Editor spent 6 years nurturing our celeb addiction(转载)

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  July 22, 2009, 6:47 PM EST
  NEW YORK (AP) -- In six years as editor in chief of Us Weekly, Janice Min often found herself zealously watching young women in airport lounges. She wanted to be sure they were reading her magazine cover to cover.
  纽约(美联社) -6年的周刊总编辑,贾尼丝@闵常常发现她自己热忱地观看在机场贵宾休息室的年轻妇女们。她想要确保她们读她的杂志。
  "I was amazed at how often they were reading every last word," Min says with a satisfied smile. The celebrity editor, who announced this week she was stepping down to pursue other, unspecified opportunities, presided over a two-thirds increase in circulation during her tenure, in part by recognizing that young, affluent women like herself wanted to read edgier, newsier celebrity journalism — lots of it.“我很惊讶他们多久读每一个字, ”闵说,带着满意的微笑。这位名人编辑,在本周宣布她辞职寻求其他不明朗的机会,在其任期内增加了三分之二的销量,在某种程度上认识到年轻,富裕的妇女(像自己一样的)想读更尖锐的名人新闻。
  For that, Min was handsomely rewarded — close to $2 million, according to some accounts (She won’t comment). But this is a tough time for print media, and though Us Weekly is doing well, there have been reports that Min decided to leave partly because her boss, Jann Wenner, was unwilling to keep paying her at the same level.为此,闵得到了丰厚的回报-近200万美元。但是,对印刷媒体来说这是艰难的,尽管周刊做得很好,有报道说,闵决定离开是因为她的老板,温纳。
  True or not, Min is probably one of the last magazine editors to be paid so well, says industry analyst Samir Husni.
   "Those bloated days are gone in our business," says Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi.
  我们业务中的那些日子已经一去不复返, ”胡斯尼,密西西比大学杂志创新中心主任说。 “我们如此成功,我们自己有些盲目。 ”然而,他赞扬了闵和她的前任,邦妮@富勒,把名人的新闻放在地图上。 “现在这是一个流派,新闻景观的一部分。
  "We were riding such a wave of success that we blinded ourselves somewhat." Yet he credits Min and her predecessor, Bonnie Fuller, for putting celebrity journalism on the map. "Now it’s a genre, part of the journalism landscape."
  Min, 39, insists she simply needed a career change. "I just want to do something new," she said this week in her modest midtown Manhattan office, dressed down in long white shorts. "I feel strongly that there were skills I applied to Us Weekly that would be applicable to other media." She said she had no job in hand and no plans — other than vacation.
  闵, 39岁,坚持她只是需要一个职业生涯的变化。 “我只想做一些新的, ”她这个星期在她曼哈顿的办公室里说,穿着白色短裤。 “我强烈地感到,我申请到周刊的技能将适用于其他媒体。 ”她说,她没有工作在手,也没有计划-除了休假。
  Wenner, whose Wenner Media also publishes Rolling Stone, denies reports that money had anything to do with the departure. Rather, he says, "there’s a right time for everything, and Janice was smart and I was smart."
  温纳,其温纳媒体也出版了《滚石》,否认钱与离开有关系。相反,他说, “一切都有一个正确的时间,贾尼丝很聪明,我很聪明。 ”
  A graduate of Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism, Min took over the magazine at merely 33, having served for just over a year under Fuller, who left for American Media and its Star magazine. Though Fuller is credited by many, including Husni, with the changes that led to the Us Weekly’s success, there are differences, says Wenner.闵毕业于哥伦比亚大学新闻学院,接管该杂志(在仅仅33岁时),在富勒手下任职一年多的时间,去《美国媒体》和《明星》杂志。虽然富勒被许多人称赞(其中包括胡斯尼),他的改变导致了周刊的成功,温纳说。
  "Bonnie was pretty negative about celebrities," says the publisher. "Janice isn’t. You’d be hard-pressed to find a mean picture in our magazine. Pictures of celebrities carrying shopping bags aren’t mean."
  “邦妮对于名人很消极 ”出版商说。 “贾尼丝并非如此。你会很难在我们的杂志里找到贱照片。名人携带购物袋的照片并不贱。
  Still, Us Weekly thrives on features like "Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever," a photo gallery now on its Web site that includes such moments as young "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson with her dress falling open up to the waist.
  尽管如此,周刊蓬勃发展的特色,如“最尴尬的衣橱故障”,一个目前在其网站上的画廊中,其中包括这样的时刻:年轻的“哈利波特”明星艾玛@沃森的裙子开到腰上。 (网站上还有:该杂志的画面,迈克尔@杰克逊惨痛的1984年百事广告,他的头发着火。该杂志表示,它获得超过10万次点击。 )
   (Also on the site: footage the magazine acquired of Michael Jackson’s harrowing 1984 Pepsi commercial where his hair caught fire. The magazine says it’s gotten more than 10 million hits.)
  A focus on such things is a marked change from the celebrity journalism of past decades, Min notes.
  "There was a very remote relationship then between the public and celebrities," she says. "They were meant to be up on a pedestal. They were primarily movie stars, and their publicists totally controlled the news about them."
  “市民与名人之间有很遥远的关系, ”她说。 “他们是为了达到一个基座。他们主要是电影明星,他们的宣传人员完全控制关于他们的消息。
  But then the whole relationship shifted, Min says, along with the very definition of a celebrity, a process that coincided with the rise of reality TV.
  但是,整个关系转移了,闵说,随着名人的定义,这个过程正好与真人秀的崛起巧合。事实上,她的自豪感之一是已经认识到真人秀明星新闻的潜力。她把“ Bachelorette ”情侣Trista和瑞安(你知道,仍然在一起)放在封面上,并大卖。
  Indeed, one of her points of pride is having recognized the potential for news about reality stars. She put "Bachelorette" couple Trista and Ryan (you know, the ones who are still together) on the cover, and it sold big.
  More recently, knowing she couldn’t depend forever on stars like Brad and Angelina or Britney, Lindsay and Paris, Min listened to her staff of 20-something women and realized that an obscure, then low-rated show called "Jon & Kate Plus 8" on the TLC network was catching women’s fancy.
  "It was the talkability of the story — what do you go home and talk to your friends about?" says Min. "People were fascinated with this couple, and how Kate treated her husband."
  “这是故事的可谈论性-你回家跟你的朋友说什么? ”闵说。 “人们着迷这对夫妻,和凯特是如何对待她的丈夫的。 ”
   Now, that show is a tabloid staple and a big hit: The episode where the couple announced their split drew a whopping 10.6 million viewers. "It’s definitely a two-way street," says Min. 现在,这场秀是小报的主食,并引起了巨大反响:夫妇宣布分手的一集吸引了高达一千零60万观众。 “这肯定是双向的,闵说。
  But she had also realized that the viability of a cover story had nothing to do with how high a show’s ratings were. "We can sell a ’Jon & Kate’ cover many times over an ’American Idol’ cover," she says emphatically. To wit, this week’s cover: "Kate’s Sad Kids."但她也认识到,封面故事与节目的高收视率没有关系。 “我们可以出售’乔恩和凯特’封面,超过’美国偶像’封面许多倍,她强调说: ”,本周的封面: “凯特可悲的孩子。
  Not to say that Min actually watches reality TV. She depends on her staff for that. Her favorite TV show? "Mad Men," AMC’s moody, stylish exploration of the 1960s advertising world in Manhattan.不是说,闵实际上看真人秀。她依靠她的工作人员(为这一点)。她最喜欢的电视节目? “广告狂人, ”AMC公司的时尚的探索(对20世纪60年代曼哈顿广告界)。
  Hardly Us Weekly fodder. "’Mad Men’ will never make the cover," Min quips.
   “广告狂人永远不会成为封面, ”闵打趣道。
  Despite the difficult climate for print media, Us Weekly has held up well. It says its ad pages were down 10 percent for the first half of 2009, compared with a 28 percent decline for the rest of the magazine industry.
   As the second-largest celebrity and entertainment weekly behind People, Us Weekly had average circulation of 1.9 million in the last six months of 2008, the latest figures available from the Audit Bureau of Circulations. And according to comScore, its Web traffic also is up significantly from a year ago.
  作为第二大名人和娱乐周刊(落后与《人物》,周刊的平均发行量为190万(在2008年半年)。根据comScore ,其网站流量也大幅增长(从一年前开始)。
  Also, while Us Weekly has increased its circulation by about two-thirds since 2003, when Min took over, People has remained fairly stable at about 3.6 million.
  Another change in the Min era, though not one she can truly take credit for: a focus on political celebrities, most notably Barack Obama. The new president or his family has been featured on at least four covers. (Soon-to-be former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska had one.)
  另一个在闵时代的变化是,并非只有她才能真正被称赞:将重点放在政治名人,尤其是奥巴马上。新的总统或其家人已精选上至少四期封面了。 (阿拉斯加前州长萨拉@帕林也有一期。 )
  "Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton ... they’re part of our popular culture in a way that George Bush and John Kerry never were," says Min. "Obama just has that celebrity factor."
  “奥巴马,米歇尔@奥巴马,希拉里@克林顿...他们是我们的流行文化的一部分,美国总统布什和克里从来没有, ”闵说。 “奥巴马有名人的因素。 ”
  But Min doesn’t fear for the viability of pure celebrity journalism, of our essential need to read about Britney’s latest parenting gaffe, Lindsay’s latest brush with the law, Paris’ latest driving violation, or Brad and Angelina’s latest pregnancy.但是,闵不害怕纯名人新闻的可行性,我们的基本需要是阅读有关布兰妮的最新失言,帕里斯的最新驾驶违规行为,或布拉德和安吉丽娜的最新怀孕。
   "If there’s one thing you can count on, escapism and frivolity will always come back," says Min. "It’s difficult to imagine that the women who come to us for escapism will suddenly start reading ’Foreign Affairs’ or watching ’Nova’ instead. Everyone needs an escape."
   “如果有一件事你可以指望,逃避现实总是会回来, ”闵说。 “很难想象来找我们的女人会突然开始阅读’外交’或看’新星’。每个人都需要逃避。 ”


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