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  PRESENTER: Hello and welcome to another informative edition of Teachers in Shanghai. Today’s question is “How do you like to plan your lessons?”
  发言人:大家好,欢迎来到新一期的Teachers in Shanghai。今天的问题是:你喜欢如何备课?”

  ET1: I like to plan my lessons while waiting in my local bank. Gives me plenty of time!

  ET2: I like to plan my lessons, while watching a very violent movie. Jet li or Mr. Van Damme, I don’t care! (Sound of a punching fist)

  ET3: I like to plan my lessons listening to the latest sounds or doing my nails.

  ET4: I like to plan my lessons riding my faithful Steed bicycle across the great, buffalo strewn plains of Century Park. Yeehaw!

  ET5: I … like to … plan my … lessons …very slow-ly … and …de-liberately. Only fools … rush … things.

  ET6: I like to plan my lessons, while looking at my beautiful face in the mirror. My sensuous green eyes, my noble nose, my steely chin, not forgetting my pouty, full blooded …

  PRESENTER: Ahem! I’m afraid we’ll have to forget them, we’ve ran out of time. Join us again next week, when we’ll be asking our experts, “Tomato or Tomato. How do you like it?” Until then ... tata!

  Vocabulary (Definitions)
  Informative (adj) : imparting knowledge 信息量大,有教育意义的
  Violent (adj) : marked by extreme force or sudden intense activity 暴力的
  Latest Sounds : most recent music 最新的音乐
  Plain (noun) : an extensive area of level or rolling treeless country 平原;平地
  Yehaw : shout of extreme happiness 快乐的呼喊
  Noble: (adj) : of high birth or exalted rank 贵族的;高雅的
  Sensuous (adj) : having strong sensory appeal 有很强吸引力的
  Steely (adj) : resembling or suggesting steel 像钢一样的;直挺的
  Pouty (adj) : expressive of displeasure 撅嘴的,不高兴的
  Ahem (interjection) : used especially to attract attention or to express disapproval or embarrassment 清嗓子的声音
  Tata : very informal slang for goodbye 说再见的非正式方式
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  1. I'm not myself today.

  2. I’m mixed up.

  3. Your guess is as good as mine.

  4. I was messed up for years.

  5. You're a real nitwit.

  6. I don't think she's all there.

  7. I just zoned out for a moment.

  8. Somehow my brain isn't functioning today.

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  精选新词:cheat 欺骗

  A: Oh, my God! I've been cheated!

  B: What? What did you buy?

  A: It's a brick! I can't believe how stupid I was. Damn it!

  B: What is it? Why did you buy a brick?

  A: There was a guy on the sidewalk (n.人行道). He had three new boxes, Panasonic video camera boxes. He said he had to get rid of them quick.

  B: And?

  A: So he said he'd sell me one for twenty dollars. A four-hundred-dollar camera for twenty bucks (n. [美语]元,块).

  B: And it's a brick?

  A: Yes.

  B: I can't believe how stupid you are. Why didn't you open the box?

  A: I wanted to. But he said, no, the box is still in its plastic wrap from the store. If it's opened, other people won't believe it's new.

  B: So he had the boxes wrapped in plastic.

  A: Yes, it was the kind of perfect plastic wrap that comes with new products. Look, it even had a bar-code (n.条形码) price sticker on it! It looked brand new.

  B: But why would a guy be selling new video cameras for twenty dollars?

  A: He said he had to get rid of them. They were stolen.

  B: Aha! Now I understand. You were trying to buy stolen goods on the sidewalk. So, what I think is, you deserve to get cheated!

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  1. Let her pay—she's loaded.


  2. My brother is very comfortably off. He has a career in finance.

  这里的“comfortably off”也可以换个说法,如:My brother has enough money to live comfortably. 意思就是有足够的钱,可以过得很舒适。

  3. Hotel staff were trying to keep their well-heeled guests comfortable.


  4. The best seats in the theater were reserved for the fat cats.

  “fat cat”不是胖猫,在美国俚语中,特别指有钱有势的大亨。

  5. Do I look like I'm made of money?

  “made of money” 光从字面上就能看出来——“用钱做的”,意思就是“有钱”。

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  很多优秀人才很难做到中层以上、突破那层玻璃天花板 (glass ceiling)。女性实现这一飞跃尤其困难:女性中任职专业岗位的人很多,但她们只占中层管理人员的34%、高层管理人员的14%,在CEO中的比例更是只有4%。

  Here are five key things to do if you want to break through the glass ceiling and go to the next level:

  1) Learn to See the Big Picture 学会纵观大局

  所以如果你想上升到高管级别(make the transition to the executive level),那么首先就得让你的思维超越专门化和手头的任务 (start thinking beyond specialization and your immediate workload)。要留意可能跟你目前岗位无关、但会让你获得更广知识与见解 (wider knowledge and insights) 的锻炼机会。要与部门、公司之外的人员建立良好的关系 (develop great relationships with individuals outside your department and company)。读书、读博客、读报纸,了解本行业 (your industry) 以及整个业界 (the business community) 的动态 (stay current on what is happening)。这样,当有领导岗位的工作机会出现的时候,你就已经对需要做什么有了一套见多识广、高屋建瓴的看法 (have an informed and strategic view)。然后你就可以……

  2) Take the Initiative 主动出击

  To show you have what it takes to be in charge, you have to be willing to take charge. If you want to be in the top jobs, don't wait to be asked. Figure out what needs to be done and then make it happen.

  3) Find Mentors and Sponsors - and Know the Difference between the Two

  导师是在你了解不深的领域能够教你的人(coach you in areas where you don't have deep knowledge),他们在你的职业成长过程中亲身提供专业支持 (provide professional and personal support)。他们可以是(但通常不是)高级管理层的人 (people in senior levels of management),因为那些人多半没有时间和专门知识来把你教好。

  所以举荐人不同于导师,从某种意义上讲对于你的晋升更加关键 (more critical to moving up the ladder)。举荐人是一位高级别的领导人 (a senior-level leader),是一位愿意推荐你的决策者 (someone who sits at the decision-making table)。这是至关重要的,因为大部分有关高级管理岗位的决定都由元老团队做出。如果你在这个集体中没有至少一个人支持你,那么你就进不了高级管理层。

  4) Be Willing to Risk, and Risk Often 愿意冒险,经常冒险
  我们都喜欢呆在自己的舒适区不动 (stay in our comfort zone),走出舒适区会带来失败的风险。但个人和职业成长道路上的大多数机会都是新的经历带来的,希望升到下一个级别的人必须经常性地强迫自己冒险,让自己处于不安定的状态 (push yourselves to take risks and be uncomfortable on a regular basis)。

  要遏制对失败的恐惧,就要持续不断地培养你的能力和自信 (continuously nurture your abilities and self-confidence)。自信心和专业能力越强,你就越会成为一只“不靠树枝、只靠翅膀” ('trusts not the branch, but its own wings.')的鸟儿。另外一定要拿出时间开发人脉 (develop your personal networks),这样即便是跌倒 (stumble) 了,也会有很多支持者帮助你站起来(you'll have plenty of backers to help you get back up on your feet)。

  5) If you want to lead, you must have strong emotional intelligence.

  这是因为你在职场梯子 (corporate ladder) 上爬得越高,工作涉及到的就越不是你自己,而是你在自己周围安排的人员,以及你能不能领导并激励他人 (it is more about who you surround yourself with and about your ability to lead and motivate others)。没有谁什么都知道,所以依靠其他想法不同、掌握你可能不具备的技能的人员,对于在高级管理层里面成功与否就变得至关重要 (critical to being successful in senior management) 。

  高管级别的领导人必须有自知之明,能够控制自己的情感 (must have self-awareness and an ability to keep their emotions in check)。他们必须先倾听再做反应。(They must listen before reacting.) 正如史蒂芬?柯维(Stephen Covey)建议的,“先去理解别人,然后再去让别人理解”。最重要的一点是,高管必须谨守道德,在同事当中赢得信任与尊重 (behave in a way that inspires trust and respect in those who work with them)。大家都想跟一位正直的、关心他人并舍得为他人付出的人共事 (someone with integrity, who cares about and invests in others

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  Hey Tina, good to see you again. How have you been?

  I've been well, thanks. Although recently work has been a little busy and stressful(adj.有压力的)! How have you been?

  I've been great. I'm just about to head to my Chinese class. OMG, there is so much gossip flying around in that place. It's unbelievable!

  Really?? I love a bit of juicy gossip, fill me in....

  Well...I shouldn't really say anything ,but rumor has it that Mark and Jane are an item now, can you believe it, I don't know how she managed to tame(v. 驯服) such a playboy like him?

  He's with Jane. That's so unfair. Why do nice girls always fall for bad boys, I just don't get it!

  Well, you know what they say,' treat them mean, keep them keen' it always works!!

  Yea, he's a bit of snob but don't worry there are plenty of fish in the sea for you dude...!

  Thanks for the confidence boost, but I really wanted to ask her out for dinner, you know wine & dine her! I think she has such stunning eyes...ah man!!!!

  We'll maybe you should take the news with a pinch of salt Tony, apparently Mark is loaded, he comes from an affluent family so maybe she will just wait till he splashes out on her then she will leave...maybe she's a GOLDDIGGER!!

  Lol lol lol.....thanks Tina. I feel better already.

  Let‘s go through some words and phrases:

  Gossip: 流言蛮语;闲言碎语
  Unbelievable: 难以置信的
  Juicy gossip: 有趣有意思的谣言
  Fill sb in: 向某人解释…
  An item: 相当于couple, 一对情侣
  Treat them mean, keep them keen: 相当于中文里的“男人不坏,女人不爱”
  Tame: 驯服;驯化
  Look down on sb: 小看某人
  There are plenty of fish in the sea: 有很多选择,相当于中文里的“天涯何处无芳草”
  Take something with a pinch of salt .直译是‘和一撮盐吃下去’,意译则是‘姑且听着,不能尽信;不能太认真’
  Loaded/affluent: 相当于rich, 富有
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  1. You are the boss.

  2. You have the conn.
  你说了算。(conn, 掌舵)

  3. You have the final say.
  你来拍板吧。(final say,最终决定权)

  4. It's all up to you.

  5. The final decision is yours.

  6. You are in charge here.
  你是这里管事儿的。(in charge, 负责;主管)

  7. You are the one who can call the tune here.
  在这里,你说了算。(call the tune, 定调子,也就是“有决定权”)

  8. Who wears the trousers in your family? You or your wife?
  在你家里谁说了算,你还是你妻子?(wear the trousers, 掌握家权)

  9. I am the decider of my family.
  在家里我说了算。(decider, 决定者,裁决者)

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  1. Don’t Multitask不要同时处理很多任务

  Multitasking is not a real thing. What you are really doing when you are (apparently) multitasking is going back and forth between two separate tasks. So rather than giving 100% to one task at a time you are going back and forth between tasks, giving each task a monumentally less amount of focus. This simply means that you end up doing both tasks at less than 100% — and you gain a whole lot of stress and tension.

  2. Break Things Down把事情分解

  Okay…so imagine a really large meatball. Got it? Good. According to animal instincts, the best way to eat it is to put the entire thing in your mouth and chew. Do that and you will be chewing and swallowing for the next 10 minutes.
  好吧。想象一个很大的肉丸子。明白了吧?很好。按照动物的直觉,把肉丸吃掉的最好方法,是把它整个放到嘴里然后咀嚼。 要是这样的话,在接下来的10分钟里,你就会在那里一直咀嚼和吞咽。

  This same rule applies to life. You are only able to handle so much at one time. If you try to take on a task too big all at once, you will only get clogged up and slowed down. But if you break it down into more manageable pieces, you'll find that you will be able to finish the task a lot faster.

  3. Prioritize Your Tasks为任务设立优先级别

  You are craving a chocolate bar…or a client is waiting for your proposal. Which one is more important?

  Unfortunately, thousands of people find themselves in similar situations every day. You have to learn to automatically prioritize things that are more important. This way rather than wasting energy and time, you will focus on these particular things and get them done faster. This will also make you more stress-free and will greatly boost your productivity.

  4. No Distractions去除干扰
  Have you ever wonder how much time you end up wasting by: checking emails; checking your cellphones; idly chatting with your colleagues; surfing the web.

  All of these things will make you very unproductive. So when it gets down to finally getting work done, turn off or remove all distractions. Just get rid of them.

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  I think a sense of humour can help you deal with life's difficulties. As they say, 'laugh and the world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone.'

  Here's a joke I heard recently:

  A man visits a friend's house and is invited in to the living room. In the living room, there's a table, and on the table there is a game of chess. Next to the game of chess, there's a dog.

  'That's amazing,' he says. 'Your dog plays chess.'

  'Yes,' replies the man. 'It is amazing, but it isn't so amazing: we've played six games and he has only beaten me twice.'

  This isn't the funniest joke in the world, but having a joke in mind and a sense of humour can help you stop taking life too seriously.
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  No way!

  Not a chance!

  Dream on.

  Don't even think about it.

  Fat chance!

  There is no way out.

  Not possible.

  Forget it.

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  心词:The Meaning of Dreams 梦的解析

  One night just before Valentine's Day,

  a woman had a lovely dream about a beautiful necklace.

  When she woke up, she told her husband,

  "I just dreamt that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentine's day.

  What do you think it could mean?"

  "You'll find out on Valentine's Day."

  He said with a knowing smile.

  On Valentine's Day,

  the man gave his delighted wife a beautifully wrapped package.

  Excitedly, she opened it,

  only to find a book entitled "The Meaning of Dreams".
  只看到书的标题是: “梦的解析”。
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  10. Having a disease or health emergency 梦到患某种疾病或遇到健康危机

  This nightmare could reflect (v.反映;反射) a fear of an unknown thing suddenly having a negative impact on the dreamer’s life. It could also reflect an underlying (adj.潜在的) fear of illness. It could also express a fear of not being able to enjoy life or that there’s something wrong (“ill” or “rotten”) in one’s life。

  A nightmare about an illness could also be a way of telling the dreamer that he or she actually has an illness, even if consciously unaware (adj.没察觉到;没意识到) of it。

  9. Being attacked or injured 梦到被打或受伤

  This type of nightmare could reflect a fear of others, a fear of not fitting in (动词词组,相处融洽), a literal fear of violence, or a fear of being criticized by others. It’s important to take into account (动词词组,纳入考虑) the actual scenario and what’s going on in the dreamer’s life for meanings。

  8. Car trouble

  This nightmare can reflect a feeling of not being able to move forward in life or even of one’s life being out of control. Our car is frequently how we not only travel, but “get to places" in life. 这类噩梦反应的是实际生活中不能前进或是生活失去控制的感觉。车子反应的不仅仅是我们如何旅行,还有我们如何到达目的地。
  7. Drowning 梦到溺水

  This nightmare could mean you feel overwhelmed or put out a lot of effort with no success or return. It could also simply represent a fear of water.

  6. Falling 梦到掉下来

  Nightmares of falling could reflect a fear of heights, a fear of not being in control, a feeling of having nothing solid (adj.可靠的) to hold onto in life, or even a fear of death。

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-10-30 08:32:26

  5. Teeth falling out 梦到掉牙

  This nightmare generally means you feel out of control and powerless (adj.无力的;无权的). It can also reflect social embarrassment, fear of being unattractive, or fear of being revealed as inadequate (adj.不足的;不充分的). It would be important to consider what the dreamer was going through in life for more specific meanings。

  4. Being lost梦到迷路

  This nightmare may be worse for children than for adults, but both can have it。

  For adults, it can mean that the dreamer does not feel in control in life or does not know what to do next or which direction to go into。

  It can reveal (v.透露;揭露) a figurative (adj.比喻的;修饰丰富的) feeling of "not being able to find one’s way." It could also potentially reflect a feeling of not paying attention to or following directions。
  这也可有一层隐含之意,表达的是“没有能力找到自己的方向。” 这还有可能表达一种没有注意到或把握住方向的感觉。

  3. Failing a test 梦到挂科

  It can indicate that one feels unprepared or hasn’t done something correctly in life. It can also refer to feeling that one has to prove oneself and either doesn’t know how or feels inadequate。

  2. Being naked in public 梦到在公众场合裸体

  This nightmare can often mean that the dreamer feels vulnerable (adj.脆弱的;易受攻击的) or exposed (adj.暴露的;无掩蔽的) in some way. It could also mean feeling isolated or ganged up on。

  1. Being chased 梦到被人追赶

  This is often indicative of feeling overwhelmed (adj.受打击的), stressed (adj.紧张的;有压力的), that something being avoided is catching up with them, or not getting everything done in their lives。

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  1. You scared me!

  2. I am freaked out!

  3. I am frightened out of my wits!

  4. That nearly scared me to death!

  5. The spiders scared me stiff.

  6. You did give me a good scare!

  7. That sudden scream in the middle of night scared the daylights out of me.

  8. What a scare you gave me, disappearing like that!

  9. The ghost story frightened the pants off me.

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  :Halloween 万圣节
  主播外教:Andy (上海南方中心)

  Andy: Are you going to go to Dave’s Halloween party?
  Andy: 你去参加Dave的万圣节派对吗?

  Ashley: I hope so. If it’s half as good as last year’s party, then it should be a blast.
  Ashley: 我准备去的。如果能像去年一样好,那肯定就大受欢迎了。

  Andy: So what are you going to dress up as?
  Andy: 那你打算装扮成什么呢?

  Ashley: I haven’t decided yet. Have you?
  Ashley: 我暂时还没决定。你呢?

  Andy: I think I’m going to go as Batman.
  Andy: 我想我会装扮成蝙蝠侠。

  Ashley: Yeah, Batman would be a cool costume.
  Ashley: 嗯,蝙蝠侠的服装很酷。

  Andy: Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you dress up as Catwoman?
  Andy: 嘿!我有个好主意。你何不装扮成猫女呢?

  Ashley: Catwoman?
  Ashley: 猫女?

  Andy: Yeah, she’s in the new Batman movie.
  Andy: 是啊,最新的一部电影里就有猫女。

  Ashley: Where can I find the costume?
  Ashley: 那我从哪儿去弄猫女的服装呢?

  Andy: I think we can find it online or go to a Halloween store. Catwoman is a pretty popular costume, so I’m sure we can find it.
  Andy: 我想我们可以在网上或去万圣节商店买。猫女的服装这么受欢迎,我们肯定会找到的。

  Ashley: Ok! I’m going to be Catwoman for Halloween.
  Ashley: 好!那我就装扮成猫女啦。
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-10-31 08:58:03

  1. Halloween or Hallowe’en is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on Oct. 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

  2. The name Halloween comes from a contraction of All Hallows Eve (Evening), the day before All Hallows Day. It was originally celebrated to honor the dead.
  Halloween就是All Hallows’ Eve的缩写,All Hallows Eve 是All Hallows Day (圣徒日)的前一天晚上,这个节日起初是用来纪念死者的。

  3. Dressing up in costumes is one of the most popular Halloween customs, especially among children. According to traditions, people would dress up in costumes (wear special clothing, masks or disguises) to frighten the spirits away.
  Dressing up in costumes是最受欢迎的万圣节风俗之一,尤其受孩子们的欢迎。按照传统习俗,人们会dress up in costumes(穿戴一些特別的服裝,面具或者装饰)来吓跑鬼魂。

  4. Popular Halloween costumes include vampires (creatures that drink blood), zombies, witches, centaurs, ghosts (spirits of the dead) and werewolves (people that turn into wolves when the moon is full).
  流行的万圣节装扮包括vampires(吸血鬼),zombies (僵尸),witches (女巫),centaurs(半人马),elves (精灵),ghosts(亡魂)和werewolves(每当月圆时就变成狼的狼人)。

  5. Trick or Treat is a modern Halloween custom where children go from house to house dressed in costume, asking for treats like candy or toys. If they don't get any treats, they might play a trick (mischief or prank) on the owners of the house.
  Trick or Treat 是现代万圣节的风俗,孩子们穿着千奇百怪的化妆服走街串巷,讨取糖果和玩具之类的赏赐。如果他们得不到任何的赏赐,就可能会对屋主大搞恶作剧或者胡闹了。

  6. The tradition of the Jack o' Lantern comes from a folktale about a man named Jack who tricked the devil and had to wander the Earth with a lantern. The Jack o' Lantern is made by placing a candle inside a hollowed-out pumpkin, which is carved to look like a face.
  Jack o' Lantern 的传统来自一个民间传说。一个名叫Jack的人戏弄了恶魔,之后就不得不提着一盏灯在地球上流浪。Jack o' Lantern是用雕刻成脸型,中间挖空,再插上蜡烛的南瓜做成的。

  7. Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.
  万圣节常见的庆祝活动有trick-or-treating (不款待就捣乱)、参加化妆舞会、雕刻南瓜灯、点燃篝火、咬苹果、参观闹鬼旅游胜地(即类似鬼屋等用来吓人的娱乐场所)、讲鬼故事、观看恐怖电影。

  8. List of food associated with Halloween:

  Barmbrack (Ireland) 葡萄干面包
  Bonfire toffee (Great Britain) 太妃糖
  Monkey nuts (peanuts in their shells) (Scotland and Ireland) 落花生
  Caramel apples 焦糖苹果
  Caramel corn 焦糖玉米
  Colcannon (Ireland; see below) 马铃薯卷心菜泥
  Novelty candy shaped like skulls, pumpkins, bats, etc.
  Pumpkin, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds 南瓜、南瓜派、烤南瓜子
  Roasted sweet corn 烤玉米
  Soul cakes 小圆面包/蛋糕
  Scary Faced Pizza 外形恐怖的披萨

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-02 08:02:34


  Nice to meet you. May I have your name?

  How are you doing? 你好吗?
  How have you been? 近来如何?

  Good morning, Sir/Madam. 早上好,先生/女士。
  Hello, Mr James, how are you? 嗨,James先生,你好吗?

  Would you like a game of tennis?/Would you like to go to the cinema?

  Have you got time to visit the photographic exhibition?

  Fancy going shopping this weekend?

  Thanks for your invitation./It’s nice of you to invite me.

  I’d love to, but I can’t./ That sounds great l but I’m tied up.

  Thank you again for your invitation. I’ve had a wonderful evening/time.

  Shall I call a taxi? /Let me call a taxi. 我来叫辆的士吧

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  1. Talk about locations: Americans love to talk about locations. When speaking to a stranger, ask them where they are from and then make a connection (n.联系) with that place .For example:"Oh, I have a friend who studied in Los Angeles. He says it's a beautiful place to live."Most Americans will then willingly (adv.欣然地;乐意地) talk about their experiences living or visiting that particular city or area.

  2. Talk about work: Americans commonly ask “What do you do”. It’s not considered impolite (as in some countries) and is a popular topic of discussion between strangers.
  谈论工作:美国人通常会问“What do you do-”在某些国家会被认为这是不礼貌的,但美国不是的,是陌生人之间聊天的一个流行话题。

  3. Talk about sports: Americans love sports! However, they love American sports. When speaking about football, most Americans understand" American Football", not soccer.

  4. Be careful when expressing (v.表达) ideas about race, religion, politics or other sensitive topics: The United States is a multi-cultural society. Talking about sensitive topics like religion, belief or politics, is often avoided (v.避免) in order to be sure not to offend someone of a different belief system. This is often referred to as being “politically correct".

  5. Don't hold hands: Same sex friends do not usually hold hands or put their arms around each other in public in the United States.

  6. Smoking is Out!! Smoking, especially in public places, is strongly disapproved of (disapprove of 动词词组,不赞成) by most Americans in the modern United States.

作者:sergemakofo 时间:2013-11-02 08:54:17
作者:bofumanbofuman 时间:2013-11-02 11:51:53
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-06 08:07:05


  提到请某人做某事,大家第一反应可能都是用please, 但事实上只用please反而有点命令的感觉在里面,远没有用could和would相关的表达好,如Could you…please? I’m wondering if you could… Could you possibly…? Would you be able to…? Would you mind…? 等都是非常礼貌的表达,用这样的句式来提出请求,对方一定不忍心拒绝你的诚意。接着来看看例句吧!

  I was wondering if you could do something for me...

  Would you be able to print out a file for me?

  Could I have it within ten minutes please?

  Could you possibly help me with the printer?

  Would you mind writing your email later?

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-06 08:13:05

  1. When in doubt, act.
  1. 犹豫不决时,放手去做。

  这是流动的活水与一潭死水的区别。当你无所作为时,怀疑和不安全感会如蚊子一般滋生。戴尔?卡耐基(Dale Carnegie)曾写过这样一段话:“无为滋生疑虑和恐惧。行动孕育自信和勇气。”对失败的担心会让我们无法行动,因为我们总将后果估计得过为严重。让我们通过采取行动来建立自信吧,经常为之,自信弥坚。

  2. Do something outside your comfort zone each day.
  2. 每天做一些超越自己舒适区的事情。


  3. Put the focus on others.
  3. 多关心他人。


  4. Cultivate mentors.
  4. 结交良师益友。


  5. Keep self-talk positive.
  5. 同自我对话时,保持积极态度。


  6. Eliminate negative people from your network.
  6. 将消极者从你的社交网络中清除。


  7. Take care of your health.
  7. 保重身体。


  8. Do your homework.
  8. 做好准备功课。


  9. Watch your body language.
  9. 注意你的肢体语言。


  10. Practice gratitude daily.
  10. 每天练习感恩。


  与公众演讲或是领导能力一样,自信也是一项可以改善的职业技能。正如乔治亚摄政大学(Georgia Regents University)的彼得?巴克利(Peter Buckley)博士所说,“随着你经验的增加,你的自信会越来越强,而自信之人将获得新的经验。”从今天开始增强你的自信吧

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-06 08:21:56
  核心词:set goals 设定目标
  主播外教:Gcobani (上海浦东中心)

  Personal Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating(v.激励) yourself to turn your vision into a reality.

  The process of setting goals helps you to choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely(adv.精确地) what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate(v.集中) your efforts. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that would otherwise lure you from your course.

  More than this, properly-set goals can be incredibly motivating, and as you get into the habit of (养成...的习惯) setting and achieving your goals, you'll find that your self-confidence builds fast.

  Achieving Focus(n.专注力)专注力让你收获更多

  Goal setting techniques are used by top-level athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields. They give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. They focus your acquisition(n.获得) of knowledge, and help you to recognize and organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very most of your life.

  By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take pride in (以…为傲) the achievement of those goals. You can see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind (n.苦力,苦差). By setting goals, you will also raise your confidence, as you recognize your ability and competence in achieving the goals that you have set.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-08 08:38:55
  kick one’s ass 和kick ass, 拎得清伐?

  别看kick one’s ass 和kick ass长得像,意思可大不一样!一个是发怒时的常用语,一个是拍马屁时会蹦出嘴的词儿。看看下面的例句你就懂了!

  Kick one’s ass 痛扁某人;狂胜某人

  One more word and I’ll kick your ass.

  Don’t play basketball with him. He’ll kick your ass.

  Kick ass 牛逼

  You really kick ass, man.

  That’s a kick-ass party.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-08 08:41:58


  A man is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road. A woman is driving down the same road. As they pass each other, the woman leans out of the window and yells "PIG!!" The man immediately leans out of his window and replies, "WITCH"! They each continue on their way, and as the man rounds the next corner, he crashes into a pig in the middle of the road. If only men would listen.


  1. steep (adj.) 陡峭的,峻峭的,险峻的
  2. lean out of 身体探出
  3. witch 女巫
  4. crash into sth 撞到某物
  5. round 绕行

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-08 08:44:15

  核心词:crab 螃蟹
  主播外教:Nick (上海徐汇中心)

  A male crab met a female crab and asked her to marry him.

  She noticed that he was walking straight instead of sideways.

  Wow, she thought, this crab is really special.

  I can't let him get away.

  So they got married immediately.

  The next day she noticed her new husband walking sideways like all the other crabs,

  and got upset.

  "What happened?" she asked."

  “You used to walk straight before we were married."

  "Oh, honey," he replied, "I can't drink that much every day."

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-08 15:55:39


  第一个习语是in the pink,指的是一个人脸色看上去白里透红,气色很好,身体很健康。这个习惯用语的出处说法各有不同。有的人说,in the pink这个俗语可能来自跑马场,因为在那里,人们用in the pink形容那些看起来很健壮的马。但是,也有人认为凡是身体健康的人,他们的皮肤都会呈现一种粉色的光泽,白里透红。这些人说in the pink这个说法就是从这儿来的。我们来举两个例子吧:

  例句1 "Our next door neighbor came back from the hospital yesterday after his heart attack. And I'm glad to say he certainly looks back in the pink again."

  例句2 "It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for a man. I thought I was getting a cold yesterday so I went to bed a couple of hours early and I really feel in the pink now."

  除了in the pink,还可以用另一个习惯用语来表达这个意思:fit as a fiddle。
  Fit是身体健康的意思,fiddle是类似小提琴的乐器。 要是一个人说他fit as a fiddle,那就好比是一把琴的弦和音调都调得很好。请听下面这位年轻人谈谈他是怎样保持健康的:

  例句3 "I think my health is important, so I don't smoke or drink. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and I exercise three times a week. These things help to keep me fit as a fiddle."

  例句4 "My grandfather looks like he's sixty but he's really eighty years old and fit as a fiddle: he still has his own teeth, doesn't need glasses, and walks four miles every day."

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-08 16:00:09
  1. Get out early. Research shows that people who exercise once they get up in the morning are most consistent. Nothing except your alarm clock gets in the way-not a traffic jam or a happy hour gathering.

  2. Be realistic. Set small, achievable goals at first. If you are new to exercise, plan to work out three times a week. Then move to every other day. As you progress you may build up to a 5-day (or more) weekly routine.

  3. Have a specific plan before you start. You'll want to build in a variety of workouts to keep things fresh (for example, strength one day, cardio the next) but the trick is planning ahead. Every Sunday night, map out your week of workouts and stick with it like it's a doctor's prescription. Your plan can even be as simple as "Mon: Walk 30 min., Wed: Walk 30 min. plus 15 min. push-ups and sit-ups."

  4. Find someone to keep you accountable. This can be a workout buddy or a personal trainer. Either way, pair up with someone who is inspiring and reliable.

  5. Set goals and keep track of your progress. Maybe your goal is to lose weight or run 5 miles. It could also be as simple as "exercise every other day for a month." Seeing progress will keep you motivated and consistent.

  6. Find inspiration or distraction. If exercise goals don't engage you, pick a favorite diversion and build that into your exercise routine. Listen to music, watch TV or read a magazine while you exercise.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-08 16:08:27

  STEVE: I'm going over to the gym. I want to do some running.

  JOSEPH: Why don't you run outside?

  STEVE: Are you kidding? Do you know how cold it is today?

  JOSEPH: Yeah, I suppose. I guess it isn't healthy to run in this weather.

  STEVE: No, it's not. Not at all. I'd probably freeze my lungs(n.肺).

  JOSEPH: Wait for me a minute. I'll go over to the gym too.

  STEVE: You?

  JOSEPH: Yes, why not? Just let me get my gym clothes(n.健身衣) together.

  STEVE: I didn't know you could exercise.

  JOSEPH: What do you mean by that? Everyone can exercise!

  STEVE: Yeah, I know. But you? I always thought you were only good at lifting beer bottles to your mouth.

  JOSEPH: No, not at all. I was on the swimming team in high school. And I'd like to do some weight training (n.举重训练). They have decent equipment at that gym.

  STEVE: You're going to lift weights? Hah!

  JOSEPH: Are you laughing at me?

  STEVE: I'm sorry. I just can't imagine you lifting weights.

  JOSEPH: Maybe not. But I want to start. I need to get in shape. I feel these past couple months that my energy is low.

  STEVE: It's true. If a person doesn't exercise, they get sluggish (adj.懒散的). That's why I keep running. Even in the winter.

  JOSEPH: Well, then maybe I need to change my character, don't I? I don't want to become a fat slob (n.胖人).

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  Well done.

  You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.

  Great job. I'm really impressed.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-13 08:21:10

  1. 'I want a raise' “我想加薪”

  畅销书《关键对话:高效沟通的技巧》(Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High)一书的作者约瑟夫?格雷尼指出,争取更好的待遇或者津贴不应该威胁到一个人的工作,但前提是你要采用正确的方法——特别是在得到赏识的时候 (Lobbying 【动词,游说】for a better salary or perks shouldn't jeopardize 【动词,危害】 your career, though, if you do it the right way -- especially if you're a valued employee)。

  那么得偿所愿的关键是什么呢?格雷尼的建议是,忠于事实 (stick to the facts)。

  "First, research salary data online to find out what other people get paid for jobs like yours in your geographic area," he says. "Then, be ready to give solid evidence for why your performance merits more money."


  2. 'My performance review was unfair' “我的业绩考核不公正”

  他指出,如果人事档案中的考评结果为一般(或者更差),那就可能不公正地妨碍你在今后的工作中得到更好的机会。因此,“你需要冷静地说明”,你认为哪些评价或批评并不公允。 (you need to calmly set the record straight" (对…做出正确陈述) about specific comments (名词,评论) or complaints (名词,抱怨) you believe are inaccurate (名词,不正确)

  同时,你要请上司详细说明他(她)对你有什么样的要求 (what he or she needs from you)。格雷尼说,要设法弄清楚上司如何定义出色地完成工作 (how this manager defines a job well done),还要准备好多听少说。

  3. 'Something shady (or illegal) is going on' “有人正在做可疑(或者非法)的事”


  格雷尼建议:“首先你要说明自己是出于善意,同时强调你考虑的是老板的最佳利益。然后解释一下,你认为如果这样的行为继续下去会产生什么样的不利影响” ("Start the conversation by sharing your good intentions 好意 and stressing 强调that you have the boss's best interest in mind," Grenny suggests. "Explain the negative consequences you think will follow if the behavior continues.") 毕竟,人们都知道蒙蔽客户、欺骗投资者以及其他不诚信的行为能毁掉一家公司,进而造成数千人瞬间失业。

  如果上司对你担心的问题不屑一顾(“我们一直这么干”),甚至对你表示不满(说声再见,然后起身离开),那就把你发现的问题报告给更高层的管理者 (take your concerns upstairs)。

  格雷尼说:“在这种情况下,找你老板的老板是恰当的做法。不过,这会让你显得不服从直接上司的指挥,所以建议你们三个人面对面地谈一谈。” 如果问题似乎一直牵连到公司最高层,那该怎么办?这种情况下,你最好另谋高就。

  4. 'I'm not getting what I need to do the job' “我没有得到完成工作所需要的支持”


  格雷尼建议:要以疑问的态度开始这场对话,而不是愤怒。他说,相反,要冷静地说明你所需要的支持和你得到的支持之间有什么样的差距。(calmly describe the gap (名词;差距) between the support you need and the support you're getting)

  格雷尼指出:解释一下你感到担心的原因,要把重点放在你们共同的目标上。("Explain why you're concerned, with emphasis on your common goals) 接下来,主动交流。你的老板可能从另一个角度来看待这个问题。如果你对别人的观点持开放态度,他们也会更容易接受你的观点。”

  5. 'Your strategy is ridiculous' “你的策略很可笑”


  他说:要充分表明,你提出的不同观点可能有用,而绝不是要挖老板的墙角。(far from trying to undermine 【破坏;挖地基】your boss, you're offering a different viewpoint that might help)

  格雷尼认为,怎么说比说什么更重要。所以态度要温和,还要问许多问题。用事实来说明你为什么认为某项计划不会奏效,而且要向老板表明,你的目的是帮助整个团队取得成功。 他指出,得体地就现状提出不同意见能体现出你的关切之情。这样,“你的开诚布公就可能让老板的态度变得更加坦诚。”

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-13 08:31:40

  - Hello Jenny. I want to know if you are on duty tomorrow.
  - 你好,詹妮。我想知道你明天是不是上班。

  - No. Do you want me to cover for you again?
  - 不上。你又想让我替你班?

  - Yeah. You know I came down with flu(得感冒了). My doctor strongly suggested that I go to see him tomorrow.
  - 是的。你知道我感冒了。医生强烈建议我明天去看一下。

  - I was planning to lay around(lie around 无所事事) the house all day. But, now that you asked….OK, tell me everything I need to do tomorrow.
  - 我打算明天在家好好歇一歇的。但是,既然你问我了…好吧,告诉我明天你要做的事情。

  - Please give this report to the president and finish typing these. Is that OK?
  - 请把这份报告交给总裁,然后把这些打完。可以吗?

  - OK. We are all done here. Let’s call it a day.
  - 好。交代完了,我们今天就到此结束吧!

  - You go first. I would like to lock the door. Jenny, I owe it to you. This weekend I’d like to invite you to dinner.
  - 你先走吧。我还要锁门,詹妮,我欠你一份人情。这周末我请你吃饭。

  - I’m really looking forward to it.
  - 我很期待。

  Let’s go over some phrases now. 让我们一起来回顾一下实用短语吧!

  on duty 上班,值班
  come down with...... 染病
  call it a day 收工;到此为止
  owe sth to sb 欠某人某物

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-19 08:18:29


  1. XX Corporation. May I help you?

  这句话算是制式的讲法。一般接起电话的人通常会先报公司的名字 XX Corporation, 然后再说May I help you? 如果要更客气一点的话则可以说 How can I help you? (我该怎么帮你?)。

  2. And you are?

  这句话用来确定打电话来的是谁。最客气的问法是Whom am I speaking with? 或是 Whom am I talking to?(我正在跟谁讲话呢?)

  3. I’ll put her on the phone. Just a second.
  我会请她听电话, 请等一下。

  上面讲的 put someone on the phone, 指的多半是只有一部电话时, 但如果公司里有许多分机,则用转接transfer 或是 redirect会比较恰当,可以说I’m transferring your call. 或是 I’m redirecting your call. (我帮你转接她的分机。)

  4. Would you mind holding for one minute?

  如果万不得已要让对方等候,记得要给一个明确的时间, 例如 one second 或是 five minutes 不要让对方无止境地等下去。但是如果一分钟到了你还没忙完, 则最好再说一次, Sorry, I am still on the phone. Could you hold for another minute? (对不起, 我还在, 能不能再请你稍候一分钟。)

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-19 08:20:38

  Good morning. This is Web International English. May I help you?

  Hello. Education Department. This is Jane speaking.

  Who do you want to talk/speak to? 请问找哪位?
  May I ask who’s calling, please? 请问您是哪位?

  Can I have extension ...? 能帮我转接分机…吗?
  Could/May I speak to …? 我能和...通话吗?

  Could you hold the line? 别挂断电话,好吗?
  Could you hold on a moment? 能别挂电话稍等下吗?

  I’m sorry, but the line is busy. 很抱歉,现在正占线。
  Mr. Jackson is out at the moment. Jackson先生现在出去了。

  Could I take a message? 能给您带个口信吗?
  Would you like to leave a message? 您要留个口信吗?

  Thank you for calling. 谢谢您来电。
  Nice talking to you. 很高兴跟您谈话

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-19 08:23:52

  A: Hello, thank you for calling. This is Tracy speaking. How may I help you?

  B: Hello. I would like to speak to your director of human resources, Ms.Weasley, Please.

  A: Just a moment. I'll check to see if she is at her desk. May I ask who is calling?

  B: Yes, this is Bill Burton from Milford Insurance, I'm calling in regards to our meeting next Tuesday.
  我是米尔福德保险公司的Bill Burton,我打电话来是商谈我们下周二的会议事宜。

  A: Thank you, Mr. Burton. Can you please hold for a moment? I'll check to see if she is available.

  B: No problem.

  A: I'm sorry. Ms. Weasley is away from her desk. She has already left for lunch. Would you like to leave her a message?

  B: Yes, please have her return my call as soon as she gets to the office. It's best if she can get in touch with me before 3 pm today; she can reach me at my office number which is 635-8799.

  A: Ok, to confirm Mr. Burton, you are calling from Milford Insurance, and you are calling in regards to your meeting next Tuesday, your number is 635-8799, and you would like her to call you today before 3 pm.
  好的,确认一下您的留言信息,Burton先生,您来自米尔福德保险公司,打电话来是商谈下周二的会议事宜,您的电话号码是635-8799. 您希望她可以今天下午三点前回复电话给您。

  B: That’s correct.

  A: I will make sure Ms. Weasley gets your message and returns your call.

  B: Thank you very much.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-23 08:37:42


  1. Good job! 干得好!

  2. Well done. 真棒!

  3. Here you go. 干得好!

  4. Terrific! 太棒了!

  5. Topnotch! 高手!绝对一流!

  6. Awesome! 好极了!

  7. Good for you! 太好了,祝贺你!

  8. Nice going. 干得好!

  9. Super! 好极了!

  10. Bravo. 真棒!
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-23 08:39:10

  A tricky (adj. 狡猾的;机警的) girl said, "Mom, I got a one hundred in school today!

  The mom replied (v. 回复), "Great, sweetie, tell me about it."

  The girl reluctantly (adv. 不情愿地;无奈地) said," Well, I got a twenty in math, a thirty in history and a fifty in spelling."

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-23 08:42:02
  精选新词:painter 油漆匠
  主播外教:Nick (上海徐汇中心)

  A wealthy matron (n. 主妇;妇女) is so proud of a valuable antique (adj. 古老的;古董的) vase (n.花瓶) that she decides to have her bedroom painted the same color as the vase.

  Several painters try to match the shade (n. 颜色上的差别), but none comes close enough to satisfy (v.说服;使满意) the eccentric (adj.古怪的;反常的) woman.

  Eventually, a painter who is confident he can mix (v.配制;调和) the proper color comes up (词组,出现).

  The woman is pleased with the result, and the painter becomes famous.

  Years later, he retires (v. 退休) and turns the business over to his son.

  “Father,″says the son,

  “there's something I've got to know. How did you get those walls to match (v. 相配;相称) the vase so perfectly?″

  ″Son,″the father replies (v. 回复;回答) ,″I painted the vase.″
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-27 08:15:38


  1. I’m a little bit concerned about…

  例句: I’m a little bit concerned about your telephone manner.

  2. You need to work on…

  例句: You need to work on the way you deal with complaints.

  3. Perhaps you should think about…

  例句: Perhaps you should think about how to improve efficiency.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-27 08:24:54

  1. Say nothing. "Sitting there with a poker face (面无表情)or a quizzical (adj. 古怪的;嘲弄的) expression, in absolute silence, is sometimes a good way to communicate (v. 传达) that what someone just said -- or, in this case, how loudly (adv. 大声地) he said it -- is offensive (adj. 冒犯的;无礼的) to you, " Cohen notes (v.说明). Wait until he runs out of steam (失去势头;精疲力竭)and stops shouting before you continue the discussion.
  1. 保持沉默。 科恩表示:“一言不发地坐在那里,脸上面无表情,或者带着揶揄的表情,是一种很好的方式,可以表达出某人所说的话或者大声叫喊的方式令你感到厌恶。”等到他冷静下来,不再叫喊的时候,再继续你们的讨论。

  2. Calmly explain why his yelling (yell的-ing形式,叫喊) bothers (v. 打扰;烦扰) you. If you feel you have to speak, you could say something like, "When someone yells at me like this, it's very hard for me to concentrate (v.全神贯注;聚精会神). I feel as if we're really not communicating." There's an outside chance (不大可能的机会) that pointing out (v. 指出;指明) the problem will embarrass (v. 使困窘;使局促不安) him into lowering (v. 降低;减小) his voice, but even if not, having expressed what you're thinking will make you feel less like a deer in his headlights (狭路相逢;不知所措).
  2. 平静地解释他的叫喊为什么令你烦恼。 如果你感觉自己不得不说出来,可以这样表达:“每当有人对我大声叫喊的时候,我就很难集中精力。我感觉我们并不是在沟通。”指出问题令你的上司感到尴尬,从而迫使他降低音量的可能性不大,但即便如此,表达出自己的想法,可以让你不会再像以前那样手足无措。

  3. Talk very softly. An approach (n. 方法;途径) that Cohen has often seen work is to "talk in a very soft (adj. 低声的;柔和的) voice, slowly, "he says. "Make him listen to you, even to the point where he asks you to speak a little louder." This can be effective (adj. 有效的) for two reasons. First, it distracts (v. 转移;分心) the yeller from whatever is stressing him out (stress sb out 使劳累;使紧张) and shifts (v. 转移;改变) his attention to the content of the discussion, where it belongs; and, second, the glaring (adj. 耀眼的;明显的) contrast between your voice and his might cause him to talk to you more quietly.
  3. 轻声说话。 科恩发现非常有效的一种方式是,“用非常轻柔缓慢的声音说话。让他听你说,甚至在关键内容上,他会要求你提高音量。”这种方法之所以有效,有两个原因。首先,可以分散对方对压力的关注,使他将注意力转移到真正需要关注的地方,也就是你们正在讨论的内容;其次,双方声音之间的强烈对比也会让他降低音量跟你说话。
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-28 16:09:05

  今天是感恩节,想想自己最想感谢谁?生活中,我们需要感谢的人、感谢的事很多,如果仅仅只会说常用的“Thanks a lot” , “Thank you very much” 是不是有点单调?今天小编就和大家分享一下更给力的致谢表达。

  1. I really appreciate your help. 我真的非常感谢你的帮助。

  2. You are one in a million! 你真是百里挑一的大好人!

  3. I couldn’t have done it without you. 没有你的帮忙,这事儿我肯定办不了。

  4. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude. 我想表达我诚挚的谢意

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-28 16:12:36


  Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire. If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

  Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

  Be thankful for the difficult times, because during those times you grow.

  Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement.

  Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character.

  Be thankful for your mistakes, because they will teach you valuable lessons.

  Be thankful for your past relationships, someone better suited to you is waiting out there.

  It's easy to be thankful for the good things, while a life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.

  Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.
  感激之心能将消极变得积极。学会对烦恼心存感激, 它们就会变成你的福祉!

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-28 16:16:45
  Sam: Andy, when will you go back to America?
  Sam: Andy, 你什么时候回美国呀?

  Andy: I made a plan to go back in November.
  Andy: 我打算十一月份回去。

  Sam: Isn’t there a big holiday in November?
  Sam: 十一月不是有个重大节日吗?

  Andy: Yes. Thanksgiving. It’s on the fourth Thursday in November.
  Andy: 是的,感恩节。十一月的第四个星期四。

  Sam: Is that the holiday in which everyone gives gifts?
  Sam: 在这个节日里是不是每个人都会送他人礼物呀?

  Andy: No, you’re thinking of Christmas. That’s December 25th. Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together and give thanks. There are usually

  no presents, but plenty of food.
  Andy: 不,你说的是圣诞节,这个节日是12月25日。感恩节是全家团聚,互相感谢彼此的日子。通常没有礼物但是会有丰盛的食物。

  Sam: What kind of food do you normally eat?
  Sam: 你们一般都会吃什么呢?

  Andy: It’s traditional to eat turkey. But ham is pretty common as well. Besides that, pumpkin pie is usually served for dessert.
  Andy: 传统的习惯是吃火鸡。但是火腿也很普遍。除此以外,南瓜(馅)饼常常作为餐后甜点食用。

  Sam: Do you help with the cooking?
  Sam: 你会参与烹饪吗?

  Andy: Haha. I don't think anyone would want me to cook a turkey. I can barely make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  Andy: 哈哈。我想没人愿意让我来做火鸡。我只会做花生酱和果冻三明治
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-30 10:11:05

  今天跟大家分享一个美国习惯用语The proof is in the pudding。字面意思是说,这布丁好不好吃, 只有吃了以后才知道。 也就是中国人常说的, 实践是真正的检验。The proof is in the pudding这个道理可以用在日常生活的方方面面。

  比如说,朋友推荐你用一款产品,你怎么知道好用不好用呢?看广告或是听推销员的介绍并不可靠。到底适不适合你,只有亲自用一下才知道。这就是:The proof is in the pudding。


  例句1: The new machine is supposed to be the solution to all our production problems, but the proof is in the pudding.

  例句2: To be honest, I didn't really like your marketing plan, but the proof is in the pudding, and our market share has grown. So I want to say that you know exactly what you're doing, and keep up the good work!
  说实话,原本我并不喜欢你们的营销计划,不过销售结果证明你们的做法很好,我们的市场份额增加了。所以我想说, 各位都很清楚自己所做的,大家就再接再励吧!

  你知道吗?The proof is in the pudding这个习惯用语在14世纪就出现了,不过当时人们说的是the proof of the pudding is in the eating。后来才逐渐演变成现在的说法the proof is in the pudding。

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-30 10:13:12

  Amanda: Here’s an idea to save that really works. A friend of mine had a coin jar. Whenever she bought things, she’d throw the change in and forget about it.

  Amanda: One day she emptied it and found she had almost $800.

  Claire: Wow, I love that idea! I even have the perfect jar!

  Claire: Let’s go buy some stuff so I can start filling it with change!

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-11-30 10:15:14

  Won: So how’s your French class going?
  Won: 你的法语课上得咋样了?

  Clark: Not bad, but I’m finding the pronunciation difficult.
  Clark: 还行,但我觉得读音这一块儿很困难。

  Won: Well, it takes a while to get it right. You could improve your accent by listening to language CDs.
  Won: 嗯,这个确实要花些时间才能掌握。我觉得你可以听听CD来练习发音。

  Clark: That’s a good idea. But how do you learn new vocabulary? I always seem to forget new words.
  Clark: 好主意。那你是怎么学习新词汇的呢?新词我一学完就忘。

  Won: I learn new English words best by writing them on pieces of paper and sticking them to things in my room. I look at them every night before I go to

  Won: 我会把一些新词写在纸片上然后贴在房间里,每天晚上睡觉之前看看记记。

  Clark: Hmm. Maybe I should try something like that!
  Clark: 恩,或许我也该试试你这个方法!

作者:idealivy 时间:2013-11-30 15:31:16
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-07 08:09:17


  Keep your hair on 表达的就是这个意思,意思是“沉住气,别着急”

  Used for telling somebody who is angry or very excited about something to keep calm


  1. Keep your hair on, Mum. You can hardly see the damage.

  2. Keep your hair on! We’ve got plenty of time to get to the airport.

  3. Keep your hair on, Mafoy. I wasn't saying that you should do anything dangerous.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-07 08:17:55


  Keep your hair on 表达的就是这个意思,意思是“沉住气,别着急”

  Used for telling somebody who is angry or very excited about something to keep calm


  1. Keep your hair on, Mum. You can hardly see the damage.

  2. Keep your hair on! We’ve got plenty of time to get to the airport.

  3. Keep your hair on, Mafoy. I wasn't saying that you should do anything dangerous.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-07 08:19:12

  劲语天天学】 Turn Heads赢得回头率/受到关注

  If something or someone turns heads, people notice them because they look interesting or attractive. 如果说某样东西或者某个人turn heads的话,那么如同中文里的“赢得回头率”,表示他们很有吸引力。需要注意turn heads和turn one’s head虽然非常相像,但是意思却大相径庭,turn one’s head表示某件事情让某人分外骄傲,看不清自我,可别弄混了哦~

  The new hybrid car turned heads at this auto show.

  She still turned heads even in her 40’s.

  His success at a very early age turned his head.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-10 08:44:02

  “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” means that the time you spend away from one you love makes you love the person even more. Further, it refers to the fact that the lack of something increases the desire for it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, 顾名思义就是“离别使内心变得更多情”,类似于中文里的“小别胜新婚/距离产生美”。

  -It’s much easier to get along with your parents when you live away from home. You miss them so much and are glad when you see them.
  -It’s true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  Cheer up, dude; everybody knows that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I bet she will miss you even more when you go abroad on business.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-10 08:57:19

  主播外教:Andy (上海南方中心)

  Good pick up lines

  HAROLD: If I received a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents.
  SAMANTHA: Oh, that’s a good one. Did you think of that one yourself?

  AARON: Sorry, but you owe me a drink.
  AARON: Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.

  ROB: There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number in it.
  SARAH: Well, I suggest you get a new phone then.

  JUSTIN: I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  HELEN: Usually, I don’t give my numbers to guys in bars, but you seem like a nice guy. Here you go.

  TRAVIS: Do you have the time?
  MARY: Why yes. It’s 9:15.
  TRAVIS: No, the time to write down my number.
  MARY: Get lost, creep.

  JOHN: Can I have directions?
  RACHEL: Where would you like to go?
  JOHN: Your heart.
  Key Words: 关键词

  Owe: 动词,欠;应给予
  Drop: 动词,掉下;滴下
  Suggest: 动词,建议
  Write down: 写下;记下
  Creep: 名词,毛骨悚然的感觉;谄媚者
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-13 08:15:43
  托运行李VS. 随身行李


  托运行李是checked luggage,托运这个动作的动词表达是check。
  随身行李是carry-on luggage或者是carry-on baggage。

  I’d like to check three pieces of luggage and I also have carry-on luggage.

  Oversized carry-on bags are not permitted on our aircraft, and may cause flight delays for all passengers.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-13 08:30:29

  1. Improve Your Social Skills

  Meeting new people is one of the great upsides (名词,好的方面) of traveling. Whether it's chatting up your hostel roommate, making small talk with your seat-mate (名词,火车等上面的邻座) on a train or having a lively discussion at a local bar, you will be forced to improve your social skills (especially if you're traveling solo). If new situations tend to make you anxious, traveling is a sure way to take steps toward reducing that anxiety.

  2. Reduce Stress

  Taking time off is an obvious way to recharge (动词,充电) and reduce stress levels. But while staying home and resting is a worthy use of your time off, traveling removes you from your everyday life and lets you truly escape (动词,逃脱;逃离). Traveling lets you put aside your daily responsibilities and focus on yourself for a moment. When you return home you'll feel refreshed and have the motivation you felt drained of (drain of, 词组,枯竭;耗费) before you left.

  3. Accomplish Goals

  Having a travel "to-do" list and slowly crossing things off (cross… off … 将…从...删除掉) that list keeps you motivated and positive. That list can include things like visiting certain locations or accomplishing a feat (名词,功绩;壮举) such as climbing a mountain or becoming conversational (形容词,健谈的) in the language of your next destination. Achieving those goals also increases confidence and gives a sense of success.

  4. Stay Fit

  Once you catch the adventure travel bug (名词,旅游癖), you'll never be the same. Let's say while traveling you get lured into (lure into, 词组,诱惑;吸引) taking a hike with beautiful panoramic views. You go, it's not too strenuous (形容词,费力的;艰苦的) and the experience takes your breath away (形容词,让人大吃一惊). Now you want more -- harder hikes with even better pay off. While home, you exercise and prepare for more challenging hikes. You're healthier and fitter than ever and you get to look forward to accomplishing new goals.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-13 08:33:27
  5. Become More Flexible

  Sometimes things don't go according to plan while traveling. Maybe your flight is cancelled (cancel, 动词,取消) or it rains the day you're scheduled to go on an epic (形容词,史诗的) outdoor adventure. It's okay -- there are other flights to take (or trains, or buses) and maybe on that rainy day you'll discover (动词,发现;发觉) a hidden bookstore to explore or an adorable (形容词,迷人的;可爱的) cafe to experience. Traveling helps you be more flexible and open-minded, making you more zen (名词,禅宗;禅意) in your everyday life.

  6. Become More Patient

  Travel can involve (动词,包含;牵涉) a lot of waiting. You'll wait in lines. You'll wait for flights. You'll wait at restaurants. Learning how to cope with (词组,处理;应付) those waits, how to make conversation with those you're waiting with and how to stay calm in frustratingly slow situations will teach you how to remain (动词,保持) patient and calm in all situations.

  7. Have Better Relationships

  Surveys have shown that couples who travel together report more intimate (形容词,亲密的;亲近的) relationships. Being free of (词组,摆脱…的) responsibilities like doing the dishes and walking the dog helps you relax together and focus on each other.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-13 08:38:40

  Paddy: What do you know about Milan?

  Jim: I know David Beckham plays for them. That’s about all really…
  吉姆: 我知道大卫·贝克汉姆给他们踢球。这就是我所了解的全部了……

  Paddy: It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a fashion capital, and it’s also famous for producing cars and it has some of the world’s most splendid architecture.

  Jim: Would you live there, Paddy?

  Paddy: Actually if I was going to live in Italy I would probably like to live in a small village or perhaps on an island in the middle of a lake and row my boat over to the village every morning with the warm sunshine bathing everything in sight.

  Jim: What would you do there?

  Paddy: I would live a simple life, Jim. Learn the language and cook with all the wonderful fresh vegetables and seafood that they have in Italy. Then in the evenings I would ride my bicycle into the town and visit a pizzeria to chat with friends over a bottle of wine or two. Instead of going home, maybe I would just sleep in a field under the stars and continue my journey the next day…

  Jim: It’s a nice dream, Paddy, but we are here in grey old London, overworked and underpaid and that’s not going to change anytime soon!

  Paddy: Thanks for reminding me…

  Key Words:

  splendid: wonderful, beautiful and very good辉煌的,漂亮的
  bathe: 动词,沐浴;浸泡
  pizzeria: restaurant that makes pizzas in the traditional Italian style 意大利式匹萨店
  overworked and underpaid: 活多钱少
  remind: 动词,提醒

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-14 08:07:00

  中国成语里有个“祸不单行”,想表达同样的意思,英语可以怎么说呢?那就是It never rains but it pours. “不雨则已,一雨倾盆”,形容坏事不来则已,一来则不止。一样的意思,有木有?


  We had nothing to do for weeks, then suddenly we have all this work to do; it never rains but it pours!

  I missed my train this morning, lost my wallet and spilt coffee all over myself; it never rains but it pours.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-14 08:13:28
  The standard nineteenth-century explanation for the supposed unluckiness of the number 13 was that there were thirteen at Jesus’ Last Supper--- Judas was generally thought of as the thirteenth. This widely repeated interpretation led to the fear of the number 13 in general, and people would avoid having 13 at table or in a party. The supposed misfortune of Friday also originated from Christian beliefs, for the Crucifixion took place on that day.

  But both fears have their earlier roots than Christianity was ever created. The fear of Fridays may have been connected with the Norse goddess Freya; beginning journeys on her day was considered rude to Freya and would offend her. The number 13 has been considered ill since ancient times. Romans linked the number to death, destruction and misfortune. And people traditionally thought that the witch meeting had thirteen members.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-14 08:17:57
  精选新词:Superstitious 迷信的
  主播外教:Andy (上海南方中心外教)

  Jim: Hey Paddy, look at my new shoes.

  Paddy: Get those shoes off the table!

  Jim: Why? They are brand new (adj.全新的,崭新的)!

  Paddy: Don’t you know, it’s bad luck to put a new pair of shoes on a table?

  Jim: I didn’t.

  Paddy: Yeah, it’s like walking under a ladder. You just don’t do it!

  Jim: I don’t believe in all that superstitious (adj. 迷信的;由迷信引起的) rubbish. (n.垃圾,废物) Paddy.

  Paddy: Well, there’s a practical reason behind every superstition.

  Jim: Really?

  Paddy: Yes. Somebody may have worn them before. Just because you have just bought them, does not mean they are clean. My mother would have killed me if I put a new pair of shoes on the table.

  Let’s go over some phrases now. 让我们一起来回顾一下有用的短语吧!

  brand-new: 全新的,崭新的,未被用过的
  Every culture has taboos and superstitions.
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-18 14:10:56

  睡过了头、赶不上车、道路拥堵,方向感差,公交晚点...... 哪些才是你迟到的真正理由?迟到了,你会怎么说?今天一起来学学吧!

  1. I slept right through the alarm.

  2. I had to wait ages for a bus.

  3. I couldn't find a parking space.

  4. The alarm didn't go off.

  5. It's not an easy place to find.

  6. I didn't catch the bus.

  7. I forgot my cell phone at home, so I went back for it.

  8. The traffic was terrible.

楼主confuseoldman 时间:2013-12-18 14:12:22
  Mike was late for school.

  He said to his teacher Mr. Black,

  "Excuse me for coming late, sir. I watched a football match in my dream."

  "Why did it make you late?" inquired the teacher.

  "Because neither team could win the game, so it lasted until overtime."

  Key Words: 核心词

  Football match: 名词,足球赛 Inquire: 动词,询问;查究
  Overtime: 名词,加时赛
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  1. Stick to (词组,坚持;遵守) a bedroom routine (名词,惯例;常规). 坚持规律作息。

  Participate in the same relaxing activities before heading to (词组,朝某地走去) bed each night. Some helpful exercises include taking a hot bath or reading a book in low light (名词,低光;低亮度). And you should also keep your room cool (65 to 68 degrees F) and dark.

  2. Don't use your phone as an alarm clock.

  We know that we should set limits on technology usage before bedtime. You may not know that even having your phone nearby isn't helping you sleep, since you may feel inclined (形容词,倾向于……的;有……意向的) to check it if you can't fall asleep.

  Your bedroom should be reserved (形容词,保留的;预订的) for sleep, and nothing else. There’s no excuse — if your cell phone is your alarm clock, then buy a $5 alarm clock and solve the problem.

  3. Practice deep breathing.

  According to an article on WebMD, when you practice deep breathing, your brain recognizes (动词,认识出;识别出) that you're trying to relax and sends a message to your body to do so. Those things that happen when you are stressed (形容词,紧张的;有压力的), such as increased heart rate (名词,心率), fast breathing, and high blood pressure, all decrease (动词,降低;减少) as you breathe deeply to relax.

  4.Relax the muscles in your toes.

  Progressive muscle relaxation (名词,渐进式肌肉放松法) is a method that helps relieve anxiety (名词,焦虑;忧虑) and stress, which often keeps people up at night. This technique requires you to focus on tensing (动词,拉紧) and relaxing a specific muscle group.

  Curl (动词,弯曲) your toes tightly for a count of seven, and then relax. Repeat through each muscle group, working up from your toes to your neck.

  5. Participate in a mindless (形容词,不需要动脑筋的) activity.

  Play a mindless game, such as counting backwards (副词,逆向地;倒着) from 100 in multiples (名词,倍数) of three. This rhythm of counting can put you in a sleepy (形容词,欲睡的;困乏的) state and is exactly the reason why people "count sheep" to fall asleep. Counting in multiples of three is more difficult than merely counting backwards and will force your brain to focus just on the counting so that your mind won't wander (动词,游荡;漫游) into other thoughts.
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  fashionista & frugalista 时尚和节约达人

  If a fashionista is a slave to fashion, is a frugalista a slave to saving money?




  To be a fashionista, you should keep up with the trends but remember to always be you.

  Here are several tips for frugalistas.
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  In 2002, an Australian man went to his friend’s 21st birthday party. He got drunk, tripped (trip, 动词,绊倒) on some steps and cut (动词,切割) his lip. He took a picture of his injuries and shared it with his friends on an online forum.

  “And sorry about the focus” he wrote, “it was a selfie.”

  That was the first recorded use of the word “selfie”, according to linguistic (形容词,语言的;语言学的) experts at Oxford Dictionaries.

  On Nov 19, Oxford Dictionaries declared “selfie” Word of the Year for 2013, in honor of (词组,表示敬意) the term having taken over the world thanks to millions of smartphone self-portraits (名词,自画像;自拍照) and the resulting (形容词,作为结果的) shares on social media.

  Its linguistic productivity (名词,生产力) is already evident (形容词,明显的;明白的) in the creation of numerous related spin-off (形容词,派生的) terms showcasing (动词,展示) particular parts of the body like helfie (a picture of one’s hair); a particular activity —welfie (workout selfie) and drelfie (drunken selfie), and even items of furniture —shelfie.

  So what does the choice of the word say about our culture? Mary Elizabeth Williams, writing in Salon magazine, says the word reminds us that contemporary culture is defined by our narcissism (名词,自恋;自我陶醉).
  那么selfie(自拍)一词的当选又代表着怎样一种文化现象呢? 玛丽·伊丽莎白·威廉姆斯在《沙龙》杂志上写道:“这个词在提醒我们,当代文化被打上了自恋的烙印。”

  Selfies are narcissistic (形容词,自恋的;自我陶醉的), but so what? An article in The Atlantic Wire points out that the very sort of narcissism that feeds selfies was thriving (兴盛;兴旺) well before the Internet. Think about painted self-portraits by Van Gogh and other masters. Bookstores, too, have an entire section for narcissism —the autobiography, or “literary selfie”.

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  Like great works of art, selfies aren’t meant to be looked at solely by the subject, writes Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian. However superficial (形容词,肤浅的) a selfie may look, its purpose is to be transmitted (动词,传播;传送) by social media. This is the selfie’s redeeming feature (名词,可取之处). They may be focused on the self, but they also express (动词,表达;体现) a timeless (形容词,永恒的) human need to connect with others.

  Selfies invite judgment based on appearance alone. What kind of cultural influence does this have on women? Erin Gloria Ryan on Jezebel says selfies teach young woman to obsess (动词,着迷;迷恋) over their appearance and judge themselves on the basis of beauty rather than accomplishments (名词,造诣;成就). “They’re a reflection of the warped (warp的过去分词,弯曲的;反常的) way we teach girls to see themselves as decorative (形容词,装饰性的;装潢用的),” said Ryan.

  In Slate magazine, Rachel Simmons has the opposite (形容词,相反的;对立的) view. She argues that selfies are an example of young women promoting (动词,提升) themselves and taking control of (词组,掌控;控制) their own self-presentation. Think of each one, she says, as “a tiny pulse of girl pride —a shout-out to the self”.
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  精选新词:Puppy 小狗
  主播外教:Tristan (上海南方中心)

  Greg is on his way to work. He runs into his friend Sally who is taking her dog for a walk.

  ---S: Hey, Greg, how's it going?

  ---G: Oh, Sally, hi. I'm just on my way to work. My car's in the shop today, so I'm taking the subway(n.地铁) What about you? Where are you off to?

  ---S: I'm just taking Cinderella for a walk. She's been cooped up(v.被关着) in my apartment for too long. She needs some exercise. Isn't that right, Cinderella? Yeeesss. You're a lazy puppy(n.小狗).

  ---G: I see, and what is that she's wearing?

  ---S: Well, it's cold so I bought her a little sweater. Chihuahuas have kind of a thin coat, so they get cold easily. And all the salt on the road is bad for their paws, so I make sure she wears her booties. Doesn't she look cute(adj.可爱的)?

  ---G: She certainly looks interesting.

  ---S: Yeah. All this stuff is top of the line(adj.最好的). You know her outfit cost $500.

  ---G: That's more than my suit cost.

  ---S: I know. But nothing's too good for my baby. Right, Cindy? Who's the trendiest(adj.最时尚的) puppy around? I think it's you.

  ---G: Uh, listen, I've got to get going, but you and Cinderella enjoy your walk.

  ---S: Okay, I'll call you later this week. We should get together for dinner or something.

  ---G: Sounds good. See ya.

  ---S: Say goodbye, Cinderella. Bye-bye…Alright. I'll talk to you later.

  ---G: Bye.

  Let’s go over some phrases now.
  Cooped – kept in a place for a long time 拘禁
  Puppy – baby dog 小狗
  Chihuahuas –a very small kind of dog 吉娃娃
  Paws – dog’s feet 狗爪
  Booties – boots 靴子
  Top of the line – fashionable and best of that range时尚且质量好的
  Outfit – set of clothes that match together全套装配
  Trendiest – fashionable / cool 新潮人物

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  【劲语天天学】Gut feeling 直觉


  If you have a gut feeling, you sense something about a person or a situation in accordance with instinctive feelings without knowing why.
  gut本身有内脏的意思,gut feeling就是指内心深处的感觉。

  If you don’t know the answer, you might well go with your gut feeling.

  She had a gut feeling that something was wrong with the company.

  Should I rely on my rational thinking or my gut feeling?
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  The Art of Instinct: 8 Ways to Trust Your Gut

  就思想和行为而言,有一个老生常谈的问题:是思想先于行动,还是行动先于思想?实际上我们多数决定都是相当不安分的---本能引领着生理行为。像 “跟随你的心”、“相信你的直觉”这样司空见惯的陈词可以说是特别准确。无论我们坚信自己多么的笃行慎言,那种心跳加速的感觉都会凌驾于逻辑之上。那我们要怎样掌握这门本能的艺术呢?

  1. Listen to your gut (名词,知觉;天性) when making decisions that have no wrong answer or no negative consequence (名词,结果).

  Feel like the report you’ve just written needs another review (名词,复审;检查)? Make it happen. Does something trivial (形容词,不重要的;琐碎的) just feel right? Don’t over-think it and just enjoy.

  2. Think before you act when a choice could result in (词组,导致;结果是) long-term consequences.
  2. 当某个决定会起着长期作用时,三思而后行。

  When choosing a home, for instance, it is easy to get wrapped up in (词组,醉心于;沉浸于) the excitement of landing new digs (名词,寓所;住所). But, sleep on it (词组,把问题留到第二天解决)! Weigh the pros and cons (词组,权衡利弊) and be sure to check out plenty of homes before choosing your future residence.

  3. Don’t let your head get in the way (词组,妨碍;阻碍) when it comes to compassion.
  3. 恻隐心起之时要毫不犹豫。

  If you see someone in need and feel the impulse (名词,冲动) to help, do it. Compassion is a gut instinct that should never be ignored (ignore 动词,忽略;忽视).

  4. Trust your intuition (名词,直觉;直觉力) when you feel unsafe.
  4. 感觉不安时要相信直觉。

  This doesn’t mean always letting fear get in the way, but when it comes to situations in which you feel an unwavering (形容词,坚定的;不动摇的) sense of vulnerability (名词,脆弱;易受攻击), listen to your instinct. If you are walking on a dark street and feel a seemingly irrational (形容词,非理性的) sense that the person behind you is a threat, go with your intuition and cross the street.

  5. If you have a feeling that you or your child is sick.
  5. 如果你觉得自己或小孩生病了。

  Don’t ignore this sentiment (名词;感觉;情绪)! Take action—book an appointment. No one knows your body like you do. Listen to it!

  6. When rewards (reward 名词,奖励;奖赏) are within your capabilities.
  6. 在能力范围内犒劳自己。

  Studies show that for many decisions, ranging from (range from, 词组,从……到……范围) major to inconsequential (形容词,不重要的) , people who thought less (relied less on logic) reported being happier with their choices. Don’t let your thoughts get in the way of appreciating an exciting milestone. Just treated yourself to a new bag that’s well within your budget? Good for you! Kick that buyer’s remorse (名词,懊悔) to the side.

  7. Stick with your head when making decisions under emotional pressures.
  7. 当情绪负有压力时,要保持理智。

  If you’re having a bad day, everything can appear seemingly negative (形容词,负面的;消极的). Don’t let these physiological responses (名词,生理反应) lead you to an unsound (形容词,无根据的;不靠谱的) conclusion.

  8. When you are self-assured (形容词,自信的).
  8. 当你自信满满时。

  When feeling a sudden urge (名词,强烈的欲望) of confidence for no rational reason, trust your gut and don’t let your mind bring you down.
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  核心词:suck 糟糕;恶心;讨厌
  主播外教:Andy (上海南方中心)

  Things to say when something good happens:
  I’m thrilled. 我好激动啊!
  That’s wonderful. 真是太精彩了!
  That’s exciting. 真是太令人兴奋了!
  I’m tickled pink. 我高兴死了!
  I’m happy beyond words. 我高兴得简直无法形容。
  I’m delighted. 我好开心。
  That’s awesome. 真了不起!
  That’s sweet. 真贴心/真周到!

  Things to say when something bad happens:
  That sucks/ That blows/ That bites. 糟糕透了!/差劲死了!
  That’s terrible/horrible/awful. 好可怕/好讨厌/好糟糕!
  That’s too bad. 真糟糕/不幸!
  What a shame. 真遗憾!/太可惜了!
  That’s ridiculous. 真是荒谬/可笑!
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  1. 女孩子“有气质”可以用句子: She has an aura of elegance.

  例句: Linda is one of my ideal models of beauty. She has an aura of elegance and mystery.

  2. 女孩子“有气质”可以用名词性短语: a girl with class.

  例句: I like a girl with class, smiles, and the appreciation of adventure, health, and the good things in life.

  3. 女孩子有气质也可以用classy

  例句: Personally, I really want to date with a classy girl. This is why I’m still single.

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  精选新词:Join 加入;参加
  主播外教:Andy (上海南方中心)

  JAY: How about joining me for a round of golf sometime?
  TODD: I’d love to. Let’s do this Saturday.
  JAY: 要不要啥时候一起打一场高尔夫?
  TODD: 乐意奉陪。那就周六吧。

  JED: Would you like to come with me to go play basketball?
  JANE: Yes, that would be great.
  JED: 想跟我一起去打篮球吗?
  JANE: 想呀,太好了!

  MARY: Let’s go check out that new flick tomorrow night.
  WILLA: I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t make it tomorrow night. How about Sunday night?
  MARY: 明天晚上我们一起去看看那部新电影吧!
  WILLA: 抱歉,明天晚上恐怕不行。星期天晚上咋样?

  LARRY: I have an extra ticket to the game if you’d like to come.
  JOHN: I’ll have to check my schedule and get back with you. I’m not sure I’m free that day.
  LARRY: 如果你想去观看这场比赛,我多出来一张票可以给你。
  JOHN: 我得先查看下我的时间安排再跟你讨论这件事。我不确定那天是不是有空。

  LOUISE: I remember you said you enjoyed local music. So, if you have time next Saturday night, I’d like to invite you to a concert.
  TOM: That would be cool. I was just thinking about getting some tickets myself.
  LOUISE: 我记得你说过你喜欢本地音乐。这样,如果下周六晚上你有时间的话,我请你看演唱会。
  TOM: 太棒了!我正想给自己弄几张票。

  RALF: I was wondering if you were available tonight.
  MISSY: Yes, I am. What’s up?
  RALF: How about joining me for a cup of coffee and we can catch up?
  RALF: 我正想问你今天晚上是否有空。
  MISSY: 有空啊,有什么事吗?
  RALF: 那要不咱们去喝杯咖啡,叙叙旧?

  Question: If you’d like to see a new film or movie tomorrow, what can you say?

  Key Words: 核心表达

  Flick: 名词,电影(俚语)
  Make it: 词组,获得成功;办成;做到
  Get back: 词组,回到(之前的话题)
  Wonder: 动词,想知道/了解
  Catch up: 词组,叙旧(聊天)

  答案:Let’s go check out that new flick.

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  【英语万花筒】 男女交往中可以谈论的15个话题

  1. Your Daily Activities
  1. 你的日常活动

  All of your conversations don’t have to be earth-shattering (名词,惊天动地的). Spend time talking about your day-to-day activities. Discuss what time you woke up, what you ate for lunch, or what you discussed with a co-worker and help your partner understand what happens when you’re apart (形容词,离开的;远离的).

  2. Money
  2. 财富

  Talk about your budget. Discuss your saving and spending habits. If you combine your finances, set some financial goals and discuss strategies to help you reach those goals.

  3. Places You Want to Explore (动词,探索)
  3. 你想去的地方

  Start a conversation about the places you’d like to visit. Whether you want to travel to your grandmother’s house or you want to go on a cruise (名词,巡航;乘船游览) around the world, a discussion about travel can spark (动词,引发) a lot of new conversation.

  4. Emotional Growth
  4. 情绪管理

  Share some information about your emotional growth. If you notice you’ve become wiser, less reactive, or more compassionate (形容词,慈悲的;富于同情心的), share that with your partner. Point out the emotional growth you see in your partner as well.

  5. Individual Goals
  5. 个人目标

  It’s healthy to have individual goals. Whether you want to lose weight, learn how to prepare Chinese food, or learn how to line dance, set some goals for yourself and discuss those goals with your partner.

  6. Spiritual Beliefs
  6. 精神信仰

  Start conversations about your spiritual beliefs. Be willing to listen to your partner’s beliefs and be open to talking about the similarities and differences (名词,异同点) in your beliefs.

  7. What You’re Watching on TV
  7. 你看的电视节目

  Although watching TV isn’t an active way to grow together as a couple, discussing what you’re watching can help you learn something new about one another.

  8. Politics
  8. 政治

  You don’t have to agree on politics in order to have a discussion about it. You can learn a lot about your partner if you have a conversation about politics. Any healthy relationship should allow each partner to feel respected (形容词,受尊敬的) enough to share an opinion, even if it opposes (反对;对抗) the other partner’s opinion.
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  9. Goals to Address as a Couple (动词,设法解决;处理)
  9. 组建家庭的目标

  Discuss the goals you want to reach together as a couple. All healthy relationships should include shared (形容词,共享的;共有的) goals for the future. Whether your goal is to volunteer at a homeless shelter together or save enough money for a new car, working together to reach your goal can help you stay close as a couple.

  10. Your Past
  10. 你的过去

  Your partner doesn’t need to know every skeleton in your closet (习语;丑闻;隐秘). However, sharing information about your past can be very helpful. Talk about your childhood, past experiences, or obstacles you’ve overcome (overcome obstacles 克服障碍). You can also share how much you’ve learned and changed over the years.

  11. Your Values
  11. 你的价值观

  It’s important to share your values with one another. Talk about your priorities (名词,优先顺序;优先级) in life. It’s important for your partner to know how you feel about work, family, education, friends, and leisure time. Let your partner know what types of things you value the most and what changes you may want to make to ensure (动词,确保;保证) that you’re living according to your values.

  12. Your Dreams
  12. 你的梦想

  Daydreaming together can be a great activity in any healthy relationship. Discuss dreams you had as a child, dreams you’ve let go of (动词,释放;放弃), and dreams you still hold onto (词组,紧紧抓住;抓住不放).

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  13. Your Feelings
  13. 你的感觉

  Of course, talking about your feelings is an important part of communication. Be willing to share your joys and sorrows (名词,喜乐和忧虑) with your partner. Also, be willing to talk about what makes you feel angry, when you’re disappointed, and when you feel embarrassed or hurt.

  14. Family
  14. 家庭

  Whether you’ve got a close relationship with your family or not, talking about family can be important. It can give your partner an inside look at what type of childhood you had as well as what type of relationship you have with your family members. Discuss how you want your family to be different from your family of origin, as well as which aspects you want to replicate (动词,复制;重叠).

  15. Your Relationship
  15. 你的人际关系

  Discuss the aspects of your relationship that are working well and make sure to also discuss problematic (形容词,有问题的;悬而未解的) areas. Talking openly about your relationship can ensure your relationship stays fresh and exciting.
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