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  Porsche commercial
  A porsche commercial spot advertising the new 911 carrera.
  -Okay, class. Let’s quickly review Europe. Can anyone tell me what country this island is?
  -Very good. And just under that, we have a continent. Who knows what continent…
  -Who knows what continent this is?
  Danielle…? Right here.
  -Uh, William…can you tell us what’s so interesting out the window? Okay, pay attention this time, okay?
  --Can I help you?
  -Yeah. Do you have the new 911?
  -Yeah. It’s right over here. Do you wanna get in?
  --Do you have a business card?
  -Thanks. I’ll see you in about…20 years.
  It’s a funny thing about a Porsche.There’s the moment you know you want one, there’s the moment you first own one…and for the truly afflicted, there’s the decade or two that passes in between.From its first days on the road over 40 years ago, the 911 has ignited the kind of passion in drivers that only a Porsche can.And now, once again, it is poised to redefine what’s possible.Introducing the new 911 Carrera. It is, quite simply, the purest expression of who we are.
  911 Carrera
  (SAE) rpm
  325 hp – 6,800 rpm
  911 Carrera S
  (SAE) rpm
  355 hp – 6,600 rpm


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  :) nice figure
   MSRP: $73,500
   total cost to own: $100,834
作者:momoracing 时间:2008-12-31 22:29:40