[转]淘来旧香港杂志,有一篇写霆锋的文章BAD TO BETTER(转载)

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[转]淘来旧香港杂志,有一篇写霆锋的文章BAD TO BETTER
   上次,偶在地摊上撞见一本封面是锋锋的杂志(B International),晕。当场掏出仅有的买水果的MONEY,买了。里面有一篇暴长的外国人写的文章。偶就翻给大家看看,可能已经看过了,不过嘛,偶翻得暴辛苦,(米有办法,偶的英文水平太差),大家凑和着看看吧。里面有一些偶翻得不太好的地方,所以把原文也弄上来了嘞。来,先看张封面图。
   作者: bluezhou
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   Cover Story: Bad to Better
  He is Hong Kong’s bad boy pop star-the car-wrecking, journalist-bashing, starlet-dating, tearaway heartthrob, loved by the teen fans with almost the same passion as he is reviled by their parents. John Milllichap speaks to Nicholas Tse about will power, the press and parents, and coming back from the brink.
  他是香港明星中的一个坏小孩:他撞车,他不与记者合作(偶不愿意直释),他绯闻不断,他富有热情却行为鲁莽。他被千千万万位少年歌迷所喜爱——和他具有相同激情——却被歌迷的父母所斥责。John Milllichap采访了谢霆锋,并讨论了有关“意志力”、“媒体和父母”、“从边缘回来”等主题。
  To some, he represents the rebellious spirit of Hong Kong's new generation; to others, he is an arrogant, spoiled brat who acts as if rules don’t apply to him. Whatever your viewpoint, most people have an opinion about Nicholas Tse Ting-fung.
   Since breaking into the Hong Kong's entertainment scene in 1997, he hasn’t been able to open his front door without something happening-whether it is the odd prang in a $5-million sports car or a late-night scuffle with photographers outside a restaurant. Until last year, most of his adventures were merely an ongoing soap opera for the fans and tabloid titillation for Monday-morning commuters.
   But things got serious last November following yet another high-speed smash while he was on his way to catch a plane to Thailand. No one was hurt, but Tse left the scene of the accident, leaving his driver to stand in to take the blame. Such a decision would be foolish for anyone, let alone a popstar with a reputation for recklessness. Yet the events of that day have proved to have a profound-and surprising-impact on Tse’s future career.
   Tse, his driver and a police constable were later convicted of conspiring to pervert the course. Tse spent two weeks in jail on remand before a judge ordered him to do 240hours of community service. The policeman charged with him was jailed for six months.
   During the trial, the tabloid press followed the young singer and his family relentlessly. Every nuance was the subject of intense and sometimes wild speculation, and every court appearance by Tse was the scene of a frenzied media scramble, as photographers, reporters, and fans jostled for a glimpse of the singer. Tse remained tight lipped throughout, arriving each day for the case flanked by his parents and lawyers and clenching a bottle of Pepsi Cola, with which he has a contract.
   There was a public outcry over the result of the trial, with many believing that Tse’s wealth and celebrity status helped him to avoid serving a jail term, while the 240-hours of community service was not commensurate with the serious offense of perverting the course of justice.
   Today, Tse is clearly still uncomfortable looking back on the episode. He sits silently and considers the corner of the table for several seconds before commenting. “Honestly, if I could go back and change one thing of the past 12 months, I wouldn’t have taken the plane after I crashed the car,” he says finally. “I was rushing to catch a flight to Thailand, and I left [the scene of the crash] and I didn’t know what happened
   作者: bluezhou
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   “when you get in the kind of a situation, you really don’t want your parents around. You don’t want to see them and you don’t want them to visit you much, because you can see how worried and upset they are. You see your mother in tears, and you don’t want that burden. Being in jail didn’t bother me-it didn’t hurt me at all-but hurts me that it hurts them.”
   “but I will say this, though: after that whole half year that it lasted, it has proved to me that nothing is fair in this world and you can never trust anyone.” Tse raps his finger on the table to underline each point.
   Yet despite all the accusations and all the ink spilled, the big irony is that six months or so later, with his bad boy image badder than ever, people just can’t seem to get enough of Nicholas Tse. He is Hong Kong's glamorous, tearaway pop star-with a police record to prove it-and everyone wants a piece of him, from Japanese electronics companies and French fashion labels, to movie directors, music producers and the media.
   In a recent interview, he said: “I don’t understand the mentality of Hong Kong people. Parents say: ‘ Don’t see Nicholas Tse as your idol any more because he ‘s a criminal,’ but contracts have been re-signed before anything else and all of a sudden I have more than 10 scripts in hand.” In another interview, he claimed that he was worth 40 percent more than he was before the car crash.
   His work commitments seem to confirm this. “I should be flying to Paris soon for a Marc Jacobs show. Louis Vuitton have invited me to be a model, and I was due to be doing a concert in Singapore as a guest performer with Mariah Carey, but her tour has been postponed because of SARS,” he says.
   他繁多的通告更加说明了这点,“我必须飞往巴黎参加Marc Jacobs时装展,L.V.公司也邀请我代言。此外,我本来要作为演唱嘉宾参加Mariah Carey在新加坡的演唱会,但她的行程因SARS被延迟。”
   He has just finished producing songs for Karen Mok, Joey Yung and Twins. “They are very focused and very professional. Sometimes it feels like they are my big sisters of something,” says Tse, who produced the song What World is This? for band members Gillian and Charlene. “In the middle of the song it is just them laughing and talking instead of a guitar solo. It works really well and I am really proud of it,” he says.
   他刚刚分别为莫文蔚,容祖儿,TWINS写了几首歌。“他们很认真也很专业,有时候在某些方面,我感觉她们就像是我的姐妹。”同时,他还为乐队成员Gillian和Charlene写了一首歌《What World is This?》。“歌曲过渡段采用他们的笑声和说话声来代替吉它的独奏,我感觉效果非常好。”
   For the next six months he is busy making commercials-mostly in Mainland China-and is booked for six movies. “ I just came back from Yunnan where we have been filming. I was supposed to be there for 16days, but ended up staying for 30 days because the whole SARS thing started. I was supposed to be back in Hong Kong for other projects, but had to stay on the mainland.
   Other projects include a new movie with director Ann Hui(许鞍华), which is due to be released in Hong Kong before the end of the year. “It is about a drug dealer who falls in love with an undercover cop who is posing as a teacher. It is a little different from the usual cop film, like Gen-X Cops. Ann Hui is more about drama, so that was a different kind of thing for me.”
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   Media interest is also beginning to pick up again. This has included accusations of assault by a reporter from Sudden Weekly, and, most recently, rumours that Tse has been seeing veteran Hong Kong singer Anita Mui, 45, after the two were spied together at a late-night rendezvous. At the time, Tse was supposed to have been back with his long-time on-off girlfriend, Cantopop singer Faye Wong, 35. the story, which appeared in Next magazine, carried with it the feeling of normal service being resumed.
   媒体重操旧业,对谢霆锋个人生活竞相跟踪报道。最近《Sudden Weekly》周刊一名记者指控霆锋打人。同时,还有记者谣传说,霆锋深夜在一家酒吧与歌坛大姐大——45岁的梅艳芳秘密约会。那时,似乎大家都觉得谢霆锋正要和长期以来一直分分合合的女友王菲复合,而这篇报道刊登之后,让人明显感觉到,媒体又开始致力于霆锋的“绯闻事业”。
   It is something to which Tse is well familiar. His parents, the flamboyant’60’s heartthrob Patrick Tse-yin and his wife, former Hong Kong beauty queen and actress Deborah Li, attracted similar press interest. As a result, they decided to send Nicholas, and his sister, Jennifer, away from the spotlight to be schooled in Vancouver. At 14, he went to high school in Phoenix, Arizona. Tse was not a model student, and in 1996, when his parents divorced, he dropped out and headed back to Hong Kong.
   In numerous interviews he has claimed his parents never encouraged him or gave him any help in his showbiz career. Nevertheless, after just a few months in Hong Kong, he left for Japan to take up a professional singing course. He was signed by Fitto Records almost as soon as he returned the following year, and his first album, Bad Habit, was released a few months later.
   Tse has said that half of the album is what Fitto wanted and half “is what should be called as music”, yet Bad Habit proved to be a big hit and launched Tse as the hot new rebel on the Cantopop radar.
   Hong Kong’s entertainment industry – which knows a good earner when it sees on – also awarded him with almost every accolade it can give, including seven gongs for Bad Habit, including Best Newcomer. He is the youngest singer to have won Radio and TV Hongkong’s annual 10 Most Outstanding Pop Artist award, and in 2001 he clinched the coveted Best Song and Best Vocal Performance By A Male Artist awards. The 15 CDs he has released have all been top sellers, and he also won a World Music Award for being China’s biggest selling artist. His image has been further cemented in a string of gun-slinging, action-movie roles, including the hugely successful Gen-Y Cope(1999).
   Yet despite the apparent ease of his success, Tse complained at the time of being forever in his parents’ shadow. The press, too, was hostile, and after a concert in which he smashed up a guitar live on stage, criticized him for being a celebrity brat and delinquent drop out. As the years have passed, the animosity between the two has only grown.
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   “In the States there are trespassing laws – if you put half a foot onto my property I could take you down with an AK-47 and then sue you. But here is the press walking into the lobby of my house trying to take pictures. And it makes me think, ‘what is the law here?’ Try going to Tung’s house and ticking him off in his own home. Is he going to sit there and say: ‘Go ahead, take all you want’?” he says.
   “What ticks me off is this kind of thing is spreading. It’s almost like a disease. I understand that these people have to do their job and magazines are here to entertain, but does that give them the right to go overboard and start making up lies about people – like the thing with Anita and me? It is all just complete lies. Do we have to wait for something like the death of Princess Diana before something is done?
   “My family have never been through stuff like this. in my father’s time there was respect. The guys form the press would come down and have dinner and a game of mahjong, not like it is now. I have talked about it with my dad, and the only conclusion is that each generation has to figure his own way to deal with it.
   Yet for all his travails, the singer says that he has no plans to leave Hong Kong. “During SARS, a lot of friends at the time suggested we all go on vacation back to Vancouver or Europe and spend some time there. But I thought ‘no’, I don’t want to leave Hong Kong. This is my home base - this is where I was born. No matter what happens, we are not gonna go migrate to some other land and run and hide.”
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   He recalls the difficulties he faced as newcomer. “People were throwing stuff at me and calling me a brat and all that stuff, so it’s nothing new. But I believe in the strength of will power. There are many people who have encountered a hell of a lot worse that I have, and have overcome it.
   “Parents call in to the radio shows and say things like: ‘My son won’t go to school because he thinks he can be Nic Tse and be a star and have three Ferraris and go out with a beautiful girl’, and all that crap. I mean, I don’t know how to respond: We all make our own decisions, right? And at the end of the day, we’re all responsible for what we do.”


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