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BACON 熏咸肉,腊肉
  We both bring home the bacon. 我们俩都要赚钱谋生。
  BEEF 牛肉
  We have to beef up this script. / This script needs beefing up. 我们得把这篇稿子修改一下。
  I heard you had a beef with your teacher today. 我听说今天你和老师吵了起来。/ I’m calling that store to register a beef. 我要打电话给那家商店投诉。/ Your concept is weak. Where’s the beef? 你的观点没有说服力,根据是什么?
  That basketball player is so beefy! 那个篮球运动员很强壮!
  BITE 咬
  Mike just put the bite on me. 迈克刚向我借了钱。
  Why do you always bite my head off? 你为什么总是对我恶言相向?
  I’m so angry at her but I promise to bite my tongue. 我很生她的气,但我答应忍着不说出来。
  You simply have to bite the bullet and do it. 你只能硬着头皮做那事儿了。
  They almost bit the dust skiing down that slope! 他们滑下那个小坡时差点送了命!


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  BREAD 面包
  This word processor is the best thing since sliced bread! 这是最好的一种文字处理机!
  How much bread have you got? 你有多少钱?(bread用来指money的用法已过时,现常见于旧电影或开玩笑。)
  She’s the bread winner of the family. 她是这个家的经济支柱。
  BUN 小圆甜面包
  I heard you have a bun in the oven! 我听说你有喜了,是吧!
  He’s got great buns from jogging. 他经常慢跑,臀部很结实。
  We froze our buns off this winter. 这个冬天我们冷得要命。(名词buns是buttocks常用的俚语同义词)
  CAKE 糕饼,蛋糕
  This is going to be a cakewalk. 这将易如反掌。
  The exam was a piece of cake. 这次考试非常容易。
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  dudes, do u love my post?
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  CHEESE 干酪,乳酪
  He’s the big cheese here. 他是这儿的老板。
  Cheese it! The cops! 快跑!警察!(这是个黑帮用语,只出现在电影、电视或玩笑中。)
  Did you see these photos? Talk about cheesecake! 你看到这些照片了吗?都是些性感的玉照啊!
  Don’t wear that shirt. It looks cheesy. 那件衬衫看起来很低档,你别穿。
  CHEW 咀嚼
  She really chewed me out! 她狠狠地责备了我一顿!
  We sat in the park and chewed the fat for a while. 我们坐在公园里闲聊了一会儿。
楼主未且未且 时间:2006-04-24 13:31:08
  CLAM 蛤,蛤蜊
  He stole fifty clams from me! 他偷了我五十块钱!(意为dollar的clam极少使用,偶见于旧电影或玩笑中。)
  They tried to get him to confess, but he just clammed up. 他们试图让他找招认,但他就是拒不开口。
  The little boy is happy as a clam swimming in the pool. 这个小男孩在游泳池里游得非常高兴。
  You trust him? Wake up and smell the coffee! 你信任他?清醒点吧!
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  COOK 烹调,烧
  What trouble are you cooking up? 你在搞什么鬼?
  Now you’re cookin’ with gas! 你干得非常出色!
  That guy’s not cooking on all four burners. 那家伙没有尽全力。
  If my mom sees us, our goose is gonna be cooked. 要是让我妈看见了,我们就全完了。
  What’s cookin’? 发生了什么事?/ 在搞什么把戏?
  COOKIE 小甜饼,甜饼干
  I’m telling you that she stole it! I caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. 我告诉你那东西是她偷的!我当场抓住了她。
  My mom’s a smart cookie. 我妈妈很聪明。
  It’s too bad you lost the contest but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. 你输了比赛实在很遗憾,但事已至此,也只好这样了。
  The last time he went on a boat, he tossed his cookies. 我上次坐船时,呕吐不止。
  She’s one tough cookie. 她这人很严谨。
楼主未且未且 时间:2006-04-24 14:19:42
  CRACKER 薄脆饼干
  这个词英国人常用,意为crazy,如:Living all alone on the desert island made him go crackers. 一个人住在荒岛上,都把他避疯了。
  DOUGH 生面团
  How much dough have you got? 你有多少钱?(dough指money时只在旧影片或玩笑中使用)
  EAT 吃
  We ate at Nancy’s house last night. They really eat high off the hog. 我们昨晚在南希家吃饭,他们吃的简直是山珍海味。
  I almost ate it skiing! 滑雪时我差点被撞死!/ I really ate it on the test. 我真的考试没及格。
  It really eats me up. 这事真的让我很生气。/ It’s really eating me up. 这事真让我心碎。(这两句的区别在于其内涵意义)
  I’m gonna make her eat her words. 我要让她收回她说过的话。
楼主未且未且 时间:2006-04-24 15:44:25
  ENCHILADA 肉馅玉米面饼
  He’s the big enchilada. 他是老板。
  …And that ended our vacation. That’s the whole enchilada. …就这样我们的假期结束了事情的全部经过就是这样。
  FEED 喂养
  It’s chicken feed. 那事无足轻重。
  Let’s go feed our faces. 我们去吃点东西吧。
  Let’s go put on the feed bag. 我们去吃点东西吧。
  She’s slow. You have to spoon-feed everything to him. 她反应太慢了,什么事你都得一点一点跟他解释。
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  Great. I like it.
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  there'll be more...
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  FISH 鱼
  That’s a different kettle of fish. 那是另一回事。
  That’s a fine fettle of fish! 那可不好办!
  Something’s fishy around here. 这儿有点不大对劲。
  That guy’s nutty as a fruitcake. 那家伙完全疯了。(亦作:to be nuttier than a fruitcake,这其实是一种文字游戏,to be nutty意为“愚蠢荒谬的”,而人们知道水果蛋糕中嵌有果仁,由此有了to be nutty as a fruitcake或to be nuttier than a fruitcake的说法。)
楼主未且未且 时间:2006-04-24 17:29:15
  FUDGE 牛奶软糖
  Fudge! 该死!/ 他妈的!
  Stop fudging around with the vase! 不要乱动花瓶!
  I fudged my work. 我在工作中出了漏子。
  She wasn’t sure how to do the job so she just fudged it. 她没把握要怎么做这项工作,所以只得应付一下。
  GRAVY 肉汁
  Once we break even, the rest will be gravy. 一旦我们收支相抵,剩下的部分就是外快了。
  He’ll never leave his job. It’s a real gravy train. 他是绝对不会辞职的,那可是个肥缺。
  HAM 火腿
  What a ham! 这演员演得太过火了!
  He’s really hamming it up. 他演得太过火了。
楼主未且未且 时间:2006-04-24 17:42:58
  HOTCAKE 烤饼,薄煎饼
  Her books are selling like hotcakes. 她的书很畅销。
  The boss fired him because he couldn’t cut the mustard. 因为他的工作不得力,老板辞了他。
  When I got out of the jacuzzi, I was limp as a noodle. 我从浴缸里出来时,浑身酥软无力。
  You know the answer. Just use your noodle! 你知道答案的,好好动动脑筋!
  We’re just noodling around. 我们只是四处逛逛。
  What a noodlehead! 真是个大傻瓜!
  You’re off your noodle! 你疯啦!
  I don’t wanna invite her. She’s a wet noodle. 我不想邀请她,她总扫大家的兴。
楼主未且未且 时间:2006-04-24 18:20:47
  PIE 馅饼,派
  You can do it. It’s easy as pie. 你行的,这事很简单。
  Hi, sweetie-pie. 嗨,亲爱的。(表示亲昵)
  If you don’t stop bothering me, I’m gonna give you a knuckle sandwich. 你要是还来烦我,我就当嘴给你一拳。
  He got sandwiched between the doors of the elevator. 他被夹在电梯的两扇门中。
  STEW 炖,煨,焖
  Don’t get yourself in such a stew about it. 不要为那事太难过了。
  I don’t know what to do. I’m in a real stew. 我不知道该怎么办,真是左右为难。
  SUGAR 糖,食糖
  How are you, sugar? 你好吗,宝贝?
  She tries to sugar-coat her unreasonable demands so they’re harder to refuse. 她尽量粉饰自己的不合理要求,使其难以抗拒。
  That must be her sugar daddy. 那人必定是她的糖老爹。(sugar daddy指提供钱物以博取少女欢心的老年人)
  She’s sweet as sugar. 她非常可爱。
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