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To-Do List Tip to Brighten Your Day
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  When we think of our to-do list, what do we primarily think of? Tasks, right? Processing tasks like a robot can make us feel like uninspired drones. But don’t despair, here’s a small but powerful idea that can instantly transform your day from mundane to special.
  The To-Do List Daily Qualifier待办清单日常衡量标准
  Here’s the secret. At the top of your to-do list add one or at most two qualifiers on HOW you will go about your day. These are to-do’s that are not “tasks” but rather positive ideas to incorporate into your day as you work your way through your list. For example, “Breathe Deeply” might be your qualifier for the day.They are there to serve as inspiration to be the person you want to be.
  Every time you look at your list you’ll be reminded of your qualifier. At the end of the day you can think back on how you implemented that idea, feeling a sense of accomplishment that is beyond task completion.
  Here’s a list of qualifiers you can use in your to-do list. Try to pick just one each day and then you’ll be more likely to actually do it! If you have some other qualifier ideas, please share them with us in the comments!
  Daily Qualifiers日常衡量标准
  1. Smile often.经常微笑。
  2. Think “Make It Happen” in all things today. 让它参与到今天所有的事情中。
  3. Help others - Pay It Forward.帮助他人——为他们做好事。
  4. No violence in my actions, words, or intentions.行为、语言和意图中没有暴力。
  5. Replace anger, irritation, resentment with compassion.用同情代替生气、愤怒和怨恨。
  6. Slow down. Be Caribbean inspired today.(you’ll probably get more done on days that you do this!)放慢速度。今天要有加勒比海盗的精神。(你可能在那几天做得比预计的要多很多!)
  7. Notice the little things today - colors, details, sounds, quiet, feelings etc.关注今天的小事——颜色、细节、声音、环境和感情等。
  8. Eat slowly.慢慢吃。
  9. Rest frequently especially when tired, hungry, cranky. Take a break.频繁休息,尤其在疲倦、饥饿或感到暴躁的时候休息一下。
  10. Send love to others today in action, words, and thoughts.用行动、语言和思想的形式给别人带去关爱。
  11. Appreciate every bit of good in my life. Think in terms of each thing you touch (i.e. your pillow) and do (i.e. walking, seeing).感激生活中点点滴滴美好的事物。想想每一件你接触的事物(如,枕头)和做过的事情(如,散步和所见所闻)。
  12. No losing my temper. I will observe how I feel when frustrated, breathe deeply and choose a different more patient way to react.不要发脾气。当我遇到挫折的时候,我会用心体会自己的感受,做一下深呼吸,然后耐心对待它。
  13. Speak softly today.今天就温柔的说话。
  14. Laugh - a lot - even when it doesn’t come naturally. Practice makes perfect.尽量多笑。尽管有时候不太自然,一切都能熟能生巧。
  15. Be kind.对人友善。
  16. Don’t absorb stress today. Gonna be late? No stress. Spill coffee on clothes. Oh well, no stress. Angry people? Wish them peace, move away from them, no stress.今天不要被压力压垮了。如果迟到了,不要有压力。把咖啡洒在衣服上,也没关系,不要有压力。惹人生气了,希望他们可以平静下来,离他们远点,不要有压力。
  17. Say a “thank you” in your mind for every good thing I notice today.今天要是遇到了好事,就在心里说“谢谢”。
  18. Enjoy the day.享受美好的一天。
  19. Have fun today.今天过得很快乐。
  20. Eat fruit.多吃水果。
  21. Eat veggies.多吃蔬菜。
  22. “Make it fun.”“使事情变得有趣。”
  23. Compliment others even strangers.称赞其他人,即使是陌生人。
  24. Live fully.充实的生活。
  25. No fear.不要害怕。
  26. Move more today. (more walking, getting up, shake a tail feather, etc)今天好好的动一下。(走更多的路,站起来,甩掉惰性等。)
  27. Really listen.真正用心去听
  28. Show love and appreciation generously to family and friends today.今天向家人和朋友表达爱意和感激。
  29. Sing. Whistle. Listen to music.唱歌、吹口哨、听音乐。
  30. *******Please share YOUR ideas in the comments!***********请在评论中和我们一起分享你的想法!
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  To-Do List Tip to Brighten Your Day 使用待办清单美好你的生活


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  6. Slow down. Be Caribbean inspired today
  there is more to do while at Caribbean than being a pirate. the key here is "slow down", like taking a vacation or relaxing at Caribbean.
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  wa sai
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