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看到时尚版有很多人发帖求监督减肥的,我也发帖求监督我学英语,呵呵。学习speak2me和studioclassromm, 计划目标先不要定的太高,每天各一课,每星期最少4天。
   Speak2me: Lucy’s world
  Accuracy:准确的、正确的,accuracy 的发音我以前总是读错。
  Encounter: to meet sth. or sb. unexpectly.
   Studioclassroom: Agatha Christie, the queen of Crime(我本来以为讲的是写哈利波特的作者,后来baidu了哈,原来是推理侦探小说女王。)
  Curiosity : 如果是 burning with curiosity, 意思是强烈的好奇心驱使。。。
  Dame 夫人;
  Career:职业, a career in ….
  Stage fright :怯场;
  Crime 分为felony 重罪 serious murder, capital punishment 死刑, corporal punishment 体罚;和misdemeanor 轻罪。


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  Speak2me : dealing with customers (中文标题是接待客户,我本以为是公司性质的接待客户呢,原来是柜台招呼客人。)
  Appliance: equipment, usually electrical. Especially for use in the home for domestic chores.用具、器具、家用电器。
  Function: to act or work in a specific way.
  Gift certificate: 现金礼券。
  Honor 在这里是承兑、实践的意思。
  Lend a hand : 这个简单, can you lend me a hand?
  Priority: 优先考虑的事;
  Proof of purchase: 购买凭证;
  Refund: 退款
  Valid: having legal force, acceptable or binding.
  Void: 使。。。无效,把。。。作废。
  Flashlight 手电筒
  Voucher: 购物券,优惠券。
  Warranty 保修单。
  Studioclassroom: the queen of crime
  She sent her book to more publishers, and at last at 1920 one published her book, and she earned 25 pounds. But things were not going well at home, she and her husband got a divorce, but then she met a young archaeologist and got married.
  Then they spent their most time in Middle East, that was so helpful for her writing. She had been writing all her life till 1970. And in her eighties, she died. But her book is still popular in the new generation. Who can resist the mystery?
  几个单词:resist拒绝, 后接名词。或者 resist + doing sth.
  Generation: 一代、时代;from generation to generation .
  英语里的小说的说法: 短篇小说:short story 中篇 :novella 长篇:novel
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  Murder Mystery Weekend
  this weekend, in Washington, a murder will occur, but don't panic.It's not real.
  from 1984, there is the murder mystery weekend every 25years. it becomes global event, almost 2000 people go ther , they are "would-be" detective. they arrived the visitor center on saturday. and then they will receive a packet. then they try to get the clues.....
  at sunday afternoon, the murderer wii be posted and "arrested", the right "detective‘ will get a reward.
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  今天没有studioclassroom 的视频,我正好偷个懒,呵呵。
   Speak2me:what have you been doing ?
  本文主要使用the present perfect progressive tense现在完成进行时, it describes action that began in the past and is still ongoing.
  如:I’ve been exercising for the past hour.
  You’ve been looking great.
  I’ve been gaining a lot of weight recently.
  Get in(to) shape: to become physically healthy 保持健康
  Nonsense: sth. That cannot be correct or logical.比如说你朋友说她很胖,你就可以说nonsense, you look great.
  Recipe :菜谱;
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  先说两个与我的工作有关系的词: Co., Ltd: company limited, 意思是有限公司。
  Automobile & components 汽车&零部件
  Private company 民营企业、私有企业。
   Speak2me: office works 安排会议
  Set up a meeting with sb.
  A selection of 多种、选择余地
  Arrange a time: to make an appointment 安排时间
  Pencil in: to schedule a time, allowing for the possibility it might change,临时安排
  Take the subway 乘地铁
  Withdraw 收回、撤销
  We had an appointment.
  What time is suitable for you?
  That should be a convenient time.
  But we hadn’t arranged a time.
  Three o’clock it is, then.
  If you changed your mind and can’t come, let me know.
  I wanted to ask you about Wednesday.
   Studioclassroom: hackers to the rescue? 本文主要说good hackers.
  Hack into sth.非法侵入他人的电脑系统,and get your information.
  Tactic: strategy
  Spine: back bone脊椎, arch one’s spine: 驼背; send chills down one’s spine:让某人毛骨悚然,让某人害怕。
  Top secret, classified information 机密
  Airtight: nobody can break into your company.
  Breach: break 突破、违背。
  Clarify sth. : to make sth. Clear.
  Hacker分为black-hack hackers, white-hack hackers, 就是区分good hackers and bad hackers.
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  Speak2me: what do you do for your living? 你靠什么谋生?
  Computer chip 电脑芯片
  Donation 捐赠:money or gifts given to help sb. or an organization.
  Efficient: working in a quick and organized way.有效率的。
  Engine 发动机 engineer 工程师
  Good living 好收入
  Put in a request: to formally ask for sth in a writing.
  Search engine 搜索引擎
  I’ pretty good with numbers.
  I’m an engineer.
  What do you have to do to become an engineer?
  You have to have a love for math.
  Math gives me headaches!
  Math shouldn’t give you a headache!
  Stuidioclassroom: hackers to rescue? The white hat hacker who saved the day.
  Flaw: character flaw 人格缺陷;
  Syndicate: 大型组织: group , organizer.
  Unsung hero: 未被颂扬的
  Information age: a time period
  Aging: getting older.
  To come of age:达到法定年龄,成年,成熟。
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楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-02-26 16:54:35
   Speak2me: why study English?
  Many people around the world study English because they feel it can give them an advantage in today’s global society. Then what about you?
  The classics 古典著作,经典著作;
  English literature.英语文学
  Have one’s nose stuck in sth. 一头扎进某事中, 通常指看书。
  International relations 国际关系
  Keep at sth. : continue doing sth difficult, usually because the rewards will be worth it.
  Open a door、open doors: 打开门户(为。。。铺平道路,制造机会。): sth that creates opportunities for sth good to happen.
  Proficiency: 名词,精通: tony’s math proficiency is quite high.
  Slang 俚语
  Stepping stone: anything that can help a person advance or do better.垫脚石。
  Up to speed 跟得上速度(对某事的了解和经验能够胜任。)
  Vote of confidence: 信任投票,赞同you have my vote of confidence.
  What have you been up to? 你最近在忙什么?
  Not much, other than studying. 没什么,就是学习。
  Is there any special reason you want to speak English?
   Studioclasoom: Randi runs away,
   it’s a jungle out there.
  Rundown: very tired, no energy.
  Run down 使衰弱
  Run along: go away and don’t bother me.
  Awhile 复数,一会儿。We chatted awhile.
  A while: play for a while, in a while, a while back, a while ago.
  Here and there: 到处。
  Run-in: 争执、争论。
  Growling: a sound when you are hungry.
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楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-02-27 08:10:56
   Studioclassroom: randi runs away
   ----it’s a jungle out there.
  Tremble: shake with fears, surprise or shock, she trembled when she was standing on the stage.
  Go bananas: going a little crazy.
  Sour grapes: rationalization, 替一件不如意的事情找借口。 就是“吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸”。
  Apple of your eye: 心爱的人,掌上明珠;
  Fruits of one’s labor: 劳动的成果
  Starving: hungry
  Why, I bet mom and papa are enjoying their banana bread by now. 这里的why 是形容惊讶的意思。例如:a gift for me? Why, that’s a lovely surprise.
  Leave out: 一般用被动语态,被忽略,排挤。If you are so busy everyday, your family may be left out.
  I’ll be monkey’s uncle: I’m very surprise.形容很惊讶。
  Life is a jungle.
  Monkey around: you are busy but waste your time, 闲混。
  Monkey see, monkey do. 东施效颦,机械模仿。
作者:kevin5913 时间:2009-02-27 13:18:16
  keep moving ~~~
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-02-28 08:04:11
   Studioclassroom: the beauty of Beliz. 谈美国的一个城市Beliz.
  Paved: paved highway 铺设的公路,pave意思是铺设路面、平面,为某事做好准备的意思。
  Scuba diving 斯库巴潜水 : 用水肺潜水的人:在水下游泳时使用水下呼吸器的人
  Snorbelling 戴着水呼吸管潜水
  Just about anything nature to offer. 这里的just about 是almost 的意思, 如:our program is just about ready to show.
  Rappelling: an excited exercise意思应该是攀岩
  Barrier reef 堡礁
  Hemisphere: 半球
  Highway 公路,有十字路口的; expressway 高速路,没有十字路口的; toll road收费公路
  Preserve 维持,保留,保持。 Nature preserved 自然保护区, a bird preserve
  Delicate 柔软的,柔弱的
  A school of fish 应该是一窝鱼
   Speak2me: keeping coll
  Swimming is the best way to beat the heat.
  Be dying to do sth. 渴望,非常想做某事。Ever since I heard Jame’s cooking, I’ve been dying to try it.
  Cool off 冷下来,变凉快。
  Paradise: perfect place天堂: I love Hawaii, it’s like paradise on earth.
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楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-01 10:16:54
   studioclassroom: the beauty of beliz
  shark 鲨鱼
  surface 表面,水面,浮出水面;
  ruin 动词是“使破产、毁灭”,名词是“废墟、遗迹”的意思;
   speak2me:cell phone manners
  have you ever been annoyed by s. talking loudly on their cellphone?
   I drives me crazy?
  having a conversation at full volume.大声聊天
  common sense 常识;looking both ways before crossing a street is common sense.
  audience 听众,观众
  tip 告诫、提示:the basketball player gave me some tips on how to improve my game.
  funeral; ceremoy to honor and remember sb. who died.
  go too far:过分,做过头。fred went too far when he called me a thief! i haven't stlen anything.
  ring tone 铃声
  some people just have no commom sense.
  no kidding 这不是开玩笑的。
  kick out 逐出、解雇、开除
  oh,you poor thing! 哦,你这个可怜的家伙。
  you/re telling me .还用你说。。。
作者:小洋房子 时间:2009-03-01 10:56:13
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-02 08:16:48
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   Speak2me: what you must do?
  In English , we use “have to” and “must” to talk about things that it is necessary for us to do.
  A Day’s notice: 提前(一)天的通知: my boss gave me only a day’s notice for the meeting.
  Secretary 秘书
  Lecture: educational talk 讲课
  Overtime: 加班;steve can’t come to dinner because he was to work overtime tonight.
  Permanent: lasting forever
  Permission:允许,the mother gave her child permission to have candy.
  Principal: 校长,in charge of a school, 也可以是首长的意思。我差点将这个与pinciple原则弄混淆。
  Quit: to stop doing sth.
  Sample样品:the company gave away free samples of its product.
  We got really busy, so our hours had to be increased.
  I’m sure they will pay you overtime. 我相信他们会付你加班工资。
  Do you have to work on weekends?
   Studioclassroom:the telephone: past, present and the future.
  Communicate: exchange information, communication
  Carrier pigeon: 信鸽
  Patent: special document 专利,receive a patent, file、apply a patent, sth. Is protected by a patent.
  AD: 西元,放在年份前面,AD100—AD199:Second century.
  Communication changed forever when the telephone was born.
  Wealthy 富裕的
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  We use “in case” 、”if” to say will definitely do sth, regardless if what we’re planning for happens or not.
  Change your mind: to change your decision or opinion.
  Credit card: small plastic card which can be used as to pay for things without using cash, so you pay the money at a later time.
  Definitely: certainly, without a doubt.
  In case 万一
  Run out 用完,耗光
  Selection: the department store offers a wide selection of shirts and pants.
  Slippery 滑的
  You got it! : you’re right, you understand.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-06 08:02:15
  Speak2me:接昨天:let’s go shopping
  You should bring an umbrella in case it rains.
  Well, I’m wearing a raincoat just in case it does rain.
  Even if it rains, I still have to get my Christmas shopping done.
  You better bring a shopping list in case you forget one’s gift.
  Sounds good, we don’t want to get him the same gift.
  Necktie 领带(刚开始我还以为是项链呢)
  Studioclassroom: how chocolate works
  Consume: you eat it, you drink it.消耗,消费、
  I’m a big fan of chocolate.
  Chocoholic: who addicted in chocolate. 是chocolate 与 alcoholic 的混合词,意思是嗜好巧克力的。
  相关词有:workaholic, shopaholic
  Solid 固体
  Heavenly: wonderful, very enjoyable.如天堂的
  Very helpful.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-06 08:12:51
  Speak2me: getting suggestions
  You need all the help you can get.你得需要别人尽可能的帮助。
  Birthday present: gift given for one’s birthday.
  Have a baby: to give birth.
  Job interview: meeting to see if a person qualifies for a job.
  Look around: to search.
  Playpen: area for children to play. 婴儿用围栏。
  Receipt: paper proving a purchase was made收条
  Sale item: sth that have a lowered price than previously.促销商品。
  Wrap sth up :ned wrapped up the toys and put them under the Christmas tree.包起来
  Yes, I have a special occasion coming up.
  I was looking for sth a little more practical.
  That’s more than I was planning to spend.
  Why don’t you look around some more?
  Studioclassroom: how chocolate works?
  Recipe: the steps to make food.菜谱,也可作秘诀的意思。
  Mash 捣碎
  Crystal: 结晶体, 水晶的饰品。
  Chocolate-making is an art. 这里art 不是艺术的意思,是skill, technique技术的意思。
  如: the art of teaching,
  Know-how 专业知识、技术、一个技术的情报。
  Temper 脾气,也可以做韧度、回火的意思。
  Chocolate would never be out of style.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-07 08:20:48
  Speak2me: it’s over 恋情结束了
  Has your heart ever been broken? Mine has. repeatly! 你曾心碎过吗?我有过,并且多次。
  Console: to try to make a sad person feel better. 安慰、慰问;after her dog died, we tried to console tina by taking her out for some fun.
  Obsessed: thinking about sb. or sth. too much,牵挂的,困扰的:be obsessed about …
  Mourn: 哀悼,mourn one’s passing 哀悼某人的逝世
  Go over every little detail: to check all the things about sth. 仔细检查
  in the long run: after a long time, eventually 长远来看,最后;
  settle down安顿下来
  work things out:解决,the two sides tried to work things out through negotiating;
  compromise 妥协,让步,to agree by asking for less than what you wanted.
  Opposite 相对的人、事物
  See eye to eye 看法完全一致
  Fast forward 快进:this part of the movie is really scary-let’s fast forward past it.
  Remote control 遥控器
  It’s weird(怪异的). Sometimes. I feel really sad. Then, other times I feel angry.
  It’s going to take time for you to feel normal again.
  That’s the thing(问题就在这里): we weren’t good for each other.
  Things would have never worked out in the long run.到最后一定不会有结果的。
  It’s only nature to mourn the ending of a relationship.
  You’re thinking of getting back with gary?
  Just sort of empty 只是有点空虚
  We want completely different things.
  By the time this is over。 等这一切都过去。
  Studioclassroom: the international year of astronomy
  astronomy 天文学
  conception 观点
  mankind 人类,the human race or humankind
  humanity 人类,人性,人道
  humane society 动物收容所
  groundbreaking 开创性的
作者:不再掩饰 时间:2009-03-07 11:21:57
  Has your heart ever been broken? Mine has. repeatly! 你曾心碎过吗?我有过,并且多次。
  这句看似简单,却很有意思.Mine has.表达简洁,可以学习.而且,中文的习惯表达是"我有过",而英文却是"我的心有过".因为前面说的是your heart.
  Go over every little detail
  2.go over在这里似乎可译成"过一遍",反过来,"过一遍"在一定的语境下也可以这样译.
  Just sort of empty
  That’s the thing(问题就在这里):
  It’s weird(怪异的).
   Chocolate-making is an art. 这里art 不是艺术的意思,是skill, technique技术的意思。
  Mash 捣碎
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-08 17:08:18
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-08 17:12:19
  studioclassroom:the international year of astronomy 下
  objective:goal, purpose 目标,做形容词时是客观的。
  underrepresented :没有充分地被代表的,不足的,不占优势的;
  peer into/through 不及物动词,凝视、细看; 做名词时,是同龄人的意思。
  city-dweller: the person who live in the city.
  as many people as possible: as many people as they can.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-09 07:58:18
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-10 08:26:35
  Speak2me: what an interesting day
  I love it when interesting things happen to me.
  Airline 航空公司
  Football: sport where two teams kick a ball into a goal and are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Soccer 这么简单的词,解释得好到位哦。
  Honolulu :capital city of Hawaii.
  Just in time: at the last possible moment, almost late.
  Roundtrip ticket: ticket that takes you to your destination and then back to your point of origin.
  Seriously injured: to be very hurt.
  Show up: to appear somewhere, to attend. 出席.I really hope larry shows up at the party.
  Studioclassroom: gas station
  Pump 可作名词、动词,air pump, water pump, pump the water.
  A bicycle pump 打气筒
  Insert: put sth. into a space
  In America, you’ll have to do it yourself at the gas station.
  Gauge n.标准规格,计量仪器标准
  Gas gauge
  The station attendant: the person ready to help you .服务员
  Self-service 的形容词是self-serve
  Do-it-yourself. DIY的简称是中国人想出来的,外国没有这个说法。
  Receipt 收据
  Readout 仪器板上显示出来的。
  A credit card reader 读卡机。
作者:hanssonli 时间:2009-03-10 12:03:18
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-11 08:20:49
   Studioclassroom: gas station in America
  Suppose: 假定、猜测、设定
  I suppose so.
  I suppose David will be the new manager.
  Awful, It’s awful: it’s too bad, unhappy.
  Windshield:挡风玻璃;windshield wiper 挡风玻璃的雨刷
  What a bother!
  You know those people who drive away without paying. You know是众所周知的意思。
  You know, that guy just came remind me of my cusin.
  Cool one’s heels: I have been waiting ,waiting for a long time .等的脚后跟都凉了,等的不耐烦了。
  Convenience store.便利店,例如7-11.
  One-step shopping :make one stop to get all the purchase. 一站式购物。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-11 08:22:05
  作者:hanssonli 回复日期:2009-03-10 12:03:18 
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-12 17:20:13
  Classroom: Alia Aabur: the youngest professor in history 16 years old.
  Remarkable girl
  She is smart and bright.
  Child’s play: it’s not hard for sb to do sth, and he is good at it.
  Learning is a child’s play for her.
  She is a quick-learner.
  No way!
  Take notice of sb/sth: take special notice of .
  She was graduated with great honors.
  The book <Guinness Book of World>,吉尼斯世界记录。
  She is the youngest person to be hired by the university.
  Professor: a teacher in university.
  Doctor: who earned a PH.D( doctorate degree)
  In America, you can’t address sb. with “teacher”:就是不能说teacher li, 而要说 MR.LI.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-13 08:25:41
   Speak2me: a missed connection 错过见面
  The past perfect tense: 过去完成时, it describes a past action that happened before another past action.
  Buck: dollar
  Melbourne 墨尔本,Melbourne was Australia’s capital until Canberra was built.
  Recording studio : place where music is recorded for CDs.
  Studio engineer 录音师
  Wellington: capital city of New Zealand. 惠灵顿
  He had arrived about an hour before I showed up.
  He had found another ride to the party.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-13 16:46:19
   Studioclassroom: the youngest professor in history
  Depart: to leave, to go away 启程、出发、离开;
  Research: investigate, study sth.
  Nanotechnology 纳米技术
  而 as a matter of fact 意思完全不一样,as a matter of fact 是actually的意思,事实上。
  Celebrity websites:名人网站
  Enthusiasm, youth enthusiasm: great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. 狂热、激情;
  Physics 物理学
  Nerdy : spend much time on sth. 名词是nerd书呆子,也有讨厌的人的意思,
  Role model 行为榜样
  I want to make a difference.
  When asked why, from a world of opportunities, Alis chose teaching.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-14 08:10:02
   Studioclassroom: life in the clouds: the cloud computing revolution本文的意思是网上办公的意思,你可以在任何一台电脑上做你想做的事情
  Scramble: move your hands, feet, body very quickly, 争先恐后、动作迅速,scramble to get ready
  Abbreviate: make sth. shorter缩写、缩短:abbreviate your most morning exercise;
  Abbreviation 名词:USA is the abbreviation of United States.
  Cloud computing: you can get your compute information at anytime, anywhere
  Dabble:玩水、涉水,也做涉足、尝试的意思。 Play around, work with sth.
  Dabble in sth.
  Ultimate goal: final goal, top goal 最终的、最后的;
  Generally speaking: 大致上、大体上;for the most part 其反义词是specific, specifically 明确的、详细的。
  In general / specific points
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-15 17:04:39
  studioclassroom: life in the clouds: the cloud computing revolution
  deploy: making sth ready to be use. 部署(兵力)
  workstation: the place where you work.
  readily: quickly/ easily , on time. 很容易地、没有困难的;
  readily available
  why there is a shift toward computing
  practical: doing/thinking sth. that is useful, 实际的;
  practice 实行、实际,putting sth into practice 实行么事。
  反义词是unpractical, 但在美国一般为impractical;
  backup of copy : backup:备用的、候补的;
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-17 08:28:04
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-18 08:18:50
  Speak2me: a music date音乐之约
  You got to practice using the present perfect tense with ‘long’, ‘since’, ‘when’ and ‘for’ to describe how long sth has been going on. 现在完成时。
  Album 唱片
  Ear for music: appreciation and understanding of music. 欣赏音乐的能力
  Hard time: difficulty
  Look forward to: to be excited about sth
  MP3: computer file that stores high-quality sound, such as a song.
  No wonder 难怪:it is clear, there is no doubt.
  Rick was once bitten by a dog, no wonder he hates dogs.
  Passion: strong feeling for sth,
  Have you been working on it for a long time?
  I’ve been looking forward to hearing you play guitar.
  Well, don’t expect too much, I’m not that good.
  Studioclassroom: exploring the final frontier(边界): is space worth the trouble?
  Explore, exploration: 探险、勘测
  Open one’s eyes 大开眼界,增长见识,察觉某件之前未察觉的事情
  Has it been worth it?
  A great deal 可作“一笔划算的买卖”,但在本文是“a lot “的意思,例如a great deal of people
  Raw deal 吃了亏的买卖,不公正的交易;
  Impact: strong effect, influence about sth 冲击,对。。。产生影响
  Endeavor: setting out to complete sth 努力、尽力
  Ephemeral: a short effect 朝生暮死的,短暂的
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-19 08:13:46
  studioclassroom:exploring the final frontier
  spinoff 附属结果、附加效果、附加产品,也可以是spin-off,sth that is created fron sth that was created earlier.
  food for thought, 思想食物,引人深思的事情;
  give sb food of thought
  cooperation: working together, teamwork
  ...if it hadn't been for...如果没有。。。
  body of knowledge: 所有知识的汇集 collection
  body of evidence所有证据的汇集
  body of water水体, 海洋、湖泊都是body of water
  the student body
  appreciation :欣赏、感谢, in appreciation of ...
  the more i learned the more how much i know i don't know.
  so far away from: 远离
作者:东灌灌西灌灌 时间:2009-03-19 08:47:23
  不是附属,分离,剥离,拆离 spin off
  比如 freescale is a motorola spinoff
  motorola is ready to spinoff its handset division
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-20 08:15:41
  Speak2me: goodbye, John! 一个同事要离开了
  When we talk about people, we will often talk about what they said. This is called ‘reported speech’间接引语。
  Gossip 名词,闲话、闲谈
  Associate: friend or coworker 名词,联合,同事,动词时是使联合,使发生联系;形容词的意思是副的;
  Blame: to find fault 责怪
  Janet blamed everyone but herself for her company’s problems.
  Boost: to improve or increase
  His compliment boosted Michelle’s self-esteem.
  Career change 职业变化
  Get along with… : to be friendly with相处很好
  Import 进口
  Marketing: advertising 营销; marketing campaign 营销战略
  Obviously: very clearly 明显地
  Pay boost: increased salary
  Place the ad 登广告
  Be tired of: bored with sth 厌烦
  Did you hear John quit his job?
  Why did he quit working here?
  He said the pay is better at the new job.
  Did he say how much more he would be making?
  He told me he would be making twice as much.
  That’s quite a pay boost.
  Studioclassroom: podcasting power: listen to your favorite program everywhere播客的力量
  Download 下载
  Get the ball rolling 开始做某事, keep the ball rolling 让某事不中断
  Podcast: 播客
  Access: use 接近,使用,访问
  On the go 忙碌,在活动
  Technologically challenged 对科技不擅长的,不懂的;
  Physically challenged 身体有障碍的
  Videocasting 影片下载
  Open source: free 开放性原始码
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-20 08:17:02
  东灌灌西灌灌 :
  将子公司股票分配给母公司股东, 续集
作者:Sunflower_葵 时间:2009-03-20 11:07:29
  QQ群:52607989 Tulip Club
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-21 08:20:59
  Speak2me: Pig Pal 小猪伙伴
  When I think of pets, the first animals to come to mind are cats and dogs.但本文说的是宠物小猪;
  Date 可以做约会对象的意思。
  Unusual: not common, different in a surprising or interesting way 不平常的、奇特的;
  A different story: not the same at all, sharp contrast 完全不一样,并不是不同的鼓故事的意思;
  I think learning English is easy, but French is a different story.
  Sweet-and sour pork 糖醋里脊
  Reputation 名声: what most people think of sb or sth
  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 情人眼里出西施;
  Pigs can get along with cats, but a dog’s a different story.
  Dogs are nature hunters, so a dog may see a pig as a potential meal.
  They just have that reputation from the way farmers keep them.
  I don’t mean to be rude, but…
  I guess that proves beauty is in the eye of beholder.
  Studioclassroom: podcasting power
  Equipment: 不可数名词,设备、装备;
  Hook up: to connect sth 装配、接通
  Subscribe 订阅、订购, subscribe to sth; 也可作同意、赞同的意思;
  Prescribe 开药,开处方; 或者规定的意思,prescription
  Flourish 新盛,盛行,flourished 生长茂盛的,
  Imaginable : able to think, imagine;可以想象得到的;
  She’s the most suitable imaginable person to this job.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-25 08:22:34
  Studioclassroom: animal tales(2) Webster’s web 韦伯特的网
  本文说的是一个spider 和一只fly 的故事
  Die to do sth:急切、渴望,一般用进行时,be dying to do sth. If you don’t do sth, sb wiould die.
  Grin 咧口笑
  Playmate 玩伴、游伴
  Chuckle 吃吃地笑、咯咯笑
  Play it by ear 见机行事,I guess we’ll have to play it by ear.
  Playing the fool: He was acting as the fool, but he didn’t know.
  Foolish: silly, not smart
  Fortunate: you’re lucky, blessed in some way. Sth good happens to you, you can’t control that yourself, just happens.
  Why did you play a trickle on me? A job, but a mean way
  Meanwhile: the same time
  Play by the rule 按规则办事
  Play for keeps: play ,always want to win, not share with others.
  Tear 撕、眼泪
  Tear up: 撕的粉碎
  Tear into a person 严厉批评、谩骂
  Tear into sth 迫不及待地、积极奋勇的做某事
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-25 08:23:53
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-26 08:17:16
  Speak2me: you can do it!
  Use ‘can’, ‘could’ and ‘be able to’ to talk about the possibility and find a time that works for both of you.
  Full of surprises: having unexpected qualities or skills. 出人意料
  Give sb a lift 载某人一程
  Irregular verb: verb that does not follow the common rules.不规则动词
  Make it: to be able to be some where 赶到某地
  Persuade: to convince sb 说服
  Tutoring: job that involves helping sb improve a skill 教导
  I’m afraid I can’t come over tomorrow.
  Were you able to persuade your dad to lend you his car?
  Studioclassroom: recycle crocs shoes to benefit millions 回收旧鞋帮助他人
  Brand-new 全新的、崭新的,totally new, very new
  Impoverish: 使贫穷,使枯竭, impoverished 贫穷的,无力的
  Croc: everybody sports these popular shoes today
  Sport 做动词时,可作炫耀穿戴讲, to display or showoff
  Unaware 没有察觉的,不知道的, be unaware of sth
作者:karen8704 时间:2009-03-27 09:29:23
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-28 18:11:02
  karen8704: 我就是在speak2me网站和studiclassroom网站上学习的啊。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-28 18:17:02
  studioclassroom: the world's best train trips
  landscape: an area of land, can see everything, how the land look, 地形、景观;
  butle: personal butle 仆役长、男管家
  the blue train; luxurious
  ostrich; very large bird, 鸵鸟,鸵鸟般的人
  journey; trip, travel ,usually longer than normal
  steep: sharp 陡峭的,险峻的
  fjord: 海湾、峡湾
  resort; 度假中心、度假胜地
  figurative language; 比喻句
  literal 照字面上的。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-29 21:24:21
  3.28 studiclassroom: the world's best train(2)
  glimpse: a short look, didn't see very clearly一瞥
  colonial:belong to a country 殖民的,殖民地的
  skyline: 以天空为背景映出的轮廓或图像(特别指高大城市建筑物)
  globe 地球、世界
  oriental: 东方的,东方国家的,东方特有的
  500-mile route: a route that is 500 miles long.
  27-hour trip
  buffalo/ fish 的复数还是这个词本身,但如果做种类讲就是 buffaloes,fu=ishes.
  regular plural forms 规则复数
  irregular plural forms 不规则复数,例如mouse-mice, goose-geese 等
  various; different types.
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-03-31 08:26:03
  studioclassroom: globalization: is globalization making the wold better or not?
  globalization 全球化
  roam: 漫步、漫游、闲逛
  destitute 穷困的,缺乏的,与impoverished意思相同。
  downside 底侧、下降趋势,缺点、不利之处;反义词是upside;
  living standard 生活水平
  mistreat 虐待
  Do come to the party if you have time. do 在这里是助动词,强调肯定句,“务必”
  He never did come .否定强调时一般与never一起使用。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-01 08:15:50
  Speak2me: you can do it!
  Use ‘can’, ‘could’ and ‘be able to’ to talk about the possibility and find a time that works for both of you.
  Full of surprises: having unexpected qualities or skills. 出人意料
  Give sb a lift 载某人一程
  Irregular verb: verb that does not follow the common rules.不规则动词
  Make it: to be able to be some where 赶到某地
  Persuade: to convince sb 说服
  Tutoring: job that involves helping sb improve a skill 教导
  I’m afraid I can’t come over tomorrow.
  Were you able to persuade your dad to lend you his car?
  Studioclassroom: recycle crocs shoes to benefit millions 回收旧鞋帮助他人
  Brand-new 全新的、崭新的,totally new, very new
  Impoverish: 使贫穷,使枯竭, impoverished 贫穷的,无力的
  Croc: everybody sports these popular shoes today
  Sport 做动词时,可作炫耀穿戴讲, to display or showoff
  Unaware 没有察觉的,不知道的, be unaware of sth
  Speak2me: if only I had known 如果我早知道的话
  We sometimes use ‘if’ and ‘wish’ statements to describe sth we wished had happened in the past.
  Run into 跑进, 撞上, 偶遇, 陷入, 达到
  Downtown: center of a city 市中心
  Drive sb crazy: to make sb very upset
  Log on: to access a network or site
  Show up: to appear
  The latest: most recent news
  What a surprise!
  If I’d known you’d be here, I would have called you.
  I only heard about the party an hour ago.
  I haven’t talked to him for a long time.
  Really? If I had the money, I would have gone.
  Studioclassroom: globalization (2)
  At the expense of sb/sth: 让某人牺牲、以某事为代价;
  Side effect: 副作用
  You may be right in saying that…,but…
  Cultural genocide: genocide 有计划的灭种和屠杀
  Beside: next to, 而besides 是除。。。之外或而且的意思,例如:
  I like reading novels, besides reading novels, I like going movies.
  I don’t want to go and besides I’m busy.
  Standard of living
  unemployed: don’t have a job 失业的
  unemployment 名词,失业
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-02 08:06:49
  Studioclassroom: Hungary 匈牙利(我原以为是饥饿的意思,饿是hungry )
  Spicy: hot 味道辛辣的
  Shame tingled his cheeks. 羞耻使他的脸上火辣辣的。
  Capital 首都
  No phrase + describes + object + better than + objection.没有什么比“ ”更适合形容“ ”的了。
  No word +describes + object + better than + objection.
  No phrase describes Hungary better than "a feast for the senses."
  Architecture 建筑(学)
  Ballet(芭蕾舞), buffet(餐具), fillet(肉片、鱼片), bouquet(花束), valet(服务生):这些词都出自法语,后面的t都不发音,et发/ei/音。
  Admire: 羡慕、欣赏
  parliament building: 国会大楼
  massage: 按摩,就是经常说的“马杀鸡“,与message 只是一字之别,但是读音完全不一样。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-03 08:19:21
  Studioclassroom: Hungary (2)
  Aspect: 面貌、方面,我本以为是respect 尊重呢;
  Exhibit (可作名词、动词),show sth in the public to see, eexhibition
  Stroll 漫步、闲逛、四处流浪, walking through somewhere, just walking for enjoyment, don’t rush your time.
  A book on architecture, 这里的on是about/concerning 的意思; 关于
  Upon 与 on 只有在spatial relations空间关系时才可以通用:
  The bird sat upon/on the tree.
  Border 边缘、边界,国界;与。。。接壤 a line separate one country to another
  Take one’s breath away:
  Limestone: 石灰石
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-08 08:10:46
  Studioclassroom: Robert Peary and the North Pole: One man’s journey to the far north
  crack: 动词:破裂, 名词:裂缝
  shift: 移动
  Attempt: make a try to do sth. attempt at..
  Make an attempt to do sth.
  Having been eaten a large dinner, Jett’s now ready for dessert.
  Jett has eaten a large dinner, now he’s ready for dessert.
  Observation: 观察、观测
  Frostbite: 霜寒、冻伤; frostbitten冻伤的
  Pole极端, poles apart 两者完全相反,天壤之别
  Polarize 两极化
  No man on totem pole身份最低、最不重要的人
  Studioclassroom: Mike Horn: Adventures with a cause/ meet the man who’s living life to the fullest and sharing his experiences
  Excel 优秀、胜过他人;do the things better than others.
  Professional adventurer Mike Hurn never met a challenge he didn’t welcome.
  Professional adventurer Mike Hurn always welcomed every challenge he met.
  Expedition: journey exploring 远征、探险
  Solo: by yourself/ on your own 单独的、单人的。 独唱的
  Transportation: transport
  Equator 赤道
  Polar bear 北极熊
  Feat/feet feat 是壮举的意思,这两个词是homonyms同音字
  如sea/see principle/principal
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-10 08:19:31
  Studioclassroom: Mike Horn: Adventures with a cause/ meet the man who’s living life to the fullest and sharing his experiences(2)
  Accompany: means to go with 陪同、伴随、附带有某个东西
  Glacier 冰河,an unique environment
  Preserve: to keep safe, keep from going bad. 保护、保持、保存
  Adventure/ adventurous/ adventurer
  safari 非洲狩猎旅行。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-12 19:51:10
  studioclassroom: The Easter Eggstravagana 复活节(1)people make Easter eggs to celebrate the holiday in a beautiful way.
  poach 水煮荷包蛋
  symbolize 动词,象征,作为。。。的象征
  resurrection 复苏
  extravaganza 铺张华丽, eggstravaganza 就是the punof the extravaganza, 谐音设计的双关语。
  例如spectacular 引人入胜的,壮观的, 和spooktacular
  An Halween Spooktacular万圣节盛会
  superstition 迷信
  Good Friday是复活节(Easter Sunday)前的星期五。由于受难日是纪念耶稣被钉在十字架的事迹,所以,在信基督宗教的社会受难日这一天不可以钉钉子 .本来是god Friday
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-12 19:56:19
  studioclassroom: The Easter Eggstravagana 复活节(2)people make Easter eggs to celebrate the holiday in a beautiful way.
  dye是染料、染色的意思,与die 同音。
  waxing and dying, waxing and dying ,强调重复不断的动作
  wax sentimental: to become sentimental
  symbolic 象征的,符号的
  decorative 装饰的
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-13 16:37:00
  Studioclassroom: The Easter Eggstravaganza(3)
  Thereby: with that, by that 因此、所以
  Reign 统治、支配、占优势
  Exquisite: very very beautiful 优美的,高雅的
  By far the most world-renowned Easter eggs came from the workshop of Peter Carl Faberge in the 1800s,
  这里的by far 是to the most extreme 的意思,如:
  This travel is by far the worst I have taken.
  So far 是up to now 的意思。
  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  Imperial: royal 皇室的
  Commemorate 纪念、庆祝
  Replica: small copy of sth,
  Coronation 加冕礼
  Ascending the throne: to become king、queen 登上王位
  Ascending 有攀登、达到的意思
  Reins of government, rein是缰绳的意思,引申为驾驭、控制、统治。
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-16 20:14:45
  studioclassroom: How Vitamins Work(1)?
  Why are vitamins so important?
  molecule 分子
  carry out 执行、实施、落实、完成
  It all begs the question:
  Every day of your life, chances are, you think about vitamins.这里的chances are 是most likely, very likely 的意思,这句话也可以为:It's very likely you think about vitamins everyday.
  nutritional label
  chemical reaction 化学反应
  spot 有很多种意思,污点、弄脏,地点等,这里是插播广告的意思
  atom 原子
  eventually :finally, in the end
  collagen 骨胶原
  fall apart 崩溃、瓦解
  vital 生死攸关的,重要的,至关重要的;
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-16 20:14:51
  studioclassroom: How Vitamins Work(1)?
  Why are vitamins so important?
  molecule 分子
  carry out 执行、实施、落实、完成
  It all begs the question:
  Every day of your life, chances are, you think about vitamins.这里的chances are 是most likely, very likely 的意思,这句话也可以为:It's very likely you think about vitamins everyday.
  nutritional label
  chemical reaction 化学反应
  spot 有很多种意思,污点、弄脏,地点等,这里是插播广告的意思
  atom 原子
  eventually :finally, in the end
  collagen 骨胶原
  fall apart 崩溃、瓦解
  vital 生死攸关的,重要的,至关重要的;
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-17 16:40:51
  Studioclassroom: Tips for saving gas
  You can drive and save money at the same time.
  Gasoline: gas in the car
  Barbecue 吃烧烤肉的野餐
  6 tips:
  1. slow dowm
  2. drive smart
  3. keep it clean
  4. stay cool
  5. shut it off
  6. walk or ride
  mileage: the total number of miles 里程数
  usage: 用量
  engine: the heart of a car 发动机
  along with: together with, in addition to
  up for it/sth: you want to do sth, you’re able to do sth;
  up to it/sth: you has the necessary to :有能力去做
  Are you up for a movie?
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-20 16:57:02
  Can your favorite color determine your perfect job?
  What colors say about us?
  Workplace: a place where you work.
  Chasm: a large space between two things, a big gap 深坑、裂口
  Core: 中心、核心
  Achromatic: black, white, grey 其中chromatic 是彩色的,前面的a 表示否定;
  相似的词有:amoral 与道德无关的,超道德的; asymmetrical 不均匀的,不对称的; asexual: 无性繁殖的; apolitical: no intrest in politics
  Questionnaire: 问卷, like a survey.
  Opinion poll
  Prioritize things first: putting things in the first 給予优先权,按照优先权处理;名词是priority
  Be passionate about:
  Primary color: red, yellow, blue
  Secondary color: green, purple, orange
  Achromatic color: white, black, brown
  Can your favorite color determine your perfect job?(2)
  Partial: being partial to something: you prefer to sth, 局部的,偏袒的,偏爱的
  feasibility 可行性,可能性,形容词是feasible
  implementation: carry out , 动词是implement 贯彻、执行、工具、器具
  overcommit: 过量使用,使承担过多义务, overcommitment 名词
  affirm 断言、确定、肯定
  teal 水鸭, 小鸟蓝色
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-22 17:27:42
  Can your favorite color determine your perfect job?
  Sth complement sth else: complement 补充、互补;
  Forum: space/place, people come together to discuss sth 讲座、论坛
  Red: very angry
  Yellow: afraid
  Blue: sad
  Green: don’t have experience
  Analytical 分析的
  Specification: details how sth work
  If you prefer:
  Yellow, purple, white: you suit communication job
  Red, green, black: investor
  Blue, orange, brown: activist
  Intrinsic : 内在的,本质的,固有的
  Job description 工作内容
  Independent children: American value independent in their children
  Responsibility: responsible
  Independent: dependent on…, rely on ….
  Wisely 聪明地,明智的
  Allowance: 允许的额度,零用钱,津贴
  Guidance: help, advice, instruction, guide 引导
  Chore: 家务杂事
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-04-27 08:00:19
  Studioclassroom: Five false food “facts”
  Are all the things we hear about food true?
  Myth: story general believed, but the belief is not true. 神话
  Convert: change sth from one form to another
  The first “fact”: eating carrots helps improving your eyesight.
  Beta carotene B 胡萝卜素
  Cover up: hide, 掩盖
  Digest sth: 消化、融会贯通
  The second “fact”: you lose calories by eating certain food
  An old wives’ talk 古时传下来的做法,例如:feed a cold, starve a fever: 感冒时多吃,发烧时少吃;
  Urban legend: 现代的传说
  Studioclassroom: Five false food “facts” (2)
  Acne: 艾克力 痤疮、粉刺
  Produce: 名词:产物、农产品,food that growed for sale动词是产生、制造
  The third “fact”: oily foods cause acne.
  The fourth “fact”: fresh produce is more nutritious than frozen produce.
  Pore: all over the body, small little hole 毛孔
  Chewy: 耐嚼的;
  Gut: 做肠子的意思时是不可数的,而guts则是内脏,勇气,胆量的意思;
  The fifth “fact”: chewing gum stays in the stomach for years.
  Your best bet: the smartest/wisest things to do…
  Farmer’s market农夫市场
  The local food movement 地方食物运动
  Organic food 有机食物, pesticide农药、杀虫剂
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-05-05 08:13:20
  Molly: the brave little pony(2)
  Cast: 铸件、铸造、石膏 keep the broken arm/leg in place
  Artificial: not real 人造的,虚伪的
  Limb 肢
  What is ahead for us?
  Was still ahead
  Be ahead: we are ahead
  Get ahead: to become successful
  Ahead of one’s time 有先进创新的想法
  Ahead of time 预先
  Overcome: struggle against win/success 战胜、克服、胜过、征服
  Inspire: encourage 鼓舞、激发、赋予灵
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-05-05 08:15:49
楼主vikyanddj 时间:2009-05-07 08:26:51
  The pullet surprise
  It walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, but is it?
  Cooped up: coop 是关起来的意思,cooped up就是被关起来的,没有办法自由行动的;
  Pull through: 度过难关,生存下来, pull sb through: 帮助**度过难关。
  The rain poured down.下大雨
  It’s pouring buckets. 下大雨
  When it rains, it pours. 不下则已,下则倾盆 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人;或者是祸不单行的意思。
  Raining cats and dogs 倾盆大雨
  Quack: 鸭子的叫声
  Waddle: the way ducks walk
  My, these chicks talk funny. 这里的my是表示the speaker is surprise的意思,没实际意思。
  My, look at the time.
  My, what a lovely gift.
  I just can’t pull myself away. Pull away 脱身、离开
  Push through:挤着通过。
  The pullet surprise(2)
  Get one’s feet wet: 着手进行,开始参与;
  Pull one’s leg:开玩笑、哄骗某人
  Pull sth: trick
  Pulling for you: support sb
  Pull sth off: 脱、努力实现,赢得
  Catching a cold
  Pull out: give up, leave the situation you are commit sb, 拔出, 离开, 度过难关, 恢复健康
  Chicken: sb who is afraid to do sth.
  Sob: 啜泣
  Pull yourself together: calm dowm
  Taking someone under one’s wings: protect 、take care sb.
  Spread your wings: 不要退缩,此刻就要展示
  Wait in the wings: 准备好上场、接任
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  我也在speak2me 学习,加我好友。 My name is daniel.