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  1. Some whangarei families will have to cough up extra money to send their children to the school of their choice. 一些璜珈雷的家庭将不得不勉强支付额外的金钱去送他们的孩子去选中的学校读书。
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  2.People under stress tend to express their full range of potential.
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  3.The 300,000 project by the Whangarei District Council included major stormwater and drainage improvements to prevent water entering shops and customers slipping in the wet.黄家雷地区的市政管理部门出资30万纽币主要包括用于暴风雨下水工程的改进以预防雨水进入商场和顾客滑到。
  4. the focus group. 兴趣活动小组 reflect theme反映主题 the finishing touches 最后的点缀
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  5,in point of fact.事实上。(论述中的连接短句)
  6,One Tree Point residents are angry as another holiday season looms and the road’s boat ramp remains in a state of disrepair, threatening human and vessel safety.13%的居民很生气因为另一个节日日益逼近,但是连接路船通行的斜坡持续处于失修状态, 威胁着人们和船只的安全。
  7, yacht clubs 游艇俱乐部,boat clubs 小船俱乐部
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-11-17 12:34:26 新西兰
  8. However WDC parks and recreation manager Paul McDonald says council staff and councillors have consulted with boat clubs, yacht clubs and local people and the (overwhelmingly preferred option) was to create a safer, wave free environment so the pontoons would not (be subject to) storm waves and dislodgement.(我把经典用词用括号括上,以此方便学习) 然而WDC负责停车和娱乐的经理Paul McDonald说,市政的全体职工及议员和船只俱乐部、游艇俱乐部及本地居民协商,压倒性的一致首选是去造一个更安全的不受海浪侵犯的环境,因此这个浮动码头将不受暴风浪和无立足点的制约。
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-11-18 09:41:30 新西兰
  Slack tide 退潮 low tide低潮
   Engineering work 工程机件
   initial design plans 初始设计方案
   upgraded facility 加固的设备
  foul the water 污染水
  monthly cleaning 每月一次的清理
  it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. 人受伤只是时间问题。
  This can be a problem on all concrete ramps, especially at king low tides, (where )algal growth is much more difficult to control.这是所有混凝土斜坡都有的问题,尤其是在相当低水位的时候,这里海藻的生长更难控制。
  At times =sometimes 有时
  Lengthy waits 漫长的等待
  In the holiday period 在假日期间
  A high risk 高风险
  A significant safety threat 意义重大的安全威胁
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-11-20 14:04:14 新西兰
  Longboat club冲浪俱乐部
  Small peeling waves 很小的果皮样波浪(形容冲浪时的小浪,不利于冲浪)
  Swells pushed into the bar. 连续起伏的波浪冲向横栏。(形容浪很大,有利于冲浪)flat-soled shoes 平底鞋
  A superb bubble 一个华丽的泡沫
  soap powder 肥皂粉
  soap suds 肥皂液
  pump mechanism水泵装置
  treated water (废水处理)处理过的水
  hidden costs 隐形成本
  contaminate the water 污染水
  high pressure pump 高压泵
  severely damaged (v) 严重地损害
  people can be fined if caught or positively identified vandalizing the waterfall in this or other ways and council can opt to prosecute.人们如果用这样或其他的方工摧毁瀑布,假如被抓住或确定是其所为将以罚款并且市政将会选择起诉。
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  Student writers will find this useful in that it is full of student writing samples, Imitation is the key to good writing at the beginning stage.i
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  楼主不知有没有试过 freewriting。
  写作时间可自定为5,10 或15分钟。
作者:jcater 时间:2009-11-21 07:33:19 天津
    楼主不知有没有试过 freewriting。
  --------------------------------------------------------------Free-writing simply requires you to write freely about a topic.You put down on the paper whatever comes to mind.Remember at this stage your purpose is to generate as many ideas as possible and to write them down without worrying about grammar,spelling,logic,or organization.Leave those things for late consideration.While you are writing,one idea will spark another idea.Some idea may not be usable,but it may lead to something better.Soon,you’ll be surprised to find you have too much to say instead of too little.
  In free-writing,you should resist the temptation of going back or stopping to find a word in a dictionary.it is possible that some of the things you have written are not related to the topic at all.It is possible that you have made many mistakes.It is also possible that you can not think of the exact word or phrase.If this happens,write down the very word that occurs to you.Do not consult dictionaries.They distract you and prevent ideas from coming out instead of removing the mental block.You may even write down something like"I hate this topic".But do not stop to cross it out.Keep on going and let your ideas flow.Do not stop for anything until you have written a large quantity,until you completely run out of ideas.
作者:jcater 时间:2009-11-21 07:36:06 天津
  And LZ ,you may choose listing. This method simply requires you to list all words or phrases related to the topic.Don’t be in a hurry to cross out the seemingly unimportant ones as soon as you put them down on the paper.
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楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-11-26 07:48:06 新西兰
  to mark its official opening.标志着它的正式开放。
  bond and promote non-violence.联合和促进消除暴力。
作者:紫藤萝语 时间:2009-11-27 05:39:24 北京
  非常非常的符合俺的味口, 那个啥, 文笔也还可以。
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  谢谢各位捧场,继续。。。a morning person=a riser 早起的人
  And I suppose there’s some camaraderie in the exchanging knowing nods and cheerful waves with other early risers.我可以设想到一些友情的互动,默契的点头和愉快的挥手给其他的早起的人。
  forest ranger 护林员 Olympic wrestler 摔跤选手 scrawny wrestlers 骨瘦如柴的摔跤选手
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-11-30 07:45:01 新西兰
  In 50 years’ time, i believe people will look back and wonder what the hell we were thinking desecrating our land and oceans like we do. We need to change our priorities, there’s too much emphasis on growing the economy through short-sighted, short-term gains, with no thought given to the long-term effects.在50年的时间里,人们会回顾和质疑我们究竟在想什么这样去亵渎我们的土地和海洋,我们需要去改变我们的重点,这里太多强调用短浅的目光,最短的时间去发展经济,而没有长远的打算。
作者:天天与一一 时间:2009-11-30 10:17:30 广西
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-12-11 12:28:34 新西兰
  putting the training into action 培训付诸实践
  she reminds me about it to this day.她至今还记得我的事。
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2009-12-11 12:56:17 新西兰
  after years of balancing a fulltime job, parenthood and study.
  i wasn’t shy of a bit of trouble.我不会被困难畏缩。
  i found heaps of like-minded people.我发现了好多志同道合的朋友。
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-01-25 07:00:21 新西兰
  life jackets 救生衣 life guard救生员
  take a large toll付出了巨大的代价
  recreational activities 娱乐活动
  northland recorded the most drowning deaths per capita with 8.5 deaths per 100,000 people.北岛最高记录每100,000人中有8.5人溺水死亡。
  skills and knowledge 知识和技能
  coastguard 水上警察
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-01-26 04:53:54 新西兰
  Poorly used bus services to be cut.取消极少使用的公车服务路线
  Both operationally and financially 即经济又实惠
  Public holidays 公共假日
  Peak hour trips 高峰期往返路线
  Buses on these routes often struggle to keep to the posted timetables during peak hours due to the sheer volume of traffic.在交通高峰期,这些路线上的公共汽车努力遵循布置好的时刻表运行。
  Bus terminal 巴士终点站
  Bound for 驶往
  Compile and revise 编辑和修订
  The national average temperature for 2009 was 12.3 degrees, but Whangarei tipped the scale with the highest annual average temperature for 2009 with 15.8 degrees.
  Equal-second 并列第二
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-01-27 06:31:28 新西兰
  Career Services is encouraging young people looking for work these holidays to get creative in their approach to job seeking.事业服务部门鼓励这个假日找工作的年轻人增加创造性在他们找工作的方式中。
  Informal /formal Job market 非正式/正式人才市场
  Army of helpers 帮忙大军
  Volunteer work义工
  Short-term , seasonal work 短期工作,季节性工作
  As a way to build a work history and get references. 建立工作背景和介绍人的方式
  Online poll 网上调查
  Preceding year 之前一年
  Optimism is not about ignoring life’s difficulties, It’s about developing resilience to address and overcome obstacles, and having the hope to anticipate happiness in one’s life.
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  1.Brand new 全新
  2.Outstanding result 突出的成果
  3.Sb. is a graduate in the 学校名字 in 专业领域 for 哪年。某人是什么学校的毕业生在哪年毕业.
  4.Lower population growth 较低的人口增长
  5.Despite some libraries around the country looking at introducing extra charges, there are no plans to do the same in 地区。尽管一些乡村周围的图书馆考滤提出加价,但是(在。。。地方)还没有计划去做这样的事。
  6.From dawn to dusk 从黎明到黄昏
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-02-09 05:31:13 新西兰
  7. As it happens 碰巧的是,(作为连接词)
  8.Sb. Captured these images of a few of the creatures who share our city.有人捕捉到了和我们共同生活在这个城市的动物的图片。
  9. we offer full and partial sth. Including …., ….., and ……, including …….. 提供部分或全部的商品包括。。。(可以例举多个商品)
  10. After a four-year break, sb or sth. is heading in new directions.经过四年的休息后,sb or sth 向新的方向前进。
  11.Locations and points 地点和位置
  12. there’s nothing (cryptic or clear ) about the questions. 这里没有临摹两可的问题。
  13. three course levels are planned so all athletic abilities are catered for; walks or families , power walks and runners. 计划中有三种路线,所以所有的运动能力都被照顾到,例如步行或家庭出行、竞走或跑步。
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  14.A total of 180 swimmers form 13 clubs took part in the 项目 at 地点。
  15.Gold medals金牌
  16.Respective age groups 各自的年龄组
  17.Grand piano: 大钢琴,三角钢琴
  18.Turning point 转折点
  19.In the mid-to-late 20th century 20世纪中晚期
  20.Sb. Says staff are proud to bring the exhibition to Northland on the final leg of its national tour. 有人说所有的员工都为在巡回展的最后一程带展品到北岛参展而感到骄傲。
  21.Wandering weeds and annoying animal pests in 地方名 are to be managed by a more streamlined, flexible regime. 一个更先进的更灵活的管理体制来管理野生种子和令人讨厌的害虫 (在什么地方)
  22.Pest plants and animals and fest fish有害植物和动物和鱼。
作者:sunmaid 时间:2010-02-15 14:37:05 湖北
作者:frank11221 时间:2010-02-15 21:05:09 河南
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  23.Fully grown seahorse can be found at a depth of five to 10 metres, often among seaweed, and are most active at dawn or dusk.
  24.A scientist with marine ecology 研究海洋生态学的科学家
  25.Flutters and fins 鱼翅和鱼鳍
  26.Courtship and reproduction in seahorses is elaborate, involving changing colour and much posturing.海马中的繁殖和求偶是精心准备的, 包括改变颜色和摆出相当多的姿势。
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-02-16 14:16:34 新西兰
  27.红桃牌:heart梅花牌: club方块牌:diamond黑桃牌: spade
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-02-17 06:54:58 新西兰
  28.Down to depths of 100 meters. 下至100米的深度。Paddle 29.crabs.梭子蟹
  30.It’s one of nine species of swimming crabs in New Zealand. 新西兰有九个品种中的一种这样的螃蟹。
  31.Seek help and advice 寻求帮助和建议
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-03-19 08:03:57 新西兰
  36.Green-thumbed individuals 园艺能手
  37.Gardening clubs 园艺俱乐部
  38.Celebrating 50 year’s operation 庆祝50年的运营
  39.On a Plant pest list 在有害植物表上
  40.They were doing was attempting to beautify the city.他们做的是尽力去美化城市
  41.Looks a little sheepish看上去有点害羞
  42.There’s also a trading table where clippings can be swapped or bought for a small sum.这里也有可以交换或只要很少的钱购买(零碎植物)的摊位.
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-03-23 14:08:27 新西兰
  My hometown is yangzhou, which is an ancient city in middle of china and between Beijing and shanghai. She has a long history of over 5,000 years and I used to live there for thirty years. In the distant past, Yangzhou is famous for exciting nightlife and salt industry. But now, she is famous for a lot of ancient buildings which provide People the variety of jobs, because filmmakers love to make the old films in this city. It also has large shopping malls in the city centre and provide(s) variety of price of goods. Depend on income, residents can buy whatever they could afford, so the cost of living in yangzhou is lower and the folk don’t have to get hard job and lead stressful living. Because of these, this city has a low crime rate. The traffic jams is not often happened in this middle city, people don’t need to have a long travel times to work. The government spends a lot of money to pump out water to clean the river bed and keep the river clear year after year; also the city’s air is relative clean of china and the pollution is lower than other cities. after work , some people love to dance in the public river park while the other choose to go shopping or sing KTV, they have fun and help each other and feel such a sense of community. All in all, yangzhou is a city with healthy and safe environment.
  Sometimes I buy a lotto.
  I often dream that if I won a lot of money, i’d like buy a beautiful house and an expensive car. But at first, I couldn’t get a high quality of life without the good health. So I have often to do some exercises but won’t make myself exhausted. I also want to take overseas holidays and make good friends. Because of a host of money, I have no need to get job and can spend a lot of free time with my pet animals. If I had a enough money, I would like improve the standard of living of animals of SPCA. But the all depend on dreaming. That’s it.
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-03-23 14:09:32 新西兰
  43. People in national costumes from all over the world 全世界穿民族服饰的人们
  44.Traditional and ethnic costumes 传统的民族服装
  45.Be accompanied by appropriate music from each country。 伴随着各个国家的音乐
  46.Perform and entertain the audience。 表演并给观众带来娱乐
  47.This costume parade is a unique way of celebrating the 48.people of diverse cultural heritages living in this area。
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-05-07 13:18:44 新西兰
  48.hearing person 听力正常的人
  49.sign language 手语
  50.It was a very humbling and enjoyable experience.这是个又羞又喜的经历.
  51.Communication line 交流障碍
  52.Deaf people 聋子
  53.Third official language 第三官方语言
  54.As being deaf or having a hearing impairment 聋子或听力受损害的人
  55A combination of hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements. 结合手型,面部表情和身体的动作.
  56.Lip reading 看口型(读意思)
作者:http小尘埃 时间:2010-05-08 15:12:41 安徽
  may l find some old original english essay?
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  57.Most are staffed by a pilot, a crew person and a paramedic and tend to emergencies across land, water and mountains throughout New Zealand.
  58.Make a big difference
  59.Each mission costs thousands of dollars and includes a mix of ambulance and search and rescue work ----from boating or car accidents,near drownings, broken bones or heart attacks and emergency births。完成每一个任务要花费上千的纽币,包括一系列的救护车和搜救工作-----从船或汽车的事故、溺水事故、骨折或心脏病复发还有紧急生养。
  60.Make a donation 捐款
作者:我会忘的 时间:2010-05-13 08:18:38 北京
作者:hs39800 时间:2010-05-13 10:44:09 天津
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-06-23 10:48:55 新西兰
  61.Very few people (seem to) understand the importance of them to our environment. 相当多的人看上去很了解环境的重要性.
  62.(As I understand it and I quote):” If there are no mangrove forests, then the sea will have no meaning. It is like having a tree with no roots, (for )the mangroves are the roots of the sea.”作为我理解并为我引用的一句话:” 假如这里没有红树林, 那么大海将失去了意义. 就象树没有根, 红树林就是大海的根”(图片显示,红树林就是那种靠海边半个树身在水里的树)
  63.To most people they (look like) muddy swampy places filled with mosquitoes and spiders. (Actually) they are a forest community that (bridges) the gap between land and sea.对大多树人来讲, 沼泽地就象是到处充满蚊子和蜘蛛的地方. 实际上, 它们是连接大海和陆地的林地.
  64.Root systems 根系 filtering system 过滤器 run-off n. 流淌物 the water cycle 水循环
  65.Mangrove swamps protect the land form the (effects) of the “man”----------(for example) soil erosion-----------(and) effects of storms, (and )sewage discharges. (可见effect并不是好词,是指坏的影响)
  红树林沼泽地保护陆地不受人类染指, 比如土地流失, 风暴影响和下水污染.
  66.They also (act as担当) a form of pollution control, naturally filtering (out排放) industrial and human waste----which our council and shipping continues to off-load into the harbour.
  67.Absorbing excess water flow during (times) of flooding. 在洪水其间,吸收剩余的水流.
  To some they are unsightly. 一些人认为, 它们(湿地)不是赏心阅目的.
  68.I agree they are not very pretty-----but it is the direct (influence) of sewage discharges that they continue to increase. 我赞成它们不是很好看, 但是它们却是我们持续的城市下水排放的直接影响力.
  69.They (trap) debris, sediments, excess nutrients and toxicants (through) their natural filtering processes.
  70.结尾(According to my information), there is a belief the increasing floods in Bangladesh are due to the loss of mangroves in the past few decades, and this is the (view of the scientific community科学界的观点). (把科学界摆出来更有说服力)
  71.Mangroves offer mankind more benefits than we realise. We should be thankful for these ugly ducklings of the plant world.
  红树林为人类提供了比我们知道的还要多的利益. 我们应该感谢这植物届的丑小鸭.(结尾前后呼应)
楼主真相永远是可怕的 时间:2010-06-24 11:57:31 新西兰
  72.Carry out search warrants 颁布通缉令
  73.More than 40 officers from Whangarei and two (dog handlers) from Auckland took part.超过40名黄家雷的警察和2名来自奥克兰的警犬和训练者参与.
  74.During the searches methamphetamine, cannabis, drug utensils, stolen property and cash were found.在搜查中, 兴奋剂, 大麻, 毒品器具和偷窃财物和现金被找到.
  75.Most of those (arrested) are associates of the Head Hunters gang and (are alleged to) have been involved in the illegal manufacture and supply of methamphetamine for a considerable period of time. 大多数被逮捕的人是Head Hunters团伙的成员, 并且在相当长的期间内与制造与供应非法的兴奋剂有关联.
  76.Senior sergeant 高级警官