Ticket prices range from RMB20 to RMB50. A symphony concert will debut in the Water Cube.
  540.总领事 Consul General
  例句:The Afghan Consul General in Peshawar Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in the northeastern Pakistani city of Peshawar Monday.
  541.Make tracks 离开
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 17:19:54
  542.’pass the buck’
  有一种人,明明自己把事情搞砸却不承认。这种行为就是"pass the buck"。"Buck"在这里不是"美元"的意思,而是玩纸牌时用的一种东西。玩牌时,由于怕人耍诈,因此规定轮换发牌。发牌人通常用刀做记号。由于刀柄是雄鹿角(buck)做的,因此记号的东西也被叫作"buck"。当轮到下一个人发牌时,"buck"就传给他(pass the buck),也就是发牌权传给了他。后来,这个俚语演变成了"把责任推给别人"。
  请看例句:If you break a glass, do not pass the buck -- admit that you did it.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 17:48:38
  543.煤矿透水 coal mine flood
  例句A coal mine flood that took place at 11:40 pm Saturday in Changzhi in Shanxi has trapped 13 people, the local work safety authority confirmed Sunday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:22:01
  544.倒计时 countdown
  例句:June 19 marks the 50-day countdown of the Beijing Olympic Games.
  545.达成共识 reach consensus
  例句:China and Japan reached principled consensus on the East China Sea issue,Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu announced Wednesday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:29:25
  548. 端午节 dragon-boat festival
  例句:People will have 3 days off from June 7 to 9 to celebrate the traditional dragon-boat festival.
  547.堰塞湖 dammed lake
  例句:34 dammed lakes have formed in waters passing through the quake-hit areas captured by high altitude shoots by May 21, according to the Ministry of Land and Resources.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:31:39
  548.flip phone 翻盖手机
  例句:Research In Motion Ltd has launched a first flip version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smart phone.
  549.low-lying 低洼的
  例句:Fujian and Zhejiang have evacuated 260000 people from low-lying coastal regions as typhoon approached them Sunday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:34:23
  550.公报 communique
  例句:Leaders attending the G8 summit expressed "strong concern" about rising oil and food prices but said they remain "positive" about the outlook for the global economy in a communique released Tuesday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:36:57
  551.假发票 fake/counterfeit invoice
  例句:Shanghai police have solved what they are calling the biggest fake invoice case in the city’s history after they seized more than 2.6m counterfeit invoices worth RMB50b.
  552.剧照 still
  例句:Stills of some of the leading female roles in the new version of "The Dreams of the Red Mansion" TV drama were posted on its official website Wednesday.
  553. Man Friday 得力助手
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:40:18
  554.淘汰 eliminate
  例句:Gao Ling and Zheng Bo were eliminated by British duo Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms in the first round of the badminton mixed doubles Tuesday.
  555.快递服务 courier
  例句:Courier giant UPS announced Tuesday it expected to deliver more than 19m items for the ongoing Olympic Games.
  556. kayaking 皮艇运动
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 18:43:24
  557.伪证 false evidence
  例句:13 government officials have been punished and a man arrested for presenting false evidence to prove the highly endangered South China tiger existed in the wild.
  558.避暑胜地 summer getaway destinations
  例句:Sanya is always one of the most popular summer getaway destinations for the Chinese.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-09-23 19:00:18
  559.以人为本 people-oriented
  例句:Many foreign media have praised the prompt relief efforts of the Chinese government following the massive quake and said the government was following its people-oriented ruling ideology.
  560.复课 resume classes
  例句:More than 500 students from Beichuan Middle School, whose 1300 schoolmates and teachers were killed or missing in the massive earthquake, resumed classes Monday.
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作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-24 08:55:40
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-24 09:05:37
  561.经济放缓 economic slowdown
  eg:Chinese entrepreneurs and bankers have higher expectations of a domestics economic slowndown more than before,according to a quarterly survey by the central bank in Q3.
   home edition
  eg:Microsoft said Monday it will reduce the retail price of its Office Suite 2007 student and home edition from RMB 699 to 199 in China during next week’s National Day holiday.
  微软22日表示,计划在国庆黄金周期间,将Office 2007中文学生主版和家庭板价格从699元降至199元。
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-24 09:17:20
  563.交响音乐会 symphony concert
  eg:The Olympic venues will open to tourists during the week-long National Day holiday.Ticket price range from RMB20 to RMB50.A symphony concert will debut in the Water Cube.
  564.总领事 Consul General
  eg:The Afghan Consul General in Peshawar Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in the northeastern Pakistani city of Peshawar Monday.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-24 09:25:29
  565.摇摆选民 swing voter
  eg:This is going to be a close election.The only way we can win this time is to work as hard as we can to win over the swing voters.
  566.股份回购 share repurchase
  eg:Share repurchase through bidding at stock exchanges would no longer need approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC),according to a draft regulation issued by the CSRC.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-24 10:15:04
  eg:The official mascot of the 2010 World Cup was unveiled Tuesday,a green-haired leopard named Zakumi.
  568.娱乐场所 entertainment venue
  eg:The State Administration of Work Safety said on Tuesday that the use of fireworks is absolutely banned in public entertainment venues.
  569.Merchant of death 军火商
作者:ronyen92 时间:2008-09-24 13:34:01
  539.交响音乐会 symphony concert
    例句:The Olympic venues will open to tourists during the week-long National Day holiday. Ticket prices range from RMB20 to RMB50. A symphony concert will debut in the Water Cube.
    540.总领事 Consul General
    例句:The Afghan Consul General in Peshawar Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in the northeastern Pakistani city of Peshawar Monday.
  作者:英语虫子 回复日期:2008-9-24 9:17:20 
    563.交响音乐会 symphony concert
    eg:The Olympic venues will open to tourists during the week-long National Day holiday.Ticket price range from RMB20 to RMB50.A symphony concert will debut in the Water Cube.
    564.总领事 Consul General
    eg:The Afghan Consul General in Peshawar Abdul Khaliq Farahi was kidnapped in the northeastern Pakistani city of Peshawar Monday.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-25 09:19:52
  570.都市圈 metropolis circle
  eg:The Yangze River dalta metroplis circle is expected to take over the Tokyo metroplis circle as the world’s largest one around 2018,according to a report released in Shanghai Tuesday.
  571.南水北调 South-to- North water
  eg:According to the South-to-North water diversion office,when part of the project is completed in 2010,about 1b cubic meters of water will be diverted to Beijing annually.
作者:专营哈密瓜 时间:2008-09-26 15:58:20
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-27 17:12:57
  571.轨道舱 orbital module
  eg:The astronauts hacve to unpack the space suit which was fixed on the interior wall of the orbital module.
  572。密闭性 obturation
  eg:The astronaunts will have to adjust the size of the suit and test its functions after donning the suit.
  573.Poker face 不露声色
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-27 17:24:12
  574.回购股份 share repurchase
  eg:Share repurchase through bidding at stock exchanges would no longer need approval from the China Securities Regulation Commissiom(CSRC),according to a draft regulation issued by the CSRC.
  575.批量生产 mass prodution
  eg:China will begin the mass production of its Shenzhou spacecraft starting from Shenzhou 7,the chief designer of the spacecraft system of China’s manned space program said Friday.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-27 17:31:13
  576.仓外航天服 extra vehicular activity suits
  eg:China spent 4 years in developing its own EVA (extra vehicular activity)suits.Putting on the suit will take about 14 hours.
  577.奶农 dairy farmer
  eg:The Ministry of Agriculture Thursday ordered local agricultural,animal husbandry and veterinary departments to take more effective measures to safeguard the legitimate interests of dairy farmers and tp stablize milk production.
  578.No sweat 别着急,别担心
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-29 18:45:46
  589.At the end of one’s rope
  "山穷水尽,智穷力竭“在英语中用at the end of one’s rope 表达。试想,人们用绳索攀岩的时候,如果你还在半空而绳子却不幸到了尽头,那么你真的是at the end of your rope ,无法达到预定的目标了。还有一种说法,饲养家禽的时候,鸡鸭被绳子拴住,所以只能在绳子所及的范围内(at the end of rope)觅食。
  eg:I’ve tried everything,but nothing’s worked.I’m at the end of my rope.
  580.loose lip
  这个世界上总是有一些人嘴巴关不住,说话很随便,不加考虑,不负责任。这样的行为可以用loose lip
  eg:I did confide in my sister Maria that I might consider at a divorce,who would expect that she started to tell everybody I’ve filed for a divorce.My wife got really mad when she heard about this .Loose lips really can cause trouble.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-29 18:53:59
  off-screen friendship
  eg:The movie also marked the beginning of an off-screen friendship between Robert Redford and Paul Newman spanning some 5 decades.
  582.驱逐舰 destroyer
  eg:A US destroyer off the coast of Somali found Saturday the hajacked Ukrainian cargo ship.
  583.On the cuff 赊账
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-29 19:04:15
  583.静脉注射 IV treatment
  eg:13 premature babies died last weekend in Turkey within 24 hours apparently from tainted IV treatment.
  584.非法贩卖动物 animal trafficking
  eg:Customs of officials found 65 dead Canary birds in a Portuguese man’s bag at Sao Paulo’s international airport and the man will be charged with animal trafficking ,a federal official said.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-09-29 19:12:15
  585.拦截 intercept
  eg: Russia’s navy sent a warship yesterday to Somali’s coast to intercept the pirate’s ship.
  586.完善的体系 sound system
  eg:Central government requires enterprises established a sound quality-monitoring system .
  587.snail mail 通过邮局寄的信
作者:瓜福 时间:2008-09-29 19:23:22
作者:ukissu 时间:2008-09-29 21:18:52
作者:sinohe 时间:2008-10-02 19:10:47
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-04 13:25:53
  我也看晕了 怎么编号有点乱呢
作者:ronyen92 时间:2008-10-04 15:25:18
作者:水晶烧饼 时间:2008-10-07 09:19:41
  so far, so good
  到现在为止, 一直都还不错。
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:07:54
  588.重阳节 Double Ninthe Festival
  eg:Today is the Double Ninthe Festival,also called Senior’s Day.On this day,people climb mountains,enjoy crysanthemum wine.
  589.个性号牌 personized license
  eeg:A Beijing resident secured the first personized license plate reading "NV8888" at 8:30 am Monday.
  590.wallflower 舞会上害羞的女孩
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:17:45
  591.融资融劵 margin trading
  eg: China Securities Regulatory Commission announced Sunday it will soon launch margin trading business for securities firms.
  592.伴飞卫星 accompanying satellite
  eg:Chinese scientists Sunday successfully directed the accompanying satellite BX-1 to begin circling the Shenzhou-7 spaceshio on an elliptical track of 4km multiplying 8km.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:28:49
  593.社交网站 social networking site
  eg:The growth of social networking site ,such as Facebook,has been the line between real and virtual friendship become increasingly blurred.
  594.冒险家 adventurer
  eg:A Swiss adventurer flew into the history books on September 26 by crossing from France to Britain on only a jetpowered wing,describing afterwards how he felt"like a bird"over the English Channel.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:37:06
  595.“long in the tooth"
  俗话说:“牙痛长腿疼短”。牙齿发炎时,会比平时长出一截。但英语中long in the tooth跟牙痛没有关系,它的意思是”上了年纪“。long in the tooth这里的”牙“指的不是人牙而是马的牙齿,马的牙齿是随着年龄的增长而增长的,年纪越大牙越长。所以要看马老不老看看牙齿就知道了。后来这种说法也用来指人上了年纪。
  eg:She was lean,and yellow and long in the tooth.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:41:42
  (1)I am so depressed.
  (2)I feel so upset。
  (3)I’m in a bad mood today.
  (4)I feel kind of blue today。
  (5)I am so down。
  (6)I feel low today.
  (7)I’m not in the mood。
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:48:10
  597.cry in one’s beer
  酒吧在西方是很盛行的,一般人都能消费。西方人经常去酒吧,一边喝酒一边聊天。有的人心情不好时也喜欢到酒吧去喝酒解闷。我们今天讲的俗语就是和这个习惯有关。”cry in one’s beer“意思就是“坐在酒吧里对着啤酒哭”,”自己可怜自己“。
  eg:Come on ,Joe!Instead of sitting around in a bar all day cry in your beer about not having any money,shy not get off your bottom and look for a job.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-07 11:56:55
  598.人身意外保险 personal accident insurance
  eg:The Chinese Insurace Regulatory Commission said recently that it would try to perfect the present tourist personal accident insurance system.
  599.经济适用住房 affordable housing
  eg:Local media in Guangzhou reported recently that an estimated 20000 graduates in the city are still living on their university campuses,unable to move out because of the unvailability of affordable housing.
作者:shanghaiqianshui 时间:2008-10-07 14:54:14
作者:xjjaid13 时间:2008-10-08 16:58:35
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-08 17:36:24
  600.fat farm
  有一些健身俱乐部一到长假期就会组织一些减肥健身活动的“集训”,在美国也有这样一种地方,叫做“fat farm”。farm就是“农场”。fat farm这个说法也许会引起误会,使人以为这样一个农场里面全市旁人。实际上,一个人到fat farm去是因为他想减肥。fat farm是一种健身治疗所,去那里的人要做大量的锻炼,但是东西吃得很少。有的美国人很难控制他们的体重,所有每年都会去一两次。例句:
  My sister Sally is back from the fat farm again having lost 20 pounds there.But by the way she eats,I’m sure she’ll gain it back and be back on the fat farm next year.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-08 17:45:24
  601.’Mare’s nest’
  在英语里,"mare’s nest"表示"虚幻、不真实的事物",是"子虚乌有"的意思。说到其渊源,简单得近乎荒诞:因为母马从不筑巢穴,所以mare’s nest(母马的巢穴)自然也就不存在。由此,"mare’s nest"常用来比喻"原以为重要的追求,到头来却空欢喜、梦一场"。或许,人们又觉得,不会筑巢的母马即使筑巢穴也会搞得一团糟(更荒诞的推理),所以这个词又可用来指代“杂乱、无序、棘手"的状况。请注意,"mare’s nest"常与动词find搭配。
  例句:He thought the girl could be his wife-to-be, only to find a mare’s nest.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-08 17:48:21
  602.’Take wooden nickels’
  国庆出游喜气洋洋,但也要谨防上当受骗!送人远行,这句挂在口边的告诫语"当心、别上当"通常表达为Don’t take any wooden nickels。这句相当流行的美国俚语出现于19世纪早期,那时正值"大移居"时期,无数乡下人移居到大都市。这句话最初是警告移居者要当心城里的骗子,那些骗子有时会用wooden nickels(木制镍币)欺骗乡下人。久而久之,wooden nickels就用来指所有的欺骗手段和言行不一的行为。
  例句:Have a good trip to Chicago, and don’t take any wooden nickels.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-08 17:54:28
  603.tongue in check 说话不当真
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 10:22:48
  604.整顿 overhaul
  例句:The government has vowed to overhaul the country’s milk collection system to prevent contaminated milk from reaching food-processing plants.
  605.兔唇 cleft lip
  例句:Women who binge drink in the first 3 months of pregnancy have an increased risk of having infants with cleft lip and cleft palate, according to findings in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 17:35:05
  606.人肉搜索 human flesh search
  例句:A Beijing court has issued what’s being treated as the first decision to award damages for emotional distress in a case involving human flesh search engines. A Beijing man surnamed Yan won RMB10000 in emotional damages from his former employer, along with RMB1300 for economic losses.
  607.可替代能源 alternative energy
  例句:Development of alternative energy should create more than 20m jobs around the world in coming decades as governments adopt policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a UN report released recently.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 17:39:46
  608.倒计时 countdown
  例句:China started an 8-hour countdown to its 3rd manned space mission Shenzhou-7 at 1:10 pm Thursday.
  609.普查 census
  例句:China will carry out its 2nd economic census between October and December.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 17:44:15
  610.卡丁车 go-kart
  例句:28 couples in Shunde, Guangdong tied the knot in a group wedding Tuesday, with the bridegrooms receiving their brides in horses, red sedans, bicycles, and even go-karts.
  610.暴雨 torrential rain
  例句:8 people died and 38 were missing amid torrential rain in Mianyang,Sichuan.
  611.No picnic 不愉
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 17:52:25
  612. 荧屏外的友谊 off-screen friendship
  例句:The movie also marked the beginning of an off-screen friendship between Robert Redford and Paul Newman spanning some 5 decades.
  613. 驱逐舰 destroyer
  例句:A US destroyer off the coast of Somalia found Saturday the hijacked Ukrainian cargo ship.
  614.On the cuff
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 17:56:49
  615.贸易顺差 trade surplus
  例句:China’s trade surplus fell to $151.99b in the first 8 months, down 6.2% year on year, the General Administration of Customs said Wednesday.
  616.零排放 emission free
  例句:The world’s first "emission-free" coal-fired power station was inaugurated in Germany Tuesday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-09 18:00:08
  617.藏学家 Tibetologist
  例句: A delegation of Chinese Tibetologists has visited Britain and held talks with British officials and members of parliament to promote understanding and exchange of views between the 2 countries.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 09:45:36
  618.高清电视 high-definition television
  例句:A media company in the United A rab Emirates plans to launch the country’s first high-definition television channel in September.
作者:英语虫子 时间:2008-10-10 10:08:26
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 14:39:56
  619.黑带选手(柔道中达到最高级别者) black belt
  例句:Russian PM Vladimir Putin Tuesday presented an instructional judo DVD "Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin". It is the product of collaboration between Putin - a black belt - and former World and Olympic judo champion Yasuhiro Yamashita.
  620.拥堵费 congestion fee
  例句:Delegates of the CPPCC’s Bejing Committee proposed Wednesday the city’s central districts should practise traffic restrictions and levy congestion fees.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 14:52:57
  621.裸泳skinny dipping
  例句:Japanese police apprehended a Western man who went skinny dipping in a moat ringing the Imperial Palace Tuesday.
  622.剪纸作品 paper-cutting artwork
  例句:A paper-cutting artwork crafted by President Hu Jintao appeared at the 3rd Chinese Paper-Cutting Art Exhibition that opened in Beijing Tuesday.
  国家 胡锦涛的一幅剪纸作品7日在第三届中国(北京)剪纸艺术展上亮相。
  623.Nuts and bolts 基本要素、具体细节
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 14:55:15
  624.形体彩绘 body-painting
  例句:A body-painting competition for pregnant women was held in Haikou Wednesday.
  625.活女神 living goddess
  例句:Three-year-old Matina Shakya took her seat as the living goddess in Kumari Ghar in Nepali capital Kathmandu Tuesday.
  626.Sweat bullet 非常担心
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 14:57:32
  627.拉拉队 cheer squad
  例句:The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic
  Games has enlisted the help of US cheerleaders to perfect the dance moves and smiles of the Olympic cheer squad.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 15:10:32
  628.runoff 决定性竞选
  例句:Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai announced Sunday that he had withdrawn from Friday’s presidential runoff because of mounting violence and intimidation against his party.
  629.malfunction 故障
  例句:A spokesman for Air China has clarified that it’s an engine malfunction, not fire that forced its Paris-Beijing flight to make an urgent landing midway on Friday.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 15:17:55
  630.军队裁员 cut army
  例句:Russia plans to cut its army from 1.13m to 1m peop
  le by 2013, Russian Defense Minister said on Monday.
  631.点球大战 penalty shootout
  例句: Spain beat Italy 4-2 in the penalty shootout during the last Euro 2008 quarterfinal match Monday morning (Beijing Time) to reach the last four.
楼主cookie0629 时间:2008-10-10 15:25:32
  632. 锂离子电池 lithium-ion battery
  例句:Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. plans to build a new lithium-ion battery plant in western Japan.
  633.故意杀人 premeditated murder
  例句: Beijing man Yang Jia was charged with premeditated murder Thursday by the Shanghai procuratorate authority, which declared Yang guilty of killing
  unarmed policemen.
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