Walk across from ZhangMuYa to LiJiaCun

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Walk across from ZhangMuYa to LiJiaCun
   2008.7.5-6自由人 行走 樟木垭-乌木峪-熊家塔-李家村(永茂-四斗) (图文游记)
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  天下着大雨,但所有队员的心情却是另一翻情景。 大家有有笑地在火车站等车待发, 只是我们的庄家弟弟.......
   It was pouring, but all fellows were in good mood. All were talking, laughing now and then, waiting for the train, howoever, what's the matter with our brother ZhuangJia ?
  半小时在永茂下了火车 half an hour later, got off the train at YongMao station
  老天虽然还挥洒着毛毛雨,但我们已是汗流成河了。 在遇到的第一桥我们第一次休息
  Though it's drizzling, we were flooding in sweat only after a little stretch of walk. We took our fisrt break at the first bridge we met.
  又一座桥,N多小小的上坡后,又一座桥--桥还是一样的普通的桥,但桥的风景,桥 下的水却吸引我乌驻足欣赏了一阵.
   Another bridge, and little slopes upon slopes, we met another bridge , though , which was as common as the others, but the scene under it, especiall the water, got caught of our heart for stopping to watch.
  仰慕已久的方石岩就这样出其不意地出现在我们眼前。 之前,大伙已看过N次了她的芳容,也计划N次了要拜访她,只是一直没有成行。 此次的不期之遇,让大家兴奋了一阵子,以至一路上大家都念念不忘。
   All guys and girls were very excited when the FangShiYan appeared before us unexpectedly. In fact , FangShiYan was a mountain, famous for its shape, like a big square rock.
   Actually we had seen its photos on the internet many times, and had made plans to visit her. But our plans were not performed so far. This unexpected encounter made all of us talk about it all the way
  我们遇到一个好心的老人,得知我们的目的地,答应给我们带路。。。。。 但一潭清水引诱我们背信弃义,离开老人,我们跳入温柔的怀抱中,美不可言呀
   We met a warm-hearted old man who knew where we were going, promising to be our guide... but the girl of a crystal clear water allured us. We went for the girl instead of continuing to walk with the old man.
   Jumping into the girl's gentle and warm breast, We were all intoxicated, and the feeling couldn't be expressed in human's words.
  进入樟木垭, 几座美丽而雄伟的高山耸立在我们的前方,心虽已系她们,但小巧的风雨桥前面,我们忍不住驻足留影
   We arrived at ZhangMuYa village, three peaks soared highly into the clouds in beautifual and grand way. Though we were already attracted to them, but we could help stopping to take photos with the little pretty bridge
   The bridge called out the memories of my childhood. When I was a little child, there was a same bridge as this on the brook that flew before my village. Every day on summer, men and women, boys and girls enjoyed the cool in the bridge, some even slept there
  秀丽的大山下有一个美丽的小山村,只是在这里没有美丽的山姑等着我, 我只好稍作片刻的迷恋之后,继续赶路
   Another pretty and pastoral village at the foot of the splendid mountain, though, to which we were attached, We had to move on after a short break because there was no pretty girls welcoming us
  让我们都记住这一个地方,至少我会, 在这里,我们的帅哥做了了不帅的事。 “牡丹花下死,做鬼也风流。” 但胖子偏要“牡丹在他胯下死”,让我气愤啊,但也无可奈何,只好让我的PP做证, 花儿,下次遇见这位帅哥,千万离他远一点。
   Let's remember this place, at least I will. One handsome guy did unhandsome deed. I heard a saying: " As long as one died under the scented skirts of a pretty girl, one should be satisfied to be a ghost."
   However, this handsome guy, PangZi, did the thing of what he wanted the girl of peony to be die uner his crotch. I felt it's so unjust, thinking he should feel humiliated , but I could do nothing but take photos to witness what he had done.
   Peony, my girl, please remember to stay away from him as far as you could whenever you saw him
   Tall moutains, rustic wooden house, and green rice-plants, I really wanted to stay here for a life, of couse, if there was a girl who loved me had the same idea.
   This was the very arch-bridge that I often dreamed, on which I could stood with my dear girl, eying with each other so peaceful in leisure time, and all the love for the moutains and clear water melting into the love for each other.
  高山,绿树,玉米,木屋。。。。。。。啊,老天! 我亲爱的姑娘,你能感受到我心中所想么?
   Tall moutain, green trees, corn , wooden house...........OMG ! Did you feel the same thing, my girl 。
  This was the last arch stone bridge. We took a photo of team here.
  忠GG。 据说当忠GG很年轻时,一次经过这儿,看见一个二八如花少女正在沐浴,正当他羞怯难当想找一个地洞想钻进去时,那位少女对他妩媚一笑,并邀他共同沐浴, 但忠GG却吓得不溜烟地跑了, N年后,为少年不更事后悔不已.
  It's said that he passed here when he was pretty young, and a girl who was bathing asked him to take bath together
  开始进山了。 进山的路,是很辛苦,但为了到达山上所能见到的美景,一点汗水是值得的,何况还有山那边殷切的期待!
  Now, we were walking into the maintain. The path was rough, thus the walking was hard. But all efforts we paid were worthy - the beautiful scenes were waiting for us deep in the moutain, and there were more hope over the other side of it.
  中餐了。 人一饿了,什么都吃着香
  Having lunch. All food tasted good when were hungry
  过山中简易木桥, 公路的四通八达,也不知这木桥是何年何月就已存在了。 我们小心翼翼的,一次只通过一人,唯恐掉下去与石头亲吻。
   ZhuangJia was passing the simplest wooden bridge. Now the concrete road was everywhere, this bridge was not unknown for its birthday. We walked across it as carefully as we could, one people one time, lest falling down to kiss the hard boulders.
  up and up, All came into sight was only thigh, no peaks showed up.
  第二次山中休息。 虽是雨天,但毕竟是夏季,挥出去的汗需及时喝水补充。
   Taking the second break ever since walking into the moutain. Although it's a rainy day, after all it's in summer. We needed to drink water to replenish the water that were out of our body in the way of sweating
   This steep path was very slippery, the absent-minded ZhuangJia feared to fall, so he walked with the help of his crutch at the beginning of going up the mountain.
   In the true traveller's eyes, good scenes were everywhere. But the scenes we saw after a great of efforts were a kind of different things to feel.
   We finally got to the top of the mountain, and took a break for a while. Some guys cut sticks for support when we descended the mountain, in order not to fall down from the slippery path.
  Pamier, the best cameraman of our team
  We were now descending, the scenes on the downward course were as attractive as the ascending way
  快到山脚, 风景美得令人让人遐思绵绵,如果有水的话,真想就在这儿扎营。 带了相机的咔咔不停的拍下自己喜欢的PP。 其他人也是叽叽不断地指着说,那是什么山,这是什么山。
   We were approaching the foot of the moutain. The view was so fascinating that we were immerse in all kinds of thought while appriecating the scenes. We really wanted to camp there if there was water. Those who brought cameras lost no time to take snapshot of whatever they liked. Other fellows were busying pointing and speaking:"This was ... , that was .."
  女人爱花,男人爱象花一样的女人, 看来男女都色,上帝配得很妙啊
   Woman loves beautiful flowers, man loves the girls who were as beautiful as flowers. It seems that both man and woman were lascivious ? God did a great work of man and woman.
  终于到了乌木峪, 问问村民得知离我们打算扎营的熊家塔已是不远,心情一阵轻松,只是走在干涸的河床上,有一些失落, 我们一直还没有真正的溯溪。
   We got to the Wumuyu village at last. Having asked the villagers, we knew it's not too far away from the place where we were going to camp. We felt a little relieved. But we felt not just we had thought while walking the dried brook bed. Still we didn't really walk in a true creek.
  忧郁的庄家,疲惫的忠GG,微笑的兰兰,捉螃蟹的帕米尔。。。 神色各态,意味不一。。
   Zhuang Jia in melancholy, exhausted Zhong, smiling Lanlan, Pamier catching crabs.... All different of expression and movtion betrayed different feeling.......
  扎营地前最后一次休息, 以便达到营地后不太劳累,可以完成晚餐。
  WE were taking the last break before we got to the camp, so that we couldnot be too tired to cook our supper
  当我们休息时,含笑与铁匠捉螃蟹。 这一次的螃蟹可能没有上一次运气了 --上次在麻雀谷时,因为食物太多,我们让它们返回了大自然, 这次我们得当一次屠夫了
   While we were having a rest, Hanxiao and TieJiang were catching crabs. This time the crabs maybe not as lucky as the last time when we were at MaQue valley. At that time, we delivered the crabs we caught and let them return the nature, but this time we would be butchers of those crabs.
   God blessed us.
  我们在一个深潭边扎了营,这里离熊家塔还有一小段路。 但男人们都想裸泳, 因为水深,所以就不用担心被人看见隐私的地方。当然某些特别的人儿除外。
   We camped nearby a deep spool. The place was still a little stretch of way from the XiongJiata village. But since all men wanted to swim naked, so the deep water could hid all the private part of body that guys didn't wanted to be seen, of couse , except by some special people.
  洗菜,做饭, 准备餐具, 食欲一点点被激发起来, 还没等到菜熟,饱受肉体与感情饥饿双重夹击的庄家就吃了一碗饭.
   washing foods, cooking supper, preparing the dishes, our appetite was stirring little by little. Even the cooking was not finished, zhuangjie who was suffering from both the hunger of body and the eager of love couldn't wait any longer, he had had a bowl of rice without any tasty.
  我一直到裤带子松了几次才停止吃饭。 尔后,每人一点小酒,在兴奋中结束了晚餐,担心自烧,大家迫不急待想去下潭游泳,只是含笑占着位置不让,我们只得苦撑着 。。。。。。。。
   The supper was so good, we all approved that TieJian was the best guy to prepare the foods next time after we got to know that the foods were prepared by him. After giving him a great deal of honor, we began to feast. I didn't stop eating until I unfastened my belt for three times. Later, we drank a little ErGuoTou, a famous liquid. We were so excited that we worried we could be burning on some key part of our body, you know what I meant when I said 'key part of body'.
   We couldn't help wanting to swim in the spool , but the only girl, HanXian occupied it. We couldn't do nothing but waiting ....
   终于,轮到我们呆满了,当然是裸泳。 没有PP, 毕竟我们传统的男人,我们的裸体只献身于心爱的姑娘。。
   二宝看来水性最好了, 大家都扔下石头,然后他把它从潭里摸出来,赢得一阵阵掌声。最后帕米尔丢下一枚用白纸包着的硬币,但二宝即使戴着防水头灯最后也没有捞上来,这样结束了他水性好的卖弄。
   集体裸泳开始,只是水太冷, 我们没有尽兴,但在冰冷中颤栗着,不足半小时,大家纷纷上了岸。
   Finally , it's our turn to swim, naked. No photo, we were man who just wanted our dear girls to know what our body were like .
   It proved that ErBoa was the best swimmer. EVerybody threw little white stone into the spool ,then he could always got it out of the water, which win him a lot of applause . At last, Pamier cast a silver coin wrapped in a sheet of white paper. This time, Erbao failed to get it ,even though he wore the water-proof head-light.
   Afterwards, we began to swim naked. We didn't enjoy enought of the nake swim because of the cold water that made us shiver. Just half an hour, we went ashore.
  油炸,直到炸得颜色黄到恰到好处。 入口,脆,香,猛,一分钟,就被一扫而光,留下一只最大的给帕米尔。如不是考虑到他捉到的螃蟹最多,我们可以狠心得全部干光。多贪的一群男人,看清楚他们,下次遇到小心为好。
   We were trembling from the coldness of water. Only the crabs could save us from the shivering. We didn't care what woudl happen if the crabs could enourage something up.
   Fried the crabs until its color became perfect yellow. Put the fried crabs into mouth, tasting... Wow, crisp,sweet,stiring..... The crabs were already in our stomach in a minute, leaving the biggest one for Pamier who caught the most of crabs. We could have eaten all of the crabs if we didn't take the fact into account that he paid a lot of effors in catching the crabs.
   How greedy this group of men were. Get a close look of them, better to stay away from them next time when you met them.
  我们这次旅行,路程没有以前任何一次长,但却觉得比以前都要疲倦。 我们围着篝火扯谈不到两小时,一个个纷纷钻进帐篷,很快就进入了梦乡。
   We didn't know why we walked not as long as every time before, but this time we felt more exhausted than ever. We talked for less than two hours around the campfile, then we all got into tents and fell asleep.
   但大约20分钟后,大雨成了小雨。 尽管我们感觉到河水不会涨得太大,尽管我们一万愿意再入梦想,但我们还是清楚什么最重要。
   安全第一,永远都是出行的第一原则。 珍爱生命,不仅是为了自己,也是了为了爱人,为了孩子,为了朋友,为了父母。。。
   Ididn't remember what I dreamt last night, but the pattering heavy rain clarified my mind: we were in danger.
   In order to swim naked, we camped in the dry part of a brook. But The God made a joke with us. The peaceful sky broke by the rain.
   Twenty minutes later, the heavy rain grew a little one. We felt the water would rise high enough to get into our tents. Although what we did want that time was to get into dream again, but we always knew what was the most important for us to do.
   Safety was the top principle of camping-out. Valuing our lives, was not only for ourselves, but also for our lovers ,children, friends, our parent.....
   We got used to long walk. Being tired was nothing for us as long as the safety was ok. So we made our mind to pull out at 3:30 this morning after packing hastily our things.
   黑夜掩盖了所有的东西,包括道路。 我们能做的就是沿着公路走,我们相信,公路肯定会把我们引向等车的地方。
  跟着大路这条原则,也不是绝对正确, 在一个岔口时,两条路都是公路,我们恰好走了错的那一条。 打那这后,我们就一直没有再错过了,一直顺利到达待车的地方
   The darkness covered everything, including the path. So what we could do was to follow the road, we belived , which must be leading us to the village where we were supposed to wait for us and go home.
   But the rule of following the road was not absolute right, we took the wrong way when we met the first fork in our way. Afterwards, we kept the right way till we got to the very place where we waited for bus.
  在回家的路上, 我们有幸看到云雾缭绕的山峰,如此迷人,我们好几次都想下车拍照,只是我们太疲劳了
   IN the way home, we got the chance of catching the sight of foggy-scenes of mountains that were trully so charming that we almost got off the bus to take the better of photos of them.
   But we were too tired, so we took some photos on the bus.
   The more we walked, the more we love our hometown. Our hometown is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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