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waive the penalty clause vt.不执行权利
  heads-up n.警告
  tipoff n.给…通风报信
  wide-awake adj.警觉的
  wrap-up n.简讯
  belated adj.迟来的
  in the vicinity of somewhere …的邻近地区
  retrace my steps 原路折回
  She has a disruptive influence on the other students. adj.破坏性的
  routine type of person 按部就班的人
  get the kids ready for school 准备小孩上学
  start work at nine 九点上班
  finish work at five 五点下班
  decide to have the morning off 上午休息
  stick to a diet 坚持减肥
  stick to his word 坚守诺言
  end up watching TV 最后变成看电视
  take the kids to school 送小孩去学校
  get the kids home 接小孩回家
  i’ve been with the same company since I left school. 毕业后在一家公司一直干
  come to work 来上班
  go into work 去上班
  it’s nice to go in every so often 偶尔上班
  go public vi.上市
  go along with 赞同;一起去
  go without saying 理所当然的,不用说的
  go ahead 有远见的
  management was dynamic 有活力的
  go unopposed 全票通过,所向披靡的
  A as opposed to B(表转折)是A而不是B
  check up on people 检查工作
  catch up on the news 得到消息;赶着做完
  email is rapidly catching up 赶上
  catch on 理解
  call on vt.呼吁,拜访
  call up information on any clients 回忆起
  make up 凑齐,补足
  mark up vt.提价
  draw up a contract vt.草拟/起草一份合同
  wind up vt.关闭公司
  rise up of the ladder 晋升
  if i stuck at the work, i can move up the company 坚持做,就会升
  dry up 使…干涸
  be fed up with sth 受够了某事
  to see a pick up in business好转
  economic turn around 好转
  two hours commuting on the bus车程
  to consult a legal adviser 咨询法律顾问
  he failed the test in spite of all his studying.
  despite oneself 尽管某人不愿意
  older companies will need to modernize quickly if they are to survive in today's economy. vi.现代化
  traditional moral values 传统道德观
  morale n.士气
  first-tier cities 一线城市
  packaging n.包装
  elite n.精英
  press conference n.记者招待会
  press n.新闻界,记者
  photocopier 复印机
  advertising campaign 广告宣传
  billboard campaign 广告宣传
  break into the market 打入市场
  sophisticated logistics network完善的物流
  performance appraisal 业绩评估
  a substantial discount 大幅度的折扣
  retail outlet n.零售店
  boardroom n.会议室
  ahead of schedule 提前
  on schedule 如期
  behind schedule 滞后
  flexible adj.灵活的
  obstinate adj.僵化的,固执的(stubborn)
  winning formula/success recipe 成功秘诀
  fall sharply 急剧下降
  a steady drop 逐步下跌
  a dramatic rise/increase sharply显著增长
  pilot factory 试验性厂房
  pilot project 先驱/创新项目
  sleeping partner 非执行股东
  recover the cost 收回成本
  financial markets recovered strongly
  strong pound 英镑坚挺
  diversity our business 多样化经营
  competitive edge 竞争优势
  cutting edge 尖端,优势
  adored 受青睐的
  in short supply 供应不足
  well-established companies老牌企业
  feature strongly 表现优异
  boom n.蓬勃发展,繁荣
  customer-driven culture客户至上的文化
  the market as a whole 市场的总体…
  longhand n.传统书记
  shorthand n.速记
  amount to 总计达
  register n.语域-指正式/中性/非正式
  discourse management 语言组织
  modal n.情态动词
  collocation n.词的搭配
  collaboration n.合作
  elaboration n.细化
  monologue n.独白
  utterance n.发音
  salutation n.敬语,致敬
  superficial adj.表面上的
  provisional plan 暂时的计划
  royalty card 会员卡
  strategic adj.战略的
  tactical adj.战术的
  to see how it goes 看看效果如何
  interlocutor n.谈话考官
  assessor n.评价考官
  mailshot n.邮寄来的大量广告
  leaflet n.传单
  flier n.促销传单
  flair n.才华
  word of mouth 口碑
  brochure n.宣传手册
  irritate vt.激怒
  spam n.垃圾邮件
  starting point 出发点
  decent adj.得体的
  astonished adj.吃惊的
  virtually adv.事实上,几乎
  sweetener n.糖精
  preservative n.防腐剂
  colorant n.着色剂
  additive n.添加剂
  deduction n.推断
  past participle 过去分词
  after all, nobody forces them 毕竟
  bits and pieces 零碎
  financial or psychological reward 经济或精神
  switch to our rivals 转投
  maintain competitiveness 保持竞争力
  update knowledge 更新知识
  develop new skills 培养技能
  run a program 组织一项计划
  common objectives 共同目标
  due to 由于
  due for 预计应得到的
  be due to 是时候…
  concentrate vt.专注
  overcommitted adj.操劳过度
  the soaring cost of …成本飙升
  unit performance 团队业绩
  publicity literature n.宣传材料
  publicity n.宣传,关注
  publicize vt.宣传
  literature n.文学作品,资料
  computer literate 电脑高手
  computer illiterate 电脑盲
  resulting in a loss 导致损失
  leisure facilities 休闲设施
  a prompt reply 及时的回复
  come into operation 实施
  look into a matter 调查问题
  tackle a problem 解决问题
  hand in one’s notice 递交辞呈
  one month’s notice 提前一个月通知
  please note therefore that …因此请注意
  come out with 说出
  come up with 想出个主意;拿出钱
  untapped adj.未利用的
  glamorous adj.迷人的
  jargon n.行话
  unsolicited adj.不请自来的
  the bank will never solicit your info 请求
  incoming n.收入
  outgoing n.支出
  world beater n.世界级选手
  profile n.形象,简介
  set aside some time 留出时间
  abroad adv.流传,弥漫
  absenteeism n.旷工
  account for: 占…份额;解释
  acting (代理的)[省长/主任/等等]
  amalgamation n.重组
  appeal to 呼吁/上诉/对…有吸引力
  appropriate vt.拨款
  aptitude n.天资
  arrears n.欠账
  current asset 流动资产
  fixed asset 固定资产
  frozen asset 冻结资产
  backing n.支持,赞助
  backhander n.贿赂
  backlog n.积压
  fringe benefits n.附加福利
  infringe vt.违法
  make a bid for 出价买
  takeover bid n.收购出价
  in the black adv.盈利
  bounce vi.拒付
  break even point n.打和点
  book value n.账面价值
  bookkeeper n.簿记员
  as long as I get the work done 只要做完
  get well on with 继续干某事
  get locked into 受困于
  don’t get sidetracked 不折腾
  get hold-up 卡住了
  get stuck in 卡住了
  to get into debt 负债
  to be out of debt 不欠债
  get your weeks sorted out 解决
  sort through vt.整理
  break through vt.突破
  come through 度过;到来
  throughput n.总产量
  put through 使遭罪;接通电话
  put a stop to … 叫停
  put sb. in charge of 让某人去管理
  put forward 提出
  put forth my best effort 拿出最大的努力
  put pen to paper 写到纸上
  put on the spot 使处于困境
  on the spot 当场
  put new ads. on hold 推迟
  please on hold 等着通电话
  consumables n.消耗品
  consumer durables n.耐用消费品
  bust adj.破产的
  buyout n.收购全部或大部分股权
  buy up vt.全部买下
  canvass vt.游说
  catastrophe n.大灾难
  conglomerate n.综合企业
  consortium n.财团
  business angels syndicate 企业联合组织
  credit worthiness 信贷可靠性
  cut-throat business adj.残酷的商界
  cut-price adj.打过折的
  to move on (to sth) 去做别的事
  move off the agenda vt.离开
  pay off a debt vt.还清(债务);取得成功
  write off vt.(债务的)取消
  fire off vi.连续地(提问/回答)
  stop off vi.中途停下
  spin-off n.额外的好处
  side effect n.副作用
  aged debtor 长期债务人
  deferred payments 延期支付
  appreciate/depreciate vt.认识到,升/贬值
  revalue/devalue vt.货币升值/贬值
  dimensions n. 面积,尺寸
  dismiss vt.解雇/dismissal n.解雇
  be dismissed out of hand 立即开除
  make five people redundant 裁5人
  downsize vt.精简
  dispose of 处理
  divest vt.剥夺
  dog n.滞销品
  down-market adj.低档的商品
  up-market adj.高档的商品
  equities n.股票;股东权益
  equity capital n.股本
  exaggerate vt.夸张
  entitlement n.应得的权利
  factoring n.折价购买债券
  engage with sb 尽力去理解
  engagement n.雇佣,建立关系
  commitment n.投入;花费(时间,精力)
  be committed to 致力于
  fail-safe system n.失效保护系统
  freebie n.赠品
  gimmick n.好点子
  going rate n.现行价格
  grapple with vt. 尽力解决
  grievance n.申诉,抱怨
  hype n.炒作,过分的广告
  earned income n.劳动所得
  unearned income n.非劳动所得
  indemnity n.赔偿
  industrial action n.劳工行动
  industrial relations n.劳资关系
  solvent adj.有偿付能力的
  insolvent adj.无清偿力的
  buffer inventory n.周转库存
  decoupling inventory n.应急库存
  just-in-time n.零库存制度
  make-to-stock adj.面向库存的
  make-to-order adj.面向订单的
  irrevocable adj.不可撤销的
  rights issue n.优先认股权
  preference shares n.优先股
  referendum n.公民投票
  referral n.推荐来的客户
  reference n.推荐信
  shortlist n.入围名单
  knockdown adj.(价格)很低的
  joblot n.一批出产/出售的廉价货
  jobbing adj.做零活的
  know-how n.专门技能
  expertise n.专门知识
  lessee n.承租人
  lessor n.出租人
  ledger n.分类账
  nominal ledger n.记名账
  purchase ledger n.进货账
  sales ledger n.出货账
  liability n.责任,负债
  reliability n.可靠性
  line process n.流水线
  assembly line n.装配线
  liquidity n.变现力
  liquidate vt.清算
  manning n.人员配备
  body-piercing n.人体穿孔
  bone marrow puncture n.骨穿;插入
  penetrate vt.打入(市场);穿透
  market penetration n.市场渗入
  market segmentation n.市场划分
  market niche n.市场商机
  mass-marketing n.大众营销
  materials handling n.材料控制
  merchandise n.商品;vt.销售
  off-season adj.淡季的
  off-the-shelf adj.现成的
  off-the-peg adj.现成的
  over-demanding adj.供大于求
  overdraft facility n.透支限额
  working capital n.营运资本
  overhead costs n.营业成本
  capital outlay 基建投资/n.开销
  reduce overheads n.日常开支
  reduce waste 减少浪费
  bring down cost 降低成本
  p.a./per annum 每年
  per-tax adj.税前的
  take-home pay n.税后工资
  perk n.额外福利
  petty cash n.零用现金
  phase out n.逐步淘汰
  in the pipeline 筹备中的
  plot vt.绘制,制订
  plough back n.再投资
  product mix n.产品组合
  prospect n.热门的候选人;前景
  prospective adj.有希望的
  prospectus n.简章,招股说明书
  prosper vt.使…繁荣 prosperity n.繁荣
  premium adj.优质的,最好的; n.奖赏,保险费
  premier 总理,首相;汇丰卓越理财
  speculate vi.投机;推测
  spectacle n.景象
  spectacular adj.壮观的
  spontaneous adj.自然发生的
  radically adv.彻底地
  rationalize vt.使合理化
  answer rationale n.题解
  receivership n.破产管理
  reckon vt.想;估算
  reckoner n.速算表
  reconcile vt.核对,调和
  recoup vt.赔偿
  remuneration n.薪酬
  scapegoat n.替罪羊
  scrap n.废物
  shelf-life n.商品陈列期
  premise n.营业场所
  shop steward n.工会代表
  shop floor n.车间
  flow shop n.车间
  flop n.失败


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  sick pay n.病假工资
  skimming and scanning跳读与略读
  price skimming n.撇脂定价法
  skimmed milk n.脱脂牛奶
  hard-sell n.强行推销
  soft-sell n.软性销售
  sourcing n.采购
  spare part n.零部件
  stag n.炒股者
  stagnant adj.停滞的,萧条的
  The Great Depression 大萧条
  statue n.人像雕塑
  statute n.法令
  statutory adj.法定的
  stationary adj.静止的
  stationery n.文具
  subcontract vt.分包,转包
  subordinate adj./n.下级的/下属
  ordinate n.纵坐标
  abscissa n.横坐标
  coordinate n.坐标
  subsidy n.补助金
  subsidize vt.补贴
  synergy n.协同作用(两家公司合并后的)
  take on vt.雇佣
  intake n.纳新
  task force n.攻关小组;工作组
  value added tax n.增值税
  tax allowance n.减免税
  tax-deductible adj.可免税的
  taxation bureau n.税务局
  tender vt.投标
  transformation n.加工
  USP:unique selling proposition独特提案
  venture n.商业冒险
  vision n.发展前景
  vocational adj.职业的
  product distribution network 产品营销网络
  practical solutions n.行之有效的办法
  initiate adj.首创的
  lead time n.准备时间
  outstanding motivation 非凡的动力
  product excellence 优质产品
  high-street name 大牌实体店
  dispatch work 分派工作
  pay invoices 付款
  seckill vt.秒杀
  furious adj.愤怒的
  first made one’s approach 首次接洽
  get the best out of 最好的利用
  make the best of 充分利用
  make the most of 尽可能利用
  in one’s best interest 符合…的利益
  to interest sb vt.使…感兴趣
  deliberately adv.审慎地,故意地
  intentionally adv.故意地
  short-termist n.短视
  rise and fall 起起落落
  keep knowledge to themselves 不外传
  tendency n.倾向
  knowledge champion n.知识英雄
  company ethos n.企业文化
  sb maintains that … 主张
  session n.一场会,一场培训
  section n.部分,章节
  to open (not to be opened)
  courier n.快递员
  claim for compensation n.索赔
  foreman n.工头
  for health and safety reasons 安全起见
  he turned out to be the best lens maker there was 成为了当时
  at the touch of the button 一点就出来
  amortize vt.分期偿还
  hire purchase 分期付款购买
  interim payment 分期付款
  intermittent production n.阶段性生产
  a millimeter across 直径一毫米
  motto n.座右铭
  as a result 因此,结果
  skeptical adj.怀疑的
  fortnight n.两星期
  tribunal n.仲裁
  cowardly adj.懦弱的
  vague adj.含糊的
  vogue adj./n.流行的;时尚
  abolish vt.废除
  hastily 仓促地
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  huddle n.小型碰头会
  weary adj.疲倦的
  dismantle vt.拆开
  industrial treatment 工业处理
  totaling 60 units 总计
  outperform vt.胜过
  track record 履历,记录
  a larger font though 不过还是…
  determination n.决心
  career prospect n.职业前景
  maneuver vi.操纵;军演;技术动作
  spoil vi.变质
  youngster n.年轻人
  piecing 修补
  a slump in sales n.暴跌
  concede vt.承认
  convene vt.召集
  assault from 受攻击
  confectionery n.糖果
  synthetic adj.综合的
  problematic adj.困难的
  AGM:Annual General Meeting 股东年会
  breakneck speed 惊人的速度
  contrasting idea adj.不同的
  prestigious adj.著名的
  dominant player 龙头老大
  take actions
  take measures
  take steps
  make preparations
  make sacrifices
  give a wipe 擦一擦
  profit margins 利润率
  reveal vt.透露
  exact/specific adj.具体的
  nobody n.小人物
  somebody n.大人物
  tremendous training ground 巨大训练场
  three years in a row 连续三年
  impersonal office 没有人情味的办公室
  elevation 提拔
  inclusiveness 包容性
  generate growth 创造增长
  poach vt.挖墙角
  take great care 特别小心
  key people 骨干
  track down 追踪,寻找
  active 事情发生后的积极应对
  proactive 事情发生前的积极预防
  exploit the potential benefit 利用
  if approached 如果被问到的话
  be motivated to 积极的
  in contrast 相比之下
  more encouraging than we expected 更好
  nothing at the moment 暂时没有
  strike you as … 给你留下…印象
  strike a deal 达成协议
  don’t bother asking for 别费事问
  plus points n.长处
  a matter of course 必定的事
  course of action 做法
  casualties n.死伤
  all the harder 更甚
  metamorphosis n.蜕变
  polymorphism n.多态性
  commonplace adj.普通的
  hand in hand 手拉手;亲密合作
  talent-intensive 人才密集型
  labor-intensive 劳工密集型
  mediocre adj.普通的,平庸的
  mundane adj.平庸的
  old acquaintance 认识的人,老情人
  solitary adj.单独的
  salary increases n.加薪
  with the assumption of 基于这种架设
  kept well away adv.完全地
  well-organized person 有组织能力的人
  institutionalized 制度化的
  less explicit 不太明显
  tacit 难以言说的
  erratic 古怪的
  strained 紧张的(关系)
  demerits 缺点
  complete faith 完全的信心
  have faith in 对…有信心
  out of this, came their unique selling point
  in favor of 主张,热衷于
  undercut vt.暗中破坏
  underline vt.强调
  underlie vt.体现
  understaffed 人手短缺的
  undertake some projects vt.承担
  overtake vt.打败;超车
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  cost-conscious 注重成本的;vi.意识到
  health-conscious 注重健康的
  credibility 公信力
  skills-based training 技能培训
  customer retention挽留顾客
  retain high-flyers 挽留员工
  retained earnings n.留存收益
  ordering and labeling 订购和有意向
  come a close second to Zenon 紧追第一
  have stripped the rest of the industry 除去
  asset stripping n.资产剥离
  jump at the chance 急于接受
  in some respects 在某些方面
  first and foremost 首要的
  unheard 前所未有的
  unprecedented adj.前所未有的
  set foot outside their doors 足不出户
  not because…but because…不是…而是…
  not in order to … but in order to … 不是而是
  heading that way 朝那方向
  marketing specialist 市场专员
  who’s most at risk 谁最危险
  sb are most likely to go 某些人很可能要走
  disposable articles 一次性用品
  shift vi.改变;换挡
  enlighten vi.阐明;启发
  enlightened adj.开明的
  to channel the creativity vt.专注,集中
  nevertheless conj.然而
  intuition n.直觉
  tuition n.学费
  lead the way 带路,示范
  dictate vt.口述;命令;支配
  perception n.看法
  reorient vt.重定向;重新调整
  coherent adj.连贯的
  hinder vt.阻碍
  deter vt.阻止
  aversion n.厌恶
  nimble adj.机敏的
  mumble n./vi.咕哝
  in-person 亲自
  defunct adj.已故的,不复存在的
  lie in 关键在于;睡懒觉
  mitigate risk vt.减轻,缓和
  instigate vt.鼓动
  litigate vt.提出诉讼
  sue vt.起诉
  code n.法规
  legitimacy n.合法性
  legitimate [l??d??t?m?t] adj.合法的
  paradoxical [p?r??d?ksikl] adj.适得其反的
  saturated market [?s?t???re?t?d]饱和市场
  declining market 萎缩市场
  slow stock market 低迷的股市
  deteriorate vi.(滴替尔蕊尔蕊t)恶化
  to face humiliation 羞辱
  humiliating adj.丢脸的
  crumble vi.崩溃
  Eurozone debt crisis 欧元区债务危机
  a dry run of 关于…的排练
  civil unrest n.国内骚乱
  credit and blame 表扬与批评
  play to sb’s strength 用人所长
  given the chance 如果有机会
  thank you for your custom 光顾
  take sth with a pinch of salt 半信半疑的
  incumbent adj.在职的,义不容辞的
  encompass vt.包括
  embarrass vt.使难堪
  embrace the benefits 去发现/接受优点
  once-in-a-lifetime 终生难忘的
  once and for all adv. 一劳永逸地
  one-size-fits-all adj.一刀切的
  haul n.行程
  long haul 长途
  short haul 短途
  over the long haul 长久
  be in sth for the long haul 愿意坚持的
  sole distribution n.独家分销商
  sole trader n.个体户
  franchise n.特许经营权;加盟店
  nine out of ten 十之八九
  entrepreneurial adj.创业的
  entrepreneur n.创业者
  ludicrous adj.荒唐的
  ridiculous adj.荒唐的
  radically 彻底地
  branch out into sth拓展新业务;涉足某事
  set out 动身,启程
  set out to do 开始做
  range from .. to 范围从…到…
楼主普降暴雨 时间:2012-05-06 23:09:11
  anecdote n.轶闻,掌故
  anecdotal adj.传闻的
  norm n.规范,惯例
  uniformly adv.一致地
  startle vt.惊吓
  startling adj.惊人的
  unethical adj.不道德的
  workaholism n.工作狂
  address n./v. 称呼;设法解决
  attribute to 归功于
  obsessional about remaining in one organization adj.着迷的,摆脱不了的
  compelling reason/desire adj.不可抗拒的
  compellingly attractive adv.难抗拒的魅力
  compulsive adj.引人入胜的,欲罢不能的
  compulsion n.强迫,冲动
  ever-growing debt levels 渐增的债务水平
  supranational adj.超越国家的(不止一国)
  contagion n.接触传染,蔓延(贬)
  dignity and respect n.自尊和尊重人
  in public/in private 公开地/私下地
  enhance brand awareness 提高知名度
  to fit around/accommodate vt. 配合
  helping offset cooling demand 抵消乏力
  establish a good rapport with 良好关系
  do justice to 尽量做,尽量处理
  not do its justice 做得不好
  in connection with 与…有关
  with regard to 关于
  in respect of 关于
  as for 关于,至于
  as though/as if 好像
  as from 1st August 从8.1起
  prime area 黄金地段
  run into problems 有问题
  stay on good terms with 保持好关系
  you really save my day 使转危为安
  it could be a nuisance 讨厌的东西
  your colleagues will step in vi.介入
  opt in/opt out 参加/退出
  rejig/rejigger vt.重新调整(rearrange)
  take on board 考虑,接受
  bend over backwards to do sth 拼命做
  lean over backwards to do sth 走极端做
  make me see red 发火
  turn down my first promotion 拒绝
  you pop in to stores vi.突访
  carve out our own identity 辛勤创造,身份
  figurehead n.傀儡,挂名的首脑
  behind-the-scenes man 幕后英雄
  60-floor Garden Plaza 60层的大楼
  be left to 留给…去决定
  all too often 常常
  fall victim to 成为…的牺牲品
  say vi. 比方说
  argue that … 提出…
  argument n.道理,理由
  a sign of 一个标志
  in return (for sth) 作为…的回报
  convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事正确
  a way forward 前进的道路
  in the same way 同样地
  excess capacity 过剩的产能
  excess baggage 超重的行李
  bit by bit adv.一点点地
  considerable dangers adj.相当危险
  point of contact n.连结点
  play a part 参与,扮演一个角色
  in the absence of 缺乏…时
  on one's own terms 根据自己的主张
  in turn 相应地;轮流
  repeat custom 老客户
  awkward customer 棘手的客户
  a can-do mentality 有闯劲的心态
  many think un.想法
  successive generations of sth 下一代
  pharmaceutical company n.制药公司
  speak about vt.提到
  bring to their attention 使达到
  bring about effective change vt.引起,产生
  elicit response/information vt.获得
  incur expenses/debt/wrath vt.产生了,引起
  lifting machinery n.升降机械
  spacious and airy adj.宽敞通风的
  the plus side adj.好的一面
  the downside adj.不好的一面
  social phenomenon n.社会现象
  1.This proposal aims to make recommendations on sth 本报告建议
  2.My recommendations are outlined as follows 我的建议如下
  3.It is suggested that ., furthermore, it has easy access to public transport
  4.Post the plan on our website so that customers can be well informed. 发布信息
  5. With profits rising by 15% last year
  With export accounting for 80% of our biz
  6.20 staff left here, thus resulting in low staff morale (thus doing…这样)
  7.There was a dramatic rise of 50% in Asia over the previous three months.
  8.This is mainly because of 主要因为
  9. Four times as many as our competitors
  10.There is a growing demand for luxury products 需求强劲
  11.To create a less stressful and more pleasant working environment.
  12. Speak louder, so that all can hear you. 这样就能
楼主普降暴雨 时间:2012-05-08 23:16:20
  revenue: 总收入
  margin: 一个单位的产品或服务的收入减去成本剩余的部分
  net income: 净收入,总收入减去总成本后的部分
  profit margin/Net Profit Margin: 利润率,净收入占总收入的比值.
  gross profit margin: 总收入减去总开销
  profit: 利润.总收入减去总支出(包括成本,开销,税费)
  income/earnings: 收入.投资资本或者劳动作为交换所得到的经济回报,常被用以消费以满足日常开销.
  benefit: 保险金,救济金
  survivor benefit:遗属抚恤金
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  chip in vi. 凑钱;插嘴
  an increasing take up of our capabilities on the back of proven ability有能力紧跟着承担更多工作
  leverage n./vt.影响力,利用;加大支持
  facilitate vt.帮助,促进
  mock-up of the high street大马路的(街景)模型
  handwriting is legible 笔记清晰易读
  imply and infer reading order vt.暗示和推断
  year-on-year revenues increased 收入同比增长
  trade-off n.权衡比,消长(关系)
  underlying pre-tax profits 直接税前利润
  1.This proposal aims to make recommendations on sth 本报告建议
  2.My recommendations are outlined as follows 我的建议如下
  3.It is suggested that ., furthermore, it has easy access to public transport
  4.Post the plan on our website so that customers can be well informed. 发布信息
  5. With profits rising by 15% last year
  With export accounting for 80% of our biz
  6.20 staff left here, thus resulting in low staff morale (thus doing…这样)
  7.There was a dramatic rise of 50% in Asia over the previous three months.
  8.This is mainly because of 主要因为
  9. Four times as many as our competitors
  10.There is a growing demand for luxury products 需求强劲
  11.To create a less stressful and more pleasant working environment.
  12. Speak louder, so that all can hear you. 这样就能

  Revenue: 营业额.企业在一段特定时期内实际收到的现金数量,也称作top line或者gross income. revenue减去costs就是net income. revenue可以由商品或服务的销售价格乘以销售数量得到.简写为REVs.在行政领域,revenue指代财政收入.
  Margin: 利润.一个单位的产品或服务的销售价格与成本之差.
  Gross profit margin: 毛利. 总收入与总支出之差.
  Profit: 毛利. 由经济活动中获得的总收入数额减去人员开支,成本,税收余下部分实现的经济收益,毛利可用也可不用于再生产. Profit = Total Revenue – Total Expenses (expenses+costs+taxes). Profit就是企业在刨除所有开销后剩余的钱.
  Income: 收入. 劳动或资本投资产生的经济财富. 收入用于支付日常开销. Income 指的是企业收入的剩余部分,已经扣除所有开销及税费, 在这前提下,也被称作earnings. Individual income指个人收入,已经由政府先行完税.
  Earnings: 收入. 企业在特定阶段内,通常是一个季度或一年,所创造的Profit数额,Earnings通常指税后的net income. 企业的Earnings是其股价的主要决定因素. Earnings是企业的财务报表中仅有的一个最重要的研究指标,因为它揭示了企业的盈利能力. 当Earnings达不到分析师预期的指标时,公司股价通常趋向下跌,另一方面,当实际Earnings大大超过该预期时,股价趋向上升.
  Employee benefit: 额外员工福利, 非工资现金收入的额外个人所得, 包括月饼票,年糕,代金券等.
  Turnover: 营业额. 会计学里, Turnover指的是应收账款, quick turnover 快速周转是有利的,它意味着库存存放的时间很短.
  Profit margin: 利润率. 盈利情况的比值,由net income除以revenue或net profits除以sales得到. 它衡量企业每一美元的销售额所获取的Earnings. 也称为Net profit margin.
  Cost: 成本. 包括depreciation折旧,interest利息,taxes税费及其它支出.
  总收入:revenue/gross income/revs/top line/sales/turnover
  净收入:net income/bottom line/net earnings/total earnings/overall profit/profit /income/earnings/gross profit margin
  利润率:profit margin/net profit margin