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Lee gets to direct films ranging from Academy Award winners ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Brokeback Mountain") to superhero tales ("Hulk") to the sexually explicit thriller "Lust, Caution." Schamus, Lee's writing and producing partner, is a Hollywood rarity, a writer who wields power as head of his own production and distribution outfit.
  李安执导的电影从奥斯卡奖( “卧虎藏龙”和“断臂山” ) ,到超级英雄的故事( “绿巨人” ),到色情惊悚片“色,戒” 。沙穆斯,李安的合作伙伴,是好莱坞少见的掌握作为自己制作权利的作家。
  Ang Lee and James Schamus have two of the best jobs on the planet.
  So when Lee came to Schamus with his latest idea — the Cannes Film Festival entry "Taking Woodstock," a behind-the-scenes look at the 1969 rock music love-in — they were off and running in an instant.
  "I got back to him right away. I was like, `Let's do this one,'" Schamus said in an interview alongside Lee. "I was actually writing the screenplay here at Cannes last year. So it's weird to be back here a year later."
  “我想, '让我们做到这一点, ”沙姆斯在一次与李安一起接受采访的时候时说。 “我实际上是对这个剧本进行改编,是在这里去年戛纳电影节的时候。所以,一年后回到这里很奇怪。 ”
  The two have been working together since Lee's first film, 1992's "Pushing Hands," produced through Good Machine, a production company Schamus co-founded.
  Since then, Schamus has had producing or writing credits on most of Lee's films, among them "The Wedding Banquet," "Sense and Sensibility," "Crouching Tiger" and "The Ice Storm," which earned Schamus the screenplay prize at the 1997 Cannes festival.
  双方一直合作,自从李安的第一部电影起, 1992年的“推手” ,通过良好的,与沙穆斯共同创立的制片公司。
  自那时以来,沙穆斯已制造或创作了的大部分李安的电影,其中包括“喜宴” , “理智与情感” , “卧虎藏龙”和“冰风暴” ,冰风暴在1997年戛纳电影节上为沙穆斯赢得了剧本奖。
  Schamus' distribution banner — Focus Features, a unit of NBC Universal — released "Brokeback Mountain" and is putting out "Taking Woodstock" in August around the 40th anniversary of the concert.
  After their frothy first films together, Lee went into a dark patch, beginning with the sober domestic drama "The Ice Storm." The tone remained bleak through the next five movies.
  沙穆斯的发行旗帜-聚焦影片,NBC环球公司的一个单位-发行“断背山” ,并于8月推出“伍德斯托克”,在此音乐会40周年之际。
  首次电影合作后,李安首先是清醒的家庭影片“冰风暴” 。之后五年的电影基调仍然暗淡。
  It feels like I was in a deep abyss, so I had to come out for a breath of fresh air," said Lee, who won the best-director Oscar for "Brokeback Mountain." "Ever since the first one, `The Ice Storm' 13 years ago, I said, `Someday, I'm going to do a comedy, warm at heart, with no cynicism.'"
  Schamus joked that Lee's mid-life crisis was "really going on."
  "It was like the line from Woody Allen. `I like your early, funny movies,'" Schamus said. "I found myself saying that to Ang for like a decade."
   感觉就像我是在一个深渊,所以我不得不出来呼吸新鲜空气, “李安,他的断背山赢得了最佳导演奖 。自从第一次, 13年前的`冰风暴' ,我说, '总有一天,我会做搞笑,温暖的,没有愤世嫉俗的电影。 “
  沙穆斯开玩笑说,李安的中年危机“真正发生了。 ”
  “这像伍迪艾伦。 `我喜欢你早期有趣的电影, ”沙穆斯说。 “我发现自己对李安说,像10年的。 ”
  Lee finally listened after coming across Elliot Tiber's memoir "Taking Woodstock," which chronicles the hurdles concert organizers jumped to pull off the concert that drew half a million people to a muddy farm in the Catskills.
  "Crouching Tiger" was a rare foreign-language smash hit in the United States and "Brokeback Mountain" was Focus Features' top-grossing hit with $180 million in ticket sales worldwide. Yet Lee and Schamus had no qualms about moving on to smaller productions such as "Lust, Caution" and "Taking Woodstock," even if critics sniped that they were slumming in art house films or little comedies.
  "It's unfair, so I don't really care," Lee said. "Nothing's more precious and rewarding than making the movie you want to make. How good is that? There's nothing to top that."
  李安后终于听取埃利奥特伯的回忆录“制造伍德斯托克” ,其中记述了音乐会组织者跃升至音乐会,吸引50万人泥泞在Catskills 的农场。
  “卧虎藏龙”是一种罕见的红极一时在美国的外语片,和“断背山”是焦点影业'最赚钱的卖座片,全球票房收入为1.8亿美元。然而,李安和沙穆斯没有疑虑便转向小制作,如“色,戒”和“制造伍德斯托克” ,即使批评,他们在家庭艺术影片或小喜剧。
  “这是不公平的,所以我并不在乎, ”他说。 “没有什么比电影上映更珍贵的。好是什么?”
   Taking Woodstock" has no major box-office draws, counting Liev Schreiber, Emile Hirsch, Eugene Levy and Imelda Staunton as its best-known cast members. The film stars Demetri Martin as Elliot and also features Henry Goodman, Paul Dano and Kelli Garner.
  ven with no big stars, "Taking Woodstock" was a good investment for Focus, Schamus said.
  "I'm a very conservative businessman. I'm a petty bourgeois. I am like a small businessman at heart," Schamus said, noting that "Taking Woodstock" was shot on a tight budget, much of which has been recouped from overseas sales. "So we only need very modest returns from the North American side of it, for example, to be very happy."
  即使没有大明星, “制作伍德斯托克”是一个良好的投资重点,沙穆斯说。
  “我是一个非常保守的商人。我是小资产阶级。我像一个小商人的心, ”沙穆斯指出, “制造伍德斯托克”预算很紧的,其中大部分已来自海外销售。 “所以我们只需要非常微薄的回报来自北美,例如,非常高兴。 ”
  Lee is not tied to making films with Focus and could go off on a big studio flick if something came his way that he wanted to do. He also could bring Schamus along as screenwriter on any films he might make elsewhere.
  While Lee is not sure what he might do next, Schamus has some ideas.
  "I actually have something to pitch to you later today," he told Lee.
  ”我真的有一些东西卖给你,今天晚些时候, ”他告诉李。


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