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  家长为子女做出牺牲(Parents Make Sacrifices for Their Children)
  Parents often make selfless sacrifices in order to educate their children well. They are willing to do all the exhausting household chores so that children can bury

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  英文写作——家长为子女做出牺牲(Parents Make Sacrifices for Their Children)
  Parents often make selfless sacrifices in order to educate their children well. They are willing to do all the exhausting household chores so that children can bury themselves in piles of books .They turn off TV when children concentrate on their assignments . To parents their pleasures and pastimes are nothing vital compared with creating a learning atmosphere. Although they never expect children to appreciate their efforts or reward them, they DO wish that children could understand their intentions.
  However, sometimes children can not understand parents' sacrifices. Some children take them for granted, because they have been used to these sacrifices from childhood. Sense of self centeredness gradually develops into selfishness. Some disagree with parents but are unable to persuade them. Chances given, these children prefer to do elementary household chores like tidying bedrooms, sweeping the floor and washing dishes.
  In my personal judgement, parents should not completely sacrifice themselves to children's academic interest and welfare. It is unwise for them to pin all expectations and hopes on their children while neglecting themselves. Various sacrifices in monetary, material and spiritual terms may change into pressure on children rather than motivation for more satisfactory results.
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  A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. A man is not old until regrets take the place of dream. 】——❤ 只要人还有所追求,他就没有老。直到后悔取代了梦想,他才算老。 ❤
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  basic, essential, fundamental, radical, vital
    1.basic : 普通用词,指明确、具体的基础或起点。
    例如:Drums are basic to African music.(鼓是非洲音乐的基本乐器。)
    2.essential : 语气比basic和fundamental强,强调必不可少,暗含某物如缺少某部分,则失去本质特征的意味。
    例如:Money is not essential to happiness.(金钱对于幸福来说并非必不可少。)
    3.fundamental : 书面用词,不如basic使用广泛,侧重指作为基础、根本的抽象的事物。
    例如:A fundamental change in the organization of health services was required.(公共医疗在组织上需要一个本根性的改革。)
    4.radical : 着重指事物的根本或其来源。
    例如:radial differences between the sexes(两性间的根本差异)
    5.vital : 正式用词,侧重指维持生命、活力必不可少的,或生死攸关的。
    例如:Good financial accounts are vital to the success of any enterprise.(妥善的财务账目对任何一个企业的成功来说都是至关重要的。)
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  语专四词汇辨析:任何事物的“基本”不同boboju  2011-03-25 阅读1 评论2条 [网页划词已启用] 口语考试 短信订阅 本文属阅读资料 分享文章收藏打印单词测试______
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  basic, essential, fundamental, radical, vital
    1.basic : 普通用词,指明确、具体的基础或起点。
    例如:Drums are basic to African music.(鼓是非洲音乐的基本乐器。)
    2.essential : 语气比basic和fundamental强,强调必不可少,暗含某物如缺少某部分,则失去本质特征的意味。
    例如:Money is not essential to happiness.(金钱对于幸福来说并非必不可少。)
    3.fundamental : 书面用词,不如basic使用广泛,侧重指作为基础、根本的抽象的事物。
    例如:A fundamental change in the organization of health services was required.(公共医疗在组织上需要一个本根性的改革。)
    4.radical : 着重指事物的根本或其来源。
    例如:radial differences between the sexes(两性间的根本差异)
    5.vital : 正式用词,侧重指维持生命、活力必不可少的,或生死攸关的。
    例如:Good financial accounts are vital to the success of any enterprise.(妥善的财务账目对任何一个企业的成功来说都是至关重要的。)

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  what a beautiful girl

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  second [sec跟随;’跟随第一个之后”] 第二;[一小时第一次分为六十分,’第二次”再各分为六十秒] 秒
  secondary [见上,-ary形容词后缀,…的] 第二的,第二位的,第二次的
  persecute [per-从头到尾,一直,sec跟随;’一直跟随”→追踪→追捕] 迫害
  persecution [见上,-ion名词后缀] 迫害
  persecutor [见上,-or者] 迫害者
  consecution [con-=together,sec跟随→相随,相连] 连贯,连续,一致
  consecutive [见上,-ive形容词后缀,…的] 连贯的,连续的
  sequence [sequ跟,随,随其后→接着,相连接,-ence名词后缀] 继续,连续,一连串
  sequent [见上,-ent形容词后缀,…的] 连续的,相继的
  sequential [见上,-ial形容词后缀,…的] 连续的,相继的
  consequence [con-=together,sequ跟随,随后,-ence名词后缀,表示事物;’随后发生的事”] 后果,结果
  consequent [见上,-ent形容词后缀,…的;随后发生的”] 随之发生的,必然的
  subsequence [sub-下面,后面,sequ跟随,-ence表示事物] 随后,后果,随后发生的事情
  subsequent [见上,-ent形容词后缀,…的] 随后的,继…之后的,后来的
  sequacious [sequ跟随,随从,-acious形容词后缀,…的] 盲从的
  sequacity [见上,-acity名词后缀,表示情况,性质] 盲从
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  Residents of Wuhan, in Central China’s Hubei province, are asked to consider flower burials by pouring ashes into the cellar beneath flower beds, xinhuanet.com reported Tuesday.
  flower burial即“花葬”,环保花葬,即将骨灰倒进花坛下方地窖,让其自然溶解。这种安葬方式充分利用地下空间,除去基础建设用地,可达到“零占地”,实现真正的环保节地。武汉还推行tree burial(树葬)和lawn burial(草坪葬)。这些都是ecological burials / green burials(环保安葬方式)。
  武汉去年年底还新建了一批social welfare cemeteries(公益性公墓),以解决commercial cemetery(经营性公墓)费用太高、百姓“葬不起”的难题。由于资源有限,人们也不得不寻求更环保的方式,去年清明节有人还提出online funeral(网上葬礼)的建议。
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  上次我们讲了几个跟nerve有关的习惯用语:Get up the nerve,have got a lot of nerve和of all the nerve。我们今天再学习两个nerve短语。第一个是: a bundle of nerves。
  Bundle意思是“一束”或者“一捆”。A bundle of nerves如果直译就是一束神经,这当然不是这个习惯用语的意思。这个习惯用语是用来说某一种人的。让我们看个例子来琢磨那是什么样的人。
  例句-1:I’ve been a bundle of nerves since the company told us it’s losing money and will have to lay off 20 percent of our staff. I don’t know if I can hang on to my job or not.
  例句-2:I’m worried about Sally - she’s a real bundle of nerves these days. I don’t know why: maybe it’s because she drinks a dozen cups of coffee a day. That would make me nervous too.
  刚才的例子里有nervous这个词。它是从名词nerve派生而来的形容词,意思当然是”神经的“,或者”神经质的“。我们接下来要学个由nervous组成的习惯用语:nervous Nellie。
  Nellie是女人的名字,但是nervous Nellie却既可以用来指女人也可以说男人。这个习惯用语从本世纪二十年代开始流传,现在已经不清楚Nellie这个名字的出典。用这个名字也可能只是因为Nellie和nervous都以字母n起头,读起来很顺口。
  美国政界人物有时会用nervous Nellie这个说法来贬低政敌。
  例句-3:Yes, I know the nervous Nellies in the other party are saying in the papers and on TV that our bill will cost taxpayers more money than it will save, but they’re scared of any new ideas!
  可见他在这儿把那些反对党人物称为nervous Nellies,其实在说他们是一些草木皆兵的胆小鬼。
  例句-4:I don’t like to sound like a nervous Nellie, but I’ve got to tell you I’m a little scared about whether our company can stay in business the way things are going right now.
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    美国共和党众议员Steve King和参议员Jim Inhofe最近提案(the English Language Unity Act of 2011),要将英语定为美国政府的官方工作语言。
    Two conservative Republican lawmakers, Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) and Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), introduced the English Language Unity Act of 2011 on Friday, a bill that requires that all official United States government functions be conducted in English.
    美国共和党众议员Steve King和参议员Jim Inhofe最近提案(the English Language Unity Act of 2011),要将英语定为美国政府的官方工作语言。
    "A common language is the most powerful unifying force known throughout history," King said in a release. "We need to encourage assimilation of all legal immigrants in each generation. A nation divided by language cannot pull together as effectively as a people."
    Added Inhofe: "This legislation will provide much-needed commonality among United States citizens, regardless of heritage. As a nation built by immigrants, it is important that we share one vision and one official language."
    In response to the measure, Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano of New York addressed reporters in Spanish Friday, asking them, "como esta?" (That’s Spanish for "how are you?") He said the bill reflects a non-issue that nonetheless comes up every once in a while.
    纽约的民主党众议员Jose Serrano唱起了反调,在周五的记者会上用西班牙语向大家问好。他说这项议案完全毫无意义,而这种东西每隔一段时间就会有人拿出来炒冷饭。
    Serrano added that while it’s natural for grandparents speak Spanish, second generations are completely bilingual. With the third generation, he said, the grandmother is always complaining about the kids’ Spanish and why they don’t play soccer.
    According to the advocacy group U.S. English, Inc., more than 700 members of Congress have co-sponsored or voted for measures on making English the official U.S. government language dating back to 1981. The English Language Unity Act attracted 140 co-sponsors when introduced in the last Congress.
    倡导学英语的组织U.S. English, Inc.统计表明,自1981年起,有超过700名国会成员参与共同提案或同意将英语定为美国的官方语言。上一次同样的议案在国会赢得了140人的共同提案。
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    Mark Zuckerberg finally changes his status to ’in a relationship’
    As the founder of Facebook, you would have thought he would know how to update his relationship status.
    But seven years after starting his relationship with Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg has finally got around toannouncing they are going out.
    The 26-year-old has updated his Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ to reflect the fact he is taken.
    He added that the change had been ‘long overdue’ but did not explain why he had waited so long.
    Observers however have noted that often when couples become ’in a relationship’ on the social network and ‘engaged’ status soon follows.
    Zuckerberg and Chan started seeing each other when they were both studying at Harvard University.
    Following the new update, Chan’s Facebook page reveals that the pair started their relationship on November 7 2003, just days after Zuckerberg’s infamousFacemash stuntat Harvard.
    He was nearly expelled from the university after hackinginto different colleges’ websites and taking pictures of all the female students, placing them next to each other and asking other students to ’rate’ their attractiveness.
    The success the site had during the few days it was on the internet was his initial inspiration for Facebook.
    Few details have emerged about the couple’s private life together at their home in Palo Alto, California, as Zuckerberg is notoriously secretive.
    Despite his youth Zuckerberg is worth $13.5billion (£8.3billion), making him the 52nd richest person in the world, according to Forbes magazine - the second youngest billionaire in the world, behind Facebook co-founder and billionaire Dustin Moskovitz.
    扎克伯格虽然年纪轻轻,但已经拥有135亿美元(83亿英镑)的身家,根据《福布斯》杂志报道,扎克伯格在全球富豪榜上排行第52位,是世界上最年轻的亿万富翁之一。唯一一个比他年轻的亿万富翁是Facebook的共同创始人达斯汀 莫斯克维奇。
    Chan has been with him for a large part of the time Facebook has existed, but it is unclear what role if any she has played in its development.
    在Facebook诞生后的大部分时间,普莉希拉 陈都和扎克伯格在一起,但是她是否参与了Facebook的建设,在Facebook的发展中又扮演什么样的角色,却无人知晓。
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  Message anxiety refers to the act of pausing, freezing up, dreading, or avoiding the viewing of an E-mail, text message, or voice mail that you fear might be bad, negative, or of major importance for you.
  Message anxiety(信息焦虑)指收到一封你认为可能有坏消息或者对你至关重要的邮件、短信或语音邮件时表现出的迟疑、僵持、惧怕或者逃避的反应。
  For example:
  Hey, Mike I just got a message from that girl I met last night, I have message anxiety about it, open it for me.
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  英语新词:你曾被“信息焦虑”困扰吗?第八号当铺  2011-03-28 阅读76 评论1条 [网页划词已启用] 口语考试 短信订阅 本文属阅读资料 分享文章收藏打印单词测试______
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  美联英语培训机构,上课时间自由 置身海外的语言学习环境.免费试听中!www.meteni.com
  Message anxiety refers to the act of pausing, freezing up, dreading, or avoiding the viewing of an E-mail, text message, or voice mail that you fear might be bad, negative, or of major importance for you.
  Message anxiety(信息焦虑)指收到一封你认为可能有坏消息或者对你至关重要的邮件、短信或语音邮件时表现出的迟疑、僵持、惧怕或者逃避的反应。
  For example:
  Hey, Mike I just got a message from that girl I met last night, I have message anxiety about it, open it for me.
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  insect [in-入内,sect切,割;’切入”,’切裂”→昆虫躯体分节,节与节之间宛如’切裂”,’割断”之状,故名] 昆虫
  insectology [见上,-o-,logy…学] 昆虫学
  section [sect切,-ion名词后缀,表示行为及行为的结果] 切开,切断,切下的部分,一部分;[由大机关中’分割”出来的小机关] 科,处,组,股
  sectional [见上,-al形容词后缀,…的] 部分的
  sectile [sect切,-ile易…的,可…的] 可切开的
  bisect [bi-两,二,sect切;’切成两份”] 二等分,平分
  bisection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 二等分,平分
  trisect [tri-三,sect切] 把…分成三份,三等分
  trisection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 三等分,分成三份
  dissect [dis-分开,sect切] 切开,解剖,仔细分析
  dissection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 解剖,分析
  transect [tran-横越,sect切] 横切,切断,横断
  transaction [见上,-ion名词后缀] 横切面,横切
  vivisect [viv(i)活→活体,sect切→解剖] 解剖动物活体
  vivisection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 活体解剖
  resect [re-再,sect切] 切除
  resectable [见上,-able形容词后缀,可…的] 可切除的
  resection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 切除,切除术
  intersect [inter中间,sect切;’从中间切”] 横切,横断,和…交叉
  intersection [见上,ion名词后缀] 横断,交叉,交叉点,交叉路口
  secant [sec=sect割,-ant名词后缀] (数学)割线,正割
  cosecant [co-余,见上] (数学)余割
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   He is a mute,Although can understand others speech,Cannot say own actually feeling,She is his neighbor,The girl who is bound by a common destiny with the grandmother.
   He really looks like an elder brother,Leads her to go to school,Accompanies her to play,Listens to her chirp with a smile grasps the speech.
   He only uses the hand signal and she converses,Possible she to be able to read his each look. Gazes at in her vision from elder brother,She knew he has likes oneself.
   Afterwards,She finally tests went to college,Extremely happy,He then starts to go all out to make money,Then sends continuously for her. She has not rejected.
   Finally,She has graduated,Started the work. Then,she said firmly to him that,“Elder brother,I must marry to you!” He looked like only the frightened rabbit to escape, again is not willing to see her,how regardless of she does entreat.
   Do you think i pity you? Do you think i appreciate you? no, i’ve fallen in love with you since i was 12 。But,She can not obtain his reply.
   One day,She has been admitted to the hospital suddenly. He has scared,Runs looks at him. Doctor said,In her throat steadily a lump,Although has excised,Destroyed the vocal cord actually, Possibly again also could not deliver the speech. On hospital bed,Her tearful eyes dance gaze he,Therefore they married.
   Very many years,Nobody listens to them to deliver a speech. They use the hand,With pen,Converses with the look, Shares is joyful and is sad. They became have loved the object which the men and women envied. The people said,That pair of how happy mute husbands and wives!
   Love could not prevent god of death arrival,He abandoned her to walk first.
   The people feared she cannot undergo loses lover’s attack to comfort her。By now, She takes back gazes at his portrait after-image the dull crazy vision,Opens the mouth to say suddenly that,“He walked.”
   The rumor has revealed ............
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  Residents are also being urged to consider setting up freeInternet memorials for loved ones, with many websites offering such services. "The greenest way is online tomb-sweeping," said Xia.
  文中的online tomb-sweeping(网上祭扫)和Internet memorial(网络纪念馆)都是近些年出现的“绿色祭扫”方式。我们还可以为去世的亲友举办online funeral(网上葬礼)、online tribute(网上悼念)等方式寄托哀思。
  Other eco-friendly ways being tested at memorial parks include tying yellow ribbons to trees, placing folded paper cranes in bottles and replacing zhiqian with white chrysanthemum, according to media reports.
  报道中提到的都是最新出现的一些“绿色祭扫”方式,不仅经济环保,还避免了烧纸钱等传统方式带来的火灾隐患。近些年,除了传统的殡葬形式外,还出现了tree burial(树葬)、flower burial(花葬)等环保的殡葬方式。
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  北京市出台规定,禁止户外广告宣传享乐主义、崇洋媚外等。 北京市工商局网站上发布的公告要求各户外广告经营单位必须在4月15之前进行自行检查并及时纠正各类相关问题,否则将依据相关法律法规处理。
  Beijing bans ’hedonistic’ advertising--Beijing has banned advertising hoardings that promote hedonism or the craven worship of foreign products.
  在上面的报道中,’hedonistic’ advertising就是“享乐主义广告”。Hedonism指的是“享乐主义”,认为享乐是人类最重要的追求,在这里指的是追求物质享受的奢靡之风。Advertising hoardings指的是“广告板”,多用于outdoor advertising(户外广告)。
  那些宣扬lifestyles of "emperors and the nobility"( “帝王贵族”生活方式)、带有crude language(粗俗语言)的广告将被清理。此外,公告还要求户外广告不得使用complex, traditional form of Chinese characters(中文繁体字),而应该用simplified script(简体字)。
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  The Department of Price Supervision of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Tuesday that prices of all properties, agency costs and property management fees must be marked clearly and be consistent with the declared prices.
  文中的prices be marked clearly就是指“明码标价”,比如:比如说:Prices for goods must be clearly marked and advertising must be honest.(商品一律明码标价,广告必须实事求是。)Declared price就是“申报价格”,原先在房地产市场常听到的starting price(起价),average price(均价)等说法都要被declared price所代替。新规旨在防止开发商用各种明目的标价mislead and deceive consumers(误导和欺骗消费者)。
  商品房:commercial residential building
  廉租房:low-rent housing
  经适房:affordable housing
  限价房:price-fixed housing
  人才保障房:social security housing for talents
  保障性住房:indemnificatory housing
  公共租赁住房/公租房:public rental housing
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  From April 1, authorities can even cut off power and water supplies to rule breakers’ homes under new regulations aimed at clamping down on unapproved construction projects. Official data suggests up to 90 percent of villa owners in Beijing have illegally expanded their properties.
  在上面的报道中,unapproved construction project就是“违章建筑”,指在城市规划区内,未取得建设工程规划许可证或违反建筑工程规划许可证的规定建设的建筑。此次出台的规定涵盖了对reconstruction(改建)、expansion of properties(扩建)、renovation(翻建)等违章行为的处罚条例。
  如果涉及违建,房产将被列入blacklist(黑名单),查封construction site(施工现场),cut off power and water supplies(停水断电),不得办理property ownership certificate(房产证)。
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  Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber and Irish rockers U2 are among the artists being featured on a digital-only album being rushed out by Universal Music to raise funds for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims.
  文中的digital-only album就是指“数码专辑”,这里指专辑只发行了数码版,因此数码专辑还可以用digital album或者digital disc来表示。数码专辑体积只有半张名片的大小,不需任何播放器,只要放一节电池插上耳机,便可听到高质清晰的音乐。其实就是一个只有专辑曲目,不能放其他歌曲的小mp3。
  歌手发行的首张专辑一般称为the debut album。如果创作者用一张专辑里的所有歌曲来表达一个主题,就称为concept album(概念专辑)。歌手为了推销已发行或将要发行的音乐专辑,有时还会发行single(单曲,一面只录一首歌曲的单曲磁带或激光唱片)或者EP(Extended Play,慢速唱片。EP是CD的一种,每所含曲目量较CD少,一般有1-3首歌左右,最多也不会超过5首歌,价位比一般CD低。)
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  Earlier when their relationship was still a hush-hush affair, there were leaked reports that the couple planned to throw at least three weddings in different cities.
  文中的hush-hush affair就是指“机密事件”。Hush的本意是指“安静,不出声”,形容的是嘴唇合扰,将食指贴着嘴唇,同时发出“hush”嘘声。两个词连在一起,就形象描绘出了“秘密、不公开”之意。用于防止某人透露令人尴尬或有损害的消息就称为hush money(封口费)。
  大S和汪小菲相识不久就喜结连理,可谓是flash marriage(闪婚)的典范,成为娱乐圈的一段佳话。娱乐圈的女明星不少选择marry into the purple(嫁入豪门)。年轻的大学毕业生流行marriage upon graduation(毕婚)。此外,the rush-to-get-pregnant tribe(闪孕族)、cyber love(网恋)、speed dating(速配)也逐渐为人们接受。
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  Jia Yuemin, vice president of letv.com which initiated the alliance, said that the Internet-based cinema would ensure netizens authorized copies of films and provide high definition viewing at a reasonable price.
  文中的Internet-based cinema就是指“电影网络院线”,也就是把电影院搬到网络上,画质跟传统影院相差无几,而且观影价格低廉。在线观看电影已经非常普遍,但之前不少人观看到的其实是盗版电影。此次发起的联盟就是为了对市场进行规范,确保网友可以以合理价格观看正版电影。
  报道中还提到了我们在线观看影片时常用的两个词:High definition viewing就是我们在观看时可以选择的“高清观看、高清播放”。“高清电视”就可以称为high definition TV。Authorized films就是指“正版电影”,与之相对的则是pirated movies(盗版电影)。
  发起此次联盟的是七家video-streaming websites(视频网站),今后几家网站将在各自平台推出fee-based online movies(收费的在线电影)。
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  英文写作——努力工作有利健康(Hard Work Is Good for Health)
  Scientists find that the hard-working prestigious people live longer than average men and women. Career women are healthier than housewives. Evidences show that the jobless are in poorer health than job-holders. An investigation shows that whenever the unemployment rate increases by 1%, the death rate increases correspondingly by 2%. All this comes down to one point: work is helpful to health.
  Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy, away from lonehness and solitude. Researches show that people feel unhappy, worried and solitary when they have nothing to do. Instead, the happiest are those who are busy. Many high achievers who love their careers feel they are most happy when they are working hard. Work serves as a bridge between man and reality. By work, people come into contact with each other. By collective activity, they find friendship and warmth. This is helpful to health. The loss of work means the loss of everything. It affects man spiritually and hence makes him liable to disease.
  Besides, work gives one the sense of fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Work makes one feel his value and status in society. When a writer finishes his writing or a doctor snccessfully operates on a patient or a teacher sees his students grow, they are happy beyond words.
  From the above we can come to the conclusion that the more you work the happier you will be and the more healthy as well.
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  Job Hunting找工作
  Making sentences by patterns
  句型造句easy go
  Job Hunting
  I was reading the head hunting ads.
  I emailed my resume to some companies.
  I talked with my friends about the suitable jobs.
  I received a telephone call from my dream company about having an interview with me.
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    If you want a good night’s sleep, switch off the TV, computer and mobile phone an hour before going to bed, experts say. Nine in ten people admit using electronics in the hour before turning out the lights – and it’s wrecking their sleep patterns, it is claimed. Artificial light emitted by TV and computer screens and over-stimulation of the brain have been blamed.
    Sleeplessness: One of the worst activities for causing sleep problems is video games, according to the major survey by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation The worst activities are video games, using mobiles and surfing the internet, according to a major survey by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation. Dr Charles Czeisler, of Harvard Medical School, said: ‘Artificial light exposure between dusk and the time we go to bed suppresses release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, enhances alertness and shifts normal sleep patterns to a later hour.’
    根据“美国国家睡眠基金会”的研究报告称,当今制造睡眠问题的最大隐患就是电子设备的干扰,而在诸多电子设备中,“电子游戏”“手机”“网游”是最让人不省心的,他们可以被当作是“当今睡眠杀手”对待,来自“ 哈佛医学院”的专家Dr Charles Czeisler说:“电子设备的人造光所给睡眠带来的负面影响不容忽视,即使关掉了,它所释放出的人造光还是能影响体内荷尔蒙退黑激素(hormone melatonin),这种退黑激素能引发引发嗜睡与疲倦等SAD的典型症状,而人造光的后续负面影响会加强大脑负荷与警觉,这种影响至少能持续1个小时。”
    One in ten people in their 20s said they were routinely woken during the night by a phone call, text message or email. Professor Jim Horne, director of the sleep research centre at Loughborough University, said: ‘Even children aged five, six and seven have got video games in their bedroom. ’They need to settle down and relax before going to bed.’
    有10%的20多岁的年轻人在调查中承认,他们在睡觉过程中,经常被手机铃声或者短信和电子邮件吵醒,睡也睡得不心安。来自英国拉夫堡大学的教授Jim Horne说:“现在就连5、6岁的小孩对电子游戏都相当精通,他们太需要睡前放松了。要不这样下去,对他们的成长十分不利。”
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  1. My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife:
  Marrying you has screwed up my life
  2. I see your face when I am dreaming.
  That’s why I always wake up screaming.
  3. Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
  This describes everything you are not.
  4. Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss,
  But I only slept with you ’cause I was pissed.
  5. I thought that I could love no other
  -- that is until I met your brother.
  6. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
  But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead,the sugar bowl’s empty and so is your head.
  7. I want to feel your sweet embrace;
  But don’t take that paper bag off your face.
  8. I love your smile, your face, and your eyes
  Damn, I’m good at telling lies!
  9. My love, you take my breath away.
  What have you stepped in to smell this way?
  10. My feelings for you no words can tell,
  Except for maybe "Go to hell."
  11. What inspired this amorous rhyme?
  Two parts vodka, one part lime.
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  preside [pre-前,sid坐;开会时’坐在前面主要位置上”→主持会议] 作会议的 ,主持,指挥,统辖
  president [见上,-ent表示;’指挥者”,”统辖者”→首脑] 总统,大学校长,会长,总裁
  presidential [见上,-ial形容词后缀,…的] 总统(或校长)的,总统(或校长)职务的
  presidium [见上,-ium名词后缀] 团
  reside [re-后,sid坐,’to sit back”→to stay behind,留下来,安顿下来→住下] 居住
  resident [见上,-ent表示人] 居民;[-ent形容词后缀,…的] 居住的,居留的
  residence [见上,-ence名词后缀] 居住,住宅,住处,住处,公馆
  residential [见上,-ial形容词后缀,…的] 居住的,住宅的
  subside [sub-下,sid坐;’坐下”→沉下] 沉降,沉淀;[‘坐下”→落下→沉静下来,平静下来] 平息
  subsidence [见上,-ence名词后缀] 沉降,沉淀,平息
  dissidence [dis-分开,sid坐,-ence名词后缀;’与别人分开坐”→与别人不致→持相反意见] 意见不同,不一致,不同意,异议
  dissident [见上,-ent表示人] 不同意的人,持异议的
  assiduous [as-=ad-,表示at,sit坐,-uous的;’能坐下来坚持工作的”] 刻苦的,勤奋的
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  我们身边有些人从来都不把明星当外人,一说起来就感觉这些明星都是他家邻居,要不就是他的“发小”。在熟人中间,这样的做法一般都不会得到什么好脸色,可要是在一堆陌生人中间,左一个“我发哥”,又一个“我本山大叔”这么name dropping,没准真有人被唬了呢。
  Name dropping is the practice of mentioning important people or institutions within a conversation, story, song, online identity, or other communication.
  Name dropping指在谈话、故事、歌曲、网络身份或者其它交流中提及重要人物或机构的行为,暂译为“拽人名”。
  Name dropping is used to position oneself within a social hierarchy. It is often used to create a sense of superiority by raising one’s status. By implying (or directly asserting) a connection to people of high status, the name-dropper hopes to raise his or her own social status to a level closer to that of those whose names he or she has dropped, and thus elevate himself or herself above, or into, present company.
  Name dropping can also be used to identify people with a common bond. By indicating the names of people one knows, one makes known his or her social circle, providing an opportunity for others with similar connections to relate.
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  雷人发现:学历越高 寿命越长?
  Higher education could help you live longer, according to a study.
    It found people who went to college or university had lower blood pressure as they aged than those whose education finished when they left school in their teens.
    With high blood pressure doubling the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke, according to the Blood Pressure Association, the finding suggests a good education could save your life.
    The biggest health benefits were found among those with master’s degrees or doctorates, and were stronger for women, the journal BMC Public Health reports.
    Researchers at Brown University, Rhode Island, who tracked the health of nearly 4,000 American men and women for 30 years, also found highly educated men tended to be thinner and smoked and drank less than those without further education.
    Well-educated women also smoked less and were thinner – but drank more than those who did not go to college or university.
    The jobs taken by school-leavers may also impact on health.
    Study leader Eric Loucks said: ‘Low educational attainment has been demonstrated to predispose individuals to high strain jobs, characterised by high levels of demand and low levels of control, which have been associated with elevated blood pressure.’
    He isn’t sure why women’s blood pressure is particularly affected by education – or the lack of it. But it may that lack of education affects a woman’s lifestyle, and so her physical health, more than a man’s.
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  resist [re-相反,反对,sist立;’to stand against”] 反抗,抵抗,对抗
  resistance [见上,-ance名词后缀] 抵抗,反抗
  resistant [见上,-ant形容词后缀,…的] 抵抗的’[-ant表示人] 抵抗者
  resistible [见上,-ible形容词后缀,可…的] 可抵抗的,抵抗得住的
  consist [con-共同,一起,sist立;’立在一起”] 组合在一起→共同组成] 由…组成
  assist [as-表示at,sist立,’立于一旁”] 帮助,援助,辅助
  assistance [见上,-ance名词后缀] 帮助,援助,辅助
  exist [ex-外,出(在x后省略s)ist=sist立;’to stand forth”→to emerge,to appear] 存在
  existence [见上,-ence名词后缀] 存在,存在物
  existent [见上,-ent形容词后缀,…的] 存在的
  insist [in-加强意义,sist立;’坚定不移”] 坚决主张,坚持
  insistence [见上,-ence名词后缀] 坚决主张,坚持
  persist [per-贯穿,从头到尾,自始至终,sist立] 坚持,持续
  persistence [见上, -ence名词后缀] 坚持,持续
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  sonic [son声音,-ic形容词后缀,…的] 声音的,音速的
  supersonic [super-超,son声音,ic形容词后缀,…的] 超音速的
  subsonic [sub-亚,次,son声音,-ic形容词后缀,…的] 亚音速的
  stereosonic [stereo-立体,son声音,-ic形容词后缀,…的] 立体声的
  unison [uni单一,son声音;’同一声音”] 同音,齐唱,一致,调和
  unisonant [见上,-ant形容词后缀,…的] 同意的,一致的
  dissonant [dis-分开→不同,son声音,-ant形容词后缀,…的;’不同声音的”] 不和谐的,不一致的
  dissonance [见上,-ance名词后缀] 不和谐,不一致
  resonant [re-回,son声音,-ant形容词后缀,…的] 回声的,反响的
  resonate [见上,-ate动词后缀] 回声,反响,共鸣,共振
  resonator [见上,-or表示物] 共鸣器,谐振器
  ultrasonic [ultra-超,son声音,-ic形容词后缀,…的] 超声的,超音速的;[转作名词] 超声波
  sonics [son声音,-ics…学] 声能学
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  More than two weeks after an earthquake and a tsunami struck Japan, the Shanghai government said it plans to better deal with disasters by building emergency shelters in 30 parks within five years.
  文中的emergency shelter就是指“应急避难所”,主要是在灾情来临时,供人们逃生和暂时避难的场所,提供temporary lodging spaces(临时居住地),也称为disaster shelter。Shelter就是指“庇护处,避难处”,比如bus shelter(公共汽车候车亭);bomb shelter(防空壕、避难室),也可以有抽象的含义,比如tax shelter(避税)。
  此次上海的emergency shelter里面,还将安装video-surveillance devices(视频监控设备)和digital screen displays(数字播放系统),用来播放最新避难信息。此外,避难所还将设立垃圾循环利用体系,并使用solar energy(太阳能)来供电。目前,上海首个experimental emergency shelter(实验性应急避难所)正在修建当中。
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  Qing Ming is popularly associated with Jie Zi Zhui, who lived in Shanxi province in 600 B.C. Legend has it that Jie saved his starving lord’s life by serving a piece of his own leg. When the lord succeeded in becoming the ruler of a small principality, he invited his faithful follower to join him. However, Jie declined his invitation, preferring to lead a hermit’s life with his mother in the mountains.
  Believing that he could force Jie out by burning the mountain, the lord ordered his men to set the forest on fire. To his consternation, Jie chose to remain where he was and was burnt to death. To commemorate Jie, the lord ordered all fires in every home to be put out on the anniversary of Jie’s death. Thus began the "cold food feast", a day when no food could be cooked since no fire could be lit.
  The "cold food" festival occurs on the eve of Qing Ming and is often considered as part of the Qing Ming festival. As time passes, the Qing Ming festival replaced the "cold food" festival. Whatever practice is observed,the basic observation of Qing Ming is to remember one’s elders by making a special effort to visit their graves, ashes or ancestral tablets. To make the visit even more meaningful, some time should be spent to remind the younger members of the family of the lives and contributions of their ancestors, and the story of Jie Zi Zhui who choose death over capitulation.
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  bride 新娘 Bridegroom 新郎
  bestman 伴郎 bridesmaid 伴娘
  wedding day 举行婚礼的日子
  honeymoon 蜜月
  wedding march 婚礼进行曲
  1.The bridegroom is ready for the wedding but the bride is still undecided about the dress she should wear.
  2.Anything going wrong on your wedding day can often makes things even more memorable.
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  下载 (17.36 KB)
  昨天 21:29
  Placist is a person who discriminates against other people based on where the other people live, or who holds strong negative or positive feelings toward a certain place based on loose stereotypes.
  For example:
  Ashlyn is such a placist. She thinks that everybody who lives in Florida is old, senile, plays golf all day and is a terrible driver.
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  1. Those who lie and cheat will never get away with it.
  2. He was skinned of all his money by confidence tricksters.
  3. It’s wrong to gull a child.
  4. She deceived me into giving her my car keys.
  5. He often hustles on the streets to pay for drugs.
  6. This salesman ripped us off!
  7. Their scam is selling fake Chinese medicine to old people.
  8. The crooks swindled $3,000 out of the old woman.
  9. We fooled the boss into giving us all the day off.
  10. Tell him that there will be lots of food and he will rise to the bait.
  11. You can’t trick me out of my money. I’m not that dumb!
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    Take all those clothes that are too small for you to the charity shop. Gazing at wannabe smaller sizes every time you open your wardrobe door is like punching yourself in the eye on a daily basis。
    Stop keeping clothes for ‘best’ — wear them regularly。
    Smile. Whether you feel like smiling or not, it makes you feel and look better, and other people respond better to you as well。
    Stop comparing your life with other people, especially celebrities. Most of them are worried sick about slipping down the charts or not getting offered the best roles. Their self-obsession means that they are rarely capable of holding down a happy and loving relationship。
    Write a proper diary, on paper with a pen. Imagine it’s being written for the future you and make it a good account of your life, filled with humour and positive insights. Make your tone brave and optimistic. Adopting this writing style will enable you to change your perspective of what’s happening to you。
    Compliment yourself. Out loud. In the mirror。
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  ______ 这两年,不少城里人都开始在乡间购买农家小院,周末或假日的时候举家去那里呼吸新鲜空气。在国外,这样的人也不少呢。有些纯粹是为了投资,有些也是为了逃离大城市的喧嚣而去的。
  Ruralpolitans refer to urbanites who relocate to the countryside.
  While urban and suburban real estate is still generally under pressure, the rural market is holding up better in many areas. Sometimes dubbed “ruralpolitans,” those city and town dwellers are looking at land as their new safe investment, one they hope could prove more stable than their jobs and 401(k)s – and provide a better lifestyle.
  Motivations can vary, but typically there are three groups: young people buying land as an asset or investment, with vague hopes to live on it someday; exurban commuters who have jobs in big towns or cities but want to escape the sprawl; and back-to-the-land types who want to dabble in hobby farming.
  Although “ruralpolitans” has been around since at the least the 1990s, the term is increasingly newsworthy – both because of the recession and a growing interest in living greener and more sustainable lives.
  虽说ruralpolitans (乡间都市人)这个词大约在20世纪90年代就出现了,不过近几年却开始引人关注,一个是因为经济衰退,还有一个是因为越来越多的人们开始注重绿色和更加可持续的生活方式。
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  beautiful girl

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  Hi,everyone,welcome to join this topic,I hope you can say something about it.thanks
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  Time travel
  1. Since Einstein revealed his special theory of relativity, we’ve known that time travel—at least moving forward through time—is possible.
  2. Black holes distort this fabric of space-time maximally, and you can show that black holes can be time machines.
  3. To travel in time, we’ll have to go more than 2,000 times faster than the Apollo 10 spacecraft, which reached 25,000 mph.
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  英语新词:网游监护 online guardianshipwebidora 网游监护 
  Some parents think the application process for the online guardianshipis too complicated.
  文中的online guardianship就是指“网游监护”,全称为Parents’ Guardian Project for Minors Playing Online Games(家长网游监护工程),这里的online其实是指online/cyber games(网游,网络游戏)。家长在申请监护时,要提供证件证明自己是guardian(监护人)。必要时还可以封闭孩子的gaming account(游戏账号),采取一些coercive measures(强制措施)。
  Guardianship意思是“监护、监护权”,比如legal guardianship(合法监护权)。目前,不少under-age children(未成年人)染上Internet addicts(网瘾),甚至参与online gambling(网络赌博),的确需要家长进行适当监护和引导。
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  话说单词 actual
  What he told us was an actual happening.
  The pickpocket was caught in the actual commission of a crime.
  副词: actually
  actual意为“真的,实际的”, actually则是“真正地,事实上”,他们可以被
  The book says she died aged 47,but her actual age was 43.
  Hello,John.Nice to meet you.’‘Actually,my name’s Andy.’
  I’ve got a new job.Actually,they’ve made me sales manager.
  actual与actually有时会被错误使用,与present, current,now等词的意思混淆
  genuine adj.真诚的, 真正的... authentic adj.真正的, 真实的...
  real adj.真实的, 真的,... concrete adj. 具体的, 实...
  true adj.真实的, 真的 factual adj. 事实的, 真实的
  tangible adj.可触摸的, 实际... literal adj. 逐字的, 字面...
  substantial adj.大量的, 坚固的... virtual adj.实质的, 虚拟的
  potential adj.潜在的, 可能的... ideal adj.理想的, 完美的
  actual cost 实际代价addition... actual capacity 有效容量; 实际生产力
  actual load 实际载荷 actual value 实际价值 ; 实际指标
  actual address 有效地址 ; 实地址 actual reserves 实在储藏量
  actual price 实际价格 actual parameter 实在参数
  actual horsepower 实际马力 actual power 有效功率
  形容词 actual :
  1. presently existing in fact and not merely potential or possible
  同义词: existent
  2. taking place in reality; not pretended or imitated
  3. being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of
  something- G.K.Chesterton
  同义词: genuine, literal, real
  4. existing in act or fact
  同义词: factual
  5. being or existing at the present moment
  1. He told the newspapermen about the conversation, but would not
  play them the actual tape of it.
  2. My calculation is based on notional figures, since the actual
  figures are not yet available.
  3. I need the actual figures, not an estimate.
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   香港脚:athelete’s foot其实香港脚的真正名称是足癣,并不限定于香港Hong Kong或是一定的族群cluster才会感染infect,在英国占领香港后,每年都派遣军队来港执行防卫任务,某年夏天,所派军队虽然已经抵港,却因某些原因未能立即进驻军营,船上的官兵只好留在密不透风的船舱cabin里。
   由于香港的夏天十分闷热swelter,在船上更是如此,几天后,部分整日穿长靴的士兵足部竟长出了很多细小的水泡bleb,有些更红肿化浓,奇痒难当,由于欧洲医生并没有见过这种怪病,就认为这是在香港发生的流行病,所以称之为香港脚。后来台湾接受西方医学,又一个不小心先翻译了香港脚,才会造成大家都会唱“香港脚、香港脚,痒又痒”,却听不懂足癣tinea pedis的奇怪现象!
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  106 Human and Internet 人类与网络
  In a modern and civilized society of rapid progress, the relationship between
  human and Internet is getting ever closer and exerting ever greater influence over
  various aspects of the human world from daily life, work to learning.
  Internet is a network of communication by means of email transmission. It
  affords an alternative channel to vis-a-vis conversation in real time information
  exchange. With its appearance, with great changes take place both quantitively
  and qualitively in interpersonal relations.
  In a macro sense, its worldwide access breaks through segregation and
  seclusion of the human community as a whole; in a micro perspective, it takes on
  a brand-new mode of human communication going from superficiality to profundity.
  Internet provides a vast space for communication, and makes it possible to make
  friends regardless of geographic distance.
  Nevertheless, Internet sometimes also falls a prey to the unlawful, who take
  advantage of the web to spread viruses in a bid to disrupt the order in the network
  space. This often results in heavy damage on the state and people.
  To this extent, Internet is a double-edged sword. It has still a long way to
  go in its recognition, utilization and development.
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  Study Tours
  A study tour understands the value of study tours to combine(v.结合) education and fun, allowing you to practise English, learn about the Foreign way of life and experience the local culture.
  1.One of my reasons I attended the study tour was to improve my English.
  2. I gained so much from attending the study tour. It challenged a lot of my thinking about education in general.
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  spectacle [spect看,-acle名词后缀,表示物;’观看的东西”] 光景,景象,奇观,壮观
  prospect [pro-向前,spect看;’向前看”] 展望,期望,前景
  prospective [见上,-ive形容词后缀,…的] 盼望中的,未来的
  retrospect [retro-向后,spect看;’向后看”] 回顾,追溯
  retrospection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 回顾,追溯
  retrospective [见上,-ive形容词后缀,…的] 回顾的,追溯的
  inspect [in-内,里,spect看;’向里面仔细看”] 检查,审查
  inspection [见上,-ion名词后缀] 检查,审查
  inspector [见上,-or表示人] 检查员
  expect [ex-外,(在x后省略s)pect=spect看;’向外望”] 盼望,期待,期望
  expectation [见上,-ation名词后缀] 盼望,期待,期望
  expectant [见上,-ant形容词后缀,…的] 盼望的,期待的;[-ant者] 期待者
  respect [re-再,重复,spect看;’再看”,’重复地看”→重视,看重] 尊重,尊敬
  respectable [见上,-able形容词后缀,可…的] 可敬的,值得尊敬的
  respectful [见上,-ful形容词后缀,…的] 尊敬人的,恭敬的
  suspect [sus-=sub-下,(s)pect看;’由下看”→偷偷地看,斜眼看] 怀疑,猜疑,疑心
  suspectable [见上,-able形容词后缀,…的] 可疑的
  suspicious [见spect→spic,-ious形容词后缀,…的] 多疑的,可疑的,疑心的
  suspicion [见上,-ion名词后缀] 怀疑,疑心,猜疑
  introspect [intro-向内,spect看] 内省,进行自我反省
  conspectus [con-共同,全,spect看,-us表示物’’全看到”→总览] 一览表,大纲,概况
  circumspect [circum-周围,四周,spect看;’向四周细看”] 谨慎的,小心的,慎重的,仔细的
  aspect [a-=ad-表示to,spect看→外观] 面貌,外表
  spectate [spect看,-ate动词后缀] 出席观看
  spectator [spect看,-ator表示人] 旁观者,观众
  conspicuous [con-共同,spic(-spect)看,-uous形容词后缀,…的;’共同看见的”→大家都能看见的,有目共睹的] 明显的,显著的,惹人注目的
  specious [spec=(spect)看,ious形容词后缀,…的;’中看的”] 外表美观的,华而不实的
  perspective [per-透过,spect看] 透视,透视的,透视图,透镜
  special [spec(=spect)看→外观,形状,形象;-ial形容词后缀,…的;容易被’看”出的,外观明显的,形状特别醒目的] 特殊的,特别的
  speciality [见上,-ity名词后缀] 特性,特质,特长,专业
  specialist [见上,-ist表示人;’特殊的人”有特别专长的人] 专家
  specialize [见上,-ize动词后缀] 特别指出
  specially [见上,-ly副词后缀] 特别地,专门地
  specific [见上,-ific=-fic形容词后缀,…的] 特有的,特定的,明确的
  specifically [见上,-ally副词后缀,…地] 特别地,尤其
  especial [e-加强意义,special特别的] 特别的,特殊的
  especially [见上,-ly副词后缀,…地] 特别地,尤其,格外
  speculate [spec(=spect)看,-ul,-ate动词后缀;看→观察,观测→推测→思考] 思索,沉思,推测,投机
  speculation [见上,-ation名词后缀] 思索,沉思,推测,投机
  speculator [见上,-or表示人] 思索者,推测者,投机者
  specimen [spec(-spect)看,-i-,men名词后缀;’给人看的东西] 样品,样本,标本
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  Waithood (a portmanteau of "wait" and "adulthood") refers to the period of stagnation in the lives of young unemployed college graduates, described as "a kind of prolonged adolescence". It is a phase in which the difficulties youth face in each of these interrelated spheres of life result in a debilitating state of helplessness and dependency. Waithood can be best understood by examining outcomes and linkages across five different sectors: education, employment, housing, credit, and marriage.
  Waithood is considered to be a difficult and unpleasant period in life; without work, young people are unable to progress in other areas of their development, such as purchasing a home and getting married.
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  Do You Really Want To Be A Leader
  Too many leadership scholars and executives are obsessed by a pointless question: Are leaders born, or are they made?
  The answer is irrelevant.
  The truth is, you do not know what you are born with until you try very hard to express it.
  Aspiring executives who wish to gauge their ultimate potential, or that of others, should ask instead: What level of leadership do they aspire to? And are they willing to invest the effort and make the sacrifices required to take on the responsibilities of the position?
  The most senior jobs present tasks that are massive, complex and full of conflict. The playing field and rules become less certain. Indeed, part of a leader’s job is to shape these things.
  Also, the further an executive rises, the more he or she must deal with high-caliber people who know how to get what they want, are difficult, strong-willed and have a sharp appetite for power.
  Here are three questions that executives should ask themselves to assess their own leadership potential.
  How far do you want to go?
  To reach higher office and to fulfill its obligations, you must continuously make choices that will affect other people’s money and lives. And you will be doing this in a context where other people will want your position or will be competing with you for the next higher position.
  It is easy to criticize the competence of those with greater responsibilities than ourselves, and even easier to fantasize about how we would do the job better.
  A useful exercise: Look at your immediate boss’s job and ask yourself if you could do it as well, or better -- honestly. Then, stretch even further and consider the most senior leader in your line of sight --perhaps the chief executive. Learn about what that person must deal with. Get a feel for the time, energy and capabilities required to do those jobs. What would those jobs require you to do that you can’t do now, or that you don’t enjoy doing? What do you enjoy now, but would have to give up?
  We see too many executives who set themselves up to fail because they don’t realistically assess the role they are pursuing in comparison to their true capabilities.
  What are you willing to invest?
  Admitting to yourself what your limitations are can be difficult. But if you want to lead, you face tough choices about how much effort you must put in and in which areas you need to grow.
  Leadership certainly requires business smarts, technical capabilities and cultural sensibilities, but above all, it is about power. While this point is upsetting to some people, the brutal reality is that whatever else a leader must do, a leader must gain, exercise and retain power. We meet too many ’high potentials’ who aspire to high leadership but are used to receiving rewards for being bright and creative. This breeds a sense of entitlement that is incompatible with the necessity to fight for leadership power.
  While it has bad connotations for some people, the appetite for power is a necessary condition for reaching posts of high responsibility.
  There will be pleasures that you must give up. Certainly, there will be implications for your personal life -- raising questions not so much about balancing work and family in the short term, but about finding a sustainable mix for the long term.
  Ability to lead is also about overcoming old beliefs that limit one’s capacity to see in a new way and adopt new behaviors. As a leader you must take people where they have never been before -- in thought and action -- often against their initial preferences. Personal obstacles must be overcome as well.
  How will you keep it up?
  Over several decades, you need ways to keep yourself going when you are not being recognized and rewarded for your performance -- and to deal with criticism, resistance, setbacks and people disliking you or what you are asking them to do.
  If you envision another 10, 20 or even 30 years of leadership work, then you must find effective methods for maintaining your physical vitality, your emotional flexibility and your intellectual reach and freshness.
  Many who rise to positions of leadership become more closed and set in the ways that have brought them success so far. So periodically, senior executives must create timeouts to review where they are investing their time and energy, to ensure that they remain capable of generating new behaviors to deal with new challenges.
  Leadership might be learnable. But instead of taking comfort in the idea that you can develop, wake up to the sobering realization of how difficult it will be to manage novel situations continuously and under often-extreme circumstances.
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  网络上常用的缩略语LOL(放声大笑)和OMG(我的天)近日被收录到牛津英语词典中,同时收录其中的还有表达爱心的♥符号。这些缩略语“与电子交流方式息息相关,有助于在有限的字符中传递更多信息。”根据牛津英语词典的解释,LOL最早现身于二十世纪六十年代,它最初的意思是Little Old Lady(小老太太),进入网络时代后才演变为Laughing out Loud(放声大笑),在网络交流中非常普遍。OMG则早在1917年就已现身,是在一封个人邮件中第一次出现的,为Oh My God的缩写;而♥这个符号最一目了然,在牛津英语词典中被定位动词,表示“爱”的意思,比如:I♥U,即“我爱你”。
    The Oxford English Dictionary, will now include ♥ and LOL as real words worthy of etymological recording。
    The stalwart bastion of language, the Oxford English Dictionary, will now include ♥ and LOL as real words worthy of etymological recording。
    Other words added include the formidable OMG. As they say, ’words" like these "are strongly associated with the language of electronic communications," and have entered the mainstream because of how easy they are to use。
    Online, "initialisms" as they call them, are faster to type (as in texts and tweets) and, crucially, "help to say more in media where there is a limit to a number of characters one may use in a single message."
    But the rise of these all-caps acronyms has impacted the non-electronic world as well. Found "in print, and even in spoken use" the OED notes "there often seems to be a bit more than simple abbreviation going on."
    When you’re LOL-ing in real life, apparently your e-shorthand helps you connote that you are using an "informal, gossipy mode of expression" or even going so far as to "parody the level of unreflective enthusiasm or overstatement that can sometimes appear in online discourse, while at the same time marking oneself as an ’insider’ au fait with the forms of expression associated with the latest technology." Only the OED could bring such levels of meaning to the simple OMG。
    Though they found that such words are usually associated with "a younger generation," the dictionary’s meticulous research unturned a few startling early uses. OMG first appears in a 1917 personal letter and LOL dates to 1960, though it used to mean "little old lady" and not "laugh out loud."
    None of this explains why "wassup" made the cut this time round。
    The full definitions for ♥ and LOL below:
    ♥ to heart
    The new sense added to heart v. in this update may be the first English usage to develop via the medium of T-shirts and bumper-stickers. It originated as a humorous reference to logos featuring a picture of a heart as a symbol for the verb love, like that of the famous ’I ♥ NY’ tourism campaign. Our earliest quote for this use, from 1984, uses the verb in ’I heart my dog’s head’, a jokey play on bumper stickers featuring a heart and a picture of the face of a particular breed of dog (expressing a person’s enthusiasm for, say, shih-tzus) which itself became a popular bumper sticker. From these beginnings, heart v. has gone on to live an existence in more traditional genres of literature as a colloquial synonym for ’to love’。
    Originally and chiefly in the language of electronic communications: ’ha ha!’; used to draw attention to a joke or humorous statement, or to express amusement。
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  1. Dream 梦
  Let me tell you about the dream I had, Charlie.
  2. Daydream 白日梦
  She daydreamed about a carefree holiday abroad.
  3. nightmare 噩梦
  I thought I married the man of my dreams, but he turned out to be a real nightmare! Now I dream of getting divorced as quickly as possible.
  4. 梦工厂(DreamWorks)
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  Of course, being happy at work depends mostly on how much you like your job. But there are also smaller steps that can boost your happiness, as well. Some of these steps are VERY small, but the fact that you’re taking steps to improve your situation itself boosts happiness。
  1. Check for eyestrain by putting your hand to your forehead in a salute. If your eyes feel relieved, your work space is too bright。
  2. Sit up straight with your shoulders down — every time I adjust my sitting position, I instantly feel more energetic and cheerier。
  3. Get a phone headset. I resisted for a long time, because it looks so preposterous, but it’s really much more comfortable. Also, it lets me pace while I talk on the phone, which also looks preposterous, but is energizing。
  4. Don’t keep candy on your desk. Studies show that people are much more likely to snack when a treat is within easy reach, and a handful of M&Ms each day could mean a weight gain of five pounds by year’s end。
  5. Never say "yes" on the phone; instead, say, "I’ll get back to you." When you’re actually speaking to someone, the desire to be accommodating is very strong, and can lead you to say "yes" without enough consideration. Along the same lines..。
  6. When deciding whether to say "yes", imagine that you’re accepting a job that you’ll have to do next week. Don’t agree to something just because it seems so far off that it doesn’t seem onerous。
  7. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. The Big Man goes without eating for hours and hours at a time, so once, trying to be helpful, I bought him a big bag of granola to keep in his desk. He ate the whole bag in one day and ended up sick as a dog. Lesson: eat regularly。
  8. Take care of difficult calls, tasks, or emails as quickly as possible. Procrastinating makes them harder; getting them done gives a big boost of relieved energy。
  9. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, think hard about how you spend your time. Be honest. How much time do you spend surfing the internet, looking for things you’ve misplaced, or doing a task that’s really someone else’s job? Also..。
  10. Let yourself stay ignorant of things you don’t need to know。
  11. Go outside at least once a day, and if possible, take a walk. The sunlight and activity is good for your focus, mood, and retention of information。
  12. Say "Good morning" to everyone. Social contact is cheering, and if you feel that you’re on good terms with all the people in your office, you’ll be happier each day. Also, it’s polite。
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  及物动词 vt.
  { 词形变化}
  名词: actuation 动词过去式: actuated
  动词过去分词: actuated 动词现在分词: actuating
  动词第三人称单数: actuates
  activate v.激活, 使活动, 起动 trigger v.使发生, 触发, 使...
  motivate vt.激发(兴趣或欲望)... stimulate vt.刺激, 激励, 鼓...
  start v.开始, 出发, 震惊... put into action vt. 使行动起来(使开...
  set in motion 使 ... 运动 get going 出发, 开始
  incite v. 煽动, 刺激, 激励 prompt adj.迅速的, 敏捷的
  failure to actuate 不动作 actuate message 起动信息
  actuate size 实际尺寸
  动词 actuate :
  1. put in motion or move to act
  同义词: trip, trigger, activate, set off, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off
  2. give an incentive for action
  同义词: motivate, propel, move, prompt, incite
  1. He was actuated solely by greed.
  2.Legal formalism is apt to actuate an insular and inflexible understanding of law,disregarding the regularized value and meaning hidden under items and words.
  3.In order to build harmonious society in socialistic country,local government must actuate all positive factors to boost up the whole social creativity;
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  跟着新闻学新词:自去年7月逐步调高价格以来,国际奢侈品正酝酿新一轮的涨价潮。2011年4月1日起,LV再次启动了新一轮调价,而一些高端的美容品如LA COLLINE、Celine等品牌也无一例外地从3月开始先后调高了部分货品的售价,提价幅度为5%-15%。
  Luxury Goods 奢侈品
  奢侈品的范围包括Luxury vehicles豪华轿车, watches手表, jewelry珠宝, perfume香水, clothing高级服饰, yachts游艇,等等。
  1. Wealthy consumers are allegedly suffering from "luxury shame",feeling guilty (adj.有罪恶感的)about paying $5,000 for a handbag while Rome burns(泛指在危难时刻).
  2. The rich like it better that everybody can’t be part of the luxury boom anymore.
  3. He flings his money(v.乱花钱) about on expensive luxuries.
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  insight n.洞察力, 见识,深刻的理解 judgment n.裁判, 判断, 判断...
  brain n.脑, 智力, 智者,... understanding n.理解, 非正式协议,...
  shrewdness n. 精明(刁钻, 剧烈) penetration n.侵入, 渗透, 突破...
  wisdom n.智慧, 明智, 才智... expertise n.专门知识, 专门技术...
  intelligence n.智力, 理解力 ; ... perspicacity n. 敏锐, 聪明, 洞察力
  perspicuity n. 明晰, 明了, 简明 insightful adj. 有深刻见解的,...
  business acumen 营业本领
  名词 acumen :
  1. a tapering point
  2. shrewdness shown by keen insight
  同义词: insightfulness
  1.Her business acumen has made her very successful.
  2.The Parisian police, so much extolled for acumen, are cunning, but no more.
  3. His business acumen helped him to succeed where others had failed.
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  Let’s talking something,talking.talking
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  A little girl was going through a bridge with her father.Concerning her little doughter,the father talked to her:"Holding my hand so that you will not fall into the river."
  "No,daddy.you should catch my hand" said the little girl .
  "Is there any difference in doing that way?" Her father asked with curiosity and desire.
  "It is truely a big difference between those two ways."The little princess added that:If I hold your hand,and the unfortunate does really come up to me,such as I couldn’t walk well and is going to fall into the river,It’s possible for me to set free my hands.However,if you catch my hand instead,no matter what happens to me,you will not let me fall down.."
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  李华和Larry要去听演唱会。今天我们要学两个常用语:run-of-the-mill和roll the dice。
  LH: Larry,今天晚上的演唱会好听么?那个乐队是什么类型的啊?
  L: Well ... they’re kind of hard to describe. Their music is a mixture of many different styles.
  LH: 各种音乐的混合?听着很有新意! 现在很多乐队都没有自己的风格,跟别的乐队差不多,没意思。
  L: I totally agree, Lihua. Luckily, they are not just some run-of-the-mill rock band.
  LH: Run of the mill? 是什么意思?
  L: When you say that something is run-of-the-mill, that means that it is very average, or just like all the others.
  LH: 哦,run-of-the-mill就是没特色的,千篇一律的。你的意思是,这个乐队并不是那种毫无特色的乐队。
  L: Exactly! For example, the makers of Avatar said it would not be just another run-of-the-mill action movie, and would be like nothing anyone had seen before.
  LH: 对,电影“阿凡达”当初宣传的时候,就说自己是非同寻常的,观众从没看过的新类型电影。对了,Larry, 这个乐队我怎么从没听说过啊?
  L: Well, they still aren’t very well known, so only music magazines write about them. You won’t read about them in the standard, run-of-the-mill newspapers.
  LH: 哦,主流媒体没报道他们,只有在比较专业的音乐杂志上才会看到关于他们的介绍。Larry, 我有点饿,咱们去演唱会前是不是先吃点东西?
  L: Sure, where do you want to eat?
  LH: 不知道......麦当劳吧!
  L: McDonalds? I don’t want to eat at some run-of-the-mill fast food restaurant.
  LH: 可是演唱会还有半个小时就开始了。吃麦当劳快啊。
  L: Don’t worry, we can be a little late. I think the opening band is just some run-of-the-mill pop band.
  LH: 你是说,负责暖场的乐队没什么特色,不看也没关系。那咱们去吃寿司吧。
  L: Sounds good! Let’s go.
  Larry and 李华在谈论刚结束的演唱会。
  LH: Larry, 这个乐队太棒了! 他们肯定会红!
  L: Do you think so? It takes a lot of luck to become a famous band. There is a lot of competition out there.
  LH: 你说得也对。不过要想成名,就得努力抓住机会,试试看嘛!
  L: Right, even though the chances aren’t very good, sometimes you just have to roll the dice.
  LH: Roll the dice? 你是说掷骰子么?
  L: Right. When you roll the dice, that means that you take a chance, just like when you make a bet gambling.
  LH: 哦,roll the dice和掷骰子一样,表示碰碰运气! 你是说,虽然很多乐队最终红不了,但是想出名的人还是应该碰碰运气,说不定就能成功?
  L: Exactly. Here’s another example. Terrence wasn’t sure he would like living in New York, but he decided to roll the dice and move there anyway.
  LH: 哦,Terrence并不知道自己会不会喜欢纽约,不过他还是决定先搬过去,住住试试。Larry, 如果是你,你想住在什么地方?
  L: Definitely Hawaii! I’m not sure that I could find a job there, but it’s such a beautiful place that sometimes I think it’s worth rolling the dice.
  LH: 哈哈,即使冒着找不到工作的危险,你也想搬去夏威夷?我和你不一样,我想去罗马,而且我肯定能有工作,我要去当意大利菜大厨!
  L: Wow, that is definitely a roll of the dice. You don’t know how to cook Italian food!
  LH: A roll of the dice? 你是说我希望渺茫?我不管,不会可以学嘛!对了,说到意大利菜,咱们去你家附近那个餐馆吃点宵夜吧。
  L: I don’t know ... I read in the newspaper that it’s just boring, run-of-the-mill Italian food.
  LH: 别听报纸的,咱们自己试试去!
  L: Well alright, let’s roll the dice and see what happens.
  LH: 好! 吃完了咱们再去看个午夜场电影! 最近有什么好片么?
  L: I’m not sure ... Let’s just roll the dice. We’ll just go to the theater and watch whatever movie happens to be playing.
  LH: 这样也不错! 走吧!
  今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是run-of-the-mill, 表示没有特色,千篇一律。另一是roll the dice, 意思是碰运气。
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楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 01:18:38
  Discussion Questions:
  1:What are your favourite holiday activities?
   2: Should it be legal to marry more than one partner at the same time?
  3:What jobs would you most and least like to do?
   4: What do you think is the best age to be? Explain your opinion.
  Start With: Hello My Name Is..... Nice To Meet You / Its Very Nice To Meet You Again~~~~
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  Pocketful of Sunshine
  I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.  我已有一口袋的阳光
  I got a love, and I know that it’s all mine.  我得到了属于我的爱
  Do what you want, but you’re never gonna break me.  做你想做的但不要伤害我
  Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.  棍棒和石头不能动摇我
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  a secret place  去秘密之地
  a sweet escape  甜蜜逃亡
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  to better days  为了更好的生活
  take me away  带我离开
  a hiding place  去隐蔽之地
  I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.  我已有一口袋的阳光
  I got a love, and I know that it’s all mine.  我得到了属于我的爱
  Do what you want, but you’re never gonna break me.  做你想做的但不要伤害我
  Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.  棍棒和石头不能动摇我
  I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.  我已有一口袋的阳光
  I got a love, and I know that it’s all mine.  我得到了属于我的爱
  Wish that you could, but you ain’t gonna own me.  希望你如愿去不要得到我
  Do anything you can to control me.  做任何事情只为控制我
  Oh, no.
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  a secret place  去秘密之地
  a sweet escape  甜蜜逃亡
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  to better days  为了更好的生活
  take me away  带我离开
  a hiding place  去隐蔽之地
  There’s a place that I go,   我要去一个
  But nobody knows.  别人不知道的地方
  Where the rivers flow,  一个河水流淌之地
  And I call it home.  我把它叫做家
  And there’s no more lies.  那里没有谎言
  In the darkness, there’s light.  黑暗中也有光明
  And nobody cries.  没人哭泣
  There’s only butterflies.  只有蝴蝶飞舞
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  a secret place  去秘密之地
  a sweet escape  甜蜜逃亡
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  to better days  为了更好的生活
  take me away  带我离开
  a hiding place  去隐蔽之地
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  a secret place  去秘密之地
  a sweet escape  甜蜜逃亡
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  to better days  为了更好的生活
  take me away  带我离开
  a hiding place  去隐蔽之地
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  a secret place  去秘密之地
  a sweet escape  甜蜜逃亡
  take me away  带我离开
  take me away  带我离开
  to better days  为了更好的生活
  take me away  带我离开
  a hiding place  去隐蔽之地
  The sun is on my side.  阳光照耀在我的路上
  Take me for a ride.  为我指引方向
  I smile up to the sky.  我向天空微笑
  I know I’ll be all right.  我知道都会好起来
  The sun is on my side.  阳光照耀在我的路上
  Take me for a ride.  为我指引方向
  I smile up to the sky.  我向天空微笑
  I know I’ll be all right.  我知道都会好起来
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  歌名:英文歌曲--Teddy Bear 创建时间:2011-04-06
  <1. 歌名>
  Teddy Bear
  <2. 歌词>
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Turn around (1).
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Touch the ground (2).
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Shine your shoes(3).
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  That will do!
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Go upstairs(4).
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Say your prayers(5).
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Turn off the light(6).
  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
  Say good-night(7).
  <3. Key Points>
  Move your body, Teddy Bear.
  Let’s move. 让我们动起来!
  What should you do before sleep?
  (1). Turn around
  (2). Touch the ground
  (3). Shine your shoes
  (4). Go upstairs
  (5). Say your prayers
  (6). Turn off the light
  (7). good-night
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  Learning is a skill and it can be improved.
  Your path to learning effectively is through knowing
  your capacity to learn
  processes you have successfully used in the past
  your interest, and knowledge of what you wish to learn
  Motivate yourself
  If you are not motivated to learn English you will become frustrated and give up. Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest:-
  Why do you need to learn/improve English?
  Where will you need to use English?
  What skills do you need to learn/improve? (Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking)
  How soon do you need to see results?
  How much time can you afford to devote to learning English.
  How much money can you afford to devote to learning English.
  Do you have a plan or learning strategy?
  Set yourself achievable goals
  You know how much time you can dedicate to learning English, but a short time each day will produce better, longer-term results than a full day on the weekend and then nothing for two weeks.
  Joining a short intensive course could produce better results than joining a course that takes place once a week for six months.
  Here are some goals you could set yourself:-
  Join an English course (and attend regularly).
  Do your homework.
  Read a book a month.
  Learn a new word every day.
  Visit an English speaking forum every day.
  Read a news article on the net every day.
  Do 10 minutes listening practice every day.
  Watch an English film at least once a month.
  Follow a soap, comedy or radio or TV drama.
  A good way to meet your goals is to establish a system of rewards and punishments.
  Decide on a reward you will give yourself for fulfilling your goals for a month.
  A bottle of your favourite drink
  A meal out / or a nice meal at home
  A new outfit
  A manicure or massage
  Understanding how you learn best may also help you.
  There are different ways to learn. Find out what kind of learner you are in order to better understand how to learn more effectively.
  The visual learner
  Do you need to see your teacher during lessons in order to fully understand the content of a lesson?
  Do you prefer to sit at the front of the classroom to avoid visual obstructions (e.g. people’s heads)?
  Do you think in pictures and learn best from visual displays including: diagrams, illustrated text books, overhead transparencies, videos, flipcharts and hand-outs?
  During a lecture or classroom discussion, do you prefer to take detailed notes to absorb the information?
  !Learning Tip - you may benefit from taking part in traditional English lessons, but maybe private lessons would be better.
  The auditory learner
  Do you learn best through verbal lectures, discussions, talking things through and listening to what others have to say?
  Do you interpret the underlying meanings of speech through listening to tone of voice, pitch, speed and other nuances?
  Does written information have little meaning until you hear it?
  !Learning Tip - you may benefit from listening to the radio or listening to text as you read it. You could try reading text aloud and using a tape recorder to play it back to yourself.
  The Tactile/Kinesthetic learner
  Do you learn best through a hands-on approach, actively exploring the physical world around you?
  Do you find it hard to sit still for long periods?
  Do you become distracted easily?
  !Learning Tip - you may benefit from taking an active part in role plays or drama activities.
  Here’s How:
  1-Remember that learning a language is a gradual process - it does not happen overnight.
  2-Define your learning objectives early: What do you want to learn and why?
  3-Make learning a habit. Try to learn something every day. It is much better to study (or read, or listen to English news, etc.) 10 minutes each day than to study for 2 hours once a week.
  4-Remember to make learning a habit! If you study each day for 10 minutes English will be constantly in your head. If you study once a week, English will not be as present in your mind.
  5-Choose your materials well. You will need reading, grammar, writing, speaking and listening materials
  6-Vary your learning routine. It is best to do different things each day to help keep the various relationships between each area active. In other words, don’t just study grammar.
  7-Find friends to study and speak with. Learning English together can be very encouraging.
  8-Choose listening and reading materials that relate to what you are interested in. Being interested in the subject will make learning more enjoyable - thus more effective.
  9-Relate grammar to practical usage. Grammar by itself does not help you USE the language. You should practice what you are learning by employing it actively.
  10-Move your mouth! Understanding something doesn’t mean the muscles of your mouth can produce the sounds. Practice speaking what you are learning aloud. It may seem strange, but it is very effective.
  11-Be patient with yourself. Remember learning is a process - speaking a language well takes time. It is not a computer that is either on or off!
  12-Communicate! There is nothing like communicating in English and being successful. Grammar exercises are good - having your friend on the other side of the world understand your email is fantastic!
  13-Use the Internet. The Internet is the most exciting, unlimited English resource that anyone could imagine and it is right at your finger tips.
  Remember that English learning is a Process Be patient with yourself. Practice, practice, practice!
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  enraged: 被激怒的,愤怒的
  frightened: 吃惊的,恐惧的
  hungover: 喝醉的
  idiotic: 傻傻的
  innocent: 单纯的
  miserable: 悲惨的
  obstinate: 顽固的
  pained: 疼痛的
  prudish: 拘谨的
  regretful: 后悔的
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    《Morning Has Broken 破晓》
    morning has broken like the first morning 天已破晓,如同创世的第一个清晨
    blackbird has spoken like the first bird 黑夜如夜莺般啼唱,如同创世的第一只鸣禽
    praise for the singing; praise for the morning 赞美这夜莺,赞美这清晨
    praise for them springing fresh from the world 让这世界上一切新生事物充满了灵性的清新
    sweet the rains new fall sunlit from heaven 甘霖初降,映照來自天庭的第一抹阳光,是何等甜美
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 15:04:49
  也许不是我的梦境,是我的沉迷。也许不是我的期许,是我的感伤。也许不是我的失忆,是我不够坚强。也许不是我的离弃,是我另一个开始。也许不是我的罪过,是我无尽的蹉跎。也许不是我的离开,是我换了轨迹。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(2)
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  Lissawang: 你是我今生的守候来世的期盼,可是今生守的太苦来世期待太累,但我不想轻言放弃一切的感伤,因为我无法割舍下对你无尽缠绵的的爱恋。我会等待,等那五百年里的花蕾绽放出蓝颜的幽艳,是的,我会继续的等待,不管是今生的天涯还是来世的海角,那蓝色无尽处的呼唤就是我们相依的舞台。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(1)
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  Lissawang: 也许的也许我该怎么去解释,曾经的曾经我该如何去面对,爱着我的爱我该怎去体会,伤了心的伤我该怎么去抚慰,忘记我的你我该怎么去唤醒,如果的如果我是否还会爱, 一切的一切终将成过去的伤。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
  删除|转发|评论今天14:21来自天涯微博 confuseoldman: || @Lissawang: 世界的舞台就是演绎知识和素质的平台,但是很多丑陋的人把中国排在最下面,所以投胎的时候就必须走过中国的历练,因为都是从孙子辈的开始的,无奈且悲哀的事实!
  国际名导演: 我在想一个问题,为啥那么多人来中国投胎呢?是不是那些老革命在地狱里给力的宣扬社会主义好啊。等投胎以后才发现坑爹呢这是。 
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 15:08:31
  中国特色会议日程:上午交流会,主题:你忽悠我,我忽悠你; 中午宴会,主题:你灌醉我,我灌醉你; 下午表彰会,主题:你吹捧我,我吹捧你; 晚上舞会,主题:你抱紧我,我抱紧你; 深夜约会,主题:你中有我,我中有你 。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(5)
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  qmd2016: @微博美女语录:在大人面前,当然是孩子错了;在裁判面前,当然是球员错了;在老板面前,当然是职员错了;在现实面前,当然是理想错了。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(6)
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 15:30:41
  无望的等待是对心灵的煎熬,记忆的删除是书写开始。 || @Lissawang: || @Lissawang: || @619610966: 转发
  Lissawang: 只要心灵深处存着对爱的呼唤,无论多久无论多少等待,那呼唤必定有人回应,必定穿越幽蓝的迷雾,听见沉落在海深处你的呢喃,不要失望不要灰心,继续呼唤必定让你爱人驻足,因我那遥远的海面已经有涟漪轻轻的涌动。 原文评论(2) 原文转发(11)
  如是我妞: 若要优美的嘴唇,要讲亲切的话;若要可爱的眼睛,要看到别人的好处;若要苗条的身材,把你的食物分给饥饿的人;若要美丽的头发,让小孩子一天抚摩一次你的头发;若要优雅的姿态,走路要记住,行人不止你一个。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(4)
  Lissawang: 翻阅着自己这些对空气或是对天涯的呢喃,心里无助的痛惜还有无助的祈求,都在隐隐的折磨着本已满溢的内心,为何?我不停的问自己,为何就不能在你的心房种上信义的种子,总是给敌人留下些许的空间排挤我的爱! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
  Lissawang: 哲人说,爱情就是当你知道了他并不是你所崇拜的人,而且明白了他还存在着种种缺点,却仍然选择了他,并不是因为他的缺点而抛弃他的全部,否定他的全部。世界上永远没有十全十美的人,宽容他、包含他、关心他,互相和谐相处,这样,爱情才能持久。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(2)
  Lissawang: 爱情如水,并且还是白开水,天天用,热的时候可以喝,凉了也可以喝,隔夜的你还可以用它来洗脸洗手,纯洁而且朴实,想说出它怎么个好喝或怎么有营养来,难,也用不着。精彩和浪漫都是如鱼饮水冷暖自知的事。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(2)
  Lissawang: 沉浸于一个人的世界,向往两个人的天堂,却选择了三个人的相爱,于是我被挤出了你的世界,你却忘了把我的心还个给我,每一次你们的欢笑,我的心夹在你们中间疼痛。 原文评论(1) 原文转发(2)
  Lissawang: 小时候我们拼命想长大,长大后才发现还是童年最无瑕;读书时我们做梦都想工作,工作后才明白还是寒窗时光最留恋;单身时羡慕别人出双入对,结婚后才懂得单身的自由也是一种无比的幸福……我们是一路向前走的,走过了也就错过了,唯有珍惜即时的拥有,生命的记忆里才会少一些悔与恨。 原文评论(1) 原文转发(2)
  删除|转发|评论今天09:56来自天涯微博 || @苦无计: 结党营私,古今中外,概莫能外.有人把它蒙上一块布,也不遮住事实与真相.
  拈花时评3: 政党与其他特殊利益团体并不需要持有公正而严格独立立场的报纸,他们需要的是一些能帮助他们赢取胜利,影响立法与欺蒙老百姓的报纸。 --------施拉姆(传播学家) 原文评论(0) 原文转发(12)
  如是我妞: If you are in love with two person, choose the second person. because if you are really in love with the first, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second. 如果你爱上了两个人,选第二个吧,因为如果你真的爱第一个,你不会和第二个陷入爱情的。 原文评论(2) 原文转发(7)
  删除|转发|评论今天06:46来自天涯微博所有的个体都是微尘,世上最卑微的微尘,但就是这些卑微的微尘,构成了无穷的世界, 卑微的无限积累就是宏伟的构建过程。我们要行动,我们在行动。 || @Lissawang: 呵呵!因为我是微尘,世上最卑微的微尘,只有落叶懂得的微尘 || @confuseoldman:落叶不是你的灵魂,落叶即归于尘土。...
  Lissawang: 夜色的美不是因为霓虹的闪亮,而是因为你在我身边的守护。夜色的安静不是因为无人懂你,而是因为我的世界只有你一个的驻足。夜色的的幽暗不是因为没有光明,而是因为黑暗里更懂得体会你的话语! 原文评论(2) 原文转发(8)
  删除|转发|评论今天06:11来自天涯微博落叶不是你的灵魂,落叶即归于尘土。灵魂是破土的芽,始终挣扎向上。那怕是卑微的一点点 || @Lissawang: 所以我的依托就是落叶的魂,也是微尘的心! || @confuseoldman:依托不是梦,依托的是灵魂。坚定的灵魂! || @Lissawang: 但是在美的夜色没有了依托,一切都将是微尘般卑微。 || ...
  Lissawang: 夜色的美不是因为霓虹的闪亮,而是因为你在我身边的守护。夜色的安静不是因为无人懂你,而是因为我的世界只有你一个的驻足。夜色的的幽暗不是因为没有光明,而是因为黑暗里更懂得体会你的话语! 原文评论(2) 原文转发(8)
  删除|转发|评论今天04:46来自天涯微博依托不是梦,依托的是灵魂。坚定的灵魂! || @Lissawang: 但是在美的夜色没有了依托,一切都将是微尘般卑微。 || @confuseoldman:夜色的美是因为寂静,我能听见你的心动;夜色的美是寂静,我能放飞梦般的思绪;夜色的美是寂静,我能独拥美丽的怀抱。
  Lissawang: 夜色的美不是因为霓虹的闪亮,而是因为你在我身边的守护。夜色的安静不是因为无人懂你,而是因为我的世界只有你一个的驻足。夜色的的幽暗不是因为没有光明,而是因为黑暗里更懂得体会你的话语! 原文评论(2) 原文转发(8)
  Lissawang: 也许注定无法改变微尘的结局,也许一切都是微尘美丽的幻想,无论怎么样都无法让那遗失的过往从新来过。因为来是为了忍受欺凌,忍受尘世的落寞,也许一切终将被幽蓝色的天际淹没,所有的红尘过往都会轮回到下个海角。 原文评论(2) 原文转发(3)
  Lissawang: 夜色的美不是因为霓虹的闪亮,而是因为你在我身边的守护。夜色的安静不是因为无人懂你,而是因为我的世界只有你一个的驻足。夜色的的幽暗不是因为没有光明,而是因为黑暗里更懂得体会你的话语! 原文评论(2) 原文转发(8)
  删除|转发|评论今天04:17来自天涯微博你的美丽我赞美,你的快乐我分亨,你的忧伤我分担。我们拥有一个家,那就是大家。都说天涯若比邻?我们都是一家人! || @Lissawang: 我的美丽因你的赞美 || @朝霁晨:天涯有你更美丽 || @Lissawang: || @confuseoldman: || @Lissawang: 我的眼泪是蓝色花园...
  619610966: 怀着感恩的心,走在阳光里,温暖自己,温暖家人,每天。 原文评论(1) 原文转发(17)
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  命哲学是奴性的根本 || @一眼揭天机: 转发
  言非语: 封建专制社会,一定会随着整个世界潮流发展,生存空间越来越小。我思考的关键问题是:封建独裁统治,是由谁统治的?是谁助长了这种统治。思考再三,还是我们平民百姓的奴性,在帮助独裁统治。 || @言非语: 反腐败从提高公民素质开始 http://tysurl.com/ssXU2r 原文评论(0) 原文转发(11)
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  忽悠忽悠就瘸了: 【汽油,中国涨,韩国降】同样是汽油,中国价格上涨0.39元,韩国价格下调.60元……我还能说什么?神马叫“为人民服务”?……谁再拿中国国情或特色来愚弄百姓,别怪我说粗话草泥妈  原文评论(3) 原文转发(56)
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  北国南瓜: 常跟领导吃饭,升官是迟早的事; 常跟大款吃饭,发财是迟早的事;常跟老婆吃饭,厌倦是迟早的事; 常跟情人吃饭,肾虚是迟早的事;常跟异性吃饭,上床是迟早的事;由此推论:想干什么事,先吃什么饭! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(24)
  删除|转发|评论前天19:41来自天涯微博 || @苦无计: 我承认我们该死,我们堕落,我们无耻,长期这样,地球上将没有我们.
  1056674705: 美国兰德公司报告:中国人追求腐化堕落的生活,满足于自我生理感官需求,文化建立在声色犬中:麻将、赌博、色情、吃欲、贪欲、色欲无不渗透生活文化中。由于技术落后管理失败,能耗要比发达国家高出很多。出口增加,扩大生产的同时丧失宝贵的能源。严重污染环境,使中国变为全世界最不宜居住的国家  原文评论(4) 原文转发(64)
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  大圣天下ABC: 来自抗战前线的报道;公仆”不怕喝酒难, 千杯万盏只等闲。 茅台五粮翻细浪, 乌龟王八走鱼丸。 鸳鸯帐里春宵暖, 麻将桌上五更寒。 更喜小姐白如雪, 三陪过后更开颜  原文评论(2) 原文转发(15)
  CNTV复兴论坛: 【我们这一代人】读小学时,大学不要钱;读大学时,小学不要钱;还没工作时,工作是分配的;可以工作时,得自谋职业;没挣钱时,房子是分配的,能挣钱时,发现一辈子的薪水也买不起房子;没有进入股市的时候,傻子都在赚钱;兴冲冲闯进去的时候,发现自己成了傻子。为什么不赶趟的总是我?  原文评论(2) 原文转发(16)
  删除|转发|评论前天16:35来自天涯微博 || @confuseoldman: 不懂,但有韵味。
  苦无计: 【禅语悟道】寒山问拾得:“世间有人谤我、欺我、辱我、笑我、轻我、贱我、骗我,如何处置乎?” 拾得曰:“忍他、让他、避他、由他、耐他、敬他、不要理他,再过几年你且看他。”不争,元气不伤;不畏,慧灼闪光;不怒,百神和畅;不忧,心底清凉;不求,不卑不亢;不执,可圆可方;不贪,富贵安康! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
  删除|转发|评论前天15:59来自天涯微博沈阳多位公安局长卖官敛财 家庭困难干警贷款送钱,现今中国这档事不是新闻,这是常识。普遍现象啦。只有倒霉蛋出事啦。
  删除|转发|评论前天15:53来自天涯微博当你40岁时,没有4000万身价(家)不要来见我,也别说是我学生。”4月4日,北师大房地产研究中心主任董藩教授在微博声称,高学历者的贫穷意味着耻辱和失败,引发巨大争议。6日晚,董藩通过凤凰网发布声明回应质疑,称“4000万”的言辞是对学生讲的励... || @confuseoldman: [好文共赏]好文共欣赏(转载) http://tysurl.com/JsXUTO
  醉卧中关村: 其实,仇官现象很好理解:你是上面任命的,而不是人民选举的,我辛劳一生供你挥霍无度,你的儿子还开车满大街捅人玩,你们是既要我的钱,又要我的命,我不仇恨你,那我该仇恨谁?你又让我仇恨西方霸权主义,那为啥你们要把子女送过去呢?晃点我? 原文评论(2) 原文转发(2)
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  Lissawang: 看的是书,读的却是世界;沏的是茶,尝的却是生活;斟的是酒,品的却是艰辛;人生就像一张有去无回的单车票,没有彩排。每一场都是现场直播。把握好每次演出.. 原文评论(0) 原文转发(73)
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  rain_vivi2010: 现在的政策就是给富人和有权势的人立的,让老百姓买车,然后不让你开,上路就要交各种高额税负(包括限号,高额停车费等等)逼着老百姓都去挤地铁、公交!把路让出来给那些“为老百姓”服务的有权人、把路让出来给那些有钱人!我们的税都用来干什么了!中国政府,北京政府必须向老百姓公开账目! 原文评论(2) 原文转发(25)
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  青檬音乐台911pop: 【#青檬健康提示#】熬夜需要注意的事项:熬夜时要吃热的东西,甜食少吃;注意保暖,不要冻着肚子;一定要有足够多的白开水;开始熬夜前,来一颗维他命B群营养丸。维他命B能够解除疲劳,增强人体抗压力。最后熬夜前千万记得卸妆,不然会长痘痘。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(9)
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  漠北枪侠: 一个七旬老太捡废品时捡到7000块钱,虽然又冷又饿,但毫不犹豫地将钱交给警方。办完手续后,老人不好意思地问警察:“我还没吃早饭,可不可以借一元买两馒头吃?”在场警元震惊了,纷纷掏出口袋里的钱往老人手里塞。老人坚持只要一块钱。望着老人远去的背影,警察们含着热泪把钱分了  原文评论(79) 原文转发(241)
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  敢于说真话,还是个人物. || @王大麻子: 让真话倒霉了吧 || @子梁2010: 争取民主人权法制才是反腐成功的根本,靠目已反腐只能越反越腐! || @雅之咪: 转发
  谭明亮gouba123: 【真情告白】广东茂名市委书记罗荫国贪污16亿接受调查时称:“要说我是贪官,说明官场都是贪官。” “凭什么专整我?真让我交代,我能交代三天三夜,把茂名官场翻个底朝天。”“中国不就是腐败分子提拔腐败分子,腐败分子反腐败吗?” “像我这样级别的,谁不能供出来百十个人?这太平常了!”  原文评论(93) 原文转发(471)
  删除|转发|评论4月6日16:18来自天涯微博 || @苦无计: || @王大麻子: 错,他的结论是必须投巨资维稳。 || @阳春燕子: 有远见!所以必须改革政治腐败!知道又怎样?奈何!稳定压倒一切!
  1056674705: 【胡锦涛警告:腐败正在逼迫人民起来革共产党的命】他在2005年11月5日中纪委会议上说:“共产党官僚资本的腐败正在逼迫人民起来革共产党的命。官僚腐败横行,将从制度上动摇和摧毁社会主义社会制度,从政权上动摇、危害共产党的领导地位,从基础上削弱、丧失以社会各阶层优秀分子为中坚力量的组织。" 原文评论(0) 原文转发(31)
  飞碟教父: 【全颠倒了】:官府黑道化,黑道官府化;新闻谣言化,谣言新闻化;犯贱艺术化,艺术犯贱化;专家马屁化,马屁专家化;学术欺骗化,欺骗学术化;教授商人化,商人教授化;明星妓女化,妓女明星化;戏剧广... || @与卫生局决斗: 我把“这些事”在美国媒体曝光,算不算“卖国”?(有图有真相)(连载) http://tysurl.com/isXNe4 原文评论(2) 原文转发(9)
  苦无计: 【禅语悟道】寒山问拾得:“世间有人谤我、欺我、辱我、笑我、轻我、贱我、骗我,如何处置乎?” 拾得曰:“忍他、让他、避他、由他、耐他、敬他、不要理他,再过几年你且看他。”不争,元气不伤;不畏,慧灼闪光;不怒,百神和畅;不忧,心底清凉;不求,不卑不亢;不执,可圆可方;不贪,富贵安康! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
  醉卧中关村: 大清早做了个梦,梦见了影片《英雄儿女》里面的王成死守阵地呼叫炮火的那个场景。多年过去,这个场景一直令我很感慨。我在想我们这个民族软弱可欺吗?并不是的。我们这个民族之所以能傲立世界,其实就是因为我们的文化骨子里是崇尚舍生取义的…清明到了,向那些舍生取义的国人致敬…(图为南岳忠烈祠) 原文评论(0) 原文转发(1)
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  醉卧中关村: 新闻里面经常有领导说建设服务型政府。其实道理很简单,所谓服务型政府,就是政府是保姆,是雇员,我们是雇主。假如保姆做得不好,雇主有权利让他滚蛋。但现在问题是,别说解雇了,甚至是批评一下保姆,都能被保姆给崩了。这还叫服务型政府吗? 原文评论(2) 原文转发(1)
  醉卧中关村: 看一下中国历代封建王朝由盛转衰,几乎都是从骄奢淫逸、好大喜功、大兴土木开始的。“历览前贤国与家,成由勤俭败由奢”,这是警世名言!我们所花的每一分钱,都来自人民,都是人民用汗水换来的,必须用来为人民办好事、办实事,绝不允许挥霍浪费——说的太好了,现在的很多官员就是一群硕鼠蛀虫! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(9)
  醉卧中关村: 张大爷的故事只给我一个启发:他一生纳税,却无从追寻他的钱被用在何地。有一种社会制度,大多数人受到户籍限制,失去迁徙的自由,付出辛劳贡献财富,却无权支配财富的分配,这种制度叫什么来着,历史教科书上写过的,叫什么来着,一下想不来了了,博学的网友帮我想一下 原文评论(1) 原文转发(1)
  醉卧中关村: 茂名市委书记罗荫国贪污16亿,在接受调查时称:要说我是贪官,说明官场都是贪官。凭什么专整我?真让我交代,我能交代三天三夜,把茂名官场翻个底朝天。中国不就是腐败分子提拔腐败分子,腐败分子反腐败吗?像我这样级别的,谁不能供出来百十个人?这太平常了!——瞧见没有,这才叫卖国罪  原文评论(1) 原文转发(13)
  醉卧中关村: 郎咸平评点中国经济;1,当政府遇到处理不了的情况时,通常的做法是加税。2,如果你觉得走高速公路交费很正常,那就证明你不正常。2,所有央企国企只上缴了1.2万亿元的税,而所有的个体户 (雇用员工少于5人)的小企业,居然上缴了1.1万亿元的税。4,中国是一个最喜欢谈判而又最不会谈判的国家。  原文评论(1) 原文转发(8)
  醉卧中关村: 民政部始建于清朝,是由巡警部转化来的。民国时警务功能退出,职能转为民生,从法国引入了租房管制,禁止房东乱涨价,禁止把租户赶到大街上去。一句话,民政部就是起到调剂民生的功能,现在的民政部,活人不管,却要把死人赶出坟墓——民政部说,死人最多只能在坟里躺50年,然后就得爬起来让开… ZT 原文评论(0) 原文转发(1)
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  推来推去的推: 发改委说:中国不含税油价低于美国。纪检委急了:中国不含贪官全世界最廉洁。开发商说:中国不含地皮房价最低。其实,中国不含人是最民主的。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(0)
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  孟散人: 鸭脖中的那位花和尚也是特殊世道下的特殊产物吧?这年头,信仰都变成羊头狗肉了,小姐改行公务员了,童工早成公仆了,贪官监狱里领工资了、唱歌唱成将军了,流氓变成公安了、家属出境爱国了,政府成了私人的了,和尚出来撒娇了 原文评论(0) 原文转发(2)
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  S大哥佬: 一个惊人的消息,刚刚知道,中国特大走私案主犯赖昌星已经回国,据说有一支特警排专门负责其人身安全,国家安全局也秘密前往监视,看来官场又要地震了,据我了解,赖昌星案还有很多巨贪没有暴露,就等他回来打开案底呢,静观其变,等着看好戏。。。有木有。。。。@纪连海2011说  原文评论(0) 原文转发(9)
  删除|转发|评论今天15:56来自天涯微博 confuseoldman: || @摄影家2010: || @注册一个网名真难: || @忽悠忽悠就瘸了: 酒后呢,陪睡不?
  说真话好难: 【河南郑州酒店出现美女敬酒员】“激动的心,颤抖的手,我给领导倒杯酒,领导不喝嫌我丑。” 原文评论(1) 原文转发(13)
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  cliffton: 8.“无奈”类:原重庆市第三人民医院院长(副厅级)刘松涛,生活糜烂,自诩为“有情人”。他不仅留下可耻的“性爱日记”,而且留下了一句雷人的“至理名言”——“有很多女人喜欢自己,我也没办法”,似乎显得很无奈。  原文评论(0) 原文转发(1)
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楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 18:19:13
  铁树心 : 兲民有精神分裂症,兲官也有,兲民日报上几十年来的社论就是一个矛盾结合体,昨天狠批的小凳子,后来是亿民拥戴的改革家,前天热捧的小林子,后来就成为永不翻身的阴谋家。放到小处,同样是大学生,兲官要杀马加爵,兲民就说要放,兲民要杀药家鑫,兲官却非保不可,人权若牲权时,法律就是杀猪刀, 原文评论(1) 原文转发(5)
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 18:20:28
  逃避不一定躲得过,面对不一定最难受;孤单不一定不快乐,得到不一定能长久;------ 失去不一定不再有,转身不一定最软弱;别急着说别无选择,以为世上只有对于错;------ 许多事情的答案都不是只有一个,所以我们永远有路可以走! || @糊涂天生: 美得过分
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  I'm a kind of person who live beautiful girl

作者:夏岑仁 时间:2011-04-09 19:58:12
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 21:59:23
  : 政治绝不能只在自上而下的单轨上运行,一个健全的、能持久的政治,必须是上通下达、来回自如的双轨形式。 || @吴中徙徒: 政府公信力的社会性来源 http://tysurl.com/7sXIOP 原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @民进党好好: || @刘雪锋: || @美美7777: || @捂枪弄棍: || @王大麻子: || @王隐天下: || @lyh0213: || @爱在北纬三十一度: 转发
  严少雄: 【无耻的表演】组织者(谁谁谁知道)、这些演员、CCAV,都无耻! 打开看动画,有图有真相。转  原文评论(3) 原文转发(106)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @民进党好好: 转发
  忽悠忽悠就瘸了: 转---@纪连海2011:我还忘了一句话,中国消费者协会和中国总工会也是最扯淡的部门,这两个部门吃了多多少少纳税人的钱,可是我们还不如养几十万条狗有用呢,狗是人类的朋友,他们是人类的天敌!  原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
  如是我妞: 酒,少喝一点,对肝有好处;烟,少抽一点,对肺有好处;妞,少泡一点,对肾有好处;运动,多做一点,对身体有好处;钱,多赚一点,对生活有好处;老婆,多想一点,对爱情有好处...... 原文评论(1) 原文转发(7)
  醉卧中关村: 发改委一边宣布着汽油涨价,一边约谈各个行业的协会,让其他民生领域不涨价。汽油是基本物资,这个涨价而其他不许涨,就等于是用企业来消化这部分成本,不要脸都说得轻了。更不要脸的是,这是无法真正抑制涨价的,这是开给老百姓的一张空头支票。画饼没问题,非要告诉我可以充饥,我就操你娘。ZT 原文评论(1) 原文转发(2)
  醉卧中关村: @董崇飞:的哥很能侃,也很乐观,但突然叹囗气:「说了你不信,我们现在啊,还不如骆驼祥子」。这话说完,他不再侃山,俺很想安慰他,但没啥可说。车顺着河边小路,飞快驶着,早上七点,车厢里一片静默。  原文评论(0) 原文转发(2)
  醉卧中关村: @杨海鹏在上海:@高昱 和他的<商务周刊>因为批评国家电网,终被停刊处理。本周乃最后一期。国有垄断集团,现已为中国改革和进步之大患。政府/国有垄断集团/司法 三位一体,最后将窒息中国经济和社会发展之一切可能 原文评论(0) 原文转发(2)
  . || @王大麻子: || @zhuohaobing: || @夏岑仁: || @swansuyw: 1935,何其相似乃尔!||@cliffton:转发
  严少雄: 【1935年林语堂】中国今天所需要的并不是对政治家们进行道德教化,而是给他们多准备一些监狱。在那些贪官污吏们可以 大模大样地定购去横滨或者西雅图的一等舱时,谈论什么廉洁政府,纯粹白费力气。中国现在所需要的既不是仁慈,也不是正直,而是将那些既不仁慈,也不正直的官员们拉出去枪毙的勇气。转 原文评论(1) 原文转发(30)
  . || @王大麻子: || @东北西北2009: || @矫正公: 不在沉默中爆发,就在沉默中灭亡! || @唐吉阿德2012: 转发
  S大哥佬: 在德国达豪集中营入口处刻着一位诗人的警世名言:“当一个政权开始烧书的时候,若不加以阻止,它的下一步就要烧人!当一个政权开始禁言的时候,若不加以阻止,它的下一步就要灭口!”埃德蒙·柏克说:“邪恶盛行的唯一条件,是善良者的沉默。”  原文评论(1) 原文转发(24)
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-09 22:37:04
  铁树心: 理想世界里,大部分人都有很宏伟的目标,以为自己能够一飞冲天;现实生活中,你高傲的头颅常常不得不折服在命运的铁蹄下,否则就很容易像钱云会的脑袋一样被碾断。有经天纬地治国之才的,绝不止你所见的那几个大官,但你不得不接受他们的压迫式统治,有精打细算经营之能的,也绝不止你所见的几个富豪。 原文评论(3) 原文转发(12)
  . || @swansuyw: 官儿越简越多。||@警察也怕砍刀:||@fcy38123:转发
  严少雄: 某国的房价,调控了十多年,越调越涨。某国的油价,涨了十多年,越涨越高。某国的地震,预测了几十年,越测越震。某国的食品,质检了几十年,越检越毒。某国的反贪,反了几十年,越反越贪。某国的交通,治理了几十年,越治越堵。某国的人民,生活了几十年,越活越不如死。转 原文评论(0) 原文转发(23)
  . || @swansuyw: 转发
  说真话好难: l刘亚洲将军:西方的历史是一部改恶从善的历史。中国的历史则是一部改善从恶的历史。古代西方什么都禁,就是不禁人的本能。中国什么都不禁,独独禁本能。西方人敢于展示自己,既敢于展示自己的思想,又敢于展示自己的裸体。中国就知道穿衣服。给思想穿衣服。穿衣服总比脱衣服容易。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(6)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @fcy38123: || @abc965: || @wanchanglin: wanchanglin有道理,比我水平高到哪去了。
  lijj1128: 【情感】不要以为裸体就是色情;不要以为文凭就是能力;不要以为权力就是威望;不要以为地位就是尊严;不要以为金钱就是幸福;不要以为考察就是取经;不要以为文件就是落实;不要以为工作就是会议;不要以为承诺就是兑现;不要以为批评就是攻击;不要以为曝光就是添乱;不要以为监督就是找碴 原文评论(0) 原文转发(36)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @啥是昵称: 转发
  S大哥佬: 也不要把我三哥戴表了【外交部:奉劝美国不要以“人权教师爷”自居】洪磊:奉劝美方多反省自己的人权问题,别以“人权教师爷”自居,停止借人权报告等方式干涉别国内政。网友戏评:咱们超90%的人有幸福感,美国有吗?拿最低的工资,缴着最多的税款,美国人缴得起吗?住没永久产权的房子,美国人行吗  原文评论(2) 原文转发(6)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @大胆刁民888: 转发
  严少雄: 再轉: 一农民嫖娼被抓,写深刻的检讨说:“主要是放松了学习,把自已混同于党员干部,完全忘记了自已是个群众,以为可以和领导一样想干什么就干什么”。 原文评论(0) 原文转发(12)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @冢弓冢央: 抓到的你不要叫,没有抓到的你不要笑,迟早一个也跑不掉。善有善报恶有恶报。 || @孟散人: 转发
  大拿杂谈: 贪官,你强占了多少人的“性福”? http://tysurl.com/AsXGN9 原文评论(0) 原文转发(5)
  . || @一眼揭天机: || @崔同同: 转发
  吴中徙徒: 政治绝不能只在自上而下的单轨上运行,一个健全的、能持久的政治,必须是上通下达、来回自如的双轨形式。 || @吴中徙徒: 政府公信力的社会性来源 http://tysurl.com/7sXIOP 原文评论(0) 原文转发(3)
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-10 00:47:07
  我一直认为自己不说谎,就没有人欺骗的了自己。可是忽然发现我无时无刻不在漠视着别人的谎言,微尘如此的卑微也许就因为真的不适应这个充满谎言和欺骗的世界! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(0)
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  Lissawang: 转 你敢靠近我我就敢注意你 你敢关心我我就敢担心你 你敢拿真心我就敢接纳你 你敢拖我手我就敢亲吻你 你敢喜欢我我就敢爱上你 你敢为我戴上戒指我就敢嫁给你 重点是:你敢脱下我的衣服就要敢帮我穿上婚纱!!!如果最后一条做不到 那就请不要开始第一条! 原文评论(0) 原文转发(1)
楼主confuseoldman 时间:2011-04-10 04:40:14
  conspire [con-共同,spir呼吸;’共呼吸”→互通气息] 共谋,同谋,阴谋,密谋策划
  conspirator [见上,-ator表示人] 共谋者,阴谋家
  conspiracy [见上,-acy名词后缀,表示行为] 共谋,同谋,阴谋,密谋
  inspire [in-入,spir呼吸;’吸入”,吸气,注入→注入勇气,注入生气] 鼓舞,激励,吸入,使生灵感
  inspiration [见上,-ation名词后缀,表示行为及行为结果] 鼓舞,激励,吸气,灵感
  expire [ex-出,(s)pir呼吸,’呼出气体”] 呼气,吐气;[呼出最后一口气] 断气,死亡,终止
  expiration [见上,-ation名词后缀,表示行为] 吐气,断气,死亡,告终
  respire [re-再,spir呼吸] (尤其连续地)呼吸
  respiration [见上,-ation名词后缀] 呼吸,呼吸作用
  respirator [见上,-ator表示物] 呼吸器,防毒面具,防尘口罩
  spirit [spir呼吸,-it名词后缀;呼吸→气息,the breath of life] 精神,心灵,灵魂
  spiritual [见上,-ual形容词后缀,…的] 精神(上)的,心灵的
  dispirit [di-=dis-取消,除掉spirit精神;’使失去精神”→使失去勇气] 使气馁,使沮丧
  perspire [per-贯穿,透过,spir呼吸;’呼透”→由手孔呼出] 出汗,排汗
  perspiration [见上,-ation名词后缀] 排汗
  perspiratory [见上,-atory形容词后缀,…的] 排汗的
  aspirate [a-加强意义,spir呼吸,-ate动词后缀;’呼气→送气] 发送气音;[转作名词] 送气音
  conspire [con-共同,spir呼吸;’共呼吸”→互通气息] 共谋,同谋,阴谋,密谋策划
  conspirator [见上,-ator表示人] 共谋者,阴谋家
  conspiracy [见上,-acy名词后缀,表示行为] 共谋,同谋,阴谋,密谋
  inspire [in-入,spir呼吸;’吸入”,吸气,注入→注入勇气,注入生气] 鼓舞,激励,吸入,使生灵感
  inspiration [见上,-ation名词后缀,表示行为及行为结果] 鼓舞,激励,吸气,灵感
  expire [ex-出,(s)pir呼吸,’呼出气体”] 呼气,吐气;[呼出最后一口气] 断气,死亡,终止
  expiration [见上,-ation名词后缀,表示行为] 吐气,断气,死亡,告终
  respire [re-再,spir呼吸] (尤其连续地)呼吸
  respiration [见上,-ation名词后缀] 呼吸,呼吸作用
  respirator [见上,-ator表示物] 呼吸器,防毒面具,防尘口罩
  spirit [spir呼吸,-it名词后缀;呼吸→气息,the breath of life] 精神,心灵,灵魂
  spiritual [见上,-ual形容词后缀,…的] 精神(上)的,心灵的
  dispirit [di-=dis-取消,除掉spirit精神;’使失去精神”→使失去勇气] 使气馁,使沮丧
  perspire [per-贯穿,透过,spir呼吸;’呼透”→由手孔呼出] 出汗,排汗
  perspiration [见上,-ation名词后缀] 排汗
  perspiratory [见上,-atory形容词后缀,…的] 排汗的
  aspirate [a-加强意义,spir呼吸,-ate动词后缀;’呼气→送气] 发送气音;[转作名词]
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