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Humor is a most effective ,yet frequently neglected,means of handling the difficult situations in our lives.
  Next time you find yourself in an ethnically awkward situation, take a lesson from the diplomatic delegates to Europe’s Common Market. In the course of history nearly every member nation has been invaded or betrayed by at least one of the others, and the Market’s harmony must be constantly buttressed. One method is the laugh based on national caricatures. Recently, a new arrival at Market headquarters in Brussels introduced himself as a Minister for the Swiss Navy. Everybody laughed. The Swiss delegate retorted, “Well, why not? Italy has a Minister of Finance.”
  Of course,humor is often more than a laughing matter.In its more potent guises, it has a Trojan-horse nature:no one goes on guard against a gag;we let it in because it looks like a little wooden toy.Once inside, however,it can turn a city to reform,to rebellion,to resistance.Some believe that next to the heroic British RAF, British humor did the most to fend off a German takeover in World War Two. One sample will suffice: that famous story of the woman who was finally extracted from the rubble of her house during the London blitz. Asked, “ Where is your husband?” she brushed brick dust off her head and arms and answered, “Fighting in Libya, the bloody coward!”
  Similarly, whenever we Americans start taking ourselves a bit too seriously, a grassroots humor seems to rise and strew banana peels in our path. The movement is usually led by professionals: Mark Twain penlancing the boils of pomposity (Man was made at the end of week’s work, when God was tired.”); Will Rogers deflating our law-makers”(The oldest boy became a Congressman, and the second son turned out no good, too.”); Bill Mauldin needling fatuous officers (One 2nd lieutenant to another, on observing a beautiful sunset: “Is there one for enlisted men, too?”) Such masters of comic deflation restore the balance. They bring us back to ourselves.
  When life has us in a tight corner, one of the first questions we might ask is,"Can I solve this with a laugh?"Men with giant responsibilities have frequently used this approach to giant problems-often with sweeping effect.As Gen. George C. Marshall, U.S. Army Chief Staff, labored to prepare this then-unready nation to enter World War Two, he met stiff opposition from his Commander-in-Chief regarding the elements that called for the most bolstering. Marshall felt that what we needed most were highly developed ground forces. President Roosevelt was a navy man who believed that our principal need was for a powerful navy, plus a large air force. In increasing tense debates with the President, Marshall pushed his argument so hard that he began to foster ever stronger resistance. Finally, during a particularly hot session, the usually stonefaced Marshall forced a grin. “At least, Mr. Presisent,” he said, “You might stop referring to the Navy as ‘us’ and the Army as ‘them’.”
   Roosevelt studied Marshall over his glassed, then unlipped a great show of teeth and laughter. Shortly thereafter, he made a more objective study of Marshall’s recommendations and eventually bought the ground-force concept.
  If humor can be used successfully against such odds,what can’t you and I do with it in daily life?


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  1.The European Common Market
  It was established in 1957 by 6 countries of Western Europe with the aim of gradually integrating their economies.
  The E.E.C. works out a common policy for its member countries for the production and pricing of agricultural and industrial goods and for foreign trade.
  According to Greek mythology, in the war between the Greeks and the people of Troy,the Greeks built a large hollow wooden horse in which a small group of soldiers were concealed.The Trojans took the horse into the city,thinking the Gods had sent it.At night the Greek army returned and the hidden soldiers crept out of the horse and opened the city gates, and Troy was destroyed.
  3.Bill Mauldin
  American cartoonist.During World War II he achieved fame with his sardonic cartoons depicting the squalid reality of the ordinary soldier’s life.
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  words and expressions
  air force 空军 n.
  Army Chief of Staff 陆军参谋长
  awkward adj.狼狈的,尴尬的
  balance n.平衡
  betray 出卖 v.
  blitz n.闪电战
  bloody adj. 血腥的(本文中为英语俚语,做“damned"解,用以加强语气)
  boils n.脓肿
  bolster v.支持
  Brussels n.布鲁塞尔(比利时地名)
  buttress v.支撑,加固
  caricature n.漫画,丑化,漫画手法
  comic a.可笑的,滑稽的
  congressman n.国会议员
  constantly adv.不变的,不断的,总是
  deflate v.使泄气
  effective a.有效的
  enlist v.谋取(某人)的赞助
  ethnically adv.从种族角度上说
  Common Market (欧洲)共同市场
  extract v.用力拔出或抽出
  fend off v.挡开,架开,避开
  foster v.养育,鼓励,促进
  frequently adv.经常地
  gag n.逗乐,笑料
  grin n.咧嘴笑
  grassroots n.基层
  ground forces n.地面部队
  guise n.外观,伪装
  harmony n.和谐
  hot session 一次争论激烈的会议
  in the course of 在…的过程中
  invade v.入侵
  lawmaker n.立法官
  lieutenant n.副官,海军上尉
  first lieutenant(美)陆、空军中尉
  second lieutenant (美)陆、空军少尉
  master n.大师,能手
  pomposity 傲慢,自大,说话做作,玩弄辞藻
  Trojan horse 特洛伊木马
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   Recently, a new arrival at Market headquarters in Brussels introduced himself as a Minister for the Swiss Navy. Everybody laughed. The Swiss delegate retorted, “Well, why not? Italy has a Minister of Finance.”
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  内个 2战时期 德国战鹰空袭英国 妇女从废墟里拉出来的笑话什么意思? 当时的利比亚和英国有什么关系啊! 有高人明白吗
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   内个 2战时期 德国战鹰空袭英国 妇女从废墟里拉出来的笑话什么意思? 当时的利比亚和英国有什么关系啊! 有高人明白吗
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   1. I loathe you! 我讨厌你!
    2. I detest you! 我恨你!
    3. Get the hell out of here! 滚开!
    4. Don’t be that way! 别那样!
    5. Can’t you do anything right? 成事不足,败事有余。
    6. You’re impossible. 你真不可救药。
    7. Don’t touch me! 别碰我!
    8. Get away from me! 离我远一点儿!
    9. Get out of my life. 我不愿再见到你。/ 从我的生活中消失吧。
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   `-._\ / `~~"--.,_
   ------>| `~~"--.,_
   _.-’/ ’.____,,,,----"""~~```’
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  A Great Sense of Humor
  No news flash here. Comedy is enticing — though there are different types of humor. The insecure comedy that's based on putting others down doesn't gibe with us. But give us fun-loving, belly-jiggling laughter and you'll capture our hearts.
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  Victor E.Frankl was a psychiatrist imprisioned in a German concentration camp during WWII.As the shrinking number of surviving prisoners descended to a new depths of hell,Frankl and his closet prisoner friend sought deserpately for ways to keep from dying.
  Therefore,Frankl made a rule that once each day he and his friend must invent and tell an amusing anecdote,specifically about something which could happend after their liberation.
  One starving prisoner forecast that in the future he might be at a prestigious formal dinner,and when the soup was being served,he would shatter protocol by imploring the hostess,"Ladle it from the bottom!"