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Chinese missile shifts power in Pacific

By Kathrin Hille in Beijing

Published: December 28 2010 11:58 | Last updated: December 28 2010 11:58

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  A new Chinese anti-ship missile that will significantly alter the balance of military power in the Pacific is now operational, according to a senior US commander.
  Admiral Robert Willard, the top US commander in the Pacific, said the Chinese ballistic missile, which was designed to threaten US aircraft carriers in the region, had reached “initial operational capability”.
  海军上将Robert Willard,美国太平洋总指挥官称,被设计于用以威胁在地美国航母的中国弹道导弹,已经达到了“初始运行能力”
  His remarks signal that China is challenging the US ability to project military power in Asia much sooner than many had expected.
  The US and other countries in the Pacific region are increasingly concerned at the speed with which China is developing its naval power. Japan, for example, recently decided to refocus its military on the potential threat from China.
  “So now we know – China’s [anti-ship ballistic missile] is no longer aspirational,” Andrew Erickson, an expert on the Chinese military at the US Naval War College, said in response to Adm Willard’s comments to the Asahi newspaper.
  “所以我们知道——中国的(弹道导弹)已不再是纸上谈兵,” Andrew Erickson,一位在美国海军军事学院的中国军事专家,在回答Adm Willard给Asahi报纸的评论时说道。
  Defence analysts have called the Dongfeng 21 D missile a “game changer” since it could force US aircraft carriers to stay away from waters where China does not want to see them. These include the Taiwan Strait where a potential conflict could develop over the self-ruled island which China claims.
  国防分析称东风21D导弹为“博弈改变者”,因为它可以迫使美国航母离开中国不希望见到它存在的水域。这些水域包括台湾海峡,一个潜在的冲突可能发展成为中国声称的自治岛屿。(好吧 这个翻译我实在无能为力 谁能帮我翻译成正常的中国人话)
  The land-based missile is designed to target and track aircraft carrier groups with the help of satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and over-the-horizon radar. Aircraft carriers and their accompanying ships are unable to defend themselves against such a threat.
  Aware of the missile’s development, the Pentagon has already started considering ways to counter the new threat, including a new concept for more closely integrated navy and air force operations.
  Robert Gates, US defence secretary, said in September, the development of such a missile would force the Pentagon to rethink the way carriers were deployed.
  Robert Gates,美国国防部长,在九月宣称此种导弹的研制会迫使五角大楼重新考虑航母的部署方法。
  “If the Chinese or somebody else has a highly accurate anti-ship cruise or ballistic missile that can take out a carrier at hundreds of miles of ranges and therefore in Asia puts us back behind the second island chain, how then do you use carriers differently in the future?” Mr Gates asked.
  The second chain of islands runs from the Bonins along the Marianas, Guam and Palau, forming a north-south line east of Japan and the Philippines. This line defines what China sees as its “near seas” – waters in which the US navy now frequently operates and are home to US naval bases and allies such as Japan and South Korea.
  Adm Willard noted this year that China’s anti-ship ballistic missile was undergoing extensive testing and was close to deployment. Observers believe China started production of missile motors last year and that the Chinese military is preparing a nuclear missile base in the southern city of Shaoguan for their deployment.
  Adm Willard表示今年中国的反航母弹道导弹经历了广泛的测试,已接近部署。观察者相信中国去年开始生产导弹的马达,中国军方正在南方城市韶关准备一个核导弹基地用以进行他们的部署。
  Defence analysts have also linked several missile flight tests this year to the new weapon but no conclusive evidence has been available to date.
  Adm Willard’s latest comments appear to remove any doubts. The term “initial operational capability” as used by the Pentagon indicates that some military units have started deployment of the weapon and are capable of using it.
  Adm Willard最新的评论似乎打消了任何怀疑。五角大楼此前所称“初始运行能力”暗示着某些军事单位已经开始了武器的部署并有能力运用。
  Mr Erickson said: “Beijing has successfully developed, tested, and deployed the world’s first weapons system capable of targeting a moving carrier strike group from long-range, land-based mobile launchers.”
  Adm Willard said the new Chinese weapon was still not fully-operational and would probably undergo testing for “several more years”. The key remaining step is a comprehensive test of the entire system at sea, which is much more difficult than test flights over land.
  Adm Willard称中国新的武器尚未完全可操作,在未来“更多几年内”还有可能经历测试。剩下的关键步骤是一项整个系统在海面上的综合测试,难度远远大于在陆地上的飞行测试。
  China also needs to deploy more satellites to ensure seamless tracking of a moving target at sea. But defence experts warn that the weapon would immediately be a threat to US carriers because China could make up for a lack in accuracy by launching larger numbers of missiles.
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  谢谢沙发顶贴 下面转帖一些评论
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  Adam Atheist 23 minutes ago (1:03 AM)
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  ShanaSmiles 3 hours ago (10:09 PM)
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  Um. Uhoh
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  G52 4 hours ago (9:47 PM)
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  I have been saying for some time that we need to cut spending on large outdated systems like super carriers.
  They should only be deployed in a defensive role!
  While we are at it and the outsourcin¬g continues, China requires all the companies relocating there to SHARE their technology¬.
作者:风-逝 时间:2010-12-30 16:09:52 浙江
作者:guizi22 时间:2010-12-30 16:23:22 贵州
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  Brain User 4 hours ago (9:40 PM)
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  I already know it’s just a matter of time until we all become slaves of the chineese.
  Let’s continue to shoot ourselves in the foot by voting to the corporatis¬ts selling this country through reckless actions design to profit only them and their donors.
  Let’s continue to believe in propaganda news and 1ns4ne point of views.
  Don’t look chineese as the ennemy. The ennemy is right here among ourselves.
  God Bless you all.
楼主laluna1987 时间:2010-12-30 16:45:57 美国
  SparkyGump 4 hours ago (9:26 PM)
  158 Fans
  Wasn’t it Lenin who said; "the capitalist-s will sell us the rope we will use to hang them"? Seems to fit really nicely here.
  NormalGuy1 4 hours ago (8:59 PM)
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  Why cant the carriers have missle defense that tracks and shoot chinese missle down? Or how about some sort of electrical burst missle that blows up near missle and breaks up its communicat¬ion with satelites?
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  ProudToBeVeryLiberal 4 hours ago (9:36 PM)
  686 Fans
  The weapon in question is a variant of a Chinese ICBM, fitted with a convention¬al warhead and specifical¬ly designed to attack naval forces (the first weapon of such kind developed. We don’t have anything like that.) The only supposedly effective weapon against ballistic missiles we have is the SM-3 Standard Missile (it’s a naval missile, launched from the VLS of our surface warships, but it can also be fired from a land-based launch system.) Despite numerous "successfu¬l" tests conducted by the US Navy and the JMSDF (Japanese Navy), so far, test results have been anything but stellar, despite the Pentagon spin. But the system is promising and its Lightweigh¬t Exo-Atmosp¬heric (kinetic) Projectile is solid and less prone to failure compared to other ideas.
  (⊙﹏⊙b 专有名词N多啊!)
楼主laluna1987 时间:2010-12-30 16:48:15 美国
  睡觉啦 明天有空继续翻译 看着美国人的反应我有点想笑 反应过度啊有点儿
作者:xuyongquan 时间:2010-12-30 16:53:42 美国
作者:真滴假滴ABC 时间:2010-12-30 16:58:07 浙江
作者:请叫我路人乙 时间:2010-12-30 16:58:11 福建
作者:安如山俱欢颜 时间:2010-12-30 17:04:30 北京
作者:393047776 时间:2010-12-30 17:04:30 江西
作者:安如山俱欢颜 时间:2010-12-30 17:05:23 北京
作者:nikko1216 时间:2010-12-30 17:25:53 北京
作者:miyjy_0715 时间:2010-12-30 17:50:55 北京
  I am interested in current events. thanks for your job, i can get more information and study english language.
  lol, actually i support you.
作者:NileBlue 时间:2010-12-30 17:56:08 上海
  原文中的Adm Willard
作者:opyyu89 时间:2010-12-30 21:26:10 云南
楼主laluna1987 时间:2010-12-31 02:11:36 美国
  哇 现在才发现那些强人翻译这些帖子有多难 佩服一个先
  楼主刚睡醒 正坐在马桶上奋战 最新的翻译这就新鲜出炉
  InnocentBystander 15 hours ago (8:48 PM)
  69 Fans
  Basically, supersonic missle technology costing millions can neutralize trillion dollar carriers. There goes our power projection-. So we’ve squandered our national security fighting trillion dollar wars to control oil and building floating Titanic-cl-ass monuments to our MIC.
  Meanwhile, we never did reinvent the economy by developing a post-oil energy economy (Carter was right) because there was too much money to be made keeping us dependent on ME oil. And we further facilitate-d our own decline when we simply allowed corporatio-ns to export our manufactur-ing without a price to pay and now the sell off of the remaining infrastruc-ture is underway.
  And Americans still vote for the Party that made this all possible. God Bless America!
  基本上 花费几百万美元的超音速导弹技术就可以对付几万亿的航母 这就是我们的力量投射 我们浪费数万亿美元投入战争用来控制石油 为我们的MIC(这是什么?)建造像泰坦尼克号级别的纪念碑(我不是很懂 航母有这么贵吗?)
  同时 我们从不通过发展后石油能源经济 重新整顿经济(卡特是对的)因为我们依赖石油会需要更多的钱 并且当我们就那么允许公司毫无代价的出口我们的制造业 我们正在自掘坟墓 现在看起来卖掉剩下的基础设施也是指日可待了
  然而美国人还投票给那些造成这一切的政党 天佑美国!
  SkippingDog 15 hours ago (9:04 PM)
  4 Fans
  You couldn’t have articulate-d the issue more clearly. Excellent post!
  你解释的再清楚不过了 说得好!
  sb250guy 15 hours ago (9:04 PM)
  285 Fans
  Fanned and faved!
  You put a lot of truth into a short post. Well done!
  通过一篇短文你说了很多事实 干得好!(这哥们的ID……中国人?)
  Dan Stewart 16 hours ago (8:35 PM)
  425 Fans
  Maybe China does doesn’t want to submit to US military domination of Asia.
  Can’t say I blame them.
  take10 16 hours ago (8:27 PM)
  388 FansFollow
  China has no need to worry about the US. We never go after the big dogs. We feel more comfortabl-e attacking small countries that don’t have sufficient armor of aircraft to defend themselves-. In Afghanista-n, we are up against guys in lambs wool and bath towel helmets. At $160 billion a year, you would think they are the Russians. Oh! I forgot! With our help, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban defeated the Russians after ten years. With no assistance in modern armament from anyone, we have not been able to defeat them in 11 years. Makes you wonder, what our true purpose is? Since America has become a cash cow for China and we are deeply in their debt, we shouldn’t jump to conclusion-s. When they make us fear, the military industrial complex gets more of our tax dollars. So, what’s new?
  中国无须担心美国 我们从不欺负大的 欺负那些武装不足的小国家对我们来说更好 在阿富汗 我们对付的是那些穿羊毛和用浴巾当头盔的人 在1600亿一年这个数量级上 你会以为他们是俄国人 哦!我忘了!在我们的帮助下 本拉登和塔利班十年后打败了俄罗斯 如果没有任何现代武器帮助 我们根本没办法在11年打败他们 这不禁让你疑惑 我们的真实目的是什么?美国已经变成了中国的提款机 深陷重重债务 我们不该轻易下结论 当他们让我们害怕时 军工集团正从我们的税里边得到更多 还有什么新鲜的吗?
楼主laluna1987 时间:2010-12-31 05:14:01 美国
  什么叫不厚道 点击率快2k了居然这么点儿回复
  算了 看书去了……
作者:老和尚不用飘柔 时间:2010-12-31 05:22:13 甘肃
楼主laluna1987 时间:2010-12-31 12:31:59 美国
  saintjule 19 hours ago (8:25 PM)
  179 Fans
  I wonder what they intent to do with all that military might? They have the largest standing army in the world, They have the most silent running sub known to man. They are a nuclear power. They have been purchasing our technologi¬es as well as technologi¬es from around the world for decades. They have held joint military exercises with the Russians. They have just shot a rocket to the moon. We shouldn’t worry,,,, right? It seems that the Chinese are working very hard at ruling the world and we are working very hard at seeing that the Chinese rule the world.
  我在想他们要用这武力来干什么?他们有全世界最大的陆军 他们有已知的运行最安静的潜艇 他们是一个核大国 他们在过去的几十年里向美国和全世界购买技术 他们和俄罗斯联合军演 他们向月球发射火箭 我们不该担心 对吗?看起来中国正在努力地统治全世界 而我们正在努力地看着中国人努力的统治全世界
  Dan Stewart 19 hours ago (8:32 PM)
  426 Fans
  Maybe China does doesn’t want to submit to US military domination of Asia.
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  saintjule 19 hours ago (8:39 PM)
  179 Fans
  Nah, I think their goals are more robust than that. These people are shrewd, cruel and devoted. Remember Tienanmen Square. They execute people for spitting on the side walk. Democracy is a dirty word punishable by confinemen¬t or worse.
  算了吧 我认为他们的目标比那要高多了 这些人精明残忍而又忠诚 还记得TAM事件吗 他们枪毙人民仅仅因为他们在便道上吐口水 民主是个肮脏的词(这是什么跟什么啊)
  BigLeftbowski 19 hours ago (8:45 PM)
  477 Fans
  The Chinese could be asking the same question about a country that spends more on its military budget than the rest of the world combined.
  Dan Stewart 19 hours ago (8:17 PM)
  426 Fans
  The US military needs a counterbal¬ance to it military power -- it’s clearly out of control. We were better behaved when the USSR was around.
  美军需要制衡他的军力 很明显现在它已经失去控制了 有苏联在的时候 我们的表现要好很多
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  SiberianRat 19 hours ago (8:19 PM)
  1418 Fans
  Well, kinda. Viet Nam would likely disagree. I agree that we’re out of control militarily though.
  嗯 也许 越南可能不会同意的 我同意我们在军事上已经失去控制了
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  Dan Stewart 19 hours ago (8:34 PM)
  426 Fans
  Vietnam would disagree? Funny, I thought it was the US who made sure there were 3 million fewer Vietnamese¬, not China.
  越南不同意?有意思 我以为是美国而不是中国确保减少了300万越南人
  scorpioman 6 hours ago (8:14 PM)
  263 Fans
  maybe we should just give Korea and Taiwan to China and let them deal with all the headaches!
  也许我们该吧韩国和台湾给中国 让他们处理这所有让人头疼的事儿!
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  Dan Stewart 6 hours ago (8:15 PM)
  425 Fans
  Are they ours to give?
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  Graywolf48 6 hours ago (7:56 PM)
  276 Fans
  China doesn’t need nuclear weapons to destroy America, they just have to stop lending us money and call in all their current loans. The US will be fini without a shot being fired.
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  中国不需要核武器毁灭美国 他们只需要停止借给我们钱 把现在的贷款全部收回 美国就不费一枪一炮的挂掉了
  Dan Stewart 6 hours ago (8:18 PM)
  425 Fans
  Sun Tzu’s "greatest victory."
  b1986 7 hours ago (7:40 PM)
  45 Fans
  After watching several interviews with Chinese government backed press and the Chinese public, I think it can be assumed that they believe (and maybe rightly so) that they will replace the US as the dominant global super power. In several interviews¬, the phrase, "passing the baton" was used. They said it was passed to us from Great Britain and now it is our turn to pass it to them. Suggesting that it would be pryed from our hands if we didnt give it up willingly. Unfortunat¬ely, another phrase which sounds like something out of ¬WWII which was particular alarming was, "master race". I guess I’m not that surprised by it, but it does set off alarm bells in my mind anyway. Although somewhat diverse, the Han Chinese are the group of people behind the Chinese economic rise and seem to be well aware of it. Unlike the US which has always been diverse although white dominant, it is by some seen as mongrel from the outside.
  It’s almost as if we’ve handed them they keys willingly. We’ve sent our manufactur¬ing base there, we’ve started wars from which Chinese have struck major resource deals and loan us money to continue. I really worry about how they plan to supply a middle class which will be the size of the US and EU population¬s combined with the resources needed for it to exist when it will take nearly another earth for them to do so without taking everything the West has.
  在看过对中国政府几个采访 和中国公众的评论之后 我想他们相信(也许事实也是如此)他们可以取代美国成为全球超级大国 在几个采访里 “传棒”这个词语被提到了 他们认为我们曾经接下了英国的接力棒 现在我们也要被他们取代了 听起来像是如果我们不自愿给的话他们就要来抢了 不幸的是 另一个来源于二战的词听起来更让人警惕:“主要民族”我并不感到意外 但是这的确给我敲响了一记警钟 虽然某种程度上多样性 汉族人是中国经济崛起背后的推手 他们很充分的意识到了这一点 这不像美国 虽然白人占主导地位 但一直还是多民族 这在有些人看起来就像是外来的杂种
  看起来好像我们已经把钥匙自愿的交给他们了 我们把我们的生产基地送出去 我们发动了中国人可以从中渔利的战争 他们还借钱给我们维持战争 我真的很担心他们如何拿出所需的自愿 支撑一个人数相当于美国和欧洲总数的中产阶级 如果不从西方拿走我们的一切的话 这几乎是需要另外一个地球
  Dan Stewart 6 hours ago (8:20 PM)
  425 Fans
  Relax, you’re safe.
  放心 你是安全的
  wonderfullone 7 hours ago (7:20 PM)
  18 Fans
  With America having friends like China America doesn’t need enemies.
  jsarets 7 hours ago (7:18 PM)
  464 Fans
  The Dong Feng 21D Mod 4 is a hypersonic ballistic missile that reenters the atmosphere at inertial velocities in excess of Mach 10. The Phalanx CIWS ("Sea Whiz") has absolutely no effectiven¬ess against such high-speed threats, which are also beyond the capability of the SM-3 AEGIS ABM system.
  Nobody stands to lose more from anti-satel¬lite warfare than the United States and its Armed Forces. We have the most satellite-¬aided military force in the world. China is the only nation besides the United States to demonstrat¬e an anti-satel¬lite missile system.
  If we engage China in anti-satel¬lite warfare, we will suffer badly, not to mention the fact that we have American astronauts on the Internatio¬nal Space Station whose lives would be in grave danger in the event of such a conflict.
  东风21D4型是超音速弹道导弹 是先进入外太空然后重新进入大气层 速度超过10马赫密集阵近程防御武器系统根本无法抵御这么高速的威胁SM- 3宙斯盾导弹防御系统也是如此
  没有比美国和空军更怕反卫星战的了 我们有最多的卫星辅助的军事力量 而中国是唯一一个除美国之外 展示了反卫星导弹的系统的国家
  如果我们被中国卷进反卫星战的话 我们会损失惨重 更别提国际空间站中的美国航空员会在这样的冲突中遭遇严重危险
作者:月中阴 时间:2010-12-31 13:02:24 浙江
作者:chaxeingking 时间:2010-12-31 13:12:53 四川
作者:王三刀 时间:2010-12-31 13:15:18 山东
作者:换个马甲好难 时间:2010-12-31 13:22:10 广西
  sb250guy 15 hours ago (9:04 PM)
    285 Fans
    Fanned and faved!
    You put a lot of truth into a short post. Well done!
    通过一篇短文你说了很多事实 干得好!(这哥们的ID……中国人?)
作者:核观 时间:2010-12-31 13:26:41 北京
  With America having friends like China America doesn’t need enemies.
作者:hexiewangzi 时间:2010-12-31 13:29:58 安徽
  作者:换个马甲好难 回复日期:2010-12-31 13:22:10 
    sb250guy 15 hours ago (9:04 PM)
      285 Fans
      Fanned and faved!
      You put a lot of truth into a short post. Well done!
      通过一篇短文你说了很多事实 干得好!(这哥们的ID……中国人?)
  http://www.foxnews.com/ Fox新闻
  http://edition.cnn.com/ CNN新闻
  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/ ……
  http://www.businessinsider.com/ ……
  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ 很大的综合性网站
  http://www.sinodefenceforum.com/ 外国人也有热衷中国军事的,不过不少中国人,但总的人气不旺
作者:chaxeingking 时间:2010-12-31 13:56:17 四川
    美国太平洋总指挥官,海军上将Robert Willard称,中国的这种被设计用于反制美国航母的弹道导弹,已经达到了“初始作战能力”
    “所以,我们觉得,中国的(弹道导弹)已不再是纸上谈兵,” Andrew Erickson,一位在美国海军军事学院的中国军事问题专家,在回答Asahi报的记者Adm Willard时说道。
    美国国防部长Robert Gates在九月宣称此种导弹的研制会打乱五角大楼的航母全球部局。
    Adm Willard表示今年中国的反航母弹道导弹已经进行了全方位的测试,可能已经部署。军事观察家们相信中国去年已经开始生产导弹的马达,军方已在中国南方城市韶关兴建了一个核导弹基地以用来进行他们的导弹部署。
    Adm Willard最新的评论似乎打消了人们的所有怀疑。五角大楼此前所称“初始作战能力”暗示着某些军事单位已经开始了武器的部署并已具备作战能力。
    Adm Willard称中国新的武器尚未完全可靠,在未来“更多几年内”还有可能进行一系列测试。最关键的步骤是一项整个系统的海面打击综合测试,其难度远远大于在陆地上的飞行测试。
作者:37°C的心情 时间:2010-12-31 14:48:16 北京
作者:8234826gtg 时间:2010-12-31 17:01:02 安徽
作者:zetta06 时间:2010-12-31 17:49:42 上海
作者:饥餐HJ肉 时间:2010-12-31 22:58:42 山东
作者:起风时节 时间:2010-12-31 23:21:22 广东
楼主laluna1987 时间:2011-01-01 00:50:00 美国
  作者:chaxeingking 回复日期:2010-12-31 13:12:53 
  嘿嘿 楼主本来就不是吃这碗饭的呗 也就是个业余水平
作者:Xly5487 时间:2011-01-01 01:56:02 上海
  点击:4335 回复:39
楼主laluna1987 时间:2011-01-01 05:24:34 美国
  作者:王三刀 回复日期:2010-12-31 13:15:18 
  首先 一看这篇文章就是复制的 拜托如果你有想法 用你自己的话说 成吧
  然后 中国有了自己的武器我不明白你有什么好跳脚的 就算你说是假的 拜托请拿出证据来 你上学的时候老师没教你写议论文论点是要用例子来证明的吗?张口就来的那叫泼妇骂街 谢谢
  最后 我是不是宣传骗子大家自己能看清楚 你这样张嘴就来是不是太low了一点?
作者:szyb001 时间:2011-01-01 07:01:33 广东
作者:wwwabc2045 时间:2011-01-01 07:04:33 河北
作者:摸不着金的校尉 时间:2011-01-01 07:19:22 吉林
    首先 一看这篇文章就是复制的 拜托如果你有想法 用你自己的话说 成吧
    然后 中国有了自己的武器我不明白你有什么好跳脚的 就算你说是假的 拜托请拿出证据来 你上学的时候老师没教你写议论文论点是要用例子来证明的吗?张口就来的那叫泼妇骂街 谢谢
    最后 我是不是宣传骗子大家自己能看清楚 你这样张嘴就来是不是太low了一点?
作者:cxj70507 时间:2011-01-01 07:39:20 重庆
作者:肚皮叔 时间:2011-01-01 08:12:51 河北
作者:三点十三分 时间:2011-01-01 08:29:33 广东
作者:hongkong120 时间:2011-01-01 10:13:29 山东
作者:爱科学也爱玄学 时间:2011-01-02 05:04:51 陕西
作者:wdtzcy 时间:2011-01-02 21:06:20 江西
作者:思考的感觉 时间:2011-01-02 21:30:20 湖北
作者:小普2010 时间:2011-01-02 23:13:00 湖北
楼主laluna1987 时间:2011-01-03 03:57:24 美国
  Sam Badger 03:51 PM on 12/29/2010
  31 Fans
  This is precisely why we should cut military spending. The US can respond to this by:
  (1) building even more, expensive aircraft carriers in the hope that the enemy wont be able to sink them all in a war.
  (2) looking for a smaller, cheaper alternativ-e to the aircraft carrier which isnt so easy to counter.
  (3) reducing overall spending and trying to come to an arrangemen-t with the Chinese over a rational balance of power that doesnt lead to a convention-al arms race.
  Some combinatio-n of the second two would work best. America wont be able to maintain its absolute military edge for ever, especially since it takes money away from productive investment through taxes or government debt. If were not careful, the USA will end up like Britain in 1945, with dozens of obsolete battleship-s and battlecrui-sers that a couple of lucky Soviet nukes, MiGs or submarines could sink. Their empire became unsustaina-ble, and despite Churchill-s desire for Britains empire to remain a superpower-, it collapsed under the weight of its own debt and internal contradict-ions.
  Instead of following an arms race with China and Russia that could deplete our resources, especially considerin-g Chinas massive industrial base, a convention-al arms control treaty combined with lower-cost but more efficient military technology could save billions in the long run.
  这就是为什么我们应该削减军费开支 美国可以有如下反应:
  1。建造更贵的航母 期望敌人不会在一场战争中把它们都毁掉(lz说:嗯 你们的纳税人会同意的)
  2.建造一个小一点便宜一点的可以代替航母的东西 让它不会那么容易被发现
  3.减少全国的军费开支 和中国一起签个协议 使军力平衡 不至于展开常规军备的竞赛
  后两种的结合可能是最有效的 美国不可能永远保持它的绝对军事优势 尤其是这还要从生产型投资里分走资金 如果我们不小心的话 美国会像1945年的英国一样挂掉 他们的帝国变得无可持续 尽管丘吉尔想让不列颠帝国保持超级大国的地位 它还是在自身的债务和内部矛盾中轰然倒下
  与其和中苏展开军备竞赛 耗尽我们的资源 尤其是考虑到中国大规模的工业基地 还不如签署一个常规军队控制条约 并且降低花费同时提高军事科技的效率 这样在长期看来会节约大量资金
  viper234 03:41 PM on 12/29/2010
  101 Fans
  It would be wise for the US to cease "projectin-g military power in Asia." The US would not want China "projectin-g military power in North America." Besides, China is not a nation the US wants to tangle with militarily-. China is not Afghanista-n and they are Americas largest creditor.
  They no doubt have military capability that is completely unknown to Gates. Theyve got the worlds fastest computer now too. The US needs to get its economic house in order, big time!
  如果美国聪明的话就该停止在亚洲投递军力 美国也不会想中国在北美投递军力 还有 美国也不想和中国这样一个国家有武力上的纠缠 中国不是阿富汗 他们是美国最大的债主
  无疑 他们拥有国防部长Gates完全不了解的军力 他们也已经拥有了全世界最快的电脑了 美国需要让经济部重新井然有序起来 重要时刻!
  我翻到这里的时候只觉得好笑 美国那么多军费 怕个什么劲!还口口声声说中国威胁 好吧 幸亏你们不懂中文 没上天涯上来看
楼主laluna1987 时间:2011-01-03 05:29:23 美国
  motoboy 03:20 PM on 12/29/2010
  409 Fans
  Carriers are silly these days. The battleship was obsoleted by the carrier, the carrier now obsoleted by smart missiles. Were going to have to cut defense spending drasticall-y, and carriers should be the first to go, followed by submarines-, followed by all manned aircraft.
  "We’re at the sundown as an imperialis-t power, and we cant have credit card imperialis-m. We cant be the policeman of the world anymore, because we cant afford it. Were gonna have to cut defense drasticall-y." -- David Stockman, former budget director for President Ronald Reagan
  这些日子说航母真是傻啊 战舰被航母取代 航母现在要被智能导弹取代了 我们要大规模削减军费了 航母应该首当其冲 其次就是潜水艇 再次是所有载人飞机
  “我们作为帝国主义力量已然江河日下了 我们再也不能做世界警察 因为我们负担不起 我们需要大规模削减将军费”——David Stockman 里根总统前预算办公室主任
  Sam Badger 03:42 PM on 12/29/2010
  31 Fans
  I agree, this is more or less what Im thinking. Our Aircraft carrier fleet, which was perfect from the start of WWII to the end of the Cold War, has now become a floating waste of money. Much as the dozens of Battleship-s and Battlecrui-sers the British and Japanese had in 1940. The Chinese have just one-upped us, by finding a cheaper if more limited counter to US sea power.
  同意 我差不多也是这么想的 我们的航母舰队 从二战伊始到冷战结束都无人能敌 现在却成了一坨漂浮着浪费资金的废物 就像1940年英国和日本的战舰一样 中国人先我们一步 找到了一种更便宜的可以制服美国海洋力量的方法
  Z-Liberator 03:46 PM on 12/29/2010
  137 Fans
  Think again, Satellite guided munitions are vulnerable in the case China shoots down US Satellites in Space. then we are back to Dum-b wars.
  想想看 卫星制导武器在中国击落美国太空卫星的时候将变得脆弱不堪 这样我们又回到愚蠢的战争中了(应指没有高科技下的战争状态)
  Dnietz 04:16 PM on 12/29/2010
  793 Fans
  pretty much missiles and drones have obsoleted everything else
  they are going to start beating the drums for war, because it may be the only way to save the USD
  our nations financial system is in peril
  他们就要开始敲响战鼓了 因为这也许是拯救美元的最后出路
  Deparis 03:19 PM on 12/29/2010
  93 Fans
  America, Keep fighting wars and building war toys while China does business around the world and increasing-ly becomes an economic giga-behem-oth.
  美国 继续打仗和制造战争玩具吧 与此同时中国正在和全世界做生意 变成一个经济方面的庞然大物
  Dnietz 04:17 PM on 12/29/2010
  793 Fans
  i think you just descbribed the actual plans of the two nations correctly in one sentence
  good job
  我想你准确的用一句话概括出了两个国家的计划 干得好
  proshot22 03:17 PM on 12/29/2010
  35 Fans
  So it has begun for us. No nation or empire, no matter how vast or strong, last forever. Ancient empires lasted nearly a thousand years, but through the centuries as technology and warfare improved, the time frames of empires has only decreased from a millennium-, to centuries, to decades. This century is going to be the rise of the Chinese in dominance. The US still doesnt realize that short-term threats like Al-Qaeda or the Taliban has little relevance when compared to strategic national threats like the emergence of a 1.5 billion strong military, economic, and cultural power like China. History will laud the rise of China in this century far more likely than the conquering over terrorism by the US. The US being involved in a open-ended War On Terrorism will only bleed this country dry and accelerate the emergence of Chinas global ambitions.
  那么 我们已经开始了 无论有多强盛 没有任何国家或者帝国 可以永远维持的 古帝国维持了近一千年 但当科技和战争发展时 帝国的维持时间只能从千年 到百年到几十年了 这个世纪将会是中国统治的开始 美国仍没有意识到短时间的威胁 如基地组织或者塔利班 相比起有组织有策略的国家威胁根本不算什么 比如有15亿军队(您是来乱的吗?)经济 和文化影响力的中国 历史会赞扬这个世纪中国的崛起 而不是美国征服恐怖主义 美国卷进结局未定的反恐战争只会耗尽美国力量 加速形成中国在全球的雄心
  Dnietz 04:18 PM on 12/29/2010
  793 Fans
  it started for us the day we elected reagan
  this day was inevitable
  we are fools
  lets hope we wise up on our way down and rescue what we can
  and at least not make too many more people mad because others will be more powerful than us soon.
  让我们期望接下来我们能够聪明起来 尽我们所能吧
  并且至少别再让更多人疯狂 因为别人不就就要比我们强大了
  dave1111 03:12 PM on 12/29/2010
  567 Fans
  Silkworm (missile) - Wikipedia, the free encycloped-ia
  * Specificat-ions|
  * Design|
  * History|
  * Derivative-s
  The HY-2 Haiying, known in Western media as the Silkworm missile, is an anti-ship series. The missile is also designated as C-201.
  guveqzero 02:57 PM on 12/29/2010
  225 Fans
  We already lost the war with China. They used our own factories against us. Next, total destructio-n.
  我们已经打输了和中国的战争 他们用我们自己的工厂来对付我们 接下来 全面毁灭
  OpposingViewpoint 03:03 PM on 12/29/2010
  353 Fans
  No...we have lost the economic war with China not because "they" used our factories against us but rather, because our politician-s and corporate America "exported" our factories to them. He//, we even provide tax breaks to those companies that moved their manufactur-ing infrastruc-tures to foreign lands. Worse, we consumers continue to buy the foreign products made by these corporatio-ns like there is no tomorrow. No...the Chinese used our own ign0rance against us. You really cant fault the Chinese.
  不 我们输掉和中国的经济战争不是因为“他们”用我们的工厂对付我们 而是因为我们的政治家和美国公司“出口”我们的工厂给他们 该死的 我们甚至给那些把设备移到外国的公司减税!更糟的是 我们的消费者还在买这些公司的外国货 好像没有明天一样 不 中国人用我们的无知来对付我们 你根本不能责怪中国人
  DAE 04:06 PM on 12/29/2010
  152 Fans
  The Chinese were smart enough and patriotic enough to do what was best for developing their economy. Americans are st*pid enough and greedy enough to sell-out their country for a quick buck.
  中国人够聪明 够爱国 做的是对经济发展最有利的事情 美国人够傻够贪婪 仅仅因为蝇头小利就把国家卖掉
  DAE 04:14 PM on 12/29/2010
  152 Fans
  Its been said that Reagans arms buildup helped bankrupt the Soviet Union during the cold war arms race. Looks like the Chinese are taking a page out of Reagans book. We cant afford a new arms race. Were fighting multiple wars, our economy is tanked, were indebted to China to the tune of trillions of dollars. The Chinese on the other hand have a fast growing economy, the manufactur-ing infrastruc-ture and a low cost price structure that will allow themselves to do so. Interestin-g poker game. Who would you bet on?
  传言里根在冷战军备竞赛时的军队建设加速了苏联的垮台 看起来中国人在里根的意料之外 我们负担不起一场新的军备竞赛了 我们到处打仗 我们的经济岌岌可危 我们欠了中国天文数字的债务 而中国呢 有飞速增长的经济 生产设施和低成本的模式 很有意思的扑克游戏 你押哪边?
  beauwulff 02:45 PM on 12/29/2010
  44 Fans
  Does this mean the U.S. is going to ask China for a loan to create some sort of multi-bill-ion dollar countermea-sure? The military-i-ndustrial complex sure hopes so.
  这是否意味着美国将要向中国借一笔贷款 用来创造某种几十亿的保护机制?军工企业肯定是这么想的
  dave1111 02:49 PM on 12/29/2010
  567 Fans
  Going to???? We are borrowing $billions from them on a WEEKLY basis.
  Bat Wrangler 02:41 PM on 12/29/2010
  196 Fans
  Time is on Chinas side. If the current economic forecasts hold true, Chinas GDP is expected to reach $120 billion by 2040, while the US only climbs to $42 billion. That means China could potentiall-y develop and build the worlds most advanced military. Other trends, such as the falling math and science scores of American youth, the cost of American weapon systems, the breadth of global US military commitment-s and treaty obligation-s, the looming expenses of non-discre-tionary budget items (entitleme-nts) all point to a weakening of Americas position. China, on the other hand, is excelling academical-ly, theyve become the worlds banker, are beginning to expand their influence, have begun modernizin-g their military and recently, built the worlds fastest super-comp-uter. During the Cold War, the US always had the economic resources to outpace the Soviet Union. The arms build-up of the 1980s helped speed the USSRs collapse, but in the years to come, the roles will be reversed, and it may be China bankruptin-g us.
  形势在中国的一边了 如果现在的经济预测是准确的 中国的GDP将会在2040年达到1200亿美元 而美国只能到429亿美元 那意味着中国有可能发展和建设世界上最先进的军队 而另外一方 比如美国年轻人挂掉的数学和科学成绩 美国武器系统的庞大花销 美国在全球的军事承诺和条约义务 以及不可预见的预算项目都指明了美国被弱化的处境 而中国呢 擅长于学术(作为一个混在理工科的菜鸟 这话给我压力好大)他们已经成为了世界的银行家 正在开始扩展他们的影响力 开始了军队的现代化建设并且在最近 建造了世界上最快的超级计算机 在冷战时 美国总是在经济资源上领先苏联一步 1980年代的军备竞赛加速了苏联的垮台 而在接下来的几年里 角色将反演 也许有可能中国让我们垮掉
  pa30 02:47 PM on 12/29/2010
  29 Fans
  Amen.Add to that that we supply arms and force to places like Afghanasta-n, while the Chinese already operate a new copper mine( with no secrity force from them).Ther-e new highway into Pakistan and India is infrastruc-ture for more growth into those nations for natural resources.-They lease up Kajakastan farm land at the expense of the locals( recal the Irish Potato Famine) They have even patented green technology systems we want and control the rare earth needed to make them work.
  阿门 加上我们向阿富汗提供军队 而中国已经开始挖新的铜矿(没有安保力量)通往巴基斯坦和印度的高速公路是比自然资源让这些国家经济增长更快的基础设施 他们以当地的价格租下Kajakastan(这个是哪里?)的农田(回想一下爱尔兰的土豆饥荒吧)他们甚至注册了我们想要的绿色科技系统的专利并且控制了运行它们所需的稀土元素
  gvscmr 02:48 PM on 12/29/2010
  250 FansFollow
  "What goes around comes around..." is the short version of your statement
  Johnathan Plate 02:55 PM on 12/29/2010
  166 Fans
  Their is one flaw in your arguement. OIL, and the reason this is the flaw is that unlike the US which has Oil, china doesnt, at least not in enough quanities to support a large sustained war effort.
  All that Oil has to be shipped to China somehow, and that oil would be traveling through countries that would not be happy with China if it tried to take out the US. India for one believes it should have equal footing as the US and China, and The indians case is better then the Chinese case. Then you got South east asia, If you think those countries are happy with china, then you dont know south east asian history very well. Japan has and could control the seas very easy in the area.
  I am sorry but to think that china is trually going to take over the global spotlight alone is wrong. Too many countries could and do give china a run for their money.
  Please remember that the Indian middle class has more people in it then the population of The USA.
  你的论证过程中有一个失误 石油 为什么这是个失误的原因在于 美国有石油儿中国没有 至少没有足够的量来支撑一场旷日持久的战争
  所有的石油都可以运往中国 然而那些油会经过那些不喜欢中国的国家 比如印度 印度认为它应与中美比肩 印度的情况比中国的情况好 然后你会到达东南亚 如果你认为这些国家喜欢中国的话 那么你就不是很了解东南亚的历史了 日本拥有并可以很轻易的控制那片区域
  抱歉 我认为中国会成为世界聚光灯的焦点是错误的 太多的国家为了自己的钱都可以给中国捣乱
  Dan Stewart 03:02 PM on 12/29/2010
  439 Fans
  India has 1.2 billion people. The US has 307 million. So, 25% of Indias population constitute-s its middle class? Define middle class.
  印度有12亿人口 美国有3070万 所以 25%的印度人口组成了它的中产阶级?请定义中产阶级(lz我算了一下 不知道这位是怎么个逻辑)
  Johnathan Plate 03:10 PM on 12/29/2010
  174 Fans
  How do you define middle class? In america, or india. Is it a income or is it a comfort level? What is the middle class in todays world economy is the question.
  Is it the stuff we own, the money we make, or is a level of comfort in out lives and happy with what we do have?
  There are more internet users in india then their are in the US.
  是我们拥有的东西 我们挣的钱 还是我们生活的舒适程度和对我们所已经拥有的快乐?
楼主laluna1987 时间:2011-01-03 06:04:45 美国
  MikeyJaii 02:40 PM on 12/29/2010
  22 FansFollow
  Americans dont have to be scared. We may be in debt. We may have 10% unemployme-nt. We may have leaders that dont know what the heck theyre doing. We may have lost a lot all respect around the globe. But if I know one thing, its that when it comes to war America will not let any other country top its military power.
  美国人没必要害怕 我们也许在欠债 我们也许有10%的失业 我们也许有那些根本不知道自己在干什么的的领导人 我们也许在世界上失去很多尊重 但是我知道一件事 当战争爆发时 美国不会让任何一个国家超过它的军事能力
  Hirnlego 02:50 PM on 12/29/2010
  496 Fans
  If the wallet is empty then the military power is not much to have.
  如果口袋空了 那军力也差不多了
  Dan Stewart 02:56 PM on 12/29/2010
  439 Fans
  The US military has adopted a strategic plan called Full Spectrum Dominance -- thats our plan to control the world by never letting any country, including China, develop a military capability that could challenge, even tangential--ly, US military dominance anywhere in the world.
  美军秉承的是全面统治的策略 那就是我们的计划 通过不让任何国家——包括中国 发展可以挑战美国 甚至在全球任何一点发展略微可比的军力——来达到控制世界的目的
  dave1111 02:59 PM on 12/29/2010
  567 Fans
  MAD is still in full force and effect.
  pa30 02:40 PM on 12/29/2010
  29 Fans
  Hillary nearly got as many laughs from the Chinese over herAmeric-a has vital interests in the South China Sea as Geithner did over asking them to unpeg the Juan from the Dollar.Chi-na may feel the need to expand its litoral force due to those comments as well as increased friction with Japan over their Southern islands,as well as Indonesia and Vietnams claims to the Spratleys and Parcels.Ch-ina is certaily agresive in Africa,as well asnew infrastruc-ture into Pakistan and Afghanasta-n.Our State Dept acts agressive, while our Wxecutive branch limite our defense ability with Start;its like they dont even communicat-e.Im sure Loral Electronic-s guidance systems are in those new anti carrier missiles,b-ut thats what we get for ignoring an Executive Branch that is reelected by money from Macua Triads,and the Lippo group.
  希拉里在她的“美国在南中国海上有重要利益”和盖特纳要求人民币升值的问题上得到了中国同样多的嘲笑 基于这些评论 以及和日本在钓鱼岛上的摩擦 还有印尼和越南对于Spratleys和Parcels主权宣称 中国也许认为有必要扩展他们的领海军力 我们的国家部显得咄咄逼人 而我们的执行单位在一开始就限制了我们的防御能力 好像他们之间根本没有交流一样 我相信Loral电子指挥系统也存在于这些新的反舰导弹之中 可是那就是我们忽略执行单位的后果
  Richard729 02:29 PM on 12/29/2010
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  Bush-Chene-y borrowed over $850 billion from the Chinese to bankroll two disastrous wars that put 5,000 U.S. military in body bags, over 35,000 wounded, some with life-disab-ling injuries, tens of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children in early graves all based on a pack of lies over the non-existe-nt WMD.
  As far as being pushed around and played like a fiddle, George W. Bush and his warmongeri--ng Republican--s got suckered into pouring billions taxpayer dollars into bribing Pakistans ex-dictato-r, Pervez Musharraf and the corrupt Hamid Karzai puppet in Afghanista-n.
  Instead of trying to stop Chinese backing of Al Qaeda and terrorist groups and nations, Bush rewarded the Chinese by outsourcin-g of more US high tech and manufactur-ing jobs to Chinese workers and by allowing the transfer and sale of sensitive US military nuclear reactor technology to China.
  The Bush administra--tion also undermined the US ally,Taiwa-n, by publicly telling Taiwan it should not have held its national independen--ce elections in advance of the elections. Real democracy, huh?
  Bush-Chene-y put party and corporate profiteeri-ng first, America last.
  布什和切尼向中国借了8500亿美元用来打两场灾难性的战争 让5000名战士死亡(包括你们美军枪杀的平民不?)超过35000人受伤 一些人永久残废 成千上万的伊拉克平民死亡 仅仅是因为大规模杀伤性武器这些谎话
  像个小丑一样被推来推去 布什和他的共和党战争贩子倾注了数以十亿计的纳税款 用来贿赂巴基斯坦前任的独裁者Pervez Musharraf和腐败的阿富汗傀儡Hamid Karzai
  非但没有阻止中国背后支持基地组织和恐怖组织以及恐怖国家 布什反而还奖励中国 外包更多的美国高科技和生产的工作给中国工人 并且允许转让和贩卖敏感的美国军事核反应堆技术给中国
  布什政府还破坏了同台湾的联盟 公开告诉台湾不该在选举独立 真民主 是吧?
  布什-切尼把政党和公司投机放在前面 美国在后面
作者:孟德观沧海 时间:2011-01-03 06:26:42 天津
作者:NileBlue 时间:2011-01-03 07:43:40 上海
  India has 1.2 billion people……
  印度有12亿人口 美国有3070万……
  ……as well as Indonesia and Vietnams claims to the Spratleys and Parcels……
  Our State Dept acts agressive……
楼主laluna1987 时间:2011-01-03 08:10:43 美国
  作者:NileBlue 回复日期:2011-01-03 07:43:40 
    India has 1.2 billion people……
    印度有12亿人口 美国有3070万……
    ……as well as Indonesia and Vietnams claims to the Spratleys and Parcels……
    Our State Dept acts agressive……
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