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译文简介:有哪个国家的GDP,人口,出口额可以与中国省市较量? 中国现在已经是世界第二经济大国,但是中国一些省市的发展已经达到了世界水平。例如,广东的的GDP几乎和印度尼西亚一样大,江苏和山东的产出已经超过瑞士......
  Which countries match the GDP, population and exports of Chinese provinces?
  China is now the world’s second-biggest economy, but some of its provinces by themselves would rank fairly high in the global league. For example, Guangdong’’s GDP is almost as big as Indonesia’’s; the output of both Jiangsu and Shandong exceeds Switzerland’s. Some provinces may exaggerate their output: the sum of their reported GDPs is 10% higher than the national total. But over time the latter has consistently been revised up, suggesting that any overstatement is modest.


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楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:19:08 江苏
  Colonialist wrote:
  I had no idea the population of Canada fits cleanly in a small interior province. Can you do India?
  nschomer wrote:
  Hong Kong exports as much as Canada? I would think the raw material alone would place them below sea level in short order.
  sora2000 wrote:
  I cannot find Taiwan.
  Wmbrennan wrote:
  I believe a significant percentage of Hong Kong's exports originate in mainland China and just pass through Hong Kong on the way to foreign markets, you will notice that all the coastal provinces have significantly higher export numbers than landlocked ones, even when the landlocked provinces have comparable GDP figures.
  Kevin Sutton wrote:
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:20:32 江苏
  Kevin Sutton wrote:
  I was amazed that Hong Kong's 7 million people could have as many exports as Canada's 34 million, while being poorer at that... then I thought about that for a second.
  whenao wrote:
  Hebei might have the same size of Colombia... but they'll never be as cool as we are.
  huhahuha wrote:
  Interesting. India's GDP per capita only equals that of China's poorest province?
  Proletariet wrote:
  Industriousness and the motivation made this possible. America be warned by this chart.
  petergogo wrote:
  it is really unbelievable for me to see that our Sichuan's GDP and export data are so brilliant among the other inland provinces. By the way, remenber to add Taiwan into the chart,editor!
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:21:44 江苏
  manbearpiggy wrote:
  Of course you also noticed that China's GDP per capita equals that of China's 3rd of 4th poorest province, while the richest provinces rank up there with the likes of Singapore and Qatar.
  Equal world wrote:
  It is hard to understand the objective of this chart. Was it signal a make-up call for India or portray how China maybe divided in future to prevent it becoming the world dominant economy?
  Legio Yow wrote:
  Thank God this thread is about to be hijacked by nationalists. I don't know what I would do if we could have a civil discussion related to China.
  huhahuha wrote:
  Seems you can't even tell the difference between GDP per capita on PPP and on exchange rates. This graph shows GDP per capita based on PPP. China's GDP per capita is right in the middle between Fujian and Hebei.
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:22:47 江苏
  Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world, I wouldn't wonder if its export numbers are so high.
  ruscxx wrote:
  Can you do the rest of the world? This is the Economist at its best.
  Mr. Latin American wrote:
  I think a map such as this one is worth elaborating for every BRIC country. Great Job
  Daveycool wrote:
  Wow! Look at the GDP per person figure for Macau! What would happen if entire countries turn into all gambling all the time?
  qwerty_ca wrote:
  I thought the Chinese were taking over in Burma too. All those Teak and Ruby and illegal ivory and natural gas exports added to the Chinese GDP figures can't hurt can they?
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:24:07 江苏
  Evan B wrote:
  Really educational! It changes our perception of the world and helps us foresee the shape of things to come....
  TheUnfocused wrote:
  How is Macau's GDP per capita so incredible????
  forest school wrote:
  I see Tibet lagging everywhere.
  goran nikolic wrote:
  Having in mind level of GDP PPP pc in Chinese provinces it is hard to speak about great income inequality. Namely, Europe has probably higher discrepancy between countries when GDP PPP pc are considering.
  Alonsodevil wrote:
  I've tired of this nasty and boring comparision. As I see it,as a Chinese,living in Guangdong,I've no idea what has it anything to do with me.
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:25:04 江苏
  ilikevideogames wrote:
  I want to say that this map just describes the provinces of Mainland China. So the title should be All the parities in Mainland China or "All the parities in People's Republic of China".
  And the editors and reporters of the economist should know that there is also another China in east Asia. Her name is Republic of China(Taiwan).
  Yeahsure wrote:
  That's INNER MONGOLIA, not Republic of Mongolia. The province has a majority of Han people. Overall, there are more Monogolian with Chinese citizenship in China's proper than in the neighboring Republic of Mongolia. Don't tempt and waste the time of those foreign sour grapes.
  ady_kong wrote:
  i don't think it is meaningful. after all ,the average in china is still poor. and it is still a developing country.
  Ryan Mitchell wrote:
  What about Chongqing? It's also a directly-run province-level city, like Beijing and Shanghai, and certainly accounts for a disproportionate amount of Sichuan's figures - really ought to be listed separately. Other than that though, fantastic chart.
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:27:39 江苏
  Ryan Mitchell wrote:
  Oh, silly me, it is listed separately, it's just more massive than one ever expects a "city" to be. Good show!
  Houshu wrote:
  PPP always overestimates China's economy, while GDP underestimates. I can understand the GDP is under valued because exchange rate, but what happens to PPP?
  Joe3m wrote:
  Very interesting statistics. This only goes to show that India's rise is media hype. One pertinent question is whether India's patch up democracy is getting things done. This far, there is no evidence to suggest that the 'Chinese way' is flawed. The same cannot be said of the 'Indian way'. I hope Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Indonesia are keen at studying the 'Chinese way'.
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:29:02 江苏
  JLi_1 wrote:
  I would use UN Human Development Index to reflect vast inequality between provinces. As to economy, how about PPP adjusted GDP per capita to reflect the true economic power
  mongolian bbq wrote:
  Please write Inner Mongolia. Not Mongolia. Mongolia is a independent country with great history and prosperity.
  stripey wrote:
  Can we see a similar map for the US to compare?
  Enkhjin wrote:
  You stupid journalist, you can't even know differences between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.
楼主yusuke1983 时间:2011-05-08 18:31:12 江苏
  aloha1989 wrote:
  I thought Inner Mongolia is poor, but the fact is it's more prosperous than where I come from. But the problem is in inner Mongolia the majority is Han Chinese rather than Mongolians. The GDP per capita in Inner Mongolia is about 4 times than that of Mongolia, I doubt whether the Mongolians in Inner Mongolian also share the prosperity as the Han Chinese and have a much much better life than their Mongolian neighbors in Mongolia.
  Sensible GaTech Student wrote:
  Can you imagine if Switzerland was really adjacent to Pakistan? Now you see why the wealth gap is such a huge topic here in China.
作者:wp1368wjy 时间:2011-05-08 18:58:45 山东
  孙子曰:“择人而任势。势者,因利而制权也”。意思是: “选择人才去利用和创造有利的态势。所谓态势,即是依凭有利于自己的原则,灵活机变,掌握战场的主动权。”美国因应世界形势,为谋取美国国家利益,适时选择了拉登并制造了拉登的神话。拉登前为反对苏联侵略的民族英雄,后又变为世界公敌的恐怖组织领袖,一切皆因美国所赐。美国不愧为翻手为云覆手为雨的欺骗高手,古有“挟天子以令诸侯”的曹操,今有“挟拉登以恐世界”的美国。近十年来,美国在全球挟反恐战争的有利态势,恐怖世界各国,谋取了美国国家利益的最大化。
  现在拉登“被”亡了,但他老人家的“亡灵”依然在恐怖世界。看看新闻吧:“维基解密称基地在欧洲暗藏核弹,拉登遇害即引爆”、“ 美国宣布:将彻查巴基斯坦是否向拉登提供庇护”。拉登的“亡灵”指向了欧洲和巴基斯坦,而恰巧是美国下一步的恐怖目标。

作者:一级军士长 时间:2011-05-08 19:34:43 四川
作者:sinceret 时间:2011-05-08 19:44:22 辽宁
  @yusuke1983 2011-05-08 18:20:32
  Kevin Sutton wrote:
  I was amazed that Hong Kong's 7 million people could have as many exports as Canada's 34 million, while being poorer at that... then I thought about that for a second.
  34 million=三千四百万,谢谢
作者:ilovewo6678569 时间:2011-05-08 19:51:32 浙江
  楼主怎么懒啊 ,图都不上