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  On Chinese Television, What's Cool Is No Longer Correct
  By Edward Cody
  Washington Post Foreign Service
  Thursday, September 29, 2005; Page A14
  BEIJING -- At first glance, the new rules handed down by China's broadcasting authority seemed natural enough in a country where the Communist Party feels duty-bound to set the tone for everything, even pop music.
  Masters of ceremony on state television's seemingly endless roster of variety shows, the regulations said, should avoid vulgarity, dress modestly and uplift their young viewers. "Hosts and hostesses represent the image of radio and TV stations and therefore have an unshakable responsibility to spread advanced culture and national virtue and to safeguard the country's interests," the authorities decreed.
  But also in the latest set of rules, published Sept. 10 by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, was a less obvious stipulation: Masters of ceremony should always use standard Mandarin Chinese and should stop affecting Hong Kong or Taiwanese slang and accents.
  To millions of Chinese, particularly boys and girls in the provinces who constitute the main audience for pop-oriented variety shows, Hong Kong and Taiwanese speech has come to mean being cool. The reason is simple. Most of the music and performers making teenage hearts throb here have long originated in the freer atmospheres of Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  As a result, some hosts and hostesses of mainland variety shows have taken to throwing Taiwanese slang words and Hong Kong tones into their on-air speech, associating themselves with the cool radiating from those two centers of the Chinese-language pop industry. Saying "very pretty" with a drawn-out hao hao piaoliang ye as they do in Taiwan, for instance, has been branded more with it than the direct hen piaoliang of standard Mandarin.
  But for nearly a year, the government broadcasting authority has been engaged in a purification project, designed to halt what officials feel is the creep of vulgarity and non-Chinese influences into programs offered by the country's 3,000 national, provincial, city and county stations. The campaign fits into a general tightening of government controls over broadcasting and other media, including additional Internet rules banning "unhealthy news stories that will mislead the public."
  One producer at Beijing-based China Central Television said official expressions of concern have become so frequent that the latest set of regulations drew little attention within the profession. But one place they certainly drew notice, another specialist suggested, was in Hunan province's satellite television studios.
  That official station this summer broadcast a groundbreaking singing contest in which viewers were asked to vote for their favorites by cell phone message, "American Idol"-style. The show, "Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Supergirl Contest," was such a hit across the country that state media estimated that 20 million people watched the final episode and that millions happily paid special fees to submit their votes via cell phone.
  The show's several elimination rounds and its final episode drew more viewers than even China Central Television's highly rated Spring Festival spectaculars. Some commentators suggested that the success showed that people liked the power of the vote and maybe would like to choose their political leaders in the same way.
  The phenomenal number of viewers meant that advertising rates soared, beyond what China Central Television charges for spots on its most popular programs. The main sponsor, Mongolian Cow Dairy, went from third-largest to the largest dairy in the country during the show's run. Sales more than doubled, according to the Shanghai Daily newspaper. The China Europe International Business School announced that it would make the "Supergirl" show a case study for its master of business administration program.
  Worst of all to the Beijing officials who direct China's broadcasting, the show was emceed by Li Xiang, an edgy pop music hostess from the provinces who is well known for using Hong Kong and Taiwanese words as she banters with singing stars onstage. And the winner was a spike-haired, punky-looking Sichuan province student, Li Yuchun, who deviated so clearly from the standard of soft beauty espoused by China Central Television that bloggers described her as "boyish."
  The new rules were issued a week after the finale and included a mention that "flirtatious and affected manners on stage" are also banned. Nevertheless, Li Yuchun announced plans to record an album and has scheduled promotional appearances across the country, including at the prestigious Peking University.
  Yu Dan, director of a mass communications institute at Beijing Normal University, said the use of Taiwanese and Hong Kong phrases actually went out of fashion several years ago in big-city studios such as those in Beijing or Shanghai. A China Central Television producer agreed, saying the rage now is getting out of the studio to make audience participation programs in which the master of ceremonies is less important.
  "But 70 percent of Chinese television stations are at the city or county level, and they don't have the money, the vision or the human resources to move forward," Yu said. "So their programs are stuck in the last century. They don't know how to renew their offerings."
  The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television declined to comment on the new regulations, saying they were suggested by the equally official China Radio and Television Society, an association of industry workers. At the society, a spokeswoman queried by telephone and fax said officials were unable to provide an immediate comment but were working on one.


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  在中国电视上, 不再是凉爽的是正确的
  爱德华 Cody 的  
    星期四,2005 年九月 29 日; 页 A14
    北京 -- 起先一瞥, 在一个共产党感觉责任的国家中被中国籍的广播当局传递下来的新规则似乎天然的充足- 约束的为每件事物设定明暗,甚至流行的音乐。
  在州电视的多样性的表面上永无止境名单上的典礼  主人表示,规则说,应该避免粗俗, 谦逊地穿着而且提高他们的年轻观众。 " 主人和女主人表现收音机和电视的图像车站并且因此有 unshakable 职责传布先进的文化和国家的德行并且保卫与国家有相同利害关系者 ",主管当局法令。
    除了也之外在被收音机,电影和电视的州行政出版九月 10 日的规则最近组中,是一个比较不明显约束: 典礼的主人应该总是使用标准官吏华人而且应该停止影响香港或台湾俚语和口音。
    对数以百万计华人,特别地为取出定向的多样性表演,香港和台湾语法构成主要的听众省男孩和女孩已经受到的影响意谓凉爽。 理由很简单。 大部份的音乐和使青少年心成为悸动这里的表演者久已经在香港和台湾的给予自由的人或事物大气中开始。
    结果,大陆多样性表演的一些主人和女主人已经轮流到将台湾俚语字和香港明暗丢进他们的在- 之上空气的演讲,用凉爽联合他们自己从华人的那二中心放射-语言取出工业。 和憔悴- 外面的 hao hao piaoliang ye 的叙述 " 非常漂亮的 " 当做他们在台湾做, 举例来说,超过标准官吏的直接母鸡 piaoliang 已经被用它打上烙印更多。
    要不是将近一年,政府广播当局已经被专注一个洗净计画, 设计使官员感觉的停止进入被国家的 3,000 国民,乡下人,城市和县站提供的计画之内是粗俗和非华人的爬影响力。 活动进入一个政府的控制广播和其他的媒体全面的紧压之内适合,包括禁止 " 将会误导民众的不健康的新闻报导 " 的另外英特网规则。
  在以北京为基础的中国  一位生产者中央的电视说了关心的官方表达已经变得如此时常发生规则的最近组在职业里面引起小的注意。但是一个地方他们确定地拉注意,另外的一个专家建议, 在 Hunan 省的人造宇宙站电视工作场所中。
  官方的车站这夏天广播一个先进的歌唱竞赛的  在哪一观众被行动电话信息要求投给他们的喜欢事物," 美国偶像 "-风格。表演," 蒙古人的母牛变酸酵母乳 Supergirl 竞赛 ", 是横过国家的一个如此击中州媒体估计,二千万个人看了最后的插曲而且快乐地支付特别的费用给的数百万经由行动电话委托他们的选票。
    表演的一些除去回合和它的最后插曲拉的观众比平坦的中国多中央的电视高度定格的春天节日的公开展示的。 一些讲评者建议了成功表示了人喜欢选票的力量而且也许想要同样地选择他们的政治上的领袖。
    观众的顯著数字意谓广告的比率升高,超过中央的电视为在它的最流行的计画上的地点要价什么中国。主要的赞助者,蒙古人的母牛乳酪农场, 去从第三大的到在国家中的最大乳酪农场在表演的奔跑期间。 超过的售卖两倍, 依照上海每日的报纸。 国际的中国欧洲商学院宣布了它会对于商业管理计画的它主人使 " Supergirl" 表示一件个案研究。
    最坏全部对北京官员指示中国的广播,表演被李 Xiang 担任主持人了, 来自省的一个刀口锐利的流行音乐女主人谁为以香港和台湾字作为被广为人知她由于上场唱星戏弄。 而且胜利者是长钉头发又看 punky 的四川省学生,李 Yuchun 脱离如此的清楚地从被中国支持中央的电视软美人的标准以致于 bloggers 把她说成是 " 男孩似的 ".
    新的规则在结局之后被发行一个星期而且包括提到 " 在阶段上的爱调戏的而且影响礼貌 " 也被禁止。 然而,李 Yuchun 宣布了计划记录一本相簿而且已经预定横过国家的增进外表,在享有声望的北京大学包括。
  在北京常态大学的   Yu 丹 , 一个大众传播学会的指导者, 实际上说了台湾人和香港片语的使用一些年以前在北京或上海的大- 城市像如此的工作场所离开流行。 中国中央的电视制作人同意, 现在说愤怒正在离开工作场所制造典礼的主人是比较不重要的听众分享计画。
     " 但是 70% 的中国电视台在城市或县水平,而且他们没有钱,视觉或人力资源向前地移动 ",Yu 说。 "因此他们的计画在最后世纪内被欺骗。 他们不知道该如何更新他们的提供。"
    收音机,电影和电视的州行政拒绝评论新的规则,说他们被相等官方的中国收音机和电视社会建议了,工业工人的协会。 在社会,一个发言人藉着电话和传真质疑说了官员不能够提供一个立即的意见但是正在进行中一。
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  最坏全部对北京官员指示中国的广播,表演被李湘 担任主持人了, 来自省的一个刀口锐利的流行音乐女主人谁为以香港和台湾字作为被广为人知她由于上场唱星戏弄。 而且胜利者是长钉头发又看 punky 的四川省学生,李宇春 。
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  蒙古人的母牛变酸酵母乳 Supergirl 竞赛……
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    在中国电视上, 不再是凉爽的是正确的
  好幽默啊,是不是翻译软件啊?thanks anyway for your effort. *_^
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  On Chinese Television, What's Cool Is No Longer Correct
  哈哈 我的翻译
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    "在北京常态大学的   Yu 丹 , 一个大众传播学会的指导者"....
   谁的翻译,真够XXXXXXXX的,beijing normal university,指的是北京师范大学!你知道吗,虽是normal,却是当下中国大学教育的一面旗帜.不说别的,就这样的翻译水平,简直是对北师大特别是对其中提及的于丹老师的亵渎!
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  绝对不要相信那些网 赚可以月入万元的广告,纯属放屁,真正的网 赚,你做单个的话,一个月有七八百已经很多了,当然可以几个一起做,但一定要找可靠的广告商,国外的就免谈了,汇款太繁琐,还是国内直接银行转帐,真假立辨。但是,刚开始做的时候,收入是很少的,等到下线足够多的时候,自己只要做足每月1000点(两三天时间)就可以有一笔不小的收入了,重要的是要有耐心,一开始确实是比较少的:)