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SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft Corp. has finally roped Yahoo Inc. into an Internet search partnership, capping a convoluted pursuit that dragged on for years and setting the stage for them to make a joint assault against the dominance of Google Inc.
  The 10-year deal announced Wednesday gives Microsoft access to the Internet's second-largest search engine audience, beefing up the software maker's arsenal as it tries to better confront Google, which is by far the leader in online search and advertising.
  Google tried to stop Yahoo from falling into Microsoft's camp. Last year it formed its own proposed search advertising deal with Yahoo, only to be forced to retreat from that alliance after U.S. antitrust officials threatened to sue.
  Now the extended reach Microsoft is gaining will let it introduce its recently upgraded search engine, called Bing, to more people. The Redmond, Wash.-based software maker believes Bing is just as good, if not better, than Google's search engine. 现在微软向更多的人推出其最近升级的搜索引擎(必应)。这家位于华盛顿州雷德蒙市的软件制造商认为必应和谷歌搜索引擎是一样好的(如果不是更好)。
  Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said. "This agreement gives us the scale and resources to create the future of search."
  微软首席执行官史蒂夫@鲍尔默说。 “这项协议给我们创造了未来的搜索的规模和资源。 ”
  Challenging Google
  Even with Yahoo's help, Microsoft has its work cut out. Combined, Microsoft and Yahoo handle 28 percent of the Internet searches in the United States, well behind Google's 65 percent, according to online measurement firm comScore Inc. Google is even more dominant in the rest of the world, with a global share of 67 percent compared to a combined 11 percent for Microsoft and Yahoo.合并后微软和雅虎可处理美国互联网搜索的28%,远远落后于谷歌的65%,根据在线调查公司comScore公司,谷歌在世界其他地区更是占主导地位,占全球份额的67%,微软和雅虎合并后为11%。
  Yahoo will keep 88 percent of the revenue from all ads that run alongside search requests on its site for the first five years of the deal. Yahoo also will have the right to sell search ads on some Microsoft sites.
  Yahoo estimated the deal will boost its annual operating profit by $500 million and save the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company about $275 million on annual capital expenditures because it won't have to invest as much in its own search technology. An unspecified number of Yahoo engineers will lose their jobs as the company scales back, Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz told analysts in a Wednesday conference call.雅虎估计该交易将提高其年度营业利润至5亿美元,并为这家总部位于加州Sunnyvale的公司节省了每年二亿七千五百万美元的资本支出,因为它不必在自己的搜索技术上投资这么多。数目不详的雅虎工程师将失去工作,因为公司规模缩小,雅虎的首席执行官卡罗尔@巴茨在周三的电话会议上告诉分析家。
  The deal isn't expected to close until early next year, and then it could take another two years before all the pieces of the partnership are in place. The companies first will give antitrust regulators time to review the possible effects on the Internet ad market. Then they will need time to stitch together their different technologies.
   " A one-time upfront payment, what am I going to with it? Collect interest on it every year? That doesn't help me with" Yahoo's finances.
  The alliance could give Yahoo a chance to recoup some of the money it squandered in May 2008, when it turned down a chance to sell the entire company to Microsoft for $47.5 billion. Yahoo's market value currently stands at about $22 billion, and the company.
  The two rivals began talking about a possible partnership as far back as 2005 before Microsoft intensified the courtship with last year's attempt to buy Yahoo.
  It took Bartz just six months to strike a deal with Microsoft — something that neither of her predecessors, Terry Semel and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, seemed interested in doing.
  Although Yahoo won't get any immediate cash, Bartz predicted the deal will still be a boon for the company.


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  Microsoft counting on Bing
   Microsoft is counting on Bing, unveiled last month, to turn things around.
  Bing has been getting mostly positive reviews and picking up slightly more traffic with the help of a $100 million marketing campaign. 必应获得的评价大部分是积极的,流量略有上升(在1亿美元的营销活动的帮助下)。
  "The reason the deal happened now is the recent success of Bing. I think it put pressure on Yahoo, as well as Yahoo not being able to turn it around on its own," said Gartner Inc. analyst Neil MacDonald.
  “此交易的原因是“必应”近期的成功。我想它给雅虎施加了压力, ”Gartner公司的分析师尼尔@麦当劳说 。
  Microsoft and Yahoo are bracing for scrutiny into whether the combination would have an adverse effect on competition in the online ad market.
   The U.S. Justice Department spent five months dissecting last year's proposed search advertising partnership between Google and Yahoo before concluding that it would give Google too much control over the market. And under the Obama administration, the Justice Department is promising to pore over deals more rigorously than it did when the proposed Google-Yahoo partnership came up.美国司法部花了五个月来分析去年谷歌和雅虎提出的搜索广告伙伴关系。在奥巴马政府的领导下,司法部承诺,将对拟议的谷歌和雅虎的合作关系更严格地审查。
  "There has traditionally been a lot of competition online, and our experience is that competition brings about great things for users," Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich said.
  “在网络中一直存在大量的竞争,我们的经验是,竞争为用户带来了巨大的利益, ”谷歌发言人Kovacevich表示。
  Deal will be scrutinized
  A key lawmaker on antitrust issues said the Yahoo-Microsoft plan "warrants our careful scrutiny." Sen. Herb Kohl, a Wisconsin Democrat, said the Senate antitrust subcommittee he chairs will review the deal "because of the potentially far-reaching consequences for consumers and advertisers and our concern about dampening the innovation we have come to expect from a competitive high-tech industry."一位重要的议员说,雅虎与微软的计划“值得我们仔细考虑。 ”参议员赫伯@科尔,(威斯康星州的民主党人)说,他主持的参议院反垄断小组委员会将审查此交易:“因为可能对消费者和广告客户产生深远的影响。
  Peter Kaplan, a spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, declined to comment.
  We think this is one of these cases where the coming together will produce more effective market competition, not less," he told analysts in Wednesday's conference call.
  我们认为,走到一起会产生更有效的市场竞争, “他告诉分析师,在周三的电话会议中。
  Microsoft is doubling down on Internet search at the same time Google is attacking Microsoft's bread-and-butter business of software for personal computers.
  Google is working on a free operating system for inexpensive PCs in a move that could threaten Microsoft's Windows franchise.谷歌还在制造针对廉价电脑的免费操作系统,此举可能会威胁到微软的视窗操作系统。
  Chrome OS isn't supposed to hit the market until the second half of next year. That means Microsoft could get a head start on Google in the duel to steal each other's financial thunder.