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  按劳付酬pay according to work
  八小时工作制eight-hour day; eight-hour working system
  保险代理insurance agent
  保险理陪insurance settlement
  保险评估insurance evaluation
  保险推销insurance consultation
  保险推销insurance marketing
  程序编制program compiling/assembling
  打工妹casual girl labourer; young female employer; female employee/worker
  打工仔jobber boy
  大学生创业university students’ innovative undertaking
  大专文凭associate degree
  第二职业secondary occupation/profession/job
  复合型人才inter-disciplinary talent
  各行各业every walk of life
  工薪阶层salariat; state employee; salaried person
  挂靠be attached or affiliated to; be subordinate to
  挂职higher organizaiton delegates a cadre to a lower one and appoints a temporary post
  合同制contract system
  技术咨询technical consultancy/advisory/consultation
  假毕业证fake certificate
  假文凭fake diploma
  解除劳动关系sever labor relations
  竞聘上岗compete for the post
  就业困难employment dislocation
  就业门路job opportunities; increase job opportunities
  就业渠道possible channel for employment
  就业人口employed population
  就业市场job market
  居家办公small office, home office(SOHO)
  空中小姐stewardess; air hostess
  口才eloquence; the gift of gab; speechcraft
  劳动合同制labor contrat system
  离退休制度leave the retirement system
  连锁店chain shop
  轮岗relieve a sentry
  聘期one’s tenure of office
  聘用制system of contractual employment; system of employment under contract
  破格录用employ somebody in defiance of rules or practice rules
  求职广告want ads
  求职者job hunter; job seeker
  圈外人士people out of the loop
  热门行业hot trade
  人才a person of talent; talent; talented persons
  人才储备personnel reserve
  人才断层break in talent continuity; talent’s fault
  人才法talent law
  人才回流brain gain; brain drain reverse flow; return of talents
  人才交流服务中心personnel exchange service center
  人才交流中心personnel exchange center
  人才开发talent development; developing talents
  人才浪费talent wastes
  人才流talent flow
  人才流失talent drain; talent flight
  人才培训manpower training; personnel training
  人才市场talents exchange; brain circulation
  人才外流brain drain
  人才危机talent crisis
  人才消耗talent consumes
  人才信息information of talent
  人才需求talent demand; talent requirement
  人才异化talent’s alienation
  人才引进talent introduction
  人才招聘personnel recruitment
  人才招聘会talent hunting fair
  人才资本talent capital
  人才租赁talent lease out
  人力资源human resource
  人事考核制度system of vocational assessment
  上岗go to one’s post; go on duty
  失业unemployment(能够工作的人找不到工作); lose one’s position(失去职位)
  失业补助unemployment compensation
  失业救济unemployment relief/benefit
  失业率unemployment rate
  市场调查market research
  市场咨询market consultation
  试用期probationary period
  双向选择two-way selection; employer and employee choice; two-way choice(in employment practice)
  双职工working couple
  停薪留职remaining at post without wage; leave without pay; retain the job but suspend the salary
  停职suspend sb. From his duties
  外来妹a girl from the countryside coming to work in town
  外劳imported labour
  网上求职hunting for a job on the Internet
  文凭热diploma craze
  无形资本incorporeal capital
  下岗laid-off; come off sentry duty
  下岗分流divert laid-off workers
  下岗工人laid-off workers
  下海plunge into the commercial sea; risk one’s fortune in business
  续聘to renew a recruiting contract
  业务经理business manager
  隐形收入invisible income; off-payroll income
  在岗培训on-the-job training
  在职培训on-the-job training; in-service training
  择优录取admit the best; matriculate the best of the exalminees; selective admission
  招聘广告employment advertising; recruitment advertising
  招聘人才洽谈会public talent recruitment fair
  知识经济knowledge(-based) economy
  职称professional title; professional rank and titles
  职能考核assessment of performance
  职业病occupational diseases
  职业培训job training
  终身职务制life-long tenure
  终身制lifelong system
  专卖店specialty store; exclusive agency; franchised store
  专门人才specialized personnel; special talents
  赚外快reap some profit
  咨询公司consultant/consulting firm; consulting company


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  保险代理人insurance agent
  搏彩(业)lottery industry
  财务经理fanance manager; fanancial affairs manager; financing manager
  财务总监financial controller
  产品经理product/production manager
  场记clapper boy; log keeper
  城市设计师civil planner
  出版发行人publisher; issuer
  出版经纪人publish broker
  出纳员cashier; pay clerk; teller; pay master
  传媒专家communication specialist
  导购guide-purchase; shoping guide
  导演direct; director; regisseur
  导游tour guide
  灯光师lighting engineer
  地区代表area representative
  地区经理regional manager
  电话接线员telephone operator
  电脑工程师computer engineer
  电脑系统工程师computer-systems engineer
  调酒师alcohol mixer
  董事长president; board chairman; chairman of the board
  发型设计师hair-style designer
  法律顾问legal consultant
  方法分析师methods analyst, EDP
  房地产经纪人estate agent; house-agent; realtor
  服装设计师designer; apparel designer; apparel stylist
  个人投资顾问personal investment adviser
  工程分析师enginering analyst
  工艺程序师programmer, technical
  公关部the department of public relations
  公关经理manager of public relations; publci relation manager
  公关小姐/先生public relation girl/man
  广告创意advertisement making
  广告代理advertising agency
  广告代理商ad-agency; adcraft; advertising agency
  国家公务员national public servant
  化妆dressing; face-painting; prink; titivate; toilette
  计算分析师computing analyst
  计算工程师computational engineer
  家庭护理医师family nurse clinician
  家庭医生family doctor/physician; practitioner
  兼职part-time job; moonlighting
  经纪人broker; man of business
  客户推广代表the represent of customer‘s popularization
  礼仪小姐protocol miss; ritual girl; girl of honour
  猎头公司head-hunting company
  律师lawyer; solicitor; attorney
  律师资格qualification of a lawyer
  美工art design
  模特经纪人model broker
  拍卖行auction house; auction room
  拍卖业auction industry
  平面设计planar design
  平面设计师graphic designer
  期货经纪人futures broker
  企划经理manager of enterprise planning
  汽车修理师car mechanic
  抢手substitude examinee(冒名顶替他人考试的人); marksman; gunman(射击手)
  人力资源经理human capital manager; human resource manager; manpower resources manager
  软件工程师software engineer
  商业系统分析师systems analyst, business electronic data processing
  设计师project planner
  摄影人cameraman; camerist; lensman
  审计师auditor; controller
  生产经理production manager
  市场经理marketing manager
  室内设计师interior decorator
  首席财物官Chief Finance Officer(CFO)
  首席代表chief of the delegates
  首席技术官Chief Technology Officer(CTO)
  首席运营官Chief Operating Officer(COO)
  首席执行官Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
  投资顾问investment adviser/counselor
  网络工程师network engineer
  网络技术network technique
  网络开发network development
  网络销售administration of networks; network management
  网页设计homepage/webpage design
  网页制作web site design
  维修工程师maintenance engineer; service engineer
  系统程序师systems programmer
  系统分析员system analyst
  系统工程师system engineer, EDP
  系统及程序分析师systems&procedures analyst, business data processing
  销售代表sales representative
  销售工程师sales engineer
  销售经理marketing/sales manager; marketer
  销售总监market majordomo
  心理咨询psychological consultation
  行政人员administration staff
  形象代言人image spokesman
  演员actor; impersonator; playactor; player; stager; trouper
  业务经理business manager
  音乐制作人music producer
  银行出纳员receiving teller
  应用工程师applications engineer
  硬件工程师hardware engineer
  证券分析员bond analyst
  证券交易员bond dealer; bond trader
  执行总裁Chief Executive Officer
  职业化装师career makeup artist
  职业介绍所employment agency; career service center; job center; hiring hall; labor exchiange; personnel agency; register office; vocational bureau
  职业外交官career diplomat(最近在一杂志上看到的词,不晓得什么意思,难道还有业余的么?)
  中介intermediary agent
  钟点工work paid by the hour
  注册会计师certificated public accountant(CPA)
  自由撰稿人a free lance; a free-lancer
  总裁president; director-general
  总经理general manager
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  thanks very much
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  中华人民共和国 /副 President/Vice President, the People‘s Republic of China 全国人大委员长/副委员长 Chairman/Vice Chairman, National People‘s Congress 秘书长 Secretary-General 主任委员 Chairman 委员 Member (地方人大)主任 Chairman, Local People‘s Congress 人大代表 Deputy to the People‘s Congress 政府机构 GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION 国务院总理 Premier, State Council 国务委员 State Councilor 秘书长 Secretary-General (国务院各委员会)主任 Minister in Charge of Commission for (国务院各部)部长 Minister 部长助理 Assistant Minister 司长 Director 局长 Director 省长 Governor 常务副省长 Executive Vice Governor 自治区人民政府 Chairman, Autonomous Regional People‘s Government 地区专员 Commissioner, prefecture 香港特别行政区行政长官 Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 市长/副市长 Mayor/Vice Mayor 区长 Chief Executive, District Government 县长 Chief Executive, County Government 乡镇长 Chief Executive, Township Government 秘书长 Secretary-General 办公厅主任 Director, General Office (部委办)主任 Director 处长/副处长 Division Chief/Deputy Division Chief 科长/股长 Section Chief 科员 Clerk/Officer 发言人 Spokesman 顾问 Adviser 参事 Counselor 巡视员 Inspector/Monitor 特派员 Commissioner 外交官衔 DIPLOMATIC RANK 特命全权大使 Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary 公使 Minister 代办 Charge d‘Affaires 临时代办 Charge d‘Affaires ad Interim 参赞 Counselor 政务参赞 Political Counselor 商务参赞 Commercial Counselor 经济参赞 Economic Counselor 新闻文化参赞 Press and Cultural Counselor 公使衔参赞 Minister-Counselor 商务专员 Commercial Attaché 经济专员 Economic Attaché 文化专员 Cultural Attaché 商务代表 Trade Representative 一等秘书 First Secretary 武官 Military Attaché 档案秘书 Secretary-Archivist 专员/随员 Attaché 总领事 Consul General 领事 Consul 司法、公证、公安 JUDICIARY,NOTARY AND PUBLIC SECURITY 人民法院院长 President, People‘s Courts 人民法庭庭长 Chief Judge, People‘s Tribunals 审判长 Chief Judge 审判员 Judge 书记 Clerk of the Court 法医 Legal Medical Expert 法警 Judicial Policeman 人民检察院检察长 Procurator-General, People‘s procuratorates 监狱长 Warden 律师 Lawyer 公证员 Notary Public 总警监 Commissioner General 警监 Commissioner 警督 Supervisor 警司 Superintendent 警员 Constable 政党 POLITICAL PARTY 中共中央 General Secretary, the CPC Central Committee 政治局常委 Member, Standing Committee of Political Bureau, the CPC Central Committee 政治局委员 Member, Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee 书记处书记 Member, secretariat of the CPC Central Committee 中央委员 Member, Central Committee 候补委员 Alternate Member …省委/市委书记 Secretary,…Provincial/Municipal Committee of the CPC 党组书记 secretary, Party Leadership Group 社会团体 NONGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION 会长 President Chairman 名誉顾问 Honorary Adviser 理事长 President 理事 Trustee/Council Member 总干事 Director-General 总监 Director 工商金融 INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND BANKING COMMUNITIES 名誉董事长 Honorary Chairman 董事长 Chairman 执行董事 Executive Director 总裁 President 总经理 General Manager; C.E.O(Chief Executive Officer) 经理 Manager 财务主管 Controller 公关部经理 PR Manager 营业部经理 Business Manager 销售部经理 Sales Manager 推销员 Salesman 采购员 Purchaser 导演 Director 演员 Actor 画师 Painter 指挥 Conductor 编导 Scenarist 录音师 Sound Engineer 舞蹈编剧 Choreographer 美术师 Artist 制片人 Producer 剪辑导演 Montage Director 配音演员 Dubber 摄影师 Cameraman 化装师 Make-up Artist 舞台监督 Stage Manager 售货员 Sales Clerk 领班 Captain 经纪人 Broker 高级经济师 Senior Economist 高级会计师 Senior Accountant 注册会计师 Certified Public Accountant 出纳员 Cashier 审计署审计长 Auditor-General, Auditing Administration 审计师 Senior Auditor 审计员 Auditing Clerk 统计师 Statistician 统计员 Statistical Clerk 厂长 factory Managing Director 车间主任 Workshop Manager 工段长 Section Chief 作业班长 Foreman 仓库管理员 Storekeeper 教授级高级工程师 Professor of Engineering 高级工程师 Senior Engineer 技师 Technician 建筑师 Architect 设计师 Designer 机械师 Mechanic 化验员 Chemical Analyst 质检员 Quality Inspector 高级农业师 Senior Agronomist 农业师 Agronomist 助理农业师 Assistant Agronomist 农业技术员 Agricultural Technician 中国科学院院长 President, Chinese Academy of Sciences 团执行 Executive Chairman 科学院院长 President(Academies) 学部主任 Division Chairman 院士 Academician 大学校长 President, University 中学校长 Principal, Secondary School 小学校长 Headmaster, Primary School 学院院长 Dean of College 校董事会董事 Trustee, Board of Trustees 教务主任 Dean of Studies 总务长 Dean of General Affairs 注册主管 Registrar 系主任 Director of Department/Dean of the Faculty 客座教授 Visiting Professor 交换教授 Exchange Professor 名誉教授 Honorary Professor 班主任 Class Adviser 特级教师 Teacher of Special Grade 研究所所长 Director, Research Institute 研究员 Professor 副研究员 Associate Professor 助理研究员 Research Associate 研究实习员 Research Assistant 高级实验师 Senior Experimentalist 实验师 Experimentalist 助理实验师 Assistant Experimentalist 实验员 Laboratory Technician 教授 Professor 副教授 Associate Professor 讲师 Instructor/Lecturer 助教 Assistant 高级讲师 Senior Lecturer 讲师 Lecturer 助理讲师 Assistant Lecturer 教员 Teacher 指导教师 Instructor 主任医师(讲课) Professor of Medicine 主任医师(医疗) Professor of Treatment 儿科主任医师 Professor of Paediatrics 主治医师 Doctor-in-charge 外科主治医师 Surgeon-in-charge 内科主治医师 Physician-in-charge 眼科主治医师 Oculist-in-charge 妇科主治医师 Gynaecologist-in-charge 牙科主治医师 Dentist-in-charge 医师 Doctor 医士 Assistant Doctor 主任药师 Professor of Pharmacy 主管药师 Pharmacist-in-charge 药师 Pharmacist 药士 Assistant Pharmacist 主任护师 Professor of Nursing 主管护师 Nurse-in-charge 护师 Nurse Practitioner 护士 Nurse 主任技师 Senior Technologist 主管技师 Technologist-in-charge 技师 Technologist 技士 Technician 总编辑 Editor-in-chief 高级编辑 Full Senior Editor 主任编辑 Associate Senior Editor 编辑 Editor 助理编辑 Assistant Editor 高级记者 Full Senior Reporter 主任记者 Associate Senior Reporter 记者 Reporter 助理记者 Assistant Reporter 编审 Professor of Editorship 编辑 Editor 助理编辑 Assistant Editor 技术编辑 Technical Editor 技术设计员 Technical Designer 校对 Proofreader 译审 Professor of Translation 翻译 Translator/Interpreter 助理翻译 Assistant Translator/Interpreter 广播电视 RADIO AND TELEVISION 电台/电视台台长 Radio/TV Station Controller 播音指导 Director of Announcing 主任播音员 Chief Announcer 播音员 Announcer 电视主持人 TV Presenter 电台节目主持人 Disk Jockey
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  炒鱿鱼dismiss someone from office; fire someone
  法定退休年龄statutory age of retirement
  非农业户口non-agricultural population
  非营利机构nonprofit institutions/association
  分流reposition of redundant personnel
  分流富余人员redirect surplus employees of enterprises; redirect redundant workers of enterprise
  扶贫poverty alleviation
  家政服务household service; homemaking service; housekeeping service
  就业前培训pre-job training
  困难职工the needy
  流动人口transient/floating/mobile/nomadic population
  盲流inflowof job hunters into big cities
  盲流人员transient from the countryside
  民工潮farmers‘ frenzied hunt for work in cities
  内退early retirement
  农转非rural residents becoming urban residents
  贫富悬殊polarization of rich and poor
  弱势群体a disadvantaged minority
  社会保障机制social security mechanism
  社会保障制度social security system
  社会化服务体系socialized service system; social service system
  失业保险制度insurance for unemployment system; unemployment insurance system
  铁饭碗iron rice bowl; a secure job; unbreakable rice bowl
  停职停薪suspension from duty without pay; suspension of service
  下岗laid-off; come off sentry duty
  下岗职工laid-off worker
  显性失业unemployment; to lose one‘s job
  隐性就业unregistered employment
  隐性失业recessive unemployment
  再就业re-employ; re-employment
  再就业工程re-employment project/program
  再就业中心re-employment center
  最低工资保障制度minimun wage guarantee system
  最低生活保证制度system for ensuring a minimum standard of living

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  thanks a lot! the club thanks you!
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