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  However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not met personally or had any dealings with you in the past. I must apologize for intruding into your private email address, but I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit it will be to you.
  I am a legal consultant/broker based in South Africa. I am currently representing some members of the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons (ICEP), Switzerland. (ICEP) is charged with the responsibility of finding bank accounts in Switzerland belonging to non-Swiss indigenes, which have remained dormant since World War II. For more information check: www.dormantaccountsch
  A dormant account with the sum of Forty Five Million United States Dollars ($45M) as discovered by clients/close associates who are members of (ICEP). The money included accumulated interest. They needed my assistance since the transfer can be made easily with my supervision as an experienced broker My clients at (ICEP) have confided in me to look for a foreign partner that will help in putting the funds into the banking system and also assist in investing the funds into profitable business ventures for mutual benefits.
  Since my clients at the (ICEP), Switzerland have mandated me to look for a foreign partner and that is my aim for contacting you. Please do not despair because I got your email address from a business advertising website on the Internet before making my contact with you. I do not intend to fail my client because I have been a very close associate and legal consultant to them for the past 20 years.
  Bear in mind that we also have well-established contacts at the Claims Resolution Tribunal (CRT) responsible for handling processing of all claims on accounts due to non-Swiss citizens. Whereas, uncomplicated claims will be processed under a "fast track" procedure, which is the procedure, our claims will be put on.
  I have also made contacts with the Trust Company responsible for Dormant Account Recovery (DAR) in the United Kingdom and also concluded final arrangements with them to take over the funds by a new beneficiary legally. As an experienced broker and working with top executive members of (ICEP) who are also my close associates, I have all secret details and necessary contacts for claim of the funds without any hitch.
  We are willing to offer you as much as 20% of the entire funds and after the transaction has been completed. There is no risk involved in this transaction and all the process of the administrative claims will be legally achieved to transfer the funds in your name as the new beneficiary.
  In conclusion, if you are willing and ready to assist us claim the dormant account smoothly, please indicate in your return reply mail and I will furnish you with more details on how the transaction will be completed including my contact telephone number so that you can call me for questions and clarifications where necessary. We also look forward to doing more deals with you. Please send your replies to: josephcblank@netster.com


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  先生/ 夫人
  无论这接触对你看起来是多么奇怪或者惊人,因为我们没亲自见过面或者过去有任何和你的交易。 我必须为入侵你的私人电子邮箱地址道歉, 我谦卑问你花费将是在你的它重要性和巨大好处的到期考虑。
  我是一个法律顾问/基于经纪人的南非。 我目前正代表知名人士(ICEP)的独立的委员会,瑞士的一些成员。 (ICEP)充满在属于非瑞士的自生种的瑞士找到银行账户的责任,这从第二次世界大战起已经保持休眠了。 对于更多的信息来说检查: www.dormantaccountsch
  象由客户发现/关闭同事的那样的有4500万美国元(45百万美元)的总数的不活动账户, 是(ICEP)的成员。 钱包括积累的利息。 他们需要我的帮助, 转移可以打容易到我监督作为一有经验经纪人我客户在(ICEP)信任我寻找 将促进把资金放进金融系统以及在为互利把资金投资进赚钱的生意冒险方面帮助的一位外国合伙人。
  从在(ICEP)的我的客户起,瑞士已经托管我寻找一位外国合伙人,那是与你联系的我的目的。 请不要绝望,因为在做我的与你的联系之前,我在因特网上从一个生意广告网站得到你的电子邮箱地址。 我没打算失败客户,因为我一非常关闭过去20年中的同事和合法顾问兑一他们。
  记住那, 我们也有固定下来接触在负责由于非瑞士的公民经营全部对账户的索赔的处理的索赔解决审理团(CRT)。 鉴于,不复杂的索赔将被在一个"快速路"程序下处理,这是程序,我们的索赔将被放上。
  我也与负责任的信托公司联系 在英国的对不活动账户恢复来说(达尔)和断定与他们的最后的安排合法通过一个新受益人接管资金。 作为一个有经验的经纪人和与总经理合作的谁也是我的亲密的同事的(ICEP)的成员, 我有全部秘密细节和必要接触给资金没有任何故障的索赔。
  我们愿意给你提供多达整个资金的20%,在交易已经被完成之后。 没有风险涉及这笔交易和管理的索赔的全部过程 将被合法取得以你的名义转让资金作为新受益人 .
  总之, 如果你愿意并且准备帮助我们,顺利要求不活动账户, 请在你的返回答复邮件过程中表明, 我将向贵方开出关于交易将完成包括我的联系电话的更多细节, 以便你必要的话能为问题和澄清打电话给我。 我们也期待做更多的与你的交易。 请送你的答复到josephcblank@netster.com
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  it's nothing to do with foreign trade business,but something to do with chicanery.
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  看了一小段 感觉不是商务信函 有点广告垃圾邮件的意思
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