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Texas Utility Tries to Foil Parakeet Nests
  By JULIA GLICK Associated Press Writer
  (AP) - DALLAS-Frustrated by parakeets that tirelessly build huge nests on electrical equipment, power companies have tried about everything to stop the cute green birds. They've used chemical repellents, lasers and fake predators, and even killed some, to the outrage of bird lovers.
  [美联社] 达拉斯,得克萨斯州——被那些不知疲倦地在电气设备上筑巢的长尾小鹦鹉所挫败的电力公司,已经采取一切办法试图阻止这种可爱的小鸟为患。他们曾用过化学驱虫剂、激光和假的天敌来驱赶它们,甚至还捕杀过一些,这引起了爱鸟人士的愤慨。
  Now a Texas utility is trying a different approach, building a 40-foot platform near electrical towers to lure monk parakeets away from sensitive equipment. TXU Electric Delivery hopes other companies can eventually adopt the idea, but so far the parakeets refuse to leave their original digs.
  现在得克萨斯州一家电力公司正在尝试一种不同的方法,即在电气塔楼附近建设一个40英尺的平台以引诱和尚鹦鹉远离灵敏的电气设备。得州电力输送公司(TXU Electric Delivery)希望别的公司最终也能采用这个方案,但是迄今为止,这些长尾小鹦鹉拒绝离开它们原来的巢窝。
  "They have trees all around them, and now the platform, and yet they prefer the (electrical) switches," spokeswoman Carol Peters said recently as about 40 lime-green birds chatted loudly and ignored the new nesting area.
  Workers even placed twigs on the platform, but the birds carried the nesting materials back to their old homes.
  In Connecticut, the nests have caused as many as 12 power outages and four fires since 1998, said Al Carbone, a spokesman for the power company United Illuminating. Last year, the utility handed about 190 captured birds over to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be euthanized.
  Experts believe the tenacious monk parakeet, a small parrot from South America, entered the U.S. when some birds escaped from shipping crates, probably in the 1960s.
  专家认为,顽强的和尚鹦鹉(monk parakeet)——从南美来的一种小鹦鹉——大约在20世纪60年代进入美国,当时一些鸟逃离了海运的柳条箱。
  Many states now consider them an invasive species and prohibit people from feeding or caring for the creatures. Colonies have also been found in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Washington and Louisiana, as well as in Canada.
  No one knows for certain why they like to nest at electrical substations and in utility poles. The nests can grow as big as a small car and include multiple compartments for large flocks, said Mattie Sue Athan, a parrot behavior consultant who has written several books on the birds.
  But the birds have achieved a loyal following of fans who admire their cleverness and the splash of tropical color they bring to urban areas. Bird watchers in Edgewater, N.J., market T-shirts, calendars and other parakeet merchandise, and a New York man leads tours of their Brooklyn nesting grounds.
  "It is hard to argue with cute, and they are cute and smart and appealing birds," Peters said. "But they are nesting in equipment that provides an essential service."
  (2)power outage:停电
  outage的意思是(水、电、燃气的)断供期。如:There will be a power outage from 2-4 pm tomorrow.


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