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  The midwestern U.S. state of Kansas has adopted new standards that would allow the teaching in public schools of the so-called "intelligent design" theory that challenges Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
  Tuesday, the state's Board of Education approved the new standards by a narrow vote.
  Supporters say the new guidelines will expand the education of science. But opponents call it a disguised attempt to inject creationism into public schools.
  Intelligent design holds that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power.
  This is the third time the creation issue has come up in Kansas since 1999, when the school board decided to eliminate most references to evolution.
  Religious conservatives have pushed for the teaching of intelligent design in public schools. President Bush has voiced his support for teaching intelligent design.
  化论”的“智慧设计论”(Intelligence Design)。星期二,堪萨斯州的教育董事会


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  laugh stock of the world. however, in this past tuesday's election, in a pennsylvania school, 8 school board members supporting "intelligent design" have been voted out.
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  Violence has flared again in several French cities, despite the imposition of night-time curfews aimed at curbing the looting, burning and other destruction that has taken place for nearly two weeks. Rampaging youths burned more than 600 vehicles across the country overnight, fewer than the night before. Police say 204 people were arrested in the latest violence, which has been carried out mainly by Muslim youths of North African descent.
  Several towns have imposed overnight curfews. One town, Amiens, also has banned the sale of gasoline to teenagers in an apparent bid to halt the setting of fires. In the southern city of Lyon, officials were forced to shut down the entire subway system after a firebomb exploded in one station late Tuesday. No injuries were reported.
  Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin Wednesday declared a state of emergency that covers most of France's major cities and towns. On Tuesday, he announced a number of measures to address what many French say are the main causes of the riots - youth unemployment, poor schools and discrimination.
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  Iraqi police say at least 30 people were killed and more than a dozen others wounded in a suicide bomb attack at a Baghdad restaurant Thursday. Officials say several policemen were among the victims, who were having breakfast in the restaurant, when the bomber walked in and detonated his explosives-laden vest. The U.S. military says coalition forces carried out air strikes to destroy two large explosive devices planted on the side of a road near the western city of Ramadi early Thursday.
  In other developments, Iraqi soldiers found the bodies of 27 people in the Jassan region, southeast of Baghdad. The bodies were in civilian clothes, hands bound and with bullet wounds in the head.
  And, defense lawyers in the trial of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein have warned they will boycott the next court session later this month unless they receive improved security measures. The lawyers want international guarantees for their personal security, following the murder of two fellow defense attorneys in the past three weeks.
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  Japan's health ministry says it plans to reissue a warning of dangerous behavioral side effects linked to the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu.
  The ministry says it is investigating a number of reports of sudden deaths of young people who had taken prescribed dosages of Tamiflu.
  The ministry has concluded that the death of one boy was the result of side effects from the drug and says it has found 64 cases of psychological disorders linked to Tamiflu in the past four years.
  Doctor Rukuro Hama, head of the Japan Institute of Pharmaco-Vigilance, says he has investigated eight suspicious deaths of children aged between two and 17 over the past three years.
  Countries are stocking up on Tamiflu in the event of a flu pandemic.