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Wondering how to tactfully escape from a bad date? "O" columnist Jancee Dunn polls the experts and gives her own perspective on how to handle a not-so-great date
  想知道如何巧妙地摆脱坏约会? “O”专栏作家Jancee邓恩调查专家,从她自己的角度处理不那么伟大的约会。
  What should I do if I go on a date, and early on it’s clear the evening is going to be a huge flop? Do I stick it out? Is it kinder to make up an excuse and end the evening early?
   A: End it, but have the courage to be kind and honest. He may not think it’s a bust, so let him down gently. But don’t lie or fake an emergency text message. If you’re sharp enough to sense a flop, you’re smart enough to find ways to say you don’t feel right about the evening.
   If he’s a nice guy but the sparks aren’t there, stay put. Who knows? You may end up becoming friends, or he may be the perfect guy for someone else you know.
  — Lisa Caputo, chairman and CEO, Citi’s Women & Co.
   I second that. The right conduct is not to cut and run. The Golden Rule applies: Stick it out, and do your best to make sure your companion has as good a time as possible. Maybe your first impression was wrong. If you leave early, you’ll never know if you missed a life-changing surprise.
  — Jack Marshall, president, ProEthics
  -杰克@马绍尔 ProEthics总裁
  I once cut a blind date short with mumbled excuses. By chance, I ran into him again at a party when we were both more relaxed. As Jack says, a life-changing surprise. Six months later, we were married.
  — Jancee Dunn
   我曾经用借口缩减相亲。一个偶然的机会,我再次碰到了他,在一次聚会上,我们都更加放松。像杰克说的,一个改变生活的惊喜。 6个月后,我们结婚了。
  - Jancee邓恩


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