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Leaders from Britain, the US, France, and Arab countries are due to meet in Paris to discuss military action in Libya under a new UN resolution.


The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is also attending, said the world must "speak with one voice" on Libya.
  Thursday’’s Security Council resolution authorised "all necessary measures" to protect civilians.
  US President Barack Obama said pro-Gaddafi forces must stop attacking rebel areas or face military action.
  "Gaddafi must stop his troops from advancing on Benghazi, pull them back from Ajdabiya, Misrata and Zawiya and establish water, electricity and gas supplies to all areas," he said on Friday.
  But in line with the resolution, Mr Obama ruled out using US ground forces.
  Getting ready(做好了准备)
  On Friday Col Muammar Gaddafi’’s government declared a unilateral truce but there were reports that government offensives in rebel-held towns were continuing.
  The BBC’’s Ian Pannell in Benghazi, the main rebel-held city, says there were loud explosions to the west early on Saturday and a jet was seen flying overhead, but it was impossible to verify whether it was an attack by Col Gaddafi’’s forces.
  在班加西的BBC记者Ian Pannell说,周六早些时候,反对派控制的城市西边听到爆炸声和空中有飞机盘旋的声音,但他无法确认是否是卡扎菲的部队发起的攻击。
  Our correspondent says if this was such an attack it would be a very serious development and put more pressure on the international community to begin military action quickly.
  The Security Council vote called for an immediate ceasefire and endorsed the use of force - including a no-fly zone aimed at preventing pro-Gaddafi forces from bombing rebel-held towns.
  安理会表决要求立即停火,并授权可以使用武力 - 包括一个禁飞区,以控制卡扎菲的政府军轰炸反对派控制的城镇。
  The British and French, along with some Arab allies, are expected to play a leading role in any initial air strikes.
  The French ambassador to the UN, Gerard Araud, told the BBC that he expected military intervention within hours of Saturday’’s summit.
  法国驻联合国大使Gerard Araud告诉BBC说,预计在周六首脑会议的几个小时内将进行军事干预。
  UK Prime Minister David Cameron - who is attending the meeting - has said British war planes are being moved to bases in the region.
  "The clock is ticking and we must be ready to act quickly," Mr Cameron said
  The summit will be hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will represent the Obama administration
  The US Navy is deploying additional warships to the Mediterranean to support possible military action.
  Denmark and Canada have said they will supply fighter jets, with Italy, Spain and France making air bases available.
  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Jordan could be among Arab states taking part.
  Nato is already providing 24-hour surveillance over Libya with its Awacs planes.


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  A BBC journalist reports seeing a fighter plane shot down over Benghazi.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 16:51:48 浙江
  Libya’s Foreign Minister Mussa Kussa told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme earlier: "The ceasefire is real, credible and solid. We are willing to receive observers as soon as possible."
  利比亚外长Mussa Kussa告诉BBC4台早些时候的停火计划:“停火是真实的,可信的和不会变的。我们等待观察员尽快到来。”
作者:calyz2005 时间:2011-03-19 17:17:21 浙江
作者:wangyou1346 时间:2011-03-19 17:42:06 上海
作者:雨落红楼 时间:2011-03-19 17:53:08 浙江
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 18:06:56 浙江
  Shazib, from Bengazi, Libya, writes: "We the people of Libya are thinking that, America is trying to invade our country to get our oil. They are giving arms to the rebels and creating a worse situation here. The USA has no right to do so. We want to solve our problem ourselves."
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 18:19:00 浙江
  Libyan government spokesman Ibrahim Musa said in a press conference "it’s our country", adding: "We could never and we would never fire one bullet against our people ... Come and make sure for yourself that this is the reality."
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楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 18:37:10 浙江
  The fighter jet... span out of control and plummeted to the ground"

作者:叨叨有雨 时间:2011-03-19 18:37:41 四川
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楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 18:43:36 浙江
  Al-Jazeera report shelling at a Libyan Red Cross camp in central Benghazi.
作者:wenw0793 时间:2011-03-19 18:47:13 河南
  Libyan government spokesman Ibrahim Musa said in a press conference "it’s our country", adding: "We could never and we would never fire one bullet against our people ... Come and make sure for yourself that this is the reality."
作者:V5天师 时间:2011-03-19 18:50:32 河南
  "Where is France, where is NATO?" cried a 50-year-old woman in Benghazi. "Its too late."
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 18:51:44 浙江
  British Prime Minister David Cameron has left for Paris. Meanwhile the Cobra meeting, chaired by Foreign Secretary William Hague, has ended.
  英国首相大卫卡梅伦已经离开巴黎。 与此同时由外交大臣William Hague主持的首脑会议已经结束。
作者:V5天师 时间:2011-03-19 18:53:35 河南
  Muammar al-Qadhafi called the United Nations resolution authorizing international military intervention in Libya as "invalid."
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 19:03:20 浙江
  European leaders will sit down with Mrs Clinton and representatives of the European Union and Arab League to discuss a UN mandate to halt attacks by Colonel Gaddafis troops on rebel forces.
作者:wenw0793 时间:2011-03-19 19:03:31 河南

作者:de_5510 时间:2011-03-19 19:05:18 山东
作者:de_5510 时间:2011-03-19 19:09:41 山东
  Thursday’’s Security Council resolution authorised "all necessary measures" to protect civilians.
作者:de_5510 时间:2011-03-19 19:14:23 山东
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 19:15:20 浙江
  "Now there is a bombardment by artillery and rockets on all districts of Benghazi," Mustafa Abdul Jalil told Al Jazeera television. "There will be a catastrophe if the international community does not implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council.
  "We appeal to the international community, to the all the free world, to stop this tyranny from exterminating civilians."
   “现在班加西所有区域正遭受着炮击”利比亚反对派领导人穆斯塔法告诉卡塔尔半岛电视台。 “如果国际社会再不执行联合国安理会的决议,这将会有一场大灾难。”
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 19:35:44 浙江
  Ibrahim, from Benghazi, Libya, writes: "I am a Libyan Engineer from Benghazi, I work for the Oil&Gas industry in the UAE and travel back to Libya every month. My 2 brothers, 3 sisters, in-laws, and their children&grandchildren are living in Benghazi. I fully support any military action in Libya to remove Gaddafi from power under the UN resolution-1973."
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 19:47:21 浙江
  Libyan state TV says interior minister Abdel Fatah Yunes, who defected to the opposition at the beginning of the month, has returned to the government. He was shown embracing Colonel Gaddafi, and smiling. The TV footage of Mr Yunes appears to be fresh
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 19:51:33 浙江
  Jordan, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are the Arab nations attending Saturdays summit in Paris on action in Libya, a diplomat told AFP.
作者:上善若水慕容长安 时间:2011-03-19 19:52:34 四川
作者:dq740310 时间:2011-03-19 20:08:06 吉林
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 20:18:44 浙江
  Libya no-fly zone: UK aircraft
  Preparations are underway for a joint operation to enforce a UN-backed no-fly zone over Libya. Here we look at the British fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft likely to be involved.
  Typhoon - Eurofighter
  Crew: 1(乘员)
  Speed: 2 Mach (速度)
  Weapons: Air-to-air missiles (AMRAAM, ASRAAM),Brimstone, Enhanced Paveway, Paveway IV (携带武器,具体是哪些,翻不出来)

楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 20:28:49 浙江
  Tornado GR4
  Crew: 2
  Max speed: 1.3 Mach
  Weapons: Storm Shadow, Brimstone, ALARM, AIM-9 Sidewinder, Paveway II, Paveway III, Enhanced Paveway, General Purpose Bombs, Mauser 27mm cannon
  Source: RAF

楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 20:33:55 浙江
  Nimrod R1"猎迷"R1型侦察机
  Crew: 29
  Speed: 360 knots

楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 20:35:48 浙江
  Sentinel 哨兵预警机
   Sentinel R1
  Crew: 5
  Speed: 0.89 Mach
  Systems: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)

楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 21:12:00 浙江
  Libyas state TV says Libyas green national flag has been hoisted in most neighbourhoods of Benghazi. Since the uprising against Col Gaddafi the old Libya flag - with red, black and green bands - has been used as a symbol of opposition.
  利比亚国家电视台说,班加西的多数街区都已经悬挂上了利比亚的绿色国旗。 自从反对卡扎菲的战争爆发以来,利比亚红色-黑色-绿色条纹旧国旗就被当作是反对派的象征。
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 21:23:39 浙江
  Representatives from 18 countries, including the Arab nations of Jordan, Qatar and the UAE, are attending. Downing Street said discussions would centre on what practical steps should be taken to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 22:06:28 浙江
  Libyan TV claims rebels "admit" downing their own aircraft over Benghazi by mistake.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 22:12:55 浙江
  US military planes land at Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire to refuel, an airport spokesman says.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 22:23:18 浙江
  Canada supports taking swift military action in Libya but it needs two days to prepare its military aircraft, a spokesman for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper tells Reuters.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 22:46:11 浙江
  BBC correspondent Kim Ghattas who is at the summit in Paris, tweets: "#Gaddafi letter to Sarko, Cameron: this is clear aggression, u will regret if u take step to interfere in our internal affairs #Libya"
  BBC记者 Kim Ghattas在巴黎首脑会议上,来自推特(微博)的消息:“卡扎菲致萨科奇、卡梅隆的信:这完全是侵略,如果你们采取行动干涉我们的内部事务,你们会后悔的!”
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 22:51:02 浙江
  French military jets have flown reconnaissance missions over "all Libyan territory" on Saturday, French military sources say.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 22:59:25 浙江
  French military jets are preventing forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi from attacking the rebel-held city of Benghazi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy says.
  “Our air force will oppose any aggression," Mr Sarkozy said.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-19 23:14:37 浙江
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 12:33:19 浙江
  The UK, US and France have attacked Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi's forces in the first action to enforce a UN-mandated no-fly zone.
  Pentagon officials say the US and the UK have fired more than 110 missiles, while French planes struck pro-Gaddafi forces attacking rebel-held Benghazi.
  Col Gaddafi has vowed retaliation and said he will open arms depots to the people to defend Libya.
  Missiles struck air defence sites in the capital, Tripoli, and Misrata.
  A French plane fired the first shots against Libyan government targets at 1645 GMT, destroying a number of military vehicles, according to a military spokesman.
  据一位军方发言人说,法国飞机于1645 GMT开始了对利比亚政府军的第一次袭击,摧毁了一些军用车辆。
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 13:04:53 浙江
  Allied forces(盟军)
  UK: Providing Typhoon and Tornado jet fighters; surveillance planes; HMS Westminster and HMS Cumberland; submarines
  France: Carried out mission with at least 12 warplanes including Mirage fighters and Rafale jets; deploying aircraft carrier, warships
  US: Firing guided missiles from USS Barry and USS Stout; providing amphibious warships, and command-and-control ship USS Mount Whitney
  Italy: Nato base at Naples understood to be central hub; other Mediterranean bases made available
  Canada: Providing six F-18 fighter jets and 140 personnel
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 13:10:20 浙江
  US President Barack Obama: "We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy"
  He repeated that no US ground troops would take part.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 13:20:50 浙江
  Japan has said it supports the air and missile strikes on Libya. "The Japanese government supports measures taken by UN member states under UN Security Council Resolution 1973," Japan's Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto said in a statement. "We strongly condemn the Libyan authorities for continuing violence against the people. We strongly urge the Libyan authorities to make a prudent decision as quickly as possible," he added.
  日本已表示,支持导弹和空中打击对利比亚的军事干预行动。 “日本政府支持联合国1973号决议,”日本外务大臣松本刚明在声明中说。“我们强烈谴责利比亚当局持续不断对待平民的暴行。我们强烈呼吁利比亚当局尽快作出谨慎的决定”他补充说。
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 13:33:53 浙江
  Libyan state television is claiming that 48 people have been killed and 150 other civilians wounded by the air and missile strikes launched by Western powers. Abdul, a doctor in the western city of Misrata, has told the BBC that the local hospital has recorded 16 deaths and 46 injuries. "Beside those who we couldn't recover by the ambulance, they have positioned snipers on the high buildings, civilian buildings, and they started to shoot randomly on persons, on civilians, on the rebels."
  利比亚国家电视台声称,在这场盟军发起导弹打击和空袭中有48人被​​打死,150个平民受伤。阿卜杜勒(米斯拉塔医生),告诉BBC说,当地的医院记录了16人死亡,46人受伤。 “我们不能及时出动救护车,他们在高层建筑物、民用建筑物上埋伏着狙击手,并且随意向人射击,包括平民和反对派人员。”
作者:面粉007 时间:2011-03-20 13:34:49 广东
  作者:de_5510 回复日期:2011-03-19 19:09:41 
    Thursday’’s Security Council resolution authorised "all necessary measures" to protect civilians.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 13:50:44 浙江
  The New York Times reports that hundreds of Col Gaddafi's supporters on Saturday offered themselves up as human shields outside his heavily fortified compound in Tripoli. The crowd included women and children, and some said they had family among the government's forces. The paper said shouted: "House by house, ally by ally," the catchiest song went, quoting a speech by the brother leader, "Disinfect the germs from each house and each room."
  纽约时报报道 ,星期六数百名卡扎菲的支持者在的黎波里用人肉盾牌筑成戒备森严的防御工事,人群包括妇女和儿童,有的表示他们有家人在政府军中。该报称,他们大声唱着:“House by house, ally by ally”朗朗上口的歌曲,引用兄弟领导人的话,“将从每个家庭每个房间消毒病菌。”
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 14:07:56 浙江
  US and UK cruise missiles hit more than 20 Libyan air defence targets, Pentagon officials said

楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 15:01:50 浙江
  The BBC's Paul Adams in Washington says: "Eight years to the day after his predecessor launched the first air strikes against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, President Barack Obama announced that American forces were once again attacking an Arab country. Despite the fact that French warplanes struck the first blows, it is clear that this early phase of operations is an overwhelmingly American affair. All but a small number of cruise missiles have been fired from American ships and submarines. But Mr Obama seems anxious that this not be interpreted as yet another American-led foray into the Arab world. The Pentagon says it will transfer command of Operation Odyssey Dawn in the coming days, almost certainly to Nato. But that will happen only after the Americans have established that the first wave of attacks has done sufficient damage to Libya's air defences for a no fly zone to be safely patrolled."
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 15:09:01 浙江
  More Western aircraft from Canada, Denmark and Spain are arriving at Mediterranean bases, and are expected to be in action again today. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe says the raids will continue until Col Gaddafi stops attacking civilians, withdraws his troops from areas they have penetrated, and allows Libyans to express their aspirations to democracy.
  越来越多的西方国家加拿大、丹麦和西班牙的飞机到达地中海基地,预计将在今天再次采取行动。 法国外长阿兰朱佩说,空袭将持续到卡扎菲上校停止攻击平民,撤出政府军侵占的地区,并允许利比亚人民表达他们民主的愿望。
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-20 15:16:29 浙江
  The "major" airfield was not further identified. A Pentagon spokesman told the Reuters news agency that he had no information about such an attack.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-22 19:52:33 浙江
  A US warplane has crash-landed in Libya, a US military spokesman says.
  The spokesman, Kenneth Fiddler, told the BBC there was no indication that the F-15 Eagle was brought down by hostile fire.
  这位发言人表示, Kenneth Fiddler(?????),告诉BBC,没有迹像显示这架F-15鹰式战斗机是被敌方火力所击落。
  He said one crew member had been recovered safely. An operation is under way to recover another.
  他说,一名机组人员已经回到安全返回, 另一名正在搜救中。
  It is not clear where the plane went down. The development follows a third night of allied air strikes against Col Gaddafi's forces.
  Libyan state television reported that the capital was "under crusader enemy aerial bombardment" and that several sites had been attacked.
  "These attacks are not going to scare the Libyan people," it said.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-22 20:33:18 浙江
  An anonymous caller in Tripoli tells BBC World Have Your Say a story told to her by a friend: "She was in the bakery and she talked to a nine-year-old boy. She asked him: 'Where are you from?' He said: 'I'm from Benghazi, we just ran away. They [the rebels] force us to have a new flag. They went door by door, they gave us a flag and they said you have to put it outside your houses. One of our neighbours said 'I don't want the flag'. They hit him, they gave him a bullet in his heart'."
  来自利比亚首都的黎波里的一个匿名电话告诉BBC“ World Have Your Say ”栏目,这事情是她的朋友告诉她的,是她在面包店和一个9岁男孩的对话。
  她问他:“你是哪里人? ”他说:我来自班加西,我们刚刚逃过来的。他们(叛军)强迫我们必须使用新的旗子。他们一家接着一家给我们旗子,他们说必须把这些旗子插在房子外面。我的一个邻居说,‘我不想要’。他们就打他,还把把子弹射进了他的心脏。”
作者:竹亭樵客 时间:2011-03-22 20:40:22 云南
  The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is also attending, said the world must "speak with one voice" on Libya.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-22 20:53:03 浙江
  US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, who is in Moscow, has said some people in Russia seem to believe what he called Col Gaddafi's "lies" about civilian casualties in Libya: "We've been very careful about this, and it's almost as though some people here are taking at face value Gaddafi's claims about the number of civilian casualties, which as far as I am concerned are just outright lies," he told reporters after talks with the Russian defence minister.
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-22 21:00:32 浙江
  Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has himself spoken after his meeting with Mr Gates, saying an immediate ceasefire would be the best way to protect civilians in Libya. He has said Russia believes "that an immediate ceasefire and a dialogue between the belligerent parties is the surest path to the reliable security of civilians".
作者:durand 时间:2011-03-22 23:10:53 北京
楼主没事常撑着 时间:2011-03-23 23:18:53 浙江
  REBEL CONTROL(反对派控制区域)
  LIBYAN AIRSPACE(利比亚领空)-----不解,这应该是政府军控制的区域吧?