Ryan O''Neal recalls Farrah''s final moment(转载)

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Ryan O'Neal is speaking out for the first time since Farrah Fawcett's June 25 death in a new television interview with Today's Meredith Vieira.
  In the interview airing Tuesday on NBC, O'Neal, 68, opens up to Vieira about his final moments with Fawcett, who died at age 62 after battling anal cancer.
  在星期二播出的NBC的采访中,奥尼尔, 68岁 ,对维埃拉公开了他与福塞特的最后时刻,她62岁,死于肛门癌。
  "[Doctors] thought that she would live just another couple of hours, and she lived a couple of days," O'Neal says of his longtime love, who spent her last days at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif. "So I had a bed put in the room for me. And I just lay by her side. She wouldn't -- move on. She wouldn't pass."
  [医生]认为,她只是活几个小时,她活了一两天, ”奥尼尔说到他长期的爱人,她的最后几天是在加州圣莫尼卡的圣约翰医院。“我只是躺在她身边。她不会-继续前进。她不会死'
   In her dying moments, "[Farrah] just looked at us with a slight smile," O'Neal says, "and then all the machines flat lined. She was gone."
  在她临终的时刻, “ 法拉只是看着我们微笑, ”奥尼尔说, “然后她走了。
  Though O'Neal was by Fawcett's side at the time of her death, the couple's 24-year-old son, Redmond, remained incarcerated for felony drug possession. He was able to attend her funeral, serving as a pall bearer, but did not get to say goodbye in person at the hospital.
  Of Redmond's last phone call with his mother, O'Neal tells Vieira: "I think it was about regret. And the
  horror of not being able to see her again, and the promise of a good life -- one she would be proud of. He has a wonderful plan in mind to restore order in his life. And he will, with my help."在最后与他的母亲通电话中,奥尼尔告诉维埃拉: “我认为这很遗憾。他有一个美好的计划,恢复他的生活。他会的,在我的帮助下。
  In the weeks since her passing, O'Neal says he has remained upbeat -- and is touched by the outpouring of support from Fawcett's fans.
  "[In her final moments], I said I'd see her soon, and I see her every day. I write to her in my journal," O'Neal tells Vieira. "Redmond says it's harder to grieve, but I told him to be patient. And when he got out, we'd grieve together."
  “ [在最后时刻] ,我说我想尽快见她,每天看到她。我在日记中写信给她, ”奥尼尔告诉维埃拉。 “儿子表示,哀悼更难,但我告诉他,要有耐心。而当他出来时,我们一起哀悼。 ”


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