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  You shouldn't have done that,but I glad you did it.
  i am glad...很虚伪的一句话,呵呵,跟老外客气的时候可以用,不过有虚拟语气,注意了。
  punpkin head
  pumpkin head
  I should go on the diet.
  貌似go on a diet的多一些
  pu out the cigarette
  put out
  start to do 停下来做某事 改 :stop to do
  start to do sth与start doing sth 没有明显的区别 不过跟不定式的动作更明显些。cease是个特例。
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  更正:The pot calls the kattle dark.半斤八两
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  更正:The pot calls the kettle dark.半斤八两
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  不过工作很头疼的,呵呵 希望你能坚持下来。
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   43.Hi-tech Romance p.286
  Both Charlene and Robert are librarians. Charlene is from America and Robert is from Australia. Four
  days after they met face to face for the first time, they got married. "That was quick," you might think.
  Actually, they had known each other for nine months before they met. Thanks to e-mail (electronic mail),
  they had been corresponding with each other through their computers.
   It all started when Charlene came across Robert's note in her computer. She replied to it. From then on,
  they would not only get in touch but flirt with each other. That was how this "hi-tech" romance began. Sound
  interesting? Well, if you're looking for a spouse, why not give it a try? Who knows? You might be just as
  lucky as Charlene and Robert.
  There was an earthquake here ,two days before he came.
  face to face adv. In an interview, you've got to talk to him face to face. interviewer邀请者 interviewee 被邀请者
  I'm no stranger to chocalate.
  She has a craze for chocalate.
  She is crazy about chocalate.
  I first got acquainted with Henrry four years ago.
  They had been acquainted with each other for nine months before they met.
  correspond with sb 通信
  Although I was a college student away from home,I corresponded with family by E-mail.
  His actions corresponds with his words.言行一致。。。
  It all started ... all 习惯写作
  come across = happen on 偶遇 I came across/bumped into an old high school friend while in town yesterday.
  a company 公司 company 同伴,前面不要加a
  turn off the computer
  answer my letter,reply后不接letter
  flirt with 调情
  Although I'm moving,I hope we can still get/keep in touch with each other.
  spouse 配偶
  Why not give it a try/shot?
  left-handed = lefty 左撇子
作者:邢思远 时间:2008-12-21 10:48:25
  interviewer邀请者 interviewee 被邀请者
  面试官、面试者 是说er 跟ee 的用法
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  44. Better off with E-mail? P.295
  Steve is chatting with his sister, Diana.
  S: Gee, Diana, you're always at home. Don't you have any friends to go out with?
  D: Sure, I do. But all my friends are either out shopping or they're boring. And you know I hate shopping.
  S: Get a boyfriend. I'm sure you won't be bored then.
  D: Actually, I want to meet some interesting guys but I don't know how to.
  S: Why don't you try E-mail? You might get lucky.
  D: I don't think so. Besides, dating through e-mail is neither personal nor romantic. Why don't you introduce
  me to some of your friends?
  S: Why didn't I think of that? How about my best friend, Fred?
  D: Uh… maybe I'll be better off with e-mail.
  well off 富裕的,处境好的
  He is well off with his small house/running his grocery store.
  lazy English
  chitchat 闲谈,聊天have a chat with sb.
  They are shotting the breeze.侃大山。。。
  He is a nice man to be with.
  I'm in debt.
  may/might as well 不防+V.原形
  We may as well go to see a movie tonight.I don't want to stay at home.
  I am bored with watching TV.Let's go out and play.
  I am fed up with ... 厌烦,fed是feed的过去分词
  I am fed up with these mosquito. Let's go back inside.
  strike, struck He struck up a conversation with a girl at the party. 打开话匣子...
  lowercase 小写a small e,a lowercase e,
  personal, private
  introduce A to B
  I introduced Peter to my sisiter,when she visited us.
  I'm sick of that guy.
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  these mosquitos
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  45. Tough Guys Do Dance p.301
  Not only is Thai boxing violent but it is also bloody. Yet it involves the arts of dance and music. It
  is both ugly and beautiful at the same time. That's why it's so exciting to watch.
   Thai boxing was created by soldiers over five hundred years ago. The fighter use every part of their
  bodies, especially their feet, knees and elbows to strike their opponents. Their deadly style has earned
  them respect from other martial artists.
   Surprisingly, the fights start off with a graceful dance. The dance is in honor of the boxers' teachers.
  There is even a small band which plays along with the dance and during the fight. So, who says tough guys
  don't dance?
  tough = rough 霸气十足的
  bloody 血腥的
  Not only is /do...
  Not only is Thai boxing violent but it is bloody.
  Not only is Thai boxing violent but it is also bloody.
  Not only is Thai boxing violent but it is bloody as well.
  play around 玩耍,鬼混
  I am involved in a big project right now, so I don't have much free time.
  We dance to music. 随着音乐跳舞 dance with sb
  get down on your knees 下跪
  mischievous = naughty 顽皮的
  He is back on his fit. 身体复原,东山再起,...
  He was down for a while.失意的。。。
  Chinese martial artists 武术家
  wrestle with sb.摔跤
  start off = begin
  graceful 反义 awkward
  be in honor of sb 致敬
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  46. Anything for a Kiss
  Martin and Sally have just watched Thai Boxing.
  M: How did you like the fight, Sally?
  S: I found it not only too violent but also very brutal.
  M: You're right. It's amazing how the fighters can take not only the punching but all the kicking as well.
  I wouldn't be able to handle it.
  S: Oh, don't be so modest, Martin.
  M: No, really. I wouldn't fight one of those tough guys for all the money in the world.
  S: Would you do it for a kiss?
  M: That's a different story. Sure, I will. But you've got to pay in advance. (Martin tries to kiss Sally.)
  S: No, please don't. I was only kidding.
  (I would do) anything for a kiss.
  Watch out for that taxi, Peter. 小心 = look out,Be careful.
  How do you like Bruce? = How do you feel about Bruce? = What do you think of Bruce?
  He is as bad as can be.坏透了。。。
  violent 指本性,自然 brutal 指后天,修饰人 He is brutal by nature.
  typhoon thunderstorm
  It's amazing to find that Bruce speaks seven foreign languages.
  He punched(or hit) me on the back. He punched me in the nose. 打在软的地方in
  punch in/out 上下班打卡We have to punch in when we go to wok and punch out before we leave.
  He slaped me on/in the face.
  handle = deal with = cope with
  Bob can't cope with his girlfriend's complaining.
  thorny 多刺的,痛苦的
  fight sb = fight with sb
  beforehand = in advance adv.预先
作者:邢思远 时间:2008-12-22 17:19:28
  冻毁了,呵呵 谢谢关心。
  He is back on his fit. 身体复原,东山再起,...
  back on his feet,
  He slaped me on/in the face.
  fight sb = fight with sb
  fight for /against/with
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  Though it is generally accepted that junk food is not healthful, American fast-food restaurants are
  popping up all over the world. These restaurants are for people who are always in a rush. If they don't
  have time to sit down to a regular meal, they race over to the nearest McDonald's. There they can quickly
  satisfy their hunger.
   Because Americans like things done immediately, they often order their food quickly at fast-food
  restaurants. They say, "A burger, fries and a coke!" though it's not polite, it's efficient. So when you
  are in the States, try to order this way. After all, in America do as the Americans do.
  47. Fast-food Talk
  be hard-pressed for time/money 时间/金钱不够用
  fast-paced 快步调的
  junk food n. 垃圾食品,无营养食品
  pop up v.突然出现,蹦出
  mushroom n.香菇 v.雨后春笋
  be in a rush = be in a hurry = on the go(口语,忙碌)
  a chain of restaurants n.连锁店 v. I chained him to the tree.
  Bill,please.Check please.burger=hamburger
  satisfy one's hunger/thirst 填饱肚子,止渴thoat
  quench one's thirst 止渴
  a coke (口) = a can of coke
  a milk(口)=a glass of milk
  In Rome do as the Romans do
  Tess is a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. Michael is a customer in a hurry.
  T: Good afternoon, sir. How are you today?
  M: Save it,, lady. Just get me a burger and fries.
  T: Would you care for a drink or anything else?
  M: Listen. Though I know you're trying to be nice, I don't have all day. If I want anything else, I'll
  mention it, Ok?
  T: Are you sure you don't want a dessert? A milk-shake maybe?
  M: No , just go and bring me my order, will you?
  T: Wait a minute! You look familiar. You're Michael Jordan, aren't you? Tell me, how does it feel to be
  such a famous basketball player.
  M: That's it. I've had enough. I'm going to a real fast-food restaurant.
  go nuts = go crazy = go bananas
  Waiter: I am at your service, Sir. 随时为您效劳
  boss somebody around/about [美俗]指挥他人,使唤别人
  cashier 收银员, 出纳员
  save it = save your breath = stop talking 少废话
  impolite 不礼貌
  Would you care for... = Would you like... 想要
  ...or what = or anything else = or something
  Don't mention it. = You are welcome. = It's nothing. = Not at all. = My pleasure.不客气 You bet 年轻人用法
  You wish. 你想的美
  de'sert v.抛弃 'desert n.沙漠 重音位置不同
  ditch = dump = desert
  milk-shake 奶吸
  You look familiar (to me).
  I am familiar with Hangkong. Hangkong is famaliar to me.
  How does it feel to be rich? ...感觉(滋味)怎么样?
  That's it. 够了
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作者:邢思远 时间:2008-12-25 15:45:47
  hard-pressed for time/money 时间/金钱不够用
    fast-paced 快步调的
  cashier 收银员, 出纳员
  Would you care for... = Would you like... 想要
  注意Care for 与care about的用法。
  i don't care.没关系
  i don't care for it.不喜欢
  I am familiar with Hangkong. Hangkong is famaliar to me.
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   I hate it when they with their mouths full of food.
  上面的一个例子宾语从句是wh-类,但用了 it 为什么呢?
作者:邢思远 时间:2008-12-25 15:55:18
作者:邢思远 时间:2008-12-25 15:59:39
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  有没有可能when they with their mouths full of food不是从句所以可以用when?
  when they with their mouths full of food这里面没有谓语~
楼主wuyong82 时间:2008-12-25 16:37:05
作者:anthemy 时间:2008-12-26 22:25:53
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  作者:anthemy 回复日期:2008-12-26 22:25:53 
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  49. Stop Snoring! P.329
  Millions of families have trouble falling asleep. Do you know why? There's someone in the family who
  has a snoring problem. The problem can be quite serious. In some cases, couples have to sleep in separate
  bedrooms. And in others, kids can never study or even watch TV once Dad hits the sack.
   So how can we avoid being a snoring nuisance? One way is to avoid eating a big meal before going to bed.
  Drinking alcohol near bedtime is something, which also causes snoring. Changing the position in which the
  snorer sleeps also helps. Another alternative is to wear ear plugs. But if all these ideas fail, you have
  only one choice: Wake the snorer up. Tell him it's his turn to watch you sleep.
  snore vi.打呼噜I must have been snoring.Snore is the sound we make or some people make when they sleep.Peter and me have already made
  that sound for you .If you are sleeping with someone who snores ,it's hard to sleep .So we often scold that person.Hi ,wake up.Stop snoring.
  annoy ,adjective
  How often do you have a physical (checkup)? 身体检查... physical problem
   problem,diffculty可数 trouble不可数
  It's difficult for me to write this letter.
  I have difficulty/trouble/a hardtime/problems writing this letter.
  Dear Jean letter 男给女的绝交信
  Dear Joan letter 女给男的绝交信
  deep-seated problem 老毛病 Smoking is his deep-seated problem.根深蒂固的 或:deep-rooted
  in most cases,in some cases,in many cases
  In the U.S in most cases, private schools are better than public schools.
  seperate a from b
  The teacher seperated the boy students from the girl students.
  a sack of grain
  hit the sack 就寝 = turn in = go to bed pillow 枕头
  mosquitoes 蚊子Mosquitoes are a nuisance in summer.
  He is a nuisance to be with.
  One way(to avoid snoring) is to avoid eating a big meal before going to bed.
  I avoid talking to him.
  eat between meals 吃零食
  avoid eating snacks between meals
  Don't eat between meals.
  gain so much weight
  liquor 烈酒snatch n.片刻wear ear plugs带耳塞
  alternative = choice = option
  Peter had no option/choice/alternative, but to fire Bruce.
作者:buxingjian 时间:2008-12-27 19:03:35
  我在背新概念第三册,已背完第十课:the loss of the titanic
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  50 Laser cures snoring
  A mother and son are talking.
  S: I can't stand Dad's snoring anymore, mom. I didn't sleep a wink last night.
  M: I understand. Neither did I. But what can we do?
  S: I read in a magazine that there's some kind of laser which can cure snoring.
  M: I read that, too. But it's pretty expensive. Besides, people who have tried it say it's painful and could
  cause voice change.
  S: Oh, I didn't know that. I guess there's no hope then.
  M: Well, I'll talk to Dad about it.
  S: I hope he agrees to do it. Anyway, a voice change will do him a world of good. Have you heard him try to
  sniff lately?
  M: Come to think of it, you're right.
  acronym 只取首字母的缩略词
  cure/heal patients cure diseases 不说:heal diseases
  stand = tolerate = bear=put up with 容忍
  I can't bear/put up with my students cheating.
  sleep a wink = don't sleep at all
  catch a wink
  That girl is winking at me.
  I was at a loss about what to do.
  kind of = sort of = a little = somewhat adv.
  It's sort of cold today.
  He is good-looking,in addition to/besides being nice.
  Dr.Smith will perform an operation on his patient tommorrow.
  a world of good = a lot of good
  do sb. good
  Doing excercise everyday does everybody a lot of good. 不说: do good to sb
  Working with Bruce did Peter a lot of harm/did a lot of harm to Peter. 可以说:do harm to sb
楼主wuyong82 时间:2008-12-29 21:31:43
  51.Thanksgiving p.348
  Thanksgiving which falls on the fourth Thursday of November, is one of the biggest American holidays. This
  holiday started in the early 1600's after settlers arrived in America. These people who came from Europe
  didn't know how to survive in the wild new country. Luckily, they met some friendly American Indians, who
  showed them how to hunt turkeys and grow corn. In the fall, after the harvest, the settlers had a great
  feast. They invited the Indians to thank them for their help.
  Today the tradition continues. On Thanksgiving Day, Americans invite their friends over for a turkey dinner
  and give thanks for what they have.
  "falls" in the text means "comes"
  on holiday(英) on vacation(美)
  They are vacationing in Mexico this year.
  settle down v.定居, 平静下来, 专心于 还有:He hasn't settle down. 指单身...
  ancestor 祖先 tell me about sth your ancestry 祖籍...
  jerk = turkey 怪才,怪人 a slang word 不说:a slang ,slang是不可数
  Quit smoking cold turkey. coldturkey = once and for all 一劳永逸
  feast 盛宴 -- a great meal for a special occasion
  treat sb to sth 请...
  on Teacher Day /on Labour Day/On Thanksgiving Day
  This food(dish) looks inviting/attractive.
  corny 陈腐的,土的That joke is corny.
  He is raising chickens, growing corn.
楼主wuyong82 时间:2008-12-30 19:44:36
  52. A Thanksgiving Get-together p.357
  Larry, who is from Taiwan, is studying in America. His classmate, Sue, who is American, is having a
  Thanksgiving Day party at her house.
  S: Hi, Larry. Are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?
  L: I don't have any plans.
  S: Good. I'm having a get-together at my house. Would you like to come?
  L: Sure, I'd love to. Should I bring anything?
  S: No. There will be plenty of salad, ham, corn, potatoes, wine and, of course, turkey.
  L: That sounds great. Do you want me to come by early to give you a hand?
  S: That's not necessary. Just come over at around two in the afternoon.
  everyone out there (by the radio可省略)
  Well, Peter, after work, let's get together for lunch at a restaurent. It's your turn to treat/It's your treat.
  We'll have a get-together after the basketball game. Do you want to come ? 聚会party
  miser 铁公鸡,吝啬鬼
  He is (a) Chinese.
  one Chinese, two Chinese 不说:two Chineses one American, two Americans
  auditorium 大礼堂 accommodate 容纳house Our school auditorium can accommodate(house) 1000 students.
  make a plan to do sth
  Tonight ,at home I have to make a plan for my trip next week.
  I'll be seeing movie tonight. or: am seeing, will see 都可以
  pot luck party 每人带一个菜的party
  plenty of plenty可看成adj.
  turkey 火鸡肉 turkeys 活火鸡 chicken 鸡肉 chickens 活鸡
  cucumber 黄瓜 lettuce 莴苣 raw
  fantastic 很棒的
  come by = come over
  That sounds great/like a great idea/fantastic.
  give sb. a big hand.给人鼓掌
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  53. Monkeying Around p.361
  Thai people believe that keeping monkeys happy brings good luck. So every year there's a day on which
  they have a special treat for monkeys called the Annual Monkey Feast. Hundreds of monkeys come from the
  mountains to "sit at" long buffet tables which are piled high with bananas, peanuts, watermelons and cabbage.
   Monkeys will be monkeys. So they fool around and fights break out. But nobody seems to care. Neither do
  the monkeys. They just stare back at the crowds of people who turn out to watch them. Then they continue to
  monkey around and have a good time.
  fool/horse/monkey/goof/idle/play around 鬼混
  get down to business开始做正事
  keep some animal as a pet
  He came on a day when it was rainning.
   have a special treat
  treat sb to sth 请...客 It's my treat.我请客 The doctor treated me for my illness.治疗
  treat sb to a concert/a movie
  He treats me cruelly.
  dozens of 好几十 不说:tens of
  hundreds of 好几百
  thousands of 好几千
  tens of thousands of 好几万
  hundrds of thousands of 好几十万
  Scores of people were standing in line to buy tickets. (旧式用法: twenties of)
  line up 排队 don't cut in (line). 插队
  buffet 自助餐厅 a French word
  put on weight/gain weight/lose weight
  Boys/Guys will be boys/guys. 本性难移
  An idle youth, a needy age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲
作者:邢思远 时间:2009-01-06 20:56:21
  49. Stop Snoring! P.329
  Drinking alcohol near bedtime is something, which also causes snoring.
  annoy ,adjective
  Dear Jean letter 男给女的绝交信
    Dear Joan letter 女给男的绝交信
  好像是Dear Mary letter 和 A Dear John Letter哦。
作者:邢思远 时间:2009-01-06 21:05:48
  jerk = turkey 怪才,怪人
  on Teacher Day
  Teacher's Day
楼主wuyong82 时间:2009-01-06 21:28:05
  long time no see~
楼主wuyong82 时间:2009-01-06 21:36:30
  Dear Jean letter 男给女的绝交信
      Dear Joan letter 女给男的绝交信
    好像是Dear Mary letter 和 A Dear John Letter哦。
作者:邢思远 时间:2009-01-07 09:01:26
  miser 铁公鸡,吝啬鬼
    auditorium 大礼堂 accommodate 容纳house Our school auditorium can accommodate(house) 1000 students.
    keep some animal as a pet
    He came on a day when it was rainning.
  on 介词的用法
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作者:wishok2009 时间:2009-01-07 12:19:44
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作者:鲸非鱼 时间:2009-01-07 12:52:00
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  晕~ 原来是老师,和老师谈话有伤和气~
作者:鲸非鱼 时间:2009-01-07 13:39:02
  呵呵 我是看门的 给学校看门的
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作者:鲸非鱼 时间:2009-01-07 14:00:31
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楼主wuyong82 时间:2009-01-11 11:52:39
  Drinking alcohol near bedtime is something, which also causes snoring.
  They thought a canal boat much better than a house,which must always stay in one place.
楼主wuyong82 时间:2009-01-12 11:10:15
  A 34-year-old married man who died recently had no children. When he died, his wife was not pregnant,
  either. But now that he's dead, he has a chance of becoming a father. How's that possible?
   After a man dies, his sperm remains alive for some time. In this case, the woman asked doctors to remove
  the sperm from her husband's body and store it in a sperm bank. Now, she can have the baby that she has
  wanted for a long time. She says it's as if her husband would come back to life again when the child is born.
  If that is so, wouldn't that make her husband her son?
  That women is still single.
  spinster 老处女(不雅)
  She is married to sb. 不用married with 或说:She married sb. Mary and I got married.
  She is dying to do sth./she is eager to do sth.
  be thoughtful of sb 体谅
  She is expecting(or pregnant).怀孕了
  how long have you been expecting?
  When is your baby due? 什么时候出生?due 到期 When is your check due?
  one egg or one sperm 一个卵子、一个精子 通常复数sperms testicle(s) 睾丸 wonb 子宫
  remain/be/keep alive alive不能用在名词前
  image bank sperm bank
  an image bank.You can get either from a book or from the internet .It is a very large collecton of pictures or drawings which you can find and then use.
  Don't spoil your image here. 损害形象
  The food has spoiled. The food has gotten bad.
  He has the runs.拉肚子。。。
  The boy seemed to have drownd, but later he came back to life. 苏醒过来
  Now that 既然, 引导现在时或现在完成时
  When you study english, you must be very dilegent. dilegent(重音第一音节)
  Betty is talking to her husband Dan
  B: Don't you think it's time that we had a baby?
  D: We're much better off without children. Think of all the trouble raising them.
  B: But it's only natural that married couples have babies.
  D: I don't want any brats who'll run around the house breaking things.
  B: Then I'll have a baby by myself.
  D: Don't be ridiculous. That's not possible.
  B: Yes, it is. I can adopt or go to the sperm bank or…
  D: Stop! Are you crazy? I forbid it.
  B: Then, can we have a baby together?
  D: Ok. You win.
  Baby is a term of endearment. 亲昵用语。。。 The baby is so cute.
  It's (about,high) time that he went asleep. 从句用虚拟
  much better off 好多了 从well off引出,日子过的好
  grocery store 杂货店
  running a grocery store
  Many students have trouble/difficulty (in可省略) writing English.
  toad 癞蛤蟆
  brat 顽皮的小孩 kid(口语) naughty,mischievous Nobody likes mischievous children.
  ridiculous = nonsensical 无意义的,荒谬的
  ridicule = tease v.嘲笑,奚落 The scientists ridiculed the professor's theory.
  In the past, the children of Asia had very few choices. A son would usually follow in his father's
  footsteps and do the same kind of job as his father. But now, young people have higher education which
  opens doors to new kinds of jobs. TV exposes kids to new ideas from other countries.
   So, the younger generations of Asians are doing things their parents never dreamed of. They're investing
  in stocks or dying their hair purple. Unfortunately, some are also getting into trouble with sex and drugs.
  Asian parents whose children are doing all this do have a reason to be worried.
  generation gap 代沟
  The generation gap seems very large today, because children today are very independent.
  In the past people walked to work, because they had no cars.
  in the past 可以用 uesd to do 代替
  In the past, the children of Asia had very few choices.
  The children of Asian used to have very few choices.
  accountant 会计师
  official 文官 officer 武官
  My neighbor bought the same kind of car as my father has.
  follow in one's footsteps
  Many young black Americans try to follow in the footsteps of M.
  I followed in Bruce's step and became a lousy English teacher.
  Don't expose yourself to too much sun in the summer.
  TV 电视节目 the TV 电视机
  I dreamed of Peter last night. It was awful.糟糕的。。。
   dream of 梦想,梦见
  That's the trend. 潮流,时髦
  creative 创意的
  Don't take drugs.不要吸毒
  get into trouble with 惹上麻烦
  Tom, whose parents are conservative, is talking to Karen, whose parents are open-minded.
  T: Boy, I'm really fed up with my dad.
  K: Why? What's the problem?
  T: My dad, whose upbringing was very strict, expects me to live by his old rules.
  K; That's too bad. He must be crazy.
  T: You know what? He even buys clothes for me, the styles of which belong to the fifties.
  K: What a nut!
  T: Hey, stop calling my dad names.
  K: But I thought…
  T: No matter what, he's still my dad.
  K: Like father, like son!
  Like father, like son 有其父,必有其子
  I like Bruce very much; his personality is pleasant.
  I like Bruce very much, whose personality is pleasant.
   personality 个性,性格
  or: I like Bruce very much because his personality is pleasent.
  or: I like Bruce very much, whose his personality is pleasent.
  conservative (traditional) 反义 open-minded (liberal)
  bald 秃头的
  Boy 唉
  be fed up with = be sick of = be tired of = be bored with 厌烦
  beef 牛肉 What's the beef? 什么事让你烦了,出了什么事了
  I was brought up in the city, but Peter was brought up in the country. So our upbringings were very different.
  be mad about = be crazy about 非常喜欢 be mad at 生气
  bib (小孩用的)围兜 apron 围裙
  What a nut! nut 疯子
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  about moral values
  More and more people are forgetting the saying, "Pride comes before a fall." I remember only a few years
  ago when things used to be so different. People used to be more modest and humble.
   As I looked around at my schoolmate the other day, I realized how different things are. People are so
  much more pretentious nowadays. With their fancy clothes and stylish hairdos, they appear too materialistic, which is not to my liking. I know modernization is necessary for advancement. However, I hope we don't lose our traditional moral values along the way.
  Clothes make the man. 人靠衣装,马靠鞍
  A moral education is very important for our students.
  I value your friendship very much. 珍惜
  Pride comes before a fall. 骄兵必败
  In your dictionary,there is no such word as 'modest'.
  These are new words to me.
  be proud of 以...为荣
  pride: It's too proud. cocky 趾高气昂,公鸡 look down on 轻视
  The new student's father is very rich.So he look down on us.
  humble 比 modest 更谦虚
  My teacher is a learned man. 与 learn 的过去时发音不同 'learned adj.
  I used to tease my sister when I was a boy.
  classmate同班同学 shoolmate同校同学
  pretentious 自命不凡的 -- show off character 气质
  Timmy always drive his new car slowly,so he can show it off to the other students.
  fancy clothes 花哨的
  to one's liking 令某人喜欢
  It is not to my liking.
  When/After I realized that Mary has a lot of money, I took a liking to her. 喜欢...
  This is used to show the difference between the spirit or your character or your idears and believes and your material or the things which you own which are things are like money or a car or your chothing or a ring and so on.If your life is just chasing material things,you just want money in your life,and you don't care about your character or about feelings or idears or other people's believes.Then we say you are too materialistic.
  Jason is talking to Kate, a classmate he likes very much.
  J: I don't understand why you dye your hair and wear all kinds of weird clothes, Kate.
  K: I guess that's how I attract boys.
  J: Yes, but the wrong kind of boys.
  K: What do you mean?
  J: The type of guys who go out with you wear earrings and have tattoos on their arms.
  K: What kind of guys do you think I should go out with then?
  J: Uh… somebody like me, for instance.
  K: Oh, is that so?
  J: The day will come when you know I'm right.
  K: We'll see.
  Kate is short for Katherine or Catherine.
  kite 风筝
  flying a kite
  dying 看后面有无宾语die后无宾语
  She is dying her hair purple.
  be dying to do = be eager to do
  It's so hot.I'm dying to drink something.
  consult/refer to the dictionary 查(词典) look up the word in the dictionary 查字
  look it up in the dictionary
  My sister is always attractive to(by) the color red.
  tattoo 刺青
  It's hard to take it off/out
  fad = fashion
  They are going steady. (口)确定的情侣
  We coughed and coughed and held our noses to give Peter a hint he should bathe/take a bath.
  bathe v. bath n. shower n.
  Where is the shower?
  The day when you know I am right will come.
  wait and see 走着瞧
  in one's arms 在怀中 arm用复数
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  作者:wuyong82 回复日期:2009-1-11 11:52:39 
    Drinking alcohol near bedtime is something, which also causes snoring.
  wonb 子宫
  Don't you think it's time that we had a baby?
    B: But it's only natural that married couples have babies.
  The children of Asian used to have very few choices.
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  hire a taxi 租出租车
  The plane is taxiing down the runway. 滑行...get ready to take off...
  We toured the city yesterday. We took a tour in the city yesterday.
  Peter's band toured Europe earlier this summer.
  The best way to get around New York is by subway.到处走动...
  You feel refreshed. 精力恢复...
  to get away from it all 摆脱所有
  in some cases = in some situations
  In most cases, winter is very uncomfortable in New York.
  comfy(comfortable口语) couch 长沙发
  give me a tip of one dollar = give me a dollar's tip 小费
  give me a tip on sth
  Peter gave me a tip on the stock market,and I lost all my money.
  know sth like sth 熟悉...象... I have lived in the city for 50 years. I know it like the back of my hand.
  Tour guide can help you with emergency.
  He can tell you whatever/anything that you want to know.
  He can take you wherever you want to go = take you anywhere you want to go = take you to anyplace where you want to go
  No matter how(However) rich he may be, I don't envy him.
  It's worth it to study English. worth 介词
  some good advice or a good piece of advice advice不可数 不说:a good advice
  keep your temper
   lose your temper
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  Jimmy is at the Boston Airport. He hails a taxi.
  T: Where to, buddy?
  J: The Sheraton Hotel, please.
  T: Ok. Is this your first time in Boston?
  J: Yes. What's a good place for sightseeing?
  T: If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can walk the Freedom Trail.
  J: I'm kind of strapped for time.
  T: In that case, whatever else you do, you must check out the observatory on the 63rd floor of the John
   Hancock Building.
  J: Isn't the building all glass?
  T: That's right. You can't miss it. Here's your hotel. That'll be $17.50, please.
  J: Here's $20.00. Keep the change.
  miser n.
  stingy adj. or cheap
  There is a striking change in his personality. 明显的变化... change 可数
  How much do you have in change? = How much change do you have? change 零钱 。不可数
  barber shop 男孩子理发的地方 beauty shop(or beauty parlor, beauty salon)美容院for the girls
  hail a taxi 拦一部taxi
  what's a good place for sightseeing/eating/seeing a movie?
  Thailand is a great place to go sightseeing.
  kind of=a little
  strap means tie or bind
  be strapped/hard pressed for time
  check out (the observatory) = take a look at
  I'm thought of/kind of fat right now,because I like to drink beer in the summer.
  look out over the city
  on the top of the building,look out over the city.
  Today, more people than ever before are speaking to each other through satellite television, cellular
  telephones and computers. This means that people from different parts of the world need to be able to
  communicate in the same language. That language happens to be English.
   Because of this, experts have predicted that more than half of the world's 6,000 languages may die out
  in the next century. Already almost all Californian Native American languages are in danger of extinction.
  They are being swallowed up by English and other language. It is a pity, but that is one of the prices of
  Don't use dirty/bad language 脏话 (language = speech)
  I am dying to see the new movie with Madonna.两个意思:和 Madonna看电影,电影里有 Madonna。
  than ever before = than ever = than before
  handy 方便的
  Bruce wrote a letter to Peter in English.
  sector = area
  It happens that I have 20 dollars. 演变: I happen to have 20 dollars.
  die out = become extinction 绝迹
  Native American 土著人 native American 美国出生的 a native zhuang
  capitalize 将...大写
   Sally is talking with her friend, Don.
  S: Tell me, Don. How come you're from Spain but you can't speak Spanish very well?
  D: It's not my mother tongue. My father is Spanish and my mother is American. We usually speak English at home.
  S: Oh, I see.
  D: Your Spanish is probably better than mine.
  S: Yes, but you speak English more fluently than I.
  D: How come? Aren't you American?
  S: Yes, but my mother is Spanish.
  D: Don't tell me...
  S: That's right. We usually speak Spanish at home.
  D: It doesn't matter as long as we can communicate.
  S: That's true.
  I have the same car as you do.
  mother tongue = mother language = native language
  My father is Spanish and my mother is American. Spanish,American是adj.
  or: My father is Spanish/a Spaniard and my mother is an American. n.
  spinach 菠菜
  Betty bettered her performance by studying hard. better vt.提升
  He is a fluent speaker of English. = He is a good command of English.
  A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  Don't tell me. =I don't believe it. What a coincidence.
   Italy is a land of history and culture. And as we all know, the ancient architecture there is
  breathtaking. Just as we Chinese are proud of our history and culture, so are the Italians. One of their
  traditions is to enjoy a long midday meal. This lengthy lunch can last up to four hours! As you can imagine,
  after all the eating, drinking and chatting, they need to take a nap.
   Well, this custom may be great for the stomach, but it's not so great for getting things done. If you
  happen to be in Italy, don't be surprised if you have to wait for a long time for the banks and post offices
  to open.
  They have a sense of fashion.
  sauce 调味酱 noodle 面条 cuisine 烹饪
  land 土地(不可数) a piece of land
   a land = a conuntry 国土
  As we all know, Peter has many interesting hobby: music, photography and mountain-biking.
  breathtaking 扣人心眩的 What a breathtaking sunset!
  Bruce is a nice man,which we all know.
  Good grief, I forgot my keys.老天。。。
  be proud of 以...为荣
  When my son return the pocketbook he found to the lady , I feel very pround of him.
  midday at noon
  take a nap 小睡
  take a rest/take a break
  punch in/out 打卡上下班
  get sth done 完成
  It happens that I have ten dollars. = I happen to have 10 dollars.
  Lesson 66. It's Nap Time 现在是午睡的时间
   Mr. Mishima, a Japanese tourist, enters a bank in Milan, Italy.
  M: Uh, excuse me...
  T: Zzzzzzzz...
  T: Aggghhh! What do you want? You scared the life out of me!
  T: At this hour? You must be kidding!
  M: But it's two in the afternoon.
  T: That's right--- and as usual, it's nap time. Come back at three or four. We don't work the same hours
   as you do in your country.
  M: But I have to cash this check. I have no cash!
  T: Don't worry. You won't need any cash. All of Italy is asleep at the moment. Zzzzzzzzz…
  It's a snap. = It's cinch. 很简单 take a nap 小睡
  make it snappy = hurry up
  yell at sb 大吼
  snore 打呼噜
  sb scare the life out of sb (口语)吓死了 相当于you scare me to death
  I am afraid/scared/frightened of my father, because he is hard on(strict with) me.
  What can I do for you,sir/man? 客气 or: May I help you?
  draft 汇票
  fall aspeep 睡着了Because of my neighbour's dog,I couldn't fall a sleep last night.
  The dog is barking at me.
  to worry sb sick 使...担心死了 My son worries me sick.
   Many people seek fame and wealth. Gul Muhammed sought neither. However, through fate he is famous. He
  is so sort that he is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest man in the world. He measures
  only 57 centimeters. Though he has fame, he is not rich. In fact, he's too poor to pay his own medical bills.
   Recently, when Gul became so ill that he had to be brought to the hospital, he didn't have enough money
  for the medicine. What a pitiful man he is! His story tells us that fame and wealth do not always go hand in
  hand. Indeed, Gul is a living example of the saying, "All that glitters is not gold."
  All that glitters is not gold. 闪闪发光的不都是黄金
  be as poor as a church mouse
  widow 寡妇
  seek = look for = be in search of
  notorious = infamous 恶名昭张 be notorious for naughty
  Don't bow(surrender) to fate. 不向命运低头 bowtie 蝴蝶结
  stout -- thick,black,bitter beer 黑啤酒 potbelly大肚皮
  What's your weight/height?How much do you weight?
  be poor at sth 很差 be good at
  medical bill 医药费
  foot the bill = pay the bill 付账
  When his father fell ill, Tom rushed home from work.
  miserable 惨的 pitiful 可怜的 It's a pity/a shame/pitiful/too bad he can't come.
  living 活生生的 living dictionary
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  (You should) mean what you say 说话算话
  make a promise
  Keep your promise
  Don't break your promise
  in cutthroat society 竞争激烈的社会 competitive 竞争的
  When it comes to eating,I can't compete with bruce.
  ruin/destroy one's reputation/a country
  He doesn't live here any more/longer.
  any more/longer 前面要有not.
  I give you my word .Don't go back on your word word不用复数. words吵架 promises 可用复数
  let down = disappoint
  as a matter of fact -- in fact
  live up to 做到 live up to one's expectations(永远用plural)达到某人的期望
  <If we want >to be trustworthy,we should always say what we mean and mean what we say.
作者:tclwlwzz 时间:2009-03-18 19:41:46
  不过我见到的都是些同义词,比如live up的同义词就是feel up
作者:hunan106 时间:2009-03-18 19:44:53
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  I would like to help you if there's anyproblem.
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  -_-|| 相逢何必曾相似,祝考BEC通过赚大钱!
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   Larry is talking to his classmate, Hedy.
  L: Hey, Hedy! What seems to be bothering you?
  H: I don't understand why my boyfriend finds it so hard to keep his word.
  L: What has he done this time?
  H: Well, he made a date with me to see a movie last night, but he stood me up.
  L: What a lousy guy!
  H: I know. And there's nothing worse than to be in love with such a guy.
  L: Why don't you just dump him?
  H: I can't.
  L: Why not?
  H: I promised I'd never leave him. And a promise is a promise.
  L: Oh, boy.
  A promise is a promise=Once you make/have made a promise ,you should keep it.
  What seems to be bothering(troubling,the matter/trouble with) you?
  I have no idea (about省略) + 名词从句 = I don't understand...
  I find that he is a nice man. = I find him a nice man.
  I find that it is interesting to learn English. = I find it interesting to learn English.
  make an appointment with sb 正式或公务之事 make a date with sb 男女之间的约会
  stand sb up 使空等
  lousy(俚)-- a poor quality 差劲的
  Oh,boy. = What a surprise! 好家伙
楼主wuyong82 时间:2009-03-23 20:06:50
  Seeing is believing. But seeing a huge rock half the size of Earth smash into Jupiter in July 1996 was
  incredible. Can you imagine what would happen if Earth collided with a huge space rock? It would be
  disastrous. In fact, it is thought that a meteor killed the dinosaurs millions of years ago.
   A rock like the one that hit Jupiter could split Earth in two. Doing nothing about it is like waiting
  for the end of the world. So scientists plan to start project to identify all space rocks that could hit
  be in danger
  go to her side到她身边
  Seeing is believing. = To see is to believe. 眼见为实
  incredible = unbelievable 难以置信的
  Peter collided with a bus,and then the bus was destroyed.
  When the typhoon hit the island,it caused many disasters.
  The show last night was a disaster
  a falling/shooting star流星meteor
  Earth 地球(相对于其它星球) the earth 指地球本身 on earth 在地球上(固定用法), 究竟
  The bus collided with the car and killed two people.
  do nothing about sth We should do something about our traffic problem.
  identify 辨别,鉴别
  A student is talking to her teacher.
  S: I hear that scientists are planning to study asteroids and meteors, right?
  T: Yes. They want to determine whether Earth is in danger of being struck by such a rock.
  S: What if they discover that a big one is coming straight for us?
  T: In that case, there are two things they can do. They can launch rockets to push the rock off its course.
  S: So that it will miss Earth, right?
  T: Right. And if that fails, we can try destroying the rock with nuclear missiles.
  S: Wow! I never thought that nuclear weapons could save the world instead of ending it!
  save your breath 别浪费唇舌
  save money存钱
  asteroid 小行星
  I (was) determined to do = made up my mind
  We are in danger of losing the rice crop if it doesn't rain.
  What (will/would happen) if...
  You can't miss sb/sth. 你不会错的
  You will be in trouble.
  intersection 十字路口
  Oh,look,it's raining.In that case ,we can't go on the picnic tomorrow.
  Let's go picnicking tomorrow. = Let's go on a picnic tomorrow.
  He swims like a rock. 游泳象旱鸭子
  in some/many/most case在有些/很多情况下/往往。
  Do you sometimes have a hard time understanding what Americans are talking about among themselves? Do
  you want to know why? The answer is, Americans are crazy about using slang. They tend to over do it, though.
   Otherwise, slang is fun to use. You should try it. And some slang is easy to understand. For example, if
  someone is "off the hook," it means that he is no longer in trouble. The "hook" is a fish hook. If a fish is
  on the hook, of course, it is in trouble. If it is "off the hook," then it is out of danger. Didn't we tell
  you slang is fun? Besides, it should at least help you feel more at home and not like a fish out of water
  when you speak to Americans.
  slang 不可数 a slang expression or two slang expressions 不说:a slang
  feel like a fish out of water 觉得别扭,不舒服
  I am having a hard time/fun/a great time (in可省略)/difficulty/trouble/a problem writing this love letter. difficulty,trouble 不可数 problem 可数
  be crazy about 疯狂喜爱
  tummy 肚肚
  Tommy is crazy about his new computer.He spends all his time in front of it.
  He went crazy.
  to over do it 做得过火 Old people shouldn't over do it when (they are) excerising.
  To work with him is fun. = He is fun to work with.
  Bruce was in trouble, because he broke the window.
  The table hooked my shirt and tore it.
  feel at home 自由自在
  Bob, who is Chinese, is speaking to his American classmate, Jill.
  J: Hi, Bob. What's up?
  B: I don't see anything up in the sky. Do you?
  J: No, Bob. "What's up?" is slang for "What's happening?"
  B: Well, why didn't you just ask me that in the first place?
  J: Get with it, Bob. Everyone uses slang in America. It makes speech more colorful.
  B: I'm having enough trouble learning English.
  J: But you should give it your best shot, Bob.
  B: Why?
  J: How else can you get to meet American chicks?
  B: What chick? I don't like eggs.
  J: "Chicks" mean "girls," you fool.
  B: Oh, I give up!
  get with it -- follow the trend 跟着潮流走
  两种说法:I am American. or I am an American. Chinese 一样
  What's up, man? 年轻人常用 answer: Nothing special. How about you? dude = guy = man 哥们,年轻人用
  How is it going? 还不错吧?
  be short of 缺乏 be short for 缩写
  US is short for United States.
  I am short of cash.Peter.
  in the beginning = in the first place 开始
  You speak in informal English.
  formal occasion : funeral, wedding
  speech 讲话(不可数) 演讲(可数): Peter made a speech to the students who fell asleep.
  deliver a speech 发表演讲
  speechless I was speechless when she said I love you. 无话可说
  best shot = best try
  how else 要不然
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  去百度搜柴蒙蒙 跟谁学 六个字 ,听她的课,有好多好多公益课,你的口语会有大进步的
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