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原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  By Ian Williams, NBC News Correspondent
  ISLAMABAD, Pakistan-At breakfast at my hotel I was having trouble with the cornflake dispenser. It was one of those tall cylindrical containers with a lever at the bottom that needed to be turned for the cornflakes to tumble out, only the lever was stuck. I gave up in frustration and almost walked into a young woman who’’d been observing my dismal efforts.
  原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  "Dui Bu Qui," (excuse me), she said, addressing me in Mandarin, before simply opening the top of the container and ladling out her cornflakes.
  She then returned to a table of what looked to me like Chinese businessmen. She was by far the smartest-dressed at the table, the translator I assumed, while the men-ruddy faced, a bit rough around the edges, and looking a little uncomfortable in dark suits and ties-were fairly typical of the traders or small town entrepreneurs I’’m more familiar with on trips to provincial China.
  I looked further around the restaurant. There were several more tables of what looked to me like Chinese businessmen, while at the back, more discretely seated, was a more polished group, Chinese diplomats or bankers perhaps, pouring over some documents. (Possibly the latest photos of the American stealth helicopter downed in the Osama bin Laden raid, one colleague mischievously suggested. The Chinese military is allegedly anxious to get a look at the plans for the sophisticated chopper that was capable of evading radar detection).
  The reason I mention this is because this restaurant, in one of Islamabad’’s best and most secure hotels, has always been an anthropologists dream.
  At any one time the scene provides a wonderful insight into what’’s going on, who’’s up and who’’s down in turbulent Pakistan. Journalists, diplomats, business people and spooks rub shoulders around the buffet table with Pakistani government officials and bearded frontier tribesmen in flowing robes.
  On a recent morning, there were several tattooed Western men with shaven heads and bull-necks, some sort of security for one of the aforementioned I assumed, for whom "low-key" was clearly not part of the training.
  China, Pakistan’s ‘all-weather friend’
  It’s been like this over the many years I’’ve been coming to Pakistan, and staying at this hotel, but I’’ve never seen so many Chinese at the breakfast buffet.
  One look at the newspapers lying around the restaurant, and it’s easy to see why the Chinese are so welcome here.
  "China urges US to respect Pak sovereignty," headlined Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper Thursday. While the Express Tribune declared: "China endorses Pakistan’’s response to US raid."
  There has been much Pakistani praise of their "all-weather friend" in Beijing.
  Pakistan’’s Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has been in Beijing this week and just clinched a deal in which China will provide Pakistan with 50 fighter jets to the tune of $20-25 million a pop.
  The visit was organized some time back, but China has sought to maximize its diplomatic advantage following Pakistan’’s humiliation over the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and the subsequent crisis in U.S.-Pakistan relations.
  "China and Pakistan will remain forever good neighbors, good friends, good partners and good brothers," according to the Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao, quoted approvingly in newspapers here.
  The authorities in Punjab Province have even declared they will no longer accept aid from the U.S., but only from friends who do no attach strings, read China.
  原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  Of course China and Pakistan have long been close, with Beijing allegedly helping in the development of Pakistan’’s nuclear weapon program, but it has only been more recently that the economic relationship has really taken off. China is pouring cash into Pakistan’’s infrastructure and natural resources, and in a December visit the Chinese prime minister announced billions of dollars of proposed investments.
  No wonder the crowds around that buffet are looking increasingly Chinese.
  Western diplomats, watching from their corner of the restaurant, seemed remarkably relaxed about the budding friendship between the two regional neighbors.
  Whatever diplomatic advantage it may be seeking this week, China has welcomed the death of Bin Laden, and has every reason itself to be concerned about Islamic militancy across the mountains from its own Muslim areas. Western diplomats believe its private message to Gilani is likely to have been very different from the public platitudes.
  And Chinese economic assistance can be double-edged.
  Investment is primarily motivated by China’’s hunger for raw materials, and it is frequently accompanied by Chinese labor. Trade between the two countries is also heavily skewed in China’’s favor. Pakistani manufacturers cannot compete with the cheap Chinese goods flooding Pakistan’’s markets, leading traders to frequently grumble about quality.
  Back at the breakfast buffet, the young woman who I’’d (almost) bumped into at the cornflake dispenser, rose to leave with her entourage. She and a colleague carried between them a heavy bag that appeared to contain two Chinese tea sets – gifts, I assumed, for their would-be business partners in a country that for the moment needs every friend it can get.
  Yes, go to China. They make great friends with their neighbors. Just ask all those provinces that were once independent countries....
  原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  Indeed. Pakistan is but a pawn in China’’s "contest" with India.
  What will a future of this region look like when China must see to it’’s stability. I wouldn’’t want to be there to see it.
  Writing news in a style of a novelist rather than as a journalist, Ian William couches his anti-Chinese propaganda as a third-party tourist while eating breakfast in a popular hotel and observing the business activity between the Chinese and Pakistani businessmen. Despite the cleverly disguised anti-Chinese sentiment in the low-key soft sell propaganda , William exposes his bias when he resorted to the standard rant about the Chinese.
  Using the broken cornflake dispenser as a prologue and epilogue, William is playing up the prejudices that the Chinese make only inferior goods as well as being greedy businessmen. In between the initial and final scene, William also recreates the stereotype of the Chinese as thieves of military technology, as greedy businessmen who are "primarily motivated by ...hunger for raw material" and as a "Fair Weather Friend." No matter how cleverly he attempts to hide his true feelings with descriptive writing and euphemism, Ian William’’s disdain for the Chinese comes through, unwittingly. Not surprisingly, this article is short on facts but long on his personal feelings. William should have entitled it "Mein Kampf" mit die Chinese.
  If William had wanted to write a novel with a descriptive backgroumd, William should have added that it was not too long ago that the Westerners invited themselves into China to expropriate porcelain, printing, ship and silk technology, to extract raw materials, to forcibly addict the population with opium and then subjugated them.
  But William is too busy eating his cornflake and engrossed in his own microcosm while pretending to be an observant critic of China. He is so observant that he failed to notice and appreciate the kindness from the Chinese lady who helped him with the broken cornflake dispenser.
  Perhaps, William should be more observant of himself.
  报道以一个坏掉的玉米片桶作为开头和结尾,威廉姆斯在表达着对中国的偏见,认为中国人是只会制造劣等货的贪婪商人。在开始和结束的场景中,威廉姆斯还用那些陈词滥调来调侃中国人,讽刺其为军事技术的窃贼、“渴求原材料”以及作为“只能同安乐不能共患难的酒肉朋友”的贪婪商人。不管他如何巧妙地使用描述性语言和婉辞来隐藏自己的真实想法,伊恩•威廉姆斯对中国的蔑视还是不经意地流露出来。威廉姆斯应该将标题改为《我跟中国人的斗争》的(译注:"Mein Kampf" mit die Chinese是德文,其中Mein Kampf是希特勒的《我的奋斗》,Kampf有斗争和奋斗的意思。这里讽刺作者和希特勒类似)。
  FatCat the past you reference is way way past and over. And shameful, but over and not currently happening. What is currently happening is hypocrisy. China bans religious practice and and discriminates against it’’s Muslim population. And is using Pakistan in it’’s dance with India. They aren’’t alone in deceptive diplomacy and deceitful flowery words, of course, as they would be alone if their friendship with Pakistan was based on compassion or humanity. However they really are seeped in hypocrisy deeper than other countries since their human rights issues are huge, and wrong and ugly. At least other countries when investing in a "good" neighbor, means some of the flowery bs. Truly are concerned about things like liberty and equlity, ect. The Chinese government has no concern for values such as liberty. They are in Pakistan for $$ and things that lead to $$ and only $$. And it is ill making. But however, bring it on. Karma will someday get the Chinese government for the way it treats its people, and the US has no fear of them at all. Chinese people want freedom. They will not support a war or conflict that is not about freedom, for themselves. History has shown them to be revolutionaries. The time is coming. They traded one form of oppression for another, and for them democracy is coming. Whatever the greedy guts in their government does will not matter in another quarter of a century. So, Pakistan, what hypocrites also, buddying up for financial and military gain, with a government that does not respect their people, their Muslims or any of their other religious groups. And would no way in hades support terrorism, that could spread into their borders, lol. Its all $$ and corruption.
  Seriously? No...Really?!
  China discriminates against their native Muslim population?!
  Uiger Please!
  China, good friend to Pakistan....HAHAHAHA...when it suits them. Just like when it suits them to be friends with the US or North Korea.
  China has its head in the game, make no mistake about it, they are looking to win, and to dominate.
  But honestly, let China have fun with Pakistan, after all, they’’re practically neighbors, I’’m sure the Chinese government will be happy to have a nice open border policy with a country that was "unaware" that they were housing terrorist leader numero uno.
  I wonder how China intends to cope with Lashkar i’’Taiba, Al Quiaida and the Taliban while they’’re at it. The Russians had tons of problems of their own with Czech extremists over the years, it’’s only a matter of time before China experiences much of the same.
  But honestly, China does a damn fine job in keeping nukes from disappearing in North Korea. If Pakistan’’s government were to fall (which seems quite possible), hopefully China could assist in making sure that any number of those nutty terrorist organizations don’’t spirit away with some of the bombs.
  但是真诚地希望就让中国和巴基斯坦好好玩把。毕竟他们实际上就是邻国。我确定中国政府将会很开心和不知道自己窝藏了头号恐怖分子头领的国家制定边境开放政策的。我很好奇中国打算如何处理Lashkar i’’Taiba(译注:克什米尔地区的伊斯兰组织)、基地阻止和塔利班的。俄罗斯人很多年来都在车臣问题上纠缠不清,不用多久中国也会经历同样的事情。
  原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  China won’’t tolerate the dishonesty and lies - these are people that value honor - real honor, not the "family honor" crap that Pakistan spews. If Pakistan harbored a criminal that bombed China they would have been at war in a heartbeat.
  I would not put much stock in a Pakistan/China alliance.
  Darla, talking about karma, that is exactly what is happening to the USA. All the bad and terrible things that the United States had done to the world, like Darla said, Karma has come to exact pay backs from the United States in the form of terrorism and natural disasters. Talk about hyprocrite, the United States is the undisputed number One in the world - everybody knows that, except for the americans who had been brainwashed by the CIA!!
  Pat, LOL, you do remember China was caught cheating in the Olympics recently and reprimanded with medals taken back. LOL!! Honor indeed!! LOL!!
  Value honor-you must be watching those old Saturday Morning movies. That honor thing is long gone.
  Now as I always stated Obama is in Afghanistan for the Lithium for his battery powered cars but it will go to China in the end. China is there for the minerals.
  Additionally, China is looking to put their people to work. China has so overbuilt office space that they have empty buildings because there is no one there to rent the space but it kept it’’s people working. So they will export the labor.
  The funny thing is though that even the Pakis are complaining about the cheap products-lol,LOL. Wait until they get the lead paint and lead toys for the kids and formaldehyde building products. Once one Paki kid dies the war will be on.
  Tiger- Karma, what are you talking about? Natural disasters happen everywhere.
  The current USA-Pakistan foreign relation is the product of the Cold WAr when USSR sided with India. As a bulwark agains USSR influence, USA conveniently established economic and military ties with Pakistan. America is Pakistan’’s fair weather friend.
  As for China’’s human right violations, America’’s record on human right isn’’t so glamours either: Mass enslavement of African, deliberate extermination of the native Americans, expropriating land without due process, Jim Crow laws and lynching Black Americans, Tuskegee biological experiment on unsuspecting African Americans, "Indian Reservations," My Lai, Gitmo torture, Iraqi prisoner abuse, and etc.
  Anyone who would find this news about Pakistan and China surprising has had their heads buried deep in a dark place. Pakistan has nuclear weapons??? So what, we have nuclear weapons also. Pakistan has this fear of India, again so what?
  My concern is our reliance on Pakistan as an ally. My concern is giving these back-stabbing fanatics billions of our scarce dollars while they hide Al Quada and Taliban thugs in their country? My concern is having to listen to news coming out of this country about them condemning us for coming in and getting Bin Lauden when they knew he was there in the first place.
  With so called friends like Pakistan, who needs enemies? Maybe I’’m missing something in our diplomatic approach to this part of the world. The President wants the Israelis to deal with the Palestinians, yet they will not recognize Israel’’s right to exist. The only Arab country that semi recognizes Israel is Egypt. Seems to me that the only interest these backward @ss counties have in the United States is our dollar.
  Pakistan needs to be told in no uncertain terms that the allowance of the Taliban or Al Quada to have access to their nuclear weapons will result in them no longer existing as a country.
  原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  Forever Friends - Pakistan is a proxy for China against India and its eyes and ears in the region. Chinese are building highways and rail lines through the mountains to Pakistan and onwards and slowly but surely will completely control Pakistan. They see US influence and trust waning so time to start making overt moves and Pakistan really does not have many / any friends left. Even Saudi Arabia is making overtures since it is Sunni controlled and the Saudi’’s are leaning heavy on China as a counter to Iran. Welcoming the Chinese of course has its consequences - but then who cares? None of them EXCEPT the Chinese look and act for the long term!
  Yeah it’’s really going to be interesting how this one play’’s out in the near future, the Pakistani’’s welfare definitely isn’’t going to be China’’s biggest concern.
  And yes I thought the article was a poorly written and sounded more like and attempt at being Hemmingway rather than a news story.
  Yes, go to China. They make great friends with their neighbors. Just ask all those provinces that were once independent countries....
  a thousand years ago, yeah.
  We should pay China to take Pakistan off our "friend" list. Pakistan will forever be blackmailing us for money - we might as well take the hit and get it over with.
  People forget exactly what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) truly is. A brutal regime that has murdered 80 million of its own people since 1949 and is concerned with nothing but its own survival.No human rights whatsoever and an enemy of the free world. The only reason any country is dealing with the cruel CCP is corporate greed. The same corporate greed that censors our own media from telling us the truth about the CCP.
  .Shaking my head-2479300
  Good, let China give billions to Pakistan and take the H1b’’s there for jobs instead of here. They can also take all the Pakistan students to Chinese universities. We’’ll have more jobs, more money and lest back stabbing by a pretend ally.
  Don’’t forget about the China-Cuba alliance where China support’’s Cuba’’s mission of sending illegal Mexican’’s into America to cause economic problem’’s. The illegal Mexican comes into America and begins to have children, get hurt at work, get sick etc. Because America does not want to be looked at as the bad guy for turning away those in need regardless of their status of their citizenship which China and Cuba know is a weakness in the economic defense of America, the illegals keep coming. The more illegal’’s that come into America and weight the system down by using the medical facilities without having to pay for them because they do not pay taxes the more the deficit goes up. When the decifit goes up programs like Social Security are then used to pay the services that the illegal’’s have used but were not able to pay for.
  So basically America, we are paying for own invasion by allowing illegal’’s to continue to come into America and work for employer’’s who do not make them pay taxes of which the same companies do not then pay taxes on the illegal employee which takes even more money out of tax system for the U.S.
  I would also have to say that those employer’’s who use illegal immigrant’’s in such a manner are also part of Hitler’’s Third Reich that were based out of areas South of the Border during World War Two. They continue to fight on using our own system to bring us down.
  The time is now to take a serious hard look at the problem with the border. The money from Big Oil subidies could be put to good use building a fence along the Southern Front with monitoring station’’s located at various position’’s along the fence.
  So what if they are turned away from a land they thought was theirs. So what if the illegal drug sales from Mexico take a nose dive. So what. This is our country, an American country of laws and freedom’’s. If the illegal immigrant’’s don’’t like our fence then apply the legal way to become a citizen of America. Otherwise take care of your own problem’’s in your country by taking out Fidel Castro.
  Also legalized use of Marijuana without it being strictly for medicinal purposes should be allowed for one year where the sale and use are taxed. Within in a year the deficit would be gone and the budget in the green. American’’s are going to smoke Marijuana regardless of whether it is legal or not to do so. Taxing it like tobacco and alcohol are taxed would knock the deficit right out of the ball park.
  Here is a nice figure to see the potential growth in the budget of America.
  20,000 American’’s purchase a $60.00 1/4 ouncer (tax included) bag of Marijuana on a weekley basis =
  $1,200,000 a week in potential revenue.
  After 52 weeks the profit potential made would be $62,400,000. This is an estimate for only 20k people. Just think of the money made by legalizing Marijuana and 100,000 people using it on a weekley basis.
  For one year at 100k people in America smoking legal pot the total profit would be $312,000,000.
  Do the math for a million people, which I am certain that they are at least one million American’’s who smoke Marijuana in America on a weekley basis.
  Do your part America, smoke the cabbage.
  原创链接:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:Chinchilla
  Good post, Ryon!
  $60.00 a 1/4...ouch!!!. I agree with everything Ryan said and I think that would be a wonderful way of using the profits from oil companies. Make our Nation secure and everything else will fall into place.
  I agree with what you said. That’’s why I’’m voting for Ron Paul because he wants to secure the border, end the warfare/welfare state of America, and end the drug war.


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