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  One of the most annoying things in China is perhaps this deliveryman riding on an electronic scooter. These guys usually work for mail order companies like the one owned by monkey-face Jack Ma. You may see these bastards running like there is no tomorrow everywhere in the city. And their reckless driving style poses a threat to both pedestrians and themselves. All of a sudden, a scooter could come from nowhere, and before you realize what is going on he has gone. Some of these scumbags work for food catering service companies, delivering lunches to customers who have placed orders online. They are paid well but have to work very hard. They are in such a rush because they will be fined if they fail to deliver food on time. And as they rush to their business they risk their lives too. Quite often they would hit a pedestrian or be hit by cars or trucks. The other day, a deliveryman had an accident as his scooter ran into a truck coming from the opposite direction. The scene was quite a mess with his scooter and helmet being thrown a few yards away and the wheel still spinning. The poor bastard appeared to be seriously wounded and was lying on his back unconscious. An old man who hates these deliverymen's guts decided to see what was going on, so he tried his way into the crowd. As soon as he saw the guy lying there, he murmured to himself: Is he dead yet? Too bad if he is not! As China's economy finally folds up for good, unemployment rate skyrockets. As a result, many jobless college graduates are forced to join the team of the deliverymen. It is reported a graduate from the prestigious Peking University was seen working as a lunch delivery boy. It may just be a sign of the continued deterioration of a poorly managed economy.


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