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In the June issue of Esquire, Megan explained her sex symbol status, stating, "I’m just really confident sexually, and I think that sort of oozes out of my pores."
   在6月的《君子》里,梅根解释她的象征地位,指出, “我真的相信性,我认为那种渗出了我的毛孔。 “
  At the "Eagle Eye" premiere in 2008, Megan Fox kept it simple with a little black dress and a chunky turquoise necklace. The better to draw your eyes toward her ... swan-like neck, of course
  We don’t know if, or when, Megan Fox will ever receive a major acting award. However, on the red carpet in 2009 she offered up the world a glimpse of her very own golden globes.
  Okay, so not everyone was thrilled with Megan’s slicked-back hairstyle at the MTV Movie Awards. But, this cinched-in gold and black cocktail dress did its best to make up for it.
  This may be how we like Megan best -- giving a boobilicious kissy-face while dressed as some sort of trailer-park prom queen.
   We’re not sure if Marilyn Monroe would approve, but we’re willing to bet she’d at least be intrigued.
  At GQ’s same event a year earlier, Megan brought a more casual style. Still, the legs and tats were on full display. (Note to Kristen Stewart: This is how you do
  At the Kids’ Choice Awards in March, Megan buttoned-up a bit, wearing jeans, a flowing shirt, and a leather jacket. She wouldn’t want to be responsible for the Jonas Brothers casting off their purity rings or anything.
  Rainn Wilson was so worried about being upstaged by Megan Fox at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards that he came onstage au natural. Sorry, Rainn.
  威尔逊是如此担心梅根福克斯在2008年MTV电影奖上的风头,很抱歉, Rainn。


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作者:crzhao 时间:2009-06-30 21:47:08
  We don’t know if, or when, Megan Fox will ever receive a major acting award.
  this means "she hasn’t won any award." not "we don’t know when she won an award"
作者:crzhao 时间:2009-06-30 21:48:46
  a chunky turquoise necklace.笨重的绿松石项链
  heavy, maybe; however, here "chunky" definite refers to size, and to catch others’ eye, size does matters.