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Hollywood celebs are known for staying tan, be it through hours spent at the beach or courtesy of in-home Mystic Tan apparatuses. Still, some stars prefer to keep their skin ... how should we put this? ... pasty, glowing white. Let's contemplate their translucence, shall we?
  好莱坞明星而晒黑而出名,无论是通过花时间在海滩或其他。尽管如此,一些明星喜欢保持皮肤...我们应该如何形容? ...发光的白色。
  We're suspicious that Julianne Moore uses SPF 7500. How else to explain how she hits the beach while keeping her (admittedly perfect) skin free of any color whatsoever?
  我们很怀疑朱丽安@摩尔使用的SPF值为7500 。否则怎么解释她如何在访问海滩的同时让她(完美的)皮肤无任何颜色呢?
  Burlesque queen and Marilyn Manson ex Dita Von Teese works to maintain her pinup girl pallor. While on vacation in France, she even brought along special UV-blocking drapes to prevent the sun from sneaking into her hotel room.
   You can't make a list of celebrity heliophobes without giving a nod to Nicole Kidman. The former Mrs. Cruise is known for her milky-white skin (and a suspiciously lineless face.)前克鲁斯夫人因她的乳白色皮肤知名
  Recently, 9-year-old "Slumdog Millionaire" star Rubina Ali described working on a commercial with Nicole. She said the actress was "strange" and hid in her trailer to avoid any contact with direct sunlight.
  最近, 9岁的“ 贫民窟的百万富翁”的明星阿里描述与妮可一起拍的广告。她说,这个女演员是“奇怪的” ,藏在她的拖车里,以避免接触任何阳光直射。
  OK, hiding from the sun may be in the job description for these "Twilight" kids. How else to explain Robert Pattinson's distinctly vampiric pallor?
  Kelly Osbourne is so white. (How white is she?) She's so white she glows in the dark. She's so white she makes Robert Pattinson look like George Hamilton. That's how white Kelly Osbourne is.
  凯利@奥斯本是白的。 (她有多白呢? )她是如此的白,她在黑暗中发光。她是如此的白,她使罗伯特@帕帝森看起来像乔治@汉密尔顿。这就是凯利@奥斯本有多白。
  Rose McGowan keeps her complexion a nice shade of eggshell white. No wonder she was a shoo-in for her witchy role on "Charmed."
  罗斯@麦高恩让她的肤色成了蛋壳白。难怪她在拍摄她女巫般的角色,在“圣女”中 。
  Fair-skinned Marcia Cross may just be an alien. How else to explain that she's been spotted going to the tanning salon, yet still manages to maintain a nearly neon-white pallor?


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