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I am curious but clueless when it comes to knowing how many people are reading/following this blog. Some days I feel like there might actually be quite a few people reading my posts, while I other days wonder where everybody went. Anyways, since I often write about plans/ideas that I have, I thought that it might be time for a small update of how some things are going, or went.
  Remember Little muschle guy ? Well, some weeks ago I actually bumped into him at Starbucks (He seems to live there) and he was very keen to chat. I kept talking about being 'sooooo busy' to that he would take a hike, but he didn't seem to get it. And then, he suddenly decided it was about time to ask me out. And I had to say: 'no, I have a boyfriend, just like I told you!' just so that he could go 'you do?!??! You've never told me that!??'
  Well actually, that just proves that I was right about this thing. Not only does he has too much muscles for his own good, but he also doesn't listen... I have told him at least 4 times that I came here with my boyfriend, that we live there and there... yadi yadi... well I guess some people only hear what they want to hear. But any-hoo.... now when this is out of the way little muscle guy looks at me with hurt eyes. He never talks to me anymore, and barely says hello those times when we meet at the gym. It suits me just fine... I am just thinking that gosh, why is that guy so weird?! If he would have just listened to me/or my signs in the first place none of this would have happened?! But I have to say that it's quite nice to be able to go to Starbucks without being worried about bumping into him.
  Something that hasn't gone so well as the above situation is my Half marathon training... I was actually doing surprisingly well until my health started to crumble this fall. Well first it was that d*** birthmark that needed to be removed (meaning: no serious running for 10 days, although I cheated and went to a Hash House run!), then, once the stitches were off I came down with a 2-week-flu... that I just got rid of... just to catch a new cold, something that happened as recent as yesterday. Since the Hangzhou marathon is already on Nov 9 I guess I am trying out a new tactic for this race, called 'rest yourself into shape.' Yup that's right folks. Resting it is. (I think we all know that I am not going to make my challenge anyways...)
  As for Rocky, alias the Hunan boy, he still calls me You La and we are still good friends. He's probably taught me more Chinese than I've learned at the university altogether. His brother is also a really nice guy, which has made me think that people from Hunan in general are really cool. (seeing that I base this statement on the 2 Hunan people I know, you might not want to take it too seriously....) One thing is for sure, thought, and that is that they have the cutest dialect -often pronouncing 'N' as 'L' when they speak. ("How about some 'nui lai' -milk- with that coffee?")
  Oh, and finally.... the nasty bully grammar teacher that I eventually escaped from by swapping class, is now my essay writing teacher. She still really dislikes me, anyone can tell, but I only have to deal with it once/week rather than 4/week so it's OK. Yesterday she made a remark about 'Ou Mei ren' (= people from Europe and USA) are 'sooooo tall' so maybe that's the problem. She's jealous of my height? (although she's pretty tall herself I have to say). Anyways, I really don't know what her problem is, and I am not too keen to find out, unless I unexpectedly fail my essay writing class this semester. I have to say I am so happy about swapping class though. My new class is a pure treat compared to the old one, student and teacher wise.
  Hm... anything else? I can't think of anything now, but let me know if there's something more I've written about that I should follow up... I have to go and drink some more tea (to cure this cold.. grrrr) and then head off to school. I love the fact that it's Friday today. Makes a heavy head feel a bit lighter.
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