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  A:Thanks, Mom, for All You Have Done
  1 We tend to get caught up in everyday business and concerns and forget some of the things that are most important. Too few of us stop and take the time to say “thank you” to our mothers.
   2 With a letter to my mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day, I’m going to take a minute to reflect. Feel free to use any of this in greeting your own mother on Sunday, May 10. Happy Mother’s Day to all.
   我们往往被日常事务缠住而忘记一些最为重要的事情。我们极少有人停下来花时间对我们的母亲说一声“谢谢你” 。
  Dear Mom,
   3 This letter, I know, is long past due. I know you’ll forgive the tardiness, you always do.
   4 There are so many reasons to say thank you, it’s hard to begin. I’ll always remember you were there when you were needed.
   5 When I was a child, as happens with
   young boys, there were cuts and bumps and scrapes that always felt better when tended by you.
  6 You kept me on the straight path, one I think I still walk.
   7 There was nothing quite so humbling as standing outside my elementary school classroom and seeing you come walking down the hall. You were working at the school and I often managed to get sent outside class for something. Your chiding was gentle, but right to the point.
   8 I also remember that even after I grew bigger than you, you weren’t afraid to remind me who was in charge. For that I thank you.
  9 You did all the things that mothers do — the laundry, the cooking and cleaning — all without complaint or objection. But you were never too busy to help with a problem, or just give a hand.
   10 You let me learn the basics in the kitchen, and during the time I was on my own it kept me from going hungry.
  11 You taught by example and for that I am grateful. I can see how much easier it is with my own daughter to be the best model I can be. You did that for me.
   12 Your children are grown now, your grandchildren, almost. You can look back with pride now and know you can rest. As mothers are judged, you stand with the best.
   13 God bless you, Mom.


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   develop 展开
   topic idea 主题思想
   paragraph 段落
   guidance 指导
   I really appreciate it. 非常感谢。
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  His Life’s Work
  1 When his wife died, the baby was two. They had six other children — three boys and three girls, ranging in age from 4 to 16.
   2 A few days after he became a widower, the man’s parents and his wife’s parents came to visit.
   3 “We’ve been talking,” they said, “about how to make this work. There’s no way you can take care of all these children and work to make a living. So, we’ve arranged for each child to be placed with a different uncle and aunt. We’re making sure that all of your children will be living right here in the neighborhood, so you can see them anytime… ”
  4 “You have no idea how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness,” the man said. “But I want you to know,” he smiled and continued, “if the children should interfere with my work, or if we should need any help, we’ll let you know.”
   5 Over the next few weeks the man worked with his children, assigning them chores and giving them responsibilities. The two older girls, aged 12 and 10, began to cook and do the laundry and household chores. The two older boys, 16 and 14, helped their father with farming.
  6 But then another blow came. The man developed arthritis. His hands swelled, and he was unable to use his farm tools. The children shouldered their loads well, but the man could see that he would not be able to continue in this way. He sold his farming equipment, moved the family to a small town and opened a small business.
  7 The family was welcomed into the new neighborhood. The man’s business flourished.
   He derived pleasure from seeing people and serving them. Word of his pleasant personality and excellent customer service began to spread. People came from far and wide to do business with him. And the children helped both at home and at work. Their father’s pleasure in his work brought satisfaction to them, and he drew pleasure from their successes.
  8 The children grew up and got married. Five of the seven went off to college, most after they were married. Each one paid his or her own way. The children’s collegiate successes were a source of pride to the father. He had stopped at the sixth grade.
   9 Then came grandchildren. No one enjoyed grandchildren more than this man. As they became toddlers, he invited them to his workplace and his small home. They brought each other great joy.
  10 Finally, the youngest daughter — the baby who had been two years old at
  her mother’s death — got married.
   11 And the man, his life’s work completed, died.
   12 This man’s work had been the lonely but joyful task of raising his family. This
  man was my father. I was the 16 year old, the oldest of seven. (460 words)
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  3-C:The Odd Couple (奇特的一对夫妻)
  1 I have always wondered how my parents were attracted to each other. Their personalities, temperaments, and attitudes toward money are all opposite (相反的). The saying that “opposites attract” certainly holds true for them.
   2 Their personalities are quite different. My mother is outgoing(爽直的) and friendly. She enjoys people because, to her, they are the most interesting form of life. When she meets new people, she greets them as if they were old friends, whether they are first time clients(顾客)at her beauty shop (美容院)or acquaintances(熟人)of someone she already likes. She loves to socialize. Making conversation(交谈)with any type(类型)of personality comes easily to her — it’s a natural quality(品质).
  3 My father, on the other hand, is conservative(保守的)and shy . Socializing is not easy for him. His shyness may give the impression(印象) that he’ s cold, but once he gets to know you, his warmth and sincerity(真诚) emerge(显现出来).
   4 When it comes to controlling one’s temper(脾气), my mother clearly outdoes(胜过)my father. She will tolerate(容忍)a lot before she gets angry and prefers to rationalize(自我辩解) rather than lose her temper. However, my father’s temper is like a short fuse (导火线) on a stick of dynamite (炸药). He will flare up (勃然大怒) immediately(立刻)when something is said or done wrongly. Also very stubborn(固执的), he always insists(坚持)that he is right. Our dinners often turn into debates(争论), with the issue(问题)usually being money.
  5 My mother is not a bargain(便宜货)shopper. She does not cut out coupons(赠券)or compare(比较)products or prices; she is impatient — if she likes something, she buys it. My father, therefore(因此), has always done our food shopping. He compares products and prices, looks for sales(廉价出售) and bargains, and buys only what he needs. He has also always taken care of our household finances(财政)and is the bookkeeper and accountant(会计) of the family. My father says that my mother has champagne(香槟酒)tastes (品味) with a beer(啤酒)pocketbook, and she says that he’s cheap, but there is a happy compromise(妥协) — she spends and he saves.
   6 “It must be love,” I say about this odd couple. They may be very different, but they are also very compatible(和谐的). Learning from each other ensures (确保)the success of their partnership(夫妻关系). (355 words)
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  美音hot, pot, mop里面的[o]更像是hard, laugh中的短的[a];
  going to会变成gonna;
  want to 会变成wanna;
  him等等前面的h通常不发音,meet him会读成meedim;
  What are you doing?实际可能是Wha tu doing?
  Military , secretary , 后面的ary美语音标是marry的[eri];相应的ory经常是读重音的。
  美语的half等等中间的音可能都成hat, mat等等中间的音