Oh no!13 real-life wedding disasters!(转载)

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Wrecked dresses, arrested grooms and massive brawls, oh my!
  Many women spend their entire lifetimes dreaming about their wedding day. But could anyone ever imagine that bridal bliss could turn this sour?
  We’ve found tales of women vomiting onto their wedding dresses, being catapulted out of horse-drawn carriages, swallowing their engagement rings and tangling with the police. One bride even got hauled off to jail and had her mug shot taken — in her wedding gown.Here are 13 — that’s right, 13 — eye-popping tales of nuptials gone awry.
   Now that's a mug shot
  And yes, the person in the mug shot is wearing a wedding dress. Meet Adrienne Samen, a Connecticut bride who had quite the wedding night back in August 2003.是的,照面部照片的人身穿结婚礼服。见一见阿德里安 ,一位康涅狄格州的新娘,在在2003年8月的新婚之夜。
  Several things went wrong: First, she apparently got intoxicated. Second, she yelled obscenities and threw cake and vases at her new husband. Third, witnesses told police that she “flipped out” when the bar at the reception stopped serving drinks for the night.
  And then there was the obscene gesture at the police, the attempt to bite an officer who put her in the back of a police car and the moment when she kicked a police-car window out of its track.
  Charges: breach of peace and criminal mischief. Fine: $90.
  代价:犯罪行为。罚款: 90美元。
   Get me off this island!
  Like many couples, British citizens Simmone Edwards and Samuel Hibberd thought a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic would be romantic and memorable.
  But because the couple had been given incorrect information about the Dominican Republic’s wedding waiting period, they had no choice but to wed three days earlier than planned without any of their guests present.
  Then on the day of the reception, the bride, groom and many guests got food poisoning. “I was so ill ... that I vomited outside the restaurant where we were eating three times and almost fainted,” the bride told the UK’s Evening Post. “It completely ruined what was supposed to be the best day of my life.”然后在招待会那天,新娘,新郎和许多客人食物中毒。 “我是如此难受...我在餐厅外呕吐了3倍于我吃的东西,几乎昏了过去, “新娘对英国的《晚报》说。 “这完全毁掉我生命中最好的一天。 ”
   Horse ran roughshod over her big day
  Sophie Clarke, 29, of England spent three years planning a fairy-tale wedding that included a $3,000 dress, handmade invitations and a horse-drawn carriage. But during the carriage ride to the church with her father, Clarke almost lost her life.
  The horse got spooked and bolted, throwing the driver and his assistant from the carriage and leaving no one at the helm. As the horse sped into the pathway of an oncoming truck, Clarke’s father pushed his daughter from the carriage and jumped out after her. Clarke was left badly injured with a concussion and covered with blood.
  In January, six weeks after the accident, she eventually married her fiancé in a much more intimate ceremony. “I had a life-changing experience,” Clarke told the Daily Mail. “It put into perspective for me that all of the fancy things, the posh invites and parties are not important. The only important thing is becoming Karl’s wife.”
  今年1月, 事故发生后6个星期,她最终嫁给她的未婚夫(在一个更亲密的仪式上)。 “我有改变生活的体验, ”克拉克告诉每日邮报。 “对我来说,时髦的邀请与聚会并不重要。唯一重要的事情是成为卡尔的妻子。 “
   What happened to my dress?!
  Fay McCahill had a lovely wedding in Cyprus last year, and then planned to throw a reception for all the friends and family members who weren’t able to attend after she returned home to England.
  She brought her dress to the dry cleaners to have it freshened up before the reception. When she went to pick it up, she said she was horrified to find a large hole “you could put your finger through” in the beaded bodice.
  “They’ve ruined the dress for me,” McCahill told the Bristol Evening Post. “They didn’t even clean it properly — it was all muddied at the bottom. It was beautiful — strapless with a corset top with ruched detailing.”
  “他们破坏了我的服装, ” McCahill告诉布里斯托尔晚报。 “他们甚至没有弄干净。
   Gimme those conga drums
  Fabiana Reyes and her husband, Elmo Jesus Fernandez, thought it would be nice to renew their wedding vows last year — in a church this time, since they didn’t have a church wedding the first time around.
  Everything went fine until the reception, when the band stopped playing to give the DJ a turn.
   Reyes got so frustrated that she “knocked over and damaged the band’s conga drums valued at $600, a speaker valued at $350 and other equipment,” according to the New York newspaper The Journal News. A fight ultimately erupted between police and Reyes, her husband and their 21-year-old
  daughter. All three family members went to jail.
  雷耶斯如此沮丧,她“撞倒并损害了乐队的康加鼓,价值600美元,一位发言者估计价值是350美元, ”根据纽约报纸《新闻消息》报道。最终在警察,雷耶斯,她的丈夫和他们的21岁的女儿之间爆发了冲突,所有这三个家庭成员前往监狱。
   You may not touch the bride
  Sure, the bride and the groom had endured their share of troubles. They had even been married once before, and she had once gotten an order of protection against him. But should that really stand in the way of their second wedding?
  Well, when the pair tried to tie the knot in New York last summer, groom Timothy Cole was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal contempt for being too close to the bride. The arrest probably wouldn’t have happened if Cole hadn’t quarreled with one of the wedding guests.
  When police arrived, they recognized Cole from his previous arrests and his past clashes with the bride.
  Massive brawl wrecks lesbian wedding
  When firefighter Vanessa Mayo married her partner, Gail Hines, at a civil partnership ceremony in England in 2006, she never imagined that the reception would turn so violent.
  A male relative made a comment that got the people around him all riled up, and within minutes, about 20 guests were embroiled in a full-on melee. Mayo wound up with a black eye, and the reception abruptly came to a halt. She left sobbing as she headed off for her honeymoon in Turkey.
   Wedding wasn't 'real'?
  Irish pop star Brian McFadden and former Atomic Kitten member Kerry Katona married in 2004, stayed together for 2 1/2 years and had two children together. Sounds pretty serious, right?
  After the fact, McFadden shared these details with British publication Reveal: “It wasn’t a real wedding. We were getting married to have a big party and get loads of money for it and to appear showbiz.”
  麦克法登与英国出版社《揭示》分享了这些细节: “这不是真正的婚礼。
  He added that he and Katona didn’t spend their wedding night together, and they were mostly excited about having the event covered by Hello! magazine.
  One of Hollywood's shortest marriages
  Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds had a lavish — and non-legally binding — wedding ceremony on a French Polynesian island on New Year’s Day in 2008. The ceremony, part of a multiday occasion rumored to have cost $500,000, happened at sunset and was the stuff of fairy tales.
  A mere 14 days later, the couple split. Rocky relations between Edmonds and Murphy’s mom were said to have contributed to the speedy breakup.
  Gulp! I swallowed the ring!
  Reed Harris put a lot of thought into how he would pop the question to the love of his life, Kaitlin Whipple. In the end, he decided to hide the engagement ring in a Wendy’s Frosty milk shake and let her discover it.
  里德@哈里斯花了很多心思,在他如何向他生命中的爱求婚上 。最后,他决定将订婚戒指隐藏在温迪的奶昔里,让她发现它。
  She reached the end of the milk shake, and — uh-oh. No ring. It took an X-ray to make Whipple believe Harris’ urgent story about what had happened. Once Whipple was in possession of the X-ray image of the ring inside her, Harris dropped to one knee and proposed.
  Yes, Whipple did manage to retrieve the ring, clean it and wear it.
  是的, Whipple的确得到了戒指,清洁并戴上它。
   What would you do if you learned your fiance was cheating?
  How about if you received this news mere weeks before your elaborately planned wedding day?
  Here’s what Kyle Paxman decided to do: She went ahead with her Vermont reception anyway and turned it into a charity benefit to honor strong women. Money raised from the 2006 event went to the Vermont Children’s Aid Society and CARE USA.Yay, Kyle!
  以下是凯尔决定做的事:她继续她的佛蒙特酒会,把它变成一个慈善活动,表彰坚强的妇女。筹集的资金去了佛蒙特儿童援助协会和美国CARE。Yay ,凯尔!
  A proposal to remember
  Don Walling wanted to propose to Gina Pellicani in one of the most memorable settings imaginable: on the pedestrian walkway above the Brooklyn Bridge, with a sweeping view of New York before them.唐@沃琳要向吉娜求婚,在一个可以想象的最难忘的场景中:在布鲁克林大桥上的人行道上,可以彻底地观看纽约的风景。
  Walling took Pellicani to the perfect spot earlier this year for the big moment. “I got on a knee, said, ‘Will you marry me?’ opened the box, and it flew out,” Walling told TODAY.沃琳带吉娜去完美的现场,今年早些时候。 “我跪下说, '你愿意嫁给我吗? '打开盒子,它飞了出去, ”沃琳告诉《今日》。
  He watched the ring fall to the roadway below, and then he acted fast by climbing down the bridge’s superstructure. This sparked a suicide-jumper alert, but he managed to make police believe that he had no plans to jump.
  After all that, he did retrieve the ring.
  Those stone crabs can really get you
  Mary McPhail of Ohio has one of those legendary wedding-day horror stories.
  "We had our rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where my husband and I met, and as a surprise gift, they gave us this big, beautiful tray of stone crabs,” McPhail told LifeWire. “The next day, I had a very upset stomach but just attributed it to nerves.”
  “我们吃排练晚餐,在我和丈夫遇见的餐馆里,作为一个惊喜的礼物,他们给了我们这么大的,美丽的一盘石头螃蟹” , McPhail告诉LifeWire 。 “第二天,我非常胃痛,只是以为是神经痛。
  It turned out that she had food poisoning. At some point during her lengthy ceremony, she clamped her hand over her mouth. The priest quickly wound things up and sent the couple back up the aisle.
  “We got to the back of the church and I just lost it all over my gown,” McPhail recalled. “It was a really small wedding, and everybody knew. I was mortified, but it was the highlight of everyone’s day.”
  “我全吐在我的礼服上, ” McPhail回忆道。 “这是真正的小婚礼,每个人都知道。我很羞愧,但它也是大家那一天的高潮。


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