For learning English, I am going to be brazen-faced

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I used to feel very bad when I was talking with the English major students or those have very high scores on the GRE, TOEFL… in ENGLISH. Trust me, I made tons of mistakes on grammar, spelling, or whatsoever it was a mistake. What I am going to say is don’t be discouraged by the mistakes. We are not native English speakers and we do have the right to make mistakes.
  I receive email from “Web International English” everyday, but I didn’t spend much time on it. I think the materials are good so I’d like to share with those who are diligently studying on English. The reason I post the study material here is kind of force myself to spend more time on it.
  I really appreciated if you would like to chat in this post. Any topics are welcome; we can talk about life, study, movies, jokes or whatever you are interested in or you would like to share with others. Don’t be so worried about your English; we are learning now. We learn from the mistakes, don’t we?
  For learning English, I am going to be brazen-faced. If you don’t mind to be a brazen-faced person, please join me
  This is what I received Today:
  (1) 直陈语气:表示说话者所说的事实。
  例: We live on the earth. 我们活在地球上。
  (2) 祈使语气:表示说话人对听话人的命令。
  例:Let’s go shopping together. 我们一起去逛街吧。
  (3) 虚拟语气:表示说话人的话仅是一种主观愿望、假想与建议。
  真实条件句:If the pay is above the average, I will accept the job. 如果这里的薪水高于平均水平,我会接受这个工作。
  非真实条件句:If the pay were above the average, I would accept the job. 如果这里的薪水高于平均水平,我就会接受工作。(事实是“这里的薪水没有高于平均水平,我无法接受这个工作”。)
  1) 与现在事实相反
  If从句:动词过去式(be 动词要用were)
  主句:would/should/could/might+ 原形动词
  例:①If the room were larger, we would hold the party there. 如果房间大一点的话,我们就在那儿举行聚会。
   ② If I had money on me, I would lend you some. 假如我身边有钱,我就借点给你。
  2) 与过去事实相反
  If 从句:had+过去分词
  主句:would/should/could/might have +过去分词
  例:If you had been more careful, you might have avoided the mistakes.
  3) 与将来事实相反
  If 从句:should/were to +原形动词/动词过去式
  主句:would/should/could/might + 原形动词
  例:①If it should be fine tomorrow, we would go on with our harvest. 如果明天天气好,我们就继续收割庄稼。
   ② If we were to have enough time, we could discuss the matter. 如果我们有足够的时间,我们可以再讨论这个问题。
  If you had set out earlier, he would be home now. 如果他早点出发,他现在已经到家了。
  ①Anyone being in my place wouldn’t be interested in the idea. 任何人处于我的位置都不会对这个想法产生兴趣。
  ②A cleverer man wouldn’t have done that kind of thing. 聪明一点的人不会去干那种事。
  ③But for(要不是) the crew, the plane would have crashed. 要不是机组人员,飞机就坠毁了。
  Live and Learn
  make a(great/fine)figure 崭露头角,大放异彩
  If someone makes a great figure, he or she is performing excellently. make a figure 表示某人绽露头角,在人前大放异彩。在figure之前可以添加上形容词,比如褒义的make a great/fine /good/splendid figure, 贬义的词语有make a little figure, make a sorry figure: 露出可怜的样子。
  He made a great figure in this competition for his eloquence. 凭借着他的雄辩口才,他在比赛中大放光彩。
  Some people believe that boys who make a fine figure at school often make no figure in the world. 有些人认为在学校出风头的学生在社会上通常无所作为。


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  Live and Learn
  You’re a hair-splitter. 你是吹毛求疵/爱钻牛角尖的人
  A hair-splitter refers to the person who likes to make of unnecessarily fine distinctions. Hair-splitter,字面理解为“分割头发的”,用来比喻那些锱铢必较,爱在小事情上斤斤计较的人们。
  He is such a hair-splitter, so you’d better not argue with him. 他老钻牛角尖,所以你最好不要和他争辩。
  Please stop splitting hairs on such a trivial problem. I have a lot of work to do. 别在那个小问题上斤斤计较了。我还有很多事情要去做呢。
  What a Great Show!
  Joe: Well, there was quite a show!
  Lin Zhi: I’ll say(=I agree.我同意). I’ve never seen one as good as it. That final dress was amazing! I don’t even know what the material was.
  Joe: Some kind of(有点)silk, I think.
  Lin Zhi: But the way it was folded(v.折叠)—really great. I thought the theme was good, too—that kind of 30s style.
  Joe: Not very Chinese, though.
  Lin Zhi: I think it was supposed to(be supposed to 应该是)be influenced by Scottish style—you know, the designer was talking about house parties before the war, aristocrats(n.贵族), that sort of decadent(adj.堕落的,颓败的) sexy style. I’m glad they didn’t just do that pre-war Shanghai style, because that’s been so common recently.
  Joe: Oh, that’s why they had the skirts that looked like kilts(n. 苏格兰格呢褶裙), and those half-slung(v. sling的过去式,悬吊) things over the shoulder.
  Lin Zhi: And the funny things like little furry(adj.皮毛的) animals.
  Joe: Sporrans(n.苏格兰毛皮袋)!
  Lin Zhi: Do Scottish people really wear that kind of costume? It looks very strange, especially on the men.
  Joe: No, they just wear them for very formal occasions or when doing historical things. It’s like a ceremonial old-style dress. Like the qipao or something.
  Lin Zhi: Oh, I see. So it’s a kind of dressing-up(n.盛装)?
  Joe: Yes, for weddings and balls(n.舞会)and so on. Normally we’d wear suits, but Scotsmen can wear kilts on some occasions. Not for business though.
  (1) be supposed to 应该,被期望
  例:Everyone is supposed to wear a seat-belt in a car. 每个人在汽车里都应该系安全带。
  (2) dress up 穿上特殊服装、打扮、梳理
  例:They all dressed up to take part in the New Year’s party. 他们都穿上盛装,参加新年派对。
  She dressed the children up. 她把孩子们打扮得漂漂亮亮。
  Just received this one.
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  Hi, you know what! When I saw "hair-splitter", I’d like to show you some funny stuff. Probable I should not call it "hair-splitter", I guess it is insane. LOL.
  To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity:
  1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down.
  2. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don’t Disguise Your Voice!
  3. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, ask If They Want Fries with that.
  4. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso.
  5. In the Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write ’ For Marijuana.
  6. Skip down the hall Rather Than Walk and see how many looks you get.
  7 Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.
  8. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is ’To Go’.
  9. Sing Along At The Opera.
  10. Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can’t Attend Their Party Because You have a headache.
  11. When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream ’I Won! I Won!’
  12. When Leaving the Zoo, Start Running towards the Parking lot, Yelling ’Run For Your Lives! They’re Loose!’
  13. Tell Your Children Over Dinner, ’Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go.’
  And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity
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  [I am passing this on to you because it definitely works,and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives? By following simple advice heard on the Dr Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr.Phil proclaimed, ’The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and have never finished.’
  So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn’t finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Crown, a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, about a quater ounce of pot,a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos, and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how fucking good I feel right now.Pass this on to those whom you think might be in need of inner peace.]
  Do you have any unfinished things are waiting for you?
  May you find your inner peace! Kidding ︼_︼
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  I am just a little bit wondering why nobody wants to have a chat...Is it that difficult to start or I made some mistakes...AGAIN︼_︼
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  Live and Learn
  get hung up on 忧心忡忡/忌人忧天
  When someone gets hung up on something, he/she is anxious about something when there is no reason to. get hung up on something表示为一些本不需要担心的事情烦恼。
  Don’t get hung up on your weight! Actually you look so slim.
  One of the most misunderstood aspects in the investing world is investors getting hung on the price of a stock. But the truth is that you should get hung up on the market cap and the PE (price-to-earnings) ratio, or some other relevant metric, just not the, stock price.
  【阅读】奥普拉•温弗里的职业生涯 (标签 人物)
  Oprah Winfrey’s career in pictures
  Oprah Winfrey has announced her long-running talkshow will come to an end in 2011. We look back at her life and career.
  Oprah Winfrey won the Miss Fire Prevention title in her hometown of Nashville in 1971.
  A young Winfrey and Anthony Otey were named most popular students at East Nashville High School in 1971.
  In 1983 Winfrey moved to Chicago to host a low-rated half-hour morning talkshow, AM Chicago. Within months of her taking over, the show overtook(v.取代) Donahue as the highest-rated talkshow in Chicago. It was renamed The Oprah Winfrey Show, expanded to a full hour, and broadcast nationally from 8 September, 1986.
  Winfrey interviewed Michael Jackson for her show in 1993.
  Winfrey in November 1996 talking to author Toni Morrison, whose novel Song of Solomon was back in the spotlight(聚光灯下,成为焦点)19 years after its initial publication(首次出版)following the talkshow host’s decision to select it for her book club. Winfrey’s endorsement(n.批准,认可) has long been regarded as a surefire(adj.准不会有错的) way to guarantee a place in bestseller lists.
  Winfrey received the Bob Hope humanitarian(n.人道主义者) award at the Primetime(黄金时间) Emmy awards in 2002.
  Winfrey in January 2007 opening the multi-million dollar school she funded for poor South African girls in Johannesburg. The academy was the culmination(n.顶点) of a pledge(n.诺言) she had made six years previously to the anti-apartheid(adj.反种族歧视的) icon Nelson Mandela, who also attended the opening.
  Winfrey listens as Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama addresses a crowd at a campaign rally(n.集会) on December 8, 2007 in Des Moines, Iowa. Oprah supported Obama all the way through his campaign and by some estimates gained him one million votes election day
  1971年,年轻的温弗里和Anthony Otey在东纳什维尔高中(East Nashville High School)获得最受欢迎学生称号。
  2002年,温弗里在黄金时段节目艾美奖(Primetime Emmy awards)颁奖仪式上获得鲍勃•霍普人道奖(Bob Hope humanitarian award )。
  2007年12月8日,在衣阿华州德斯美因斯(Des Moines, Iowa)一次民主党竞选大会上,温弗里倾听民主党极有希望当选的总统候选人巴拉克•奥巴马对公众发表演说。奥普拉在奥巴马竞选运动阶段一直支持他,根据某些估计,奥普拉的支持在大选当天为奥巴马获得了一百万选票。
作者:紫藤穆 时间:2009-12-02 10:35:25 北京
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  Hi 紫藤穆, How’s going?
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  Live and Learn
  play hardball 采取强硬态度
  If someone plays hardball, they are very aggressive in trying to achieve their aim. 让我们还是来结合语境学习一下这个有意思的短语吧:
  Chandler: I’m not playing hardball here, OK? This is not a negotiation, this is a rejection! Chandler表示他“可不是和他老板来硬的。这也不是一个谈判,是个态度明确的拒绝”。当某人play hardball时,他们为了达到目标正采取激烈的态度。
  If he wants to play hardball with us, we can play that way, too. 如果他给我们来狠的,我们也可以这样回敬他!
  The government promises to play hardball with companies who cheat in business. 政府承诺对有商业欺骗行为的公司采取强硬措施。
  【看电影,学英语】Friends 第1季第15集
  Episode 15: The One with the Stoned Guy
  公司提升钱德,但他毅然拒绝,因为他并非真正喜欢和数字打一辈子交道;而他的老板却穷追猛打,不断允诺更高的薪水,最后钱德败阵,得以升职。 菲比的一个客户在找大厨,莫妮卡于是做菜应征。不幸的是,此人来的路上吸食了大麻,神志不清。
  1.stoned guy
  2. Chandler: Oh, listen. If this is about those prank memos, I had nothing to do with them. 听着,如果你指的是那些玩笑贴纸,那可不管我的事。
  prank memos: 玩笑留言贴
  prank: 开玩笑,恶作剧; memo: 备忘录,便笺纸。
  prank memo就是那种在便笺纸上写上一些有趣的、有点恶作剧的话,贴到办公室里同事的桌上或电脑屏幕上,起到一种搞笑的效果。另外还可以买到成品的prank memo。
  have nothing to do with:与……无关
  例:①The advertisement has nothing to do with customer insight. 这广告和消费者洞察力毫无关系。
   ② He has nothing to do with the match-fixing incident. 赌球事件和他无关。
  3. Joey: I’m telling you, that monkey is a chick magnet! She’s going to take one look at his furry, cute little face and it’ll seal the deal. 我告诉你,那猴子可是受女生欢迎的东西。让她看一眼那个毛茸茸的,可爱的小脸蛋,事情就成了。
  chick magnet: A person or object which attracts the ladies. 能吸引年轻女性注意的人或者事
  例:① This car is a chick magnet. 这猫很讨女生喜欢。
   ② Look, he is pretending that he’s a chick magnet even though he hasn’t even gotten a hot girl in his life. 看,他装作自己很受欢迎,尽管在他的生活中还没有很漂亮女生。
  seal the deal: 成交/成功做成一笔生意
  例:① Nations are expected to ‘seal the deal’ on a new climate change agreement. 各国预期将签订新出台的关于气候变化的协议书。
  4.Chandler: You know, I just always pictured myself doing something...something. 你知道,我总想象自己在做着一些,一些(很酷)的事情。
  picture: [v.] 描绘、想象
  例:①I pictured myself living in a tropical forest. 我想象自己生活在热带雨林中。
  5. Monica: (brings a plate of tiny appetizers over) Here you go, maybe this’ll cheer you up.
  appetizer: 开胃菜
  西方礼仪知识:西餐共包括五项:appetizer(开胃品)、soup(汤)、entrée/main dish(主菜)、dessert(甜点)和beverages(饮料)。
  继appetizer之后端上来的第二道菜即是soup。一般餐厅供应clear soup (清汤)和thick soup(浓汤)两种。beverages可分含strong drink(酒精性饮料)和soft drink(不含酒精性饮料)。
  6. Ross: Shut up! It was nice. I just... I don’t think I’m the dirty-talking kind of guy, you know?
  dirty talk: sexually arousing speech 露骨的、肉麻的话
  7. Joey: You’re not going to believe this!
   Chandler: It’s OK. It’s OK. I was always rooting for you two kids to get together.
  root for: cheer on, give moral support 支持,鼓励
  例:①The fans were rooting for their team. 粉丝为他们的队伍加油。
   ② I’m rooting for you to get that promotion. 加油,我支持你去得到那个晋升机会。
  audition (n.) 试音,试镜
  career counselor 职场顾问
  aptitude test 能力倾向测试
  multinational corporation 多国/跨国公司集团
  brag (v.) 吹嘘
  cubicle (n.):(文中指)办公室里的小隔间
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  Live and Learn
  come around (to something) 改变主意/接受某人意见
  If you come around to something, you change your opinion. come around比较常见的一个用法是“拜访某处”。例如I’d love to come around to your place one of these days. 我很愿意这些天中到你们那看看。今天说到的是come around的另一个用法,表示某人听从了别人的意见,改变了想法。
  Don’t worry. I believe he will come around to your opinion. 别担心,我相信他会回心转意,接受你的主意。
  I am trying to persuade her, and I think she’ll come around and we’ll actually take a vacation together. 我正试着说服她呢,我相信她会改变想法,一起去度假的。
  【阅读】盘点10年间的10大热词(2000-2009)(标签 热门)
  Top 10 Words of the Decade (2000-2009)
  Austin, TX November 19, 2009 – The Global Language Monitor has announced the Top Words of the Decade, as part of its annual global survey of the English language. The Top Words were ‘Global Warming’, 9/11, and Obama followed by Bailout, Evacuee(n.疏散者,撤离者), and Derivative(衍生产品); Google, Surge(n.增兵计划), Chinglish(n.中士英语) and Tsunami(n.海啸) followed. “Climate Change” was the top phrase, while “Heroes” was the top name; bin-Laden was No. 2.
   “Looking at the first decade of the 21st century in words is a sober(adj.严肃的), even somber(adj.忧郁的,忧伤的), event.” said Paul JJ Payack, President of The Global Language Monitor. “For a decade that began with such joy and hope, the words chosen depict(v.描述) a far more complicated and in many ways, tragic(adj.悲剧的) time. Nevertheless, signs of hope and renewal(n.复兴,恢复) can be found in the overall lists.”
  The Top Words of the Decade from 2000 – 2009
  Word (Year) Comments
  1. Global Warming(2000) Rated highly from Day One of the decade
  2. 9/11 (2001) Another inauspicious(adj.不吉祥的,不幸的) start to the decade
  3. Obama-(2008 ) The US President’s name as a ‘root’ word or ‘word stem’
  4. Bailout(2008) The Bank Bailout was but Act One of the crisis
  5. Evacuee/refugee(2005) After Katrina, refugees(n.难民) became evacuees
  6. Derivative(2007) Financial instrument or analytical tool that engendered(v.引起,产生) the Meltdown(n.灾难,这里指金融危机)
  7. Google(2007) Founders misspelled(v.拼错) actual word ‘googol(n.10的100次方)’
  8. Surge (2007) The strategy that effectively ended the Iraq War
  9. Chinglish(2005) The Chinese-English Hybrid(n.混合物) language growing larger as Chinese influence expands
  10. Tsunami(2004) Southeast Asian Tsunami took 250,000 lives
   奥斯汀,得克萨斯州——2009年11月19日,全球语言监测机构发布了“10年间的最热英语词汇榜”,作为英语这门语言全球年度调查的一部分。 这些最热词汇包括“Global Warming(全球变暖)”,9/11(911),Obama(奥巴马),跟随其后的是Bailout(紧急救助),Evacuee(撤离者)和Derivative(衍生物);然后是google(谷歌),Surge(增兵计划),Chinglish(中式英语),和Tsunami(海啸)。“Climate Change(气候变化)”是热门短语,而“Heroes(英雄)”是最热门名字,本拉·登排名第二。
   “回顾21世纪第一个10年的热门词汇,这是一个有些严肃,甚至有些悲壮的事。”全球语言监测机构 Paul JJ Payack说。“对于这个以喜悦和希望开始的10年,词语的选择描述了一个更为复杂的,在很多时候,甚至是悲剧性的时刻。尽管如此,希望和重建的迹象在整个名单里还是能处处可寻。”
  10年间的热门词(2000年到 2009年):
  词 (年份) 评论
  1. Global Warming 全球变暖(2000) 从这十年的第一天开始就高频率出现的词。
  2. 9/11 (2001) 这十年另一个不幸的开始。
  3. Obama奥巴马(2008) 美国总统的名字已成为“词根”或“字干”。
  4. Bailout 政府救市(2008) 政府对银行的救市是金融危机举措的第一步。
  5. Evacuee/refugee 撤离人员/难民(2002) 卡崔娜飓风后,难民开始撤离。
  6. Derivative 衍生物(2007) 正是金融工具或分析工具引发了金融危机
  7. Google 谷歌(2007) 其实是创始人把“googol”这个单词拼错了。
  8. Surge 增兵计划 (2007) 这个策略有效地结束了伊拉克战争。
  9. Chinglish 中式英语 (2005) 随着中国影响力的扩大,中英混合的语言大幅增长。
  10. Tsunami 海啸 (2004) 东南亚海啸使25万人丧生。
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  Hi guys,
  It is a holiday season and I wish you all enjoy the beautiful days!
  I am not gonna let one failure dicourage myself...I will still update my post everyday, if possible ︼_︼
作者:东灌灌西灌灌 时间:2009-12-03 01:08:38 美国
  obama vs. clinton
  african american vs. female
  too bad U.S. of the A was not ready for a female president
楼主︼_︼ 时间:2009-12-03 01:26:10 加拿大
  Well, I am not the woman who wears pants here.
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  you don’t wear pants? hia. what do you wear then?
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  an additional 30,000 to afghanistan was approved la
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  I am more interested in how Tiger Woods can survive the scandal.
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  Live and Learn
  Eyes bigger than stomach 眼睛比胃口大?
  “eyes bigger than stomach”is a humorous expression to say when someone has taken more food than they can eat. It is often used figuratively when talking about someone who desires more than they can really afford. 这个带有点幽默式的表达形容某些人贪心地拿了很多吃的,最后却发现根本吃不下。同时,它还引申表示某些人巴望着超过他/她能力的东西。
  I can’t finish this piece of pizza. I’m afraid my eyes were bigger than my stomach as usual. 我吃不下这块比萨了。我恐怕又像往常一样拿多了。
  I told him his eyes were bigger than his stomach when he said he wanted to buy a new BMW. 我想他是眼睛比胃口大,竟然想买一辆新的宝马。
  About Numbers
  一. 数字:100-900
  101: one hundred and one
  121: one hundred (and) twenty-one
  二. 数字:1000以上
  1001:one thousand and one
  1122: one thousand one hundred (and) twenty-two
  10,000: ten thousand
  10,365: ten thousand three hundred and sixty-five
  1,000,000: one million
  10,000,000: ten million
  21,656,200: twenty-one million six hundred fifty-six thousand and two hundred
  40,567,809: forty million five hundred and sixty-seven thousand eight hundred and nine
  三. 分数
  1/2: a/one half
  1/3: a/one third
  1/4: a/one quarter
  3/4: three fourths
  四. 小数
  小数点读作point。小数中的零可以读作zero, nought或者o(oh),一般小数点前的零读作nought。
  0.25: nought point two five
  8.35: eight point three five
  0.07: nought point oh seven
  0.306: nought point three oh six
  五. 百分数
  30.45:thirty point four five percent
  六. 数学运算
  加法:2+4=6: Two and/plus four is/equals/makes six.
  减法:6-4=2: Six minus four is/leaves two.
  乘法:4*7=28: Four times seven is twenty-eight.
  除法:28÷7=4 Twenty-eight divided by seven is four.
  七. 关于货币
  美国货币由美元dollar和美分cent组成,one dollar等于100 cents。硬币(coin)有一美分(或a penny)、五美分(或a nickel)、十美分(或a dime)和二十五美分(或a quarter)等。
  $4.25:four dollars (and) twenty-five (cents)
  英国货币由英镑(pound)和便士(pence)组成,也分为纸币notes和硬币coins。100 pence等于1 pound。
  £3.50: three pounds and fifty。
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  Live and Learn
  chip in 凑份子钱
  If a group of people all chip in, it means they all contribute their money or labor. chip in有大家共同出钱或者出力的意思。这里说we all chipped in是说“我们可都交了份子钱了。”同时,几个朋友一起出去吃饭,每个人吃一些钱来付账也可以说是chip in。
  Everyone chipped in for the gift. 这份礼物每个人都出了点钱。
  If we all chip in we'll have enough to buy a suitable gift. 如果我们每个人都出份钱,我们就有足够的钱买礼物了。
  My friends and I usually each chip in a few dollars when we hang out for pizza on Friday nights. 朋友和我周五晚上去吃匹萨的时候,我们每个人都出一点钱来付账。
  *chip in还有一个意思为“插嘴”,我们也一起来了解一下。
  The old man would chip in while we were speaking. 我们在谈话时,那老人总要插嘴。
  Performance Review
  Louis:Let’s go over(重温,复习)last week’s performance reviews.
  Cathy:Most of the figures(n.数据) are pretty positive. Take Mark for example. He is extraverted(adj.外向的) and friendly, which makes him an excellent salesman. You can see his sales for this month are a record high for our company. He’s also easy-going(adj.随和的), and willing(adj.乐意的) to help others. Add that to his good looks, and you can see why he is so popular in and out of the office!
  Louis: Yes, I know. He is a lady’s man(讨女人喜欢的人). Well, that’s actually a strike(n.打击) against him in the performance review. It seems that he has trouble keeping his private life and professional life separate. He was involved in several office romances(办公室恋情), you know.
  Cathy: Yes, but later he has corrected(v.纠正) his behavior. I think that says a lot for his character.
  Louis: Do you recommend(v.推荐) him for a raise(n.提升), then?
  Cathy: I think he deserves(v.应受) a promotion because he has brought a lot of profits to the company.
  Louis: Ok. Let’s turn to another report. Jack’s performance is less than(毫不,小于) impressive. His sales record is very poor. He has no common sense, and lacks responsibilities.
  Cathy: The feedback from colleagues surrounding him showed that it was hard to get along with him. He’s always making excuses. He always ignores his faults, and criticizes others instead.
  Louis: Just between you and me, I can’t stand the guy. But it’s very difficult to fire him. His uncle is an influential client for our company.
  凯茜: 绝大多数的数字是积极良好的。就以马克为例。他很外向和友好,这些性格使他成为了一个优秀的销售人员。你看到他本月的销售额创了公司的新高。他也很随和,非常愿意帮助别人。再加上他长相不错,因此他在办公室的里里外外都很受欢迎。
  路易斯: 是的,我知道。他很受女性欢迎。这实际上是他工作业绩评估上受到攻击的一点。看上去他无法很好地把公私生活分开。你知道,他还卷入过几场办公室恋情中。
  凯茜: 是的,但是之后他已经端正了他的行为。我想这点很能说明他的个性。
  路易斯: 你推荐他升职吗?
  凯茜: 我想他理应得到升职,因为他给公司带来了很多利益。
  路易斯: 好。让我们看另外一份报告。杰克的表现逊色不少。他的销售表现非常差劲。他没有什么常识,也缺少责任感。
  凯茜: 来自周围同事的反馈显示和他相处很困难。他总是在编造借口。他总是搪塞自己的错误,反而批评别人。
  路易斯: 就我俩之间,实话说我不能忍受他。但是解雇他很困难,他的叔叔是我们公司有影响的客户。
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  in a hot seat 处境难堪
  When someone is sitting in a hot seat, unfortunately, he/she is in a difficult position subjecting him/her to harassment, criticism, or stress。 美国人似乎很喜欢在日常生活中用hot这个词。可以想象当某人坐在滚烫的位子上时,这个滋味绝对不会好受。sit in a hot seat就是形容处境难堪,棘手,令人无法招架。
  He suddenly found himself in the hot seat, facing a hundred angry residents at a protest meeting. 他突然发现自己非常为难,当面对抗议会上百来个愤怒的群众时。
  She has been the woman in the hot seat during the last two difficult years when the company was swamped in a financial crisis.
  【看电影,学英语】Friends 第1季第16集
  【116】The One With Two Parts, Part 1
  钱德和乔伊碰到了菲比的孪生姐姐乌苏拉;乔伊和她约会,这可惹恼了和姐姐关系僵持的菲比。 钱德为公司里一名雇员所吸引,却受命要解雇她,他实在下不了手,于是开始约会她,并告诉每个人说,她精神状态极度失衡,如果解雇她后果将不堪设想……
  1.Ursula Buffay, Phoebe’s identical twin sister, is waiting on tables in her inimitable manner.
  identical twin sister: 同卵双生的姐妹。identical twins相貌都极其相似。
  in inimitable manner: 以一种无法模仿的、独特的姿态
  例:The city that never sleeps has an inimitable energy and enough hustle and bustle(熙熙攘攘,忙碌) to ensure you’ll never be bored.
  2.Ursula: Hi. Okay, will that be all? 你好,就这些,完了?
  Will that be all: 陈述句为that will be all。通常我们也可以说:Is that all?
  3.Inside Central Perk, all three girls are paying court to Ross. 在咖啡馆里,三个女生都向Ross示好。
  pay court to: solicit the favors or affection of someone 讨好某人,赢得某人好感,求爱
  例:If you want to win the daughter, you’ll have to pay court to her mother. 如果你想追到那个女生,你必须先赢得她母亲的好感。
  4.Phoebe: Hmmm? Yeah. So, um, is she fat? 嗯……那她胖吗?
   Joey: Not from where I was standing. 从我的角度来看,她不胖。
  Phoebe: (Turning to Chandler) where were you standing? (转向Chandler)你是什么角度/观点?
  Not from where I was standing: 从我的观点来看,她不胖。
  这里有个小小的“双关”,Phoebe从字面上理解了Joey的意思“从他所站的地方和角度,Ursula不胖”,所以后来她转身问Chandler“那么从你站的角度看呢?”实际上from where I stand, 不是表示某人所处的位置,而是说某人的观点与角度。
  from where I stand: 依我来看,从我的观点来看,也可以说from the view of my point。
  From where I stand, we should delay the plan. 依我来看,我们需要推迟这个计划。
  From where I stand, your boss is too much. 从我的角度来看,你老板有点过分了。
  5.Chandler: It’s not just that she’s cute, okay. It’s just that... she’s really really cute.
  Ross: It doesn’t matter. You don’t dip your pen in the company ink.
  dip your pen in the company ink: having sexual relations with a co-worker. dip your company in the company ink 表示“办公室恋情”。这里是Ross提醒Chandler要避免“办公司恋情”——“兔子别吃窝边草”。
  6.Chandler: Score. 不错!
  score: another word for 'cool', ‘awesome’, or ‘that’s great’. Score这里表示事情很不错,是score的一种口语用法,相当于cool, awesome。
  7. Ross: I see. So what do you propose to do? 那你打算做什么
  Susan: I will flip you for it. 我们投硬币来做决定。
  What do you propose to do: 那你打算做什么?propose 打算。
  I will flip you for it: flip a coin 投掷硬币。 这里flip you for it 是说根据投掷硬币的方法来决定Ross是不是可以作为coach。
  我们平时可以说:Let’s flip for it. 让我们投硬币来决定。
  例:If you can't make up a decision, let's flip for it. 如果你做不了决定,那我们就投个硬币来决定吧。
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  It's snowing now!!! I cannot believe it!!! It hardly snows here, so I am almost kind of starting miss it...
  My friends used to ask me why I was moving here, and I told them it was to get away from the snow. Why am I so missing it? Why?
  Who cares why its snowing as long as it is...I know what I missed was more than the snow...
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  where are you then?
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  A place hardly to see snow...haha ︼_︼
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  I like snooooow!
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  Well, when you have to drive on snow, you would not like it at all. Anyway, snow is beautiful...
  I go skiing every year; unfortunately, last Christmas I got my left knee hurt, and the Dr. said that I'd better not ski in a couple of years. I have to temporarily say bye-bye to my skis.
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  I know it ``