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Apple iPhone
  Year: 2007
  Apple's ability to rock our world through nifty gadgets should not be underestimated. Between the Apple II, the Macintosh, and the iPod, Apple is responsible for more trend-setting consumer technology than most companies.
  In the same vein, the iPhone goes far beyond being just a mobile telephone: It's a powerful pocket computer, a game machine, and a multimedia-playback device. Better yet, it gives you instant, high-speed access to the Web, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, wherever you can find mobile phone coverage. In short, it's a revolutionary device, and other companies are already coming up with imitators
  Notable qualities: Everything — but particularly the excellent software, the large and sharp screen, the multitouch interface, visual voicemail, the App Store ... (Need I say more?)
  值得注意的品质:一切-尤其是优秀的软件,大屏幕,多点触摸界面,可视语音邮件,应用程序商店... (我需要说更多吗?)


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楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 11:46:52 天津
  Motorola Razr V3
  摩托罗拉RAZR V3
  At a time when most cell phones were starting to look the same, Motorola decided to break the status quo with the Razr V3, a slim, slab-like clamshell phone with a large screen, a stylish and flat keyboard, a built-in camera, and multimedia capabilities. Impressive technical features aside, you have to admit that the Razr simply looks cool (especially by 2004 standards), a fact that contributed significantly to its wide popularity.
  正当大多数手机都开始看起来一样的时候,摩托罗拉公司决定打破现状,用有着超大屏幕的Razr V3,一台平板状折叠手机(内置摄像头和多媒体功能)。除了令人印象深刻的技术特点,你必须承认,Razr手机看起来很酷(特别是用2004年的标准),大大有助于使其广受欢迎。
  Notable qualities: Stylish design, slim form, and a full set of features
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 11:53:56 天津
  T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger Hiptop
  T - Mobile搭档/危险嘻哈
  At the time of its release in the United States, the T-Mobile Sidekick (also known as the Danger Hiptop) quickly became the text-messaging addict's dream machine. This innovative smartphone incorporated a novel design with a large LCD screen that rotated and flipped to reveal a generous QWERTY keyboard.
  The Sidekick line, with its distinctive full-reveal keyboard, persists today, having influenced many similar hide-and-reveal keyboard designs since its emergence in 2002. These clever and attractive designs helped fuel text messaging's popularity beyond the tie-and-Frappuccino BlackBerry set, extending it to the youth of the world.
  Notable qualities: Large, flippable screen; relatively uncramped and full-featured QWERTY keyboard
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:01:21 天津
  Sanyo SCP-5300
  三洋SCP - 5300
  Year: 2002
  Who would want a camera in their cell phone? When news of such combination devices trickled over from Japan in the early part of the decade, the idea seemed silly and excessive to some people. In 2002, Sprint and Sanyo released the first American cell phone with a built-in camera, the SCP-5300 — and the public went crazy for it.
  谁想要在手机里装一台相机?对一些人来说这似乎是愚蠢的想法。 2002年,斯普林特公司和三洋公司发布了美国第一台内置摄像头的手机(SCP - 5300)—公众为它而疯狂。
  The camera phone became a bona fide cultural phenomenon, allowing the average Joe to quickly and personally share both mundane and earthshaking events with the rest of the world. Today, camera phones are so common that we don't call them "camera phones" anymore.
  Notable qualities: First U.S. mobile phone with an integrated camera; color screen, clamshell camera phone design
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:05:42 天津
  RIM BlackBerry 5810
  Year: 2002
  The BlackBerry brand began in 1999 as a simple two-way pager, but it morphed into a line of full-fledged smartphones in 2002 with the BlackBerry 5810, the first of the series to include integrated cell phone support. Thanks to top-of-the-line mobile e-mail and text messaging (the QWERTY keyboard didn't hurt either), BlackBerry phones soon became indispensable tools for businesspeople and other professionals.
  Notable qualities
  First BlackBerry with an integrated voice cell phone;
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:11:27 天津
  Nokia 7110
  Year: 1999
  Not too long ago, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) was a huge deal. The mobile phone industry designed WAP to allow Web access on simple devices with limited processing power and displays, like cell phones circa 1999 to 2002. Instead of a rich graphical experience, users would see a stripped-down, typically text-only subset of the Web.
  In our present age of smartphones with full-featured browsers, large screens, and beefy CPUs, WAP has quickly become a relic of the past.
  Notable qualities: World's first WAP-capable mobile phone; nifty sliding keypad cover
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:16:43 天津
  Nokia 8810
  Year: 1998
  In the earlier years, all cellular phones shipped with external antennas that stuck out in aesthetically unpleasing ways. Nokia engineers found a way around that problem by designing a flat, plate-like antenna that could hide inside the body of a cell phone. The result was the Nokia 8810, the first true "candy bar" phone in the modern sense. This small, compact, non-clamshell design soon became standard for many Nokia handsets; you rarely see an external cell phone antenna these days.
  Notable qualities: First cell phone without an external whip or stub antenna; first "candy bar" phone
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:23:51 天津
  Nokia 9000i Communicator
  Year: 1997
  Though the Nokia 9000i wasn't the first-ever smartphone (many people give that honor to the IBM Simon), it marked the real beginning of our modern smartphone era.
   The 9000i truly was a pocket computer and a cell phone rolled into one, with an Intel 386-derivative CPU and 8MB of RAM. The phone's physical configuration was novel at the time: Users could open the 9000i in a horizontal clamshell fashion to reveal a wide LCD screen and a full QWERTY keyboard. When folded, it resembled an ordinary cell phone.
  9000i是集袖珍电脑和手机于一身的手机,带有英特尔386 -衍生CPU和8MB 随机存储器。这台手机的物理配置在当时是新的:用户可以以横向翻盖的方式打开液晶宽屏幕,和一个完整的QWERTY键盘。折叠时类似于普通手机。
  The 9000i could send and receive faxes, text messages, and e-mail, and it also had (extremely) limited Web access through 160-character SMS messages. And like any self-respecting smartphone, it shipped with a full complement of PDA-like organizer capabilities.
  Notable qualities: First Nokia smartphone; first modern PDA/cell phone combo; mobile Internet connectivity
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:29:30 天津
  Motorola StarTAC
  Year: 1996
  In 1996, Motorola further shrank its line of pocket cell phones, producing the 3.1-ounce StarTAC — which immediately proved popular and influential.
   The StarTAC expanded on the partially collapsible design of its precursor, the MicroTAC, by allowing users to fold the phone in half when they weren't talking on it. We now call this design "clamshell," for its resemblance to the way a clam opens and closes. The StarTAC's general design was widely imitated, and a large percentage of mobile phones still use it today.
  Notable qualities: First fully "clamshell" mobile phone design; smallest and lightest mobile phone at its release
楼主jcater 时间:2009-10-15 12:33:30 天津
  Motorola MicroTAC
  Year: 1989
  After the success of the DynaTAC, Motorola followed up with the much smaller and lighter MicroTAC phone in 1989.
  Notable qualities: First flip phone, first pocket phone; smallest and lightest cellular phone at the time of its debut