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  Here’’s the English subtitled video of the whole incident.
  (他贴了youtube 上视频的地址)带英文字幕的整个事件的视频在这儿。不适合工作时间看。
  I truly cannot believe what I have just seen on that video clip (thanks for posting the link, only watched a bit, but it was too upsetting). Poor girl.
  我真的不能相信我刚在那个视频上看到的 (感谢贴视频链接,只看了一点儿,但太让人伤心了)。可怜的小女孩。、
  She has just passed away due to brain injuries a few hours ago. Poor girl.
  There is a family portrait of the little girl. This one is safe for work.
  This and other articles about this incident only talk about the vehicle drivers and passers by, my question is where was the mother and why did it take so long for her to come to her child’’s aid? This type of incident happens all over the world every day, and the fault lies with societies as a whole because we have allowed good Samaritans to be victimized by the courts and attorneys for trying to help. Although it is tragic, I don’’t blame these people at all, I blame the mother for her lack of protecting her child from harm - I’’m sure that if it had been the father, everyone would have attacked him for neglect.
  这篇文章和其他的关于这个事件的文章只说肇事司机和旁观着,我的问题是小孩的妈妈在哪儿,为什么那么长时间她才来?这样的事故全世界每天都发生,失误之处在于整个社会,因为我们的法庭和律师已经让救助别人的良好行为得到了惩罚 。虽然这是悲剧,我不谴责这些人们。我谴责她的妈妈,因为她疏忽了保护她的孩子远离伤害——我相信如果换作是她的爸爸,每个人都会谴责他疏忽。
  The Chinese people are generally kind and loving. This though - deeply shocking on a very fundamental level - is the consequence of the last 30 years of putting profit before absolutely everything else. Other atrocities would have happened in the Mao era, but perhaps not this kind of an atrocity. The Chinese people have been let down by their rulers and wildly misled about what is important in life.


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  "The Chinese people are generally kind and loving"
  Clearly they are not.
  "The Chinese people have been let down by their rulers and wildly misled about what is important in life."
  Dead child in street being ignored is the fault of their rulers? Surely this goes against the fundamentals of being a human being.
  Honestly, they are - I have lived among them for many years. But they have lost something precious and I hold their government accountable. China has become an unnatural place. This would not have happened in the past.
  诚实地说,他们是好的 ——我曾经在他们中间生活过几年。但他们已经丢了一些珍贵的东西,我认为他们的政府应该对此负责。中国已经变成了一个不自然的地方。这在过去是不会发生的。
  Yes, let's draw conclusions about a race of over a billion people by the actions of a handful.
  Do you have similar thoughts about Jews?
  Yes but this is a random sample of people, and for that reason it is more telling. Social scientists do this kind of generalization all the time.
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  我喜欢看欧洲人的评论 思路很多 气氛还好 还常常出现专业术语而且多数人都能理解 觉得美国离欧洲的人文环境还是有很大差距的
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  China is one country - but has a population of 1.3 billion - would we tarnish everyone in Romania with the same brush for something that happened in Norway?
  I know in Korea, the less educated and insular citizens tend to view all white people as possessing the same cultural values. Perhaps the same could be said in the UK!
  。。i'm afraid it is totally endemic, everyone and everybody...it just doesn't occur to them, why should it? This isn't the first and it won't be the last, hundreds of thousands if not millions of cases like this....I could go on and on, but what's the point, you already get the picture.
  "The two-year-old girl remains in deep coma after a hit-and-run accident"
  My daughter is two, this story makes me feel sick.
  Really, fourthplinth? I remember a TV programme many years ago where a truck load of people went off the road and crashed somewhere in China. The only people who stopped to help were some Europeans. The Chinese onlookers were surprised and dismissive of their rescue attempts. Perhaps where there are so many people it is hard to be sympathetic to another's plight.
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-21 21:47:02
  This is arrant nonsense. I have also lived and worked in China for many years and my wife is (mainland) Chinese. I utterly refute everything you say here except one thing. A lot of Chinese people do rate money higher than anything, I agree with that - but do not tar every Chinese person with the same brush. I can tell you that from my own experience there are many mainland Chinese with much higher morals, integrity and decency than your average westerner. I am sorry for you that you learned so little and met so few educated Chinese during your "many years" living there.
  The problem that is highlighted in this video is the fear of becoming personally liable by helping someone in trouble. That liability is utterly daft. If it changed there would be some improvement, which would take time, but there is a prevailing mentality among Chinese that you help family and friends, not strangers. That has undoubtedly worsened in the last 30 years.
  If it's fear of liability, why don't they stop, call emergency services and keep the area safe until help arrives?
  Not moving her probably isn't a bad thing, as she may have spinal fractures.
  ..as I said, it wouldn't occur to them, why should it?
  This video is about a basic lack of morals more than anything else.
  Correct !
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-21 22:10:55
  This is shocking. I am mainland Chinese and I will definitely stop and help in whatever way I could. I am sure many will do the same. The point you are making is strange to say the very least. Similar thing happens here in the UK, the media blame society. As it happens in China then it is Communist government to blame although it has to be said that Chinese government can and must do more to restore and improve moral standards. At the moment it seems too much emphasis has been placed on "development" whilst people's well being in general has become secondary. It is worth noting that China is still a 3rd world country and by definition it has a lot to catch up. Other than the war by guns and war of words with the aim of regime change which we object, there are many other ways the west can help and that may be a blessing to both China and the west.
  This is an absolute disgrace . This is the most disgusting behaviour I have ever seen and as a dad I sit here with tears in my ears at the moral void of these people. The video on the Telegraph shows only half of it - see the full video as posted on You Tube .
  I just have, it makes me feel physically sick, my own daughter is two.
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-21 22:11:57
作者:雁飞西东 时间:2011-10-21 23:05:30
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-22 01:10:54
  "...three decades of headlong economic development has
  left nothing but a moral vacuum in its wake."
  What possible connexion can there be between people being better fed, clothed, housed and having more disposable income and a single incident like this?
  China has had more than six decades of repressive government - or are you entirely unaware Mr Foster of Mao's great leap forward and its aftermath - could that have anything to do with it do you think?
  中国有60年的压制性政府——或者你完全不知道Mr Foster的毛的大跃进及其后果——你是否认为那可能会跟这件事有一定的关系?
  You have to visit China (as I do regularly) to appreciate that 98% of it is an alien world quite unlike any other culture on this planet. With a population of 1.3bn the inevitable sentiment is that life is cheap - to work in one of the provincial hospitals is testament to this
  Very depressing in a lot of ways. After a week there you crave for "civilisation" - almost anywhere will do.....
  ...2 billion, think you'll find.
  Where do you get that number from? Even the most aggressive estimates I have seen struggle to justify numbers above 1.5-1.6 billion.
  No, he is correct 1.3 billion. That figure is not disputed.
  'Save the children...'
  Lu Xun, 'Diary of a Madman' (but where is today's Lu Xun?)
  鲁迅, ‘狂人日记’(但今天的鲁迅在哪里?)
  When you touch anything made in China, your fingers touch where the fingers of Chinese slave labor touched it before it was sent to you. This is why manufacturing should come back to the developed world and why Asian immigration should be stopped along with the rest of the 3rd world.
  Don't expect Cameron to care. He is having his espresso in Italy while London burns.
  Alternatively, use market driven capitalism to make them 'more like us' without the nasty bits. ;) Think of modern Japan and Germany. Both compassionate nations that climbed out of the horrors of WW2 and projected their industrious nature with consumer products, but didn't forget their cultural roots. Best of both worlds?
  It isn't all sweatshops. The majority of factories I have visited are safe and clean places to work.
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-22 04:56:43
  Is there a way to help them? Donate for medical bills or anything?
  It might be of little purpose, as the toddler concerned and in question is already said to had been informally declared to be clinically brain-dead, but she is still nevertheless being prolonged beyond her natural life.
  It is very nice thoughts but I do not believe Chinese are in dire need for financial help. Chinese people are in general compassionate and willing to help each other as numerous true stories coming out during all disasters like earthquakes. This is perhaps why it is so shocking to most Chinese. The culprits must be tracked down, arrested, prosecuted and adequately punished for the death of the child and for failing to stop. The people who were there but chose to ignore the injured child should carry out thorough soul search. Their lack of action and indifference attitude ashamed themselves, ashamed all Chinese, and ashamed China; although it has to be said that this is not China thing but something happens everywhere including here in the UK. One has to take comfort in the hope that there are still large number of good people out there who have decency to lend a hand to the needy.
  Much like producing too much of anything devalues it so has human life become devalued by its sheer volume.
  We're in the midst of spiritual inflation; a human life today isn't worth what it was 100 years ago.
  I value your sentiment, but 100 years ago we were throwing our own over the trenches across Europe.
  Again the Chinese haven't long since stopped killing their own children (girls) in a bid to produce a boy under the one child rule.
  None of this is new, nor much of a change.
  It is however very very sad.
作者:第三账号 时间:2011-10-22 05:09:52
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-22 05:49:31
  How many girls and babies are aborted in communist China each day? How many girls are in orphanages?
  Just keep on buying your communist made crap from Walmart and forget about all the kids who suffer there every day.
  have you people never heard of the bystander effect? Lets see how British act in a similar situation.
  Not surprising since the chinese have been practicing infanticide of girl babies for generations now, these folks have the least respect for living things in the world. They skin animals alive, they eat pets, they kill endagered species so the can have erections and they treat their own people like crap.
  Please. We've civilized the same thing over here (except here it's somehow better because we do it before birth). And we're no paragons of kindness--we've seen cases similar to this in our own streets. You're simply indifferent to it because you've grown up with it.
  Pretty sickening. With god's grace she will recover and not remember much if anything of this given her age.
  Seems like people are petrified of assisting others. Not the first time that social development is allowed to lag behind all else.
  Is anyone aware of a website that will enable us to follow this poor little girls health and welfare? I for one am gravely concerned about how she has been fairing after this dusgusting ordeal.
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-22 06:34:19
  I am looking for updates as well on her condition. All I have found out is she is still in critical condition and brain dead, not exspected to make it
  Having watched the full, unedited version of this video clip, not only was I appalled by the indifference of the pedestrians and the callousness of the two van drivers who ran over this infant, but I was horrified by the way the child was eventually moved (like a rag doll).
  Unless you have the medical equipment and the training, you should never move a prone casualty. The only exception to this rule is where someone is in imminent danger of further injury which, in this case, could have been prevented by stopping what was relatively slow-moving traffic.
  Common sense was clearly in short supply on that street.
  i fell off my moped in bradford on avon & ws lying weeping in the gutter with cuts bleeding for some time --people driving & walking by but nobody stopped at all...luckily no lorrey squashed me --
  stop whinging then. You're alive are you not?
  "Lying in the gutter with cuts and bleeding..." Any broken bones? Got a broken head? No? Well get up, dust yourself off and get back on that moped.
  And stop snivelling.
  “躺在沟里挣扎流血...” 骨头断了?头摔破了?没有?那好,站起来,拍拍土,骑回到你的小摩托上去。并且停止抱怨。
  suprised someone didn't try and eat her.
  if she were a puppy they would have
楼主八戒西游 时间:2011-10-22 07:05:07
  Life is cheap end of. How often do we complain about millions being sent in aid to the poor and starving in India and Africa? Still it takes a certain amount of callousness to drive by an injured child lying in the street. I'd like to think that maybe the passersby didn't realise the situation for some reason. I think this hardness stems from communism and maybe the Chinese form of capitalism is cementing a more brutal and intolerant attitude towards the weak and vulnerable.
  Looks like this sort of thing can also happen in the West, or do homeless people not count?
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