Worldwide `Avatar'' previews thrill sci-fi fans(转载)

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Another scene shows Worthington’s character befriending a native woman.They discover a psychedelic forest of luminescent flowers and battle an army of flying dragons. Relying on 3D and performance-capture technology Cameron has helped pioneer, "Avatar" is an immersive blend of animation and live-action movie magic.
  LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Fans wearing 3D glasses clapped as soon as James Cameron’s face appeared on screen. The filmmaker, shown in 3D, invited moviegoers to enjoy a 16-minute peek of his anticipated sci-fi epic "Avatar," which was screened for free around the world Friday.洛杉矶(美联社) -影迷们戴着3D眼镜拍手称快,当詹姆斯#卡梅隆的脸出现在屏幕上。用三维显示的这位导演,邀请观众享受16分钟的科幻史诗“天神下凡”。
  The footage takes viewers to the planet Pandora, where an ex-Marine (Sam Worthington) is among a group of humans who have their brains linked to cloned versions of a native species in order to safely explore the spectacular environment.
  Sigourney Weaver plays a botanist overseeing the exploration. She, too, embodies an avatar based on the tall, lithe, tailed, blue humanoid species that populates the planet.维弗扮演一位植物学家,监督这次探险。她也化身为身材高大的,轻盈的,有尾巴的,蓝色人形的物种,在这个星球上遍布的物种。
  Fans at an IMAX screening in Los Angeles were overwhelmed by the 3D footage.
  "It was almost a sensory overload," said Ryan Moore, 23, a student at Ohio State University. "You have to be in the moment wearing the (3D) glasses to really appreciate it."
  “这几乎是超负荷,”瑞安#穆尔说(23岁,美国俄亥俄州立大学的学生)。 “有的时刻,你必须戴着(三维)眼镜才能真正地欣赏它。”
  Dwayne Smith of Venice was taken with the digital effects.
  "It looked very real, especially the aliens. It looked amazingly real," said the 45-year-old. "It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, actually."
  The free preview convinced one fan to buy a ticket on the spot.
  "I think it’s going to be one of the greatest movies this decade," said 21-year-old film student Derek Nunn.
  “它看起来非常真实,尤其是外星人。它看起来令人惊讶的真实,”这位45岁的人说。 “这是我见过的最令人惊奇的事情之一了,实际上。”
   The screenings, shown on some 440 screens in 58 countries, kept social networking sites abuzz with fan feedback.
  One who was disappointed with the trailer said seeing the extended footage in 3D changed his mind about the movie.
  "It is essential that you watch it in IMAX 3D, or 3D," Manoj Patel of Manchester, England, wrote on the film’s Facebook page. "I just got back from watching the 15-minute footage, and I’ve got to say, my mouth was wide open all the way through."
  “至关重要的是,你看到的是IMAX 3D,或三维,”英格兰曼彻斯特的帕特尔,在这部电影的Facebook网页上写道。 “我刚刚看了15分钟的影片,我必须说,我的嘴一直张得大大的,一直。”
  Response to the film’s 2D trailer, which debuted online Thursday, was mixed. Analyzing the two-minute teaser, several movie blogs — including and Spout blog — noted the film’s similar appearance to the 2008 animated flop "Delgo" and other science fiction movies.
  But fans who saw the footage in 3D gave it overwhelmingly positive reviews.
  "The trailer does not represent the movie properly," Smith said. "The trailer short-sells it."
   Cameron said Friday he heard the trailer was a hot topic on Facebook and Twitter, but that he lacks certain social networking skills to take part.
  "I don’t even know how to Twitter," he said in an interview. "I’m so unhip that it’s tragic."
  “我甚至不知道怎么用Twitter,”他在接受采访时说。 “我很u害怕它成为一个悲剧。”
  But the 55-year-old filmmaker, whose last flick was world box-office record-holder "Titanic" in 1997, knows how to make a splash on screen. He said his team came up with the "crazy stunt" of inviting people to the movie theater to watch 16 minutes of "Avatar" for free.
  "And it’s not even a continuous 16 minutes," Cameron said. "There are a number of scenes, about three or four minutes apiece. And the idea was to let people come in and really sample the quality of the goods."
  "Avatar" is set for release Dec. 18.
  “不是持续的16分钟,”卡梅隆说。 “有许多场面,大约三四分钟。这个主意是让人们进来。”


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