Hong Kong, Taiwan fans mourn Michael Jackson(转载)

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HONG KONG (AP) -- Michael Jackson fans gathered in Hong Kong and Taiwan to imitate their late hero's dance moves and watch his performances Sunday, as tributes to the American pop legend continued to pour in from Asia more than a week after his death.
  香港( 美联社) -迈克尔@杰克逊在香港和台湾的歌迷聚集,模仿已故英雄的舞蹈动作,看他的表演,悼念美国流行音乐的传奇。
  In Hong Kong, fans wearing Jackson's trademark fedora hat bowed to a poster of him and performed his body-jerking, crotch-grabbing dance moves to songs like "Beat It" and "Billy Jean," as hundreds peered over railings at a multistory suburban mall to watch.
  The memorial also featured an exhibition of Jackson memorabilia including CDs, figurines, pins and magazines.
   "I'm sad that the world lost a genius," said one performer, 17-year-old high school student Lam Yuet-wing, who wore a black sequined jacket and a single white glove in honor of his hero.
  “我很伤心,世界失去了一位天才,”一个表演者, 17岁的高中生林月荣说,他穿了黑色亮片夹克,戴一只白色手套,纪念自己的英雄。
  In the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, about 200 fans held a memorial where impersonators performed on a stage adorned with his photos. Many sobbed as they watched videos of Jackson's concerts.
  "I paid tribute to him with my dance," said Kao Sha-ming, 30, wiping tears after he mimicked Jackson's moves in a red T-shirt and a black jacket.
  “我用我的舞蹈怀念他,”高沙明说, 30岁 在他模仿杰克逊的动作后擦着眼泪,他穿着一件红色的T恤和黑色外套。
  Kim Lin, 32, said she was picked to dance with Jackson when he performed in Taiwan in 1996. She said she screamed for 20 minutes after hearing about his death.
  "My god of music just died. It was too hard to accept that because I was so close to him on the stage," she recalled.
  金林, 32岁,说她被选中和杰克逊跳舞,在杰克逊在台湾表演时(1996年)。她说她尖叫了20分钟,在听到他的死亡后。
  “我音乐之神刚刚去世。这难以接受,因为我是如此接近他(在舞台上) ”她回忆说。


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