Chelsea Get Off to a Flying Start 切尔西出师大捷(转载)

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Chelsea have got off to a flying start after the first week of the Premiership, with three wins over Hull, Sunderland and local rivals 对手 Fulham.
  It’s surely just the sort of beginning that Chelsea’s new manager Carlo Ancelotti was looking for. After the match, he described the 2-0 win over Fulham as a “fantastic moment”.
  Ancelotti pointed out that the match had extra significance since it was a derby – a match played between local teams.
  In the first half of the game, Fulham played a very tight, defensive game. It was only a couple of minutes before the whistle that Nicolas Anelka managed to thread the ball from the right to Didier Drogba, who dropped it into the bottom right of the goal.
  在比赛的上半场,富勒姆队紧凑的保守战略。只是口哨声(指比赛结束)之前几分钟,阿内尔卡精确的传球给Didier Drogba,他轻轻的踢了进去。
  In the second half, Chelsea were the dominant force. The Blues’ second goal came 14 minutes before the end and it was another joint effort from Anelka and Drogba, this time with their roles reversed .
  A fast through ball from Drogba was all the fleet-footed Anelka needed to score from within the area . Anelka was last season’s top goal-scorer and that form looks set to continue.
  The fluid teamwork between the pair comes as a refutation 反驳 to critics who say that although the players are individually brilliant, they don’t work together very well.
  “Yeah we both scored” Drogba said after the match, “and that’s nice, that’s really nice. We know that we can play together.”
   Like his manager, the striker was keen to stress that Chelsea still have a lot of work to do in maintaining their current form.
  The Blues are currently second on the table, but all the indicators are that this will be a very close-run and interesting season, with a potential challenge to the dominance of the ‘big four’.
  As Drogba pointed out, it may be some time before there is a clear picture, or idea, of how this year’s league will shape up .
  “This is just the start you know. I think the picture will be better in two months.”


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